ATWT Update Tuesday 6/17/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 6/17/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Al’s Diner) Susan arrives and tells Chris that after the stunt he just pulled he will be very sorry if he comes near Alison again. Bob and Kim are shocked when Susan tells them that Chris locked Alison in the on in the on call room and wouldn’t allow her to leave until she threatened to call the police. Chris tells his parents he wasn’t going to hurt Alison to drop the lawsuit but Susan contends that Alison was scared and a little angry when she came out of that room. Susan tells everyone that she isn’t going to allow her daughter to be a victim of Chris who is nothing but a bully and a liar. Bon tells Susan to stop and Kim gets angry and implies that Chris is a victim of Alison who because she is Susan’s daughter will do anything to get attention. Susan tells Kim that she is just trying to get revenge because Susan had an affair with Bob years ago. Susan thinks that ever since the affair Kim has told everyone that she and her daughters are dangerous and nobody should be a friend to them. Kim tells Susan that she should stop projecting her mistakes onto the Hughes family. Susan tells Chris that his scare tactics didn’t work because Alison isn’t going to drop the lawsuit. Susan tells Kim that she must believe Alison or she wouldn’t have asked her to talk to her daughter to persuade her to drop the lawsuit. Kim tells Susan she only talked to her because she wanted to avoid the embarrassment the lawsuit may cause her and the hospital. Susan tells Kim she isn’t embarrassed she is standing by her daughter. Susan tells the Hughes that she isn’t going to let the Hughes intimidate her daughter again. Once Susan is gone Bob is very upset with Chris for disobeying orders to stay away from Alison. Bob tells Chris he has made things worse and once again tells him to stay away from Alison.

(Farm) Alison helps Aaron fix his motorcycle so it will once again be as good as new and he asks her if she has a problem because she seems distracted to him. Alison doesn’t want to tell Aaron about her problem because she knows he will have a strong reaction if she tells him Chris locked her in the on call room and wouldn’t let her leave the room. Aaron tells Alison that he is her friend and he hates seeing her so upset and gently persuades Alison to tell her what is bothering her. Alison tells Aaron what Chris did to her and he has only one reaction I’ll kill him. Alison stops Aaron from leaving and pleads with him not to go after Chris because he will only make things worse for her case. Aaron tells Alison that Chris is no better then the guys she used to work for in Vegas and in his eyes Chris did something much worse to her. Aaron promises Alison that he won’t go after Chris but only because she asked him not to do it.

(Old Town) Kim explains to Bob that she only spoke to Susan because she thought it would be a way to help Chris and the hospital. Kim tells Bob she believes Chris and will support him through this ordeal. Bob feels that Chris locking Alison in the on call room was his fault because he suggested to Chris that he should resign from the hospital and get a fresh start somewhere else. Kim can’t believe that Bob asked his own son to resign from the hospital. Bob tells Kim that he had no intention of giving in to Alison’s demands he was just hoping that the lawsuit wouldn’t go to court.

(Hospital) Aaron arrives and locks the door to the on call room and tells Chris that he is going to get even with him for what he did to Alison. Aaron tells Chris that he is a bully who enjoys using his authority to intimidate people and when he doesn’t get what he wants he has them kicked out of the nursing program. Chris screams that Alison got kicked out of the nursing program because of her poor performance not because she wouldn’t sleep with him. Aaron reminds Chris that he was angry because he saw Alison with him at the farm and then after that he came and advises Brenda thee nursing program supervisor to drop Alison from the program. Aaron tells Chris that he may not be too bright but that seems like sexual harassment to him. Chris tells Aaron to get out of his way but Aaron doesn’t move and shoves Chris away from the door so Chris tells Aaron that if he wants a fight he has got one. Bob and Kim arrive and Kim tells Bob he shouldn’t blame himself for the incident in the on call room and tells Bob he should not have suggested that Chris leave the hospital. Bob and Kim here voices and things crashing in the on call room so Bob opens the door and Aaron falls on top of Chris while they are both still punching each other. Bob and Kim yell for the guys to stop fighting but when they don’t the security takes Chris and Aaron to the police station. Meg wonders if she should call somebody for Aaron but he tells her no because he will be okay. Meg calls Alison and informs her that Aaron was taken down to the police station for fighting with Aaron at the hospital.

(Police Station) Chris is all set to press charges against Aaron until Bob insists that if he wants to save his medical career he won’t press charges against Aaron. Chris isn’t happy about it but he does as Bob asks him to do. Alison and Susan arrive to help Aaron but are told by Dallas that Chris doesn’t want to press charges against him. Dallas tells Aaron that Chris has been warned to stay away from him and advises Aaron to also stay away from Chris. Alison puts an ice pack on Aaron’s bruises while he apologizes to her for not keeping his promise to her. Aaron explains to Alison that he cares about her so much that the mere thought of anybody hurting her drives him crazy. Aaron promises Alison he won’t let anyone hurt her ever again.

(Java) Susan tells Alison about he confrontation with Chris, Bob and Kim and promises Alison she will support her from the sidelines and not cause any more trouble for her.

(Old Town) Kim tells Chris that she and Bob are in full support of him in the lawsuit but he must also do his part to help himself. Kim advises her son not to stoop to the level of fighting anymore because it never solves anything. Kim tells Chris that he is a Hughes and its time he started acting like a Hughes.

(Lakeview) Sofie gets a maid to let her into Barbara’s room so she can bring her some flowers. Sofie is about to put the flowers on the table when Barbara who is walking very slowly comes into the living room area from the bedroom. Sofie explains to Barbara that she and Paul have worked everything out and she wanted to bring the flowers as a way of apologizing to her. Meg arrives just in time to hear Barbara shouting for Sofie to get out of her room because she never wants to see her again. Paul arrives a few minutes later and Meg tells him that Sofie refuses to leave Barbara’s room. Barbara shouts at Sofie that she will never forgive her for what she did to Paul and one again demands that Sofie leave her room. Barbara gets so upset she faints so Meg gives her a shot of medicine to help her. Sofie watches the scene and gets a brilliant idea. Paul helps his mother to sit on the couch and then takes Sofie outside for a talk. Paul tells Sofie it is best that she stay away from him, Barbara and Meg. Sofie tells Paul that she didn’t mean to upset Barbara and once Paul goes back inside Barbara ‘s room Sofie calls Cole because she wants to meet with him in her room. Cole arrives and Sofie tells him she needs his help to get revenge on Meg who has never liked her. Cole wonders why Sofie is mad at Meg and she tells him its because Meg took Paul away from her. Cole asks Sofie if she was in love with Paul and she tells him that is none of his business. Sofie tells Cole that if Meg were out of the way she would have a chance with Paul. Cole tells Sofie that Paul wouldn’t fall in love with her after she accused him of rape. Cole doesn’t want to have anything to do with Sofie scheme until she offers him money. Sofie writes down the name of a drug and the dosage and tells Cole to steal it from the hospital for her.

(Lakeview) Paul asks Lisa to evict Sofie from the hotel and explains that she falsely accused him of rape and he presence upsets Barbara. Lisa is appalled that Sofie could be such a brat and promise to evict her as soon as possible. Paul goes back upstairs and tells Meg she had Lisa evict Sofie from the hotel and Meg is thrilled about the news. Meg tells Paul she is going to the hospital to get some medication for Barbara and then they can watch a movie when she returns.

(Hospital) Meg fills out an order form and then goes to the hospital medicine cabinet to get Barbara’s morphine. Meg is unaware that Cole is in there hiding and waiting for her to leave so he can follow Sofia’s orders.

(Lakeview) Sofie thanks Paul and admits that she became so dependant on him and Barbara because she felt lonely. Sofie tells Paul she confused his appreciation for her jewelry and took it to mean he loved her. Sofie explains that she was so desperate to feel loved that she just got out of control. Sofie tells Paul that she intends to make a new start with the money he gave her and intends to leave town in a few days. Paul asks Lisa not to evict Sofie from the hotel. Meg returns and Paul breaks the news to her that Sofie is still living in the hotel. Meg gets upset and tells Paul if Sofie is still living there then she is leaving the hotel. Paul stops Meg and tells her he only let Sofie stay to prove to her (Meg) that he has changed. Paul tells Meg he wants to be the kind of man she falls in love with and stays in love with forever that is why he gave Sofie yet another chance. Meg tells Paul they should still keep their guard up because Sofie tells you what you want to here and then she does whatever she wants to do. Paul tells Meg that Sofie is leaving in a few days and won’t be a problem for them anymore. Paul and Meg kiss and snuggle for a few minutes then they both go check on Barbara.

(Old Town) Cole gives Sofie the drug he stole and Sofie tells Cole that Meg one got in trouble because a patient died because she gave the patient the wrong medicine. Cole tells Sofie that he thinks Meg is sexy and seems like a nice person. Cole feels badly about stealing the drugs to help Sofie with her plan.

(Lakeview) Sofie sneaks into Barbara’s room and switches the four-milligram vial of morphine that Barbara takes for pain to a fifty-milligram vial, which could be a fatal dose of medicine.

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