ATWT Update Monday 6/16/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 6/16/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne


In the cottage, Noah is packing when Luke shows up to help him move out. He doesn’t need to do this, Noah explains. Luke sees a shirt and tells him that it is his; Noah asks if he wants it? No.

At Fairwinds, Paul wakes up as Meg is watching out the window. What is she doing? She is just thinking. Meg wonders if Sofie really knows why he gave her the check? Paul thinks she worries too much. Meg thinks he isn’t worrying enough. Paul doesn’t want them to think about anything else but them right now.

At the Lakeview, Sofie comes home; Cole is waiting and asks if she said to Paul what he told her to? She went to Paul and then the police.

Paul is on the phone with Margo and hangs up happily. Sofie dropped the charges; this insane mess is over, as they hug.

Luke offers to take some boxes and store them at Lucinda’s because he won’t have enough room at the dorm, as Noah quickly asks him not to touch Ameera’s boxes. Luke looks at him funny. He didn’t ask for his help. Luke wonders if he wanted a break or to break up?

At the Lakeview, Lucinda is happy to see Lily look content. She hasn’t seen her like this in a while; she is a vibrant and strong woman. Lily admits that she is glad to be focusing on something other then Holden.

Outside on the side of the road, Carly and Holden share a kiss, but then back up realizing what they are doing, as they stare at one another speechless. Carly stutters, then nervously puts her hands down and gets burned on the engine, as she screams out in pain. Holden rushes to get some ice out of the cooler for her hand. He presses it to her hand while they stare at each other again.

Cole is irritated. She had the richest guy in town in the palm of her hand and she caved. She wants him to be quiet; she did it because it was the right thing to do. She did it because she needs Paul to like her; it is always what she does. He asked her to do one thing and she couldn’t do it. She won’t do anything for him, but the man who supposedly raped her, she lets go and now he is laughing at her.

Meg and Paul are relishing in their happiness. Meg tells Paul that he needs to now sign those papers so they can spend more time together. However, Meg is worried that they really try to make it this time. Paul understands why she would be worried; he won’t screw it up, as they start to kiss.

Paul wouldn’t laugh at her; he is not like him, Sofie spits. Barbara said Paul hates her; he just wanted the charges dropped. When is she going to wake up? He never cared about her; he slept with her for the money, Sofie realizes. Does it really matter anymore? Sofie screeches for him to get out and that she hates him.

Noah tells Luke that they aren’t breaking up; he just needs time. Luke just wants him to talk to him. He can’t right now. Luke tries to remind Noah of last Christmas how he gave him the card about always being there for him. Noah can’t deal with this right now, as Luke tries to get him to let him help him, as he grabs his face to get his attention.

Lily tells Lucinda how once Holden got back from Tennessee, he said he wanted to work on them as a family; she is going to let things happen naturally. Lucinda is pleased to hear this.

In the car as they are driving, Holden asks how Carly’s hand is? It is better now. Carly asks where he learned to hotwire a car? He jokes about learning it as a kid. The try to make small talk in between the awkwardness.

Noah tells Luke that he is not good about vocalizing his feelings. Luke doesn’t believe him because before they left for NY, Noah told him how much he loves and is in love with him; has it changed? No, he is still in love with him, Noah answers quietly.

Meg hears something in the hallway and assumes it is Paul; she walks into the hallway and comes face to face with Sofie. What is she doing there? She came to see Paul. He is not here, Meg answers flatly. Where is he? He is out. She wants Meg to tell him that she came by. She is not welcome there. It is not her home; Paul had no problem with her being there before. She needs to leave before she has her arrested for trespassing. She just came by to thank Paul since they have worked things out. Does she mean about the check he gave her? Sofie looks surprised to hear she knows.

Lily tells Lucinda that she feels really good – better then she has in a long time. That is because she is not playing games or using ploys; she is being patient, Lucinda answers. Lucinda sees Barbara and tells Lily that she will meet up with her later. Lucinda tells Barbara that she looks wonderful and she would like to get her some tea. Barbara looks a bit taken aback at all of Lucinda’s kindness. Then Lucinda tells her that she is such a smart woman - why is she doing this to herself?

Carly blurts out that she and Holden haven’t spoken in many miles; she wants this to stop. Can’t they pull over and talk? Holden thinks they should continue driving since they lost time from before. Carly just looks out of the window silently.

Lucinda tells Barbara that she knows. Barbara reminds her that she is way beyond where she is. Lucinda understands. Barbara explains that she is tried of being the woman with the cancer in her mouth so she came down here to feel normal. She needs to accept this diagnosis. Barbara tells her that it is too hard to forget most days, as Lucinda just doesn’t think she should be alone in the lounge. Her family can’t be waiting on her every minute of the day, Barbara answers. Have they offered? Yes. She doesn’t want her to do what she did and shut her family out when she needs them most.

At Java, Luke walks in and sees a friend, Reg. He hasn’t seen him for a while since the party. How is his boyfriend, Tony? They broke up so he would have to ask Tony himself.

Meg wonders if Sofie thought Paul wouldn’t tell her? Paul wanted her to drop the charges and they could all move on; Margo called them and told them. She has to let go of her fixation with Paul; it is not healthy. She should take some of the money and talk to someone. She doesn’t need help or her phony concern, Sofie snaps, as she walks off.

At the farm, Carly and Holden arrive and she tells him that she just needs to pick up some books for JJ. Holden tells her that he will stay out of her way. It is his house, as Carly looks sad. Lily walks out and is happy to see them both; she wants to hear all about their trip. Carly and Holden steal a glance at one another. Are the girls having fun? Did they all room together? Did they have fun – Lily bombards them with questions? Holden tells her that he has to check on the horses, as Carly can fill her in. Holden leaves, as Lily asks a bunch more questions. Carly and Holden stare at one another, as Lily seems oblivious.

Luke apologizes to Reg, but the friend tells him that they were only together for a short time. How long has it been with him and Noah? It has been 8 months. He heard a rumor that Noah married a woman? Luke tells him that he did, but it is a story that he can’t get into. Reg wonders if that means Luke can now date other guys? Luke just stares at him unsure as to how to answer that question.

Barbara is opening up to Lucinda. There are times when she is waiting to go in for treatment and she can barely get out of the chair. She doesn’t want to ask for help because she doesn’t want people to feel sorry for her. They would help because they love her and not because of how sorry they might feel, Lucinda explains. Lily and Sierra wanted to help so much and she had to let them finally; she realized they simply loved her and it then helped her daughters deal better with this traumatic experience. Barbara teases her about her being so nice. Lucinda jokes about it must look suspicious. They may have had their issues, but they need to stick together as cancer survivors.

Lily admits to Carly that she thought they would have been home earlier based on Holden’s call. Carly smirks; they had a car disaster. What happened? Holden’s car was stolen. Lily is stunned. It is outside though. They got out to look at something and he left the keys in; the car was stolen, they had to hitchhike and then they found it without the keys so Holden had to hotwire it. Lily laughs about how handy he is. Lily wants to know if the trip was good for them – did they work out their differences? Carly recalls kissing Holden and shakes her head; everything is fine now.

At the Lakeview, Meg and Paul find Barbara. They have been looking for her to see how she is. Barbara admits that she would like some help getting upstairs because she isn’t feeling well, but she has ordered some food that she feels she now has to wait for. Meg and Paul look concerned, but do as she asks. Paul even offers to stay behind and cancel her orde,r as Meg takes Barbara upstairs. Paul cancels the order and starts to leave when he runs into Sofie, who looks thrilled to see him.

Reg sees Luke is upset; he didn’t mean to upset him. Luke apologizes; the idea of dating someone else right now is weird for him. He wants to just work things out with Noah. Reg tells him that it must be obvious that he is attracted to him; he jokes that Luke seems to tolerate him and he is not married, so he just thought it would be fun to hang out sometime without the baggage. Luke smiles.

Sofie tells Paul that she wasn’t following him. He knows that. He heard from Margo that she dropped the charges. She is sorry. He is sorry too. They were friends and he crossed a line when he slept with her. She is sorry because she wanted something she couldn’t have. She has been thinking of the money he gave her – does he think she could really use it to start over elsewhere? He thinks she can do anything that she sets her mind to. Sofie asks him to answer one question – if it weren’t for Meg – would they ever have had a chance?

Back at the cottage, Luke tells Noah that he ran into Reg. Was he with Tony? No, they broke up. It was weird; he asked him out. What did he say? He told him he was unavailable – is he? He can’t answer that for him Noah says sadly. He doesn’t want a break, Luke reminds him angrily. Can’t he explain where they stand, an emotional Luke asks? He still needs a break an exasperated Noah admits. Is that is what he wants to hear? Luke yells that is definitely what he wants to hear when asks his boyfriend about seeing other guys? If that is what he wants, Noah starts to say quietly. Luke is upset; he doesn’t want to hear that but does Noah want to see them walking hand and hand around campus? He knows from experience that it feels really bad. Is he talking about Ameera – is he mad? He is not mad about Ameera; he is mad about what he is not doing? He has been sitting next to him for a long time since they got back from NY and he has not touched him. This isn’t fair, Noah snaps. So is what he is doing to him, Luke yells. He needs him to stop pretending that he isn’t a part of this. Noah tells him that he doesn’t have to be anymore.

Sofie just wants a straight answer; she can take it. Paul explains that it isn’t that simple. He has been where she is; he made decisions out of fear and anger but loving Meg is not a decision he just does. He leaves and Sofie stands there staring after him.

Luke wonders who he is to Noah? Is he just some guy or is he the love of his life? How would he know that, Noah asks? Luke answers that he knows that because that is how he feels. He hasn’t even taken off his ring, he points out to Noah. If he didn’t want him to marry Ameera then why didn’t he say something? Luke is furious because how could he be put in that situation and tell him to not marry Ameera so she can go back to Iraq. He doesn’t want him there now and he didn’t wan him in NY. Every time he tries to stand with him, he has to fight to be there – Luke wonders when Noah is going to fight for him?

Paul walks into Barbara’s suite and asks Meg how Barbara is? She is worried about him, but she is also not feeling the greatest health wise. She needs to take it easy and be closely monitored. Meg explains that she is going to take a leave of absence to take care of Barbara. Paul thinks she needs to keep her job because it is important to her. He doesn’t want her to do it for him. Meg tells him that she is doing it for them.

Lily is asking Carly about JJ. Carly tells her that they are watching him closely, but he is doing better. She jokes that she thinks he secretly enjoys the attention. Carly’s phone interrupts them; it is Sandy, a neighbor, who was watching JJ, but she has to get going home, which means Carly has to head out too. Carly promises to email the pictures as soon as possible. Carly heads off quickly and bumps into Holden coming in the door. She is flustered, but Lily calls her back to give her the books for JJ. Carly grabs them and heads off quickly trying not to stare at Holden too much. After she leaves, Lily tells Holden that she hasn’t officially welcomed him home, as she gives him a kiss.

Noah wants to know how Luke could think he never fought for him? What about when he was paralyzed. He stayed and showed him that he cared and wanted to stay by his side no matter what the future held. He fought for him then. If he really doesn’t blame him for his father then why can’t they make it through this, Luke wonders? He doesn’t know what to say; he feels like things are closing in on him and he just needs this break. Luke stares for another moment before he races out the door slamming it behind him. Noah angrily knocks over some CD’s as Luke watches through the window, but then he sadly leaves. Noah later thanks Lucinda for letting him stay at the cottage and for welcoming into her family. Lucinda hugs him; it will be ok, and he has the right to grieve for his dad. It was tragic, but it could have been so much worse. How? When Luke called her, he was in such a state and he was so scared. Noah asks if he was really that scared? He was in a panic. He didn’t know where he was, but just that his dad had him. She explains that Luke got on that boat without any thought of bodily harm to himself because he wasn’t coming home without him.

At Java, Luke sees Reg again. He asks Luke to sit, which Luke does slowly.

Meg meets Paul in the lobby of the Lakeview; how did it go at the hospital? Sofie is watching nearby; it went fine as soon as they heard it was because of Barbara. Paul teases her about how Bob can’t say no to her. She is on probation and she didn’t expect special treatment. Everyone makes mistakes. Hers cost a patient their life. Sofie heads out without being noticed. Paul thinks Meg should forgive herself. Like he forgave Sofie? Can they not talk about her? Meg tells him that she came by Fairwinds and she doesn’t think Sofie is going to leave them alone. Paul tells her that he just saw her and she was talking about starting fresh somewhere else. Meg jokes about it being wrong that she is thrilled to hear that. It is never wrong for her to be happy, as they kiss.

In a darkened and now unoccupied and empty cottage, all that is left

is Noah’s wedding band sitting alone on the table.

Reg teases Luke about how he is happy that he got him to sit, but is he going to talk? He was just thinking about what he said earlier. Noah walks in, sees Luke with Reg, and walks out quickly. Luke starts to babble and then tells him not to listen to it; he needs to go, as he quickly heads out.

Sofie sneaks into the on call room at the hospital and takes Meg’s ID badge. She heads for the laptop nearby and talks to herself about what mistakes Meg has made, as she opens the laptop and starts typing.

Lily is headed home from the Farm; can she not tempt him with dinner? He is tired from all the traveling and their car ordeal. He will come by for breakfast though, which pleases Lily. She kisses him and heads out. Inside, Holden dumps the ice from the cooler into the sink but then stops and thinks about kissing Carly and then putting the ice on Carly's hand. He tries to shake the thought.

Carly is at home trying to hook up the camera to the computer; she downloads the pictures from camp. She looks at some of the pictures with Faith, Natalie and Sage, but then she sees a bunch with she and Holden looking very happy and comfortable together. She quickly closes the laptop on the pictures and sighs heavily.

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