ATWT Update Friday 6/13/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 6/13/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Old Town) Meg tells Paul that Mike gave her some great information about Sofie and they have to go to Winnetka to Sofie’s old high school and pretend they are married and have a high school age child. Meg tells Paul she will explain the plan to him on the way to the school. Paul tells Meg he wishes with all his heart that the story were true.

(Winnetka) Meg and Paul wait to talk to sister Ann who is the director of the school. Meg tells Paul that she wants to establish Sofie has a pattern of lying to people. Paul refuses to believe that Sofie would lie about something as simple as where she went to school. Meg and Paul tell Sister Ann that an old friend of hers told her such good things about the school that she is considering it for her own daughter. Meg tells Sister Ann that she has lost touch with her friend and would like her friend to tell her daughter about the school. Sister Ann offers to look up the former student on the computer database for Meg. Meg tells her Sofie’s first and last name and Sister Ann informs Meg that there has never been a student by that name at the school. Sister Ann also tells Meg that there are no other schools by the name Sacred Heart in Winnetka.

(Lakeview) Meg tells Paul she will handle anything that has to do with Sofie because when he deals with Sofie he tends to make things worse. Cole advises Sofie to settle with Paul and get money from him and take it and run. Cole reminds Sofie that she has many secrets in her past that could come up in court and hurt her case. Sofie thinks Cole just wants his share of the money she gets from Paul but agrees to consider his advice. Cole leaves the room and a few minutes later Meg arrives to tell Sofie her little game is over and she has lost. Meg tells Sofie that she went to the Sacred Heart School in Winnetka and Sister Ann says to say hello to her. Meg tells Sofie that she wouldn’t remember Sister Ann because she never went to high school at Sacred Heart. Meg warns Sofie that she either drops the rape charges against Paul or she will keep digging in her past until her life is completely torn apart. Sofie tells Meg her threats don’t scare her at all. Meg tells Sofie that she should feel very scared of her. The desk clerk tells Meg that Barbara asked to see her but before Meg goes upstairs she calls Paul to tell him how well her talk with Soffie went and that she doesn’t think Sofie will be a problem anymore. Meg heads upstairs but quickly comes back down and informs the desk clerk that Barbara didn’t ask to see her. The desk clerk tells Meg that somebody told him they were Barbara Ryan and needed to see her. A Meg figure out it was Sofie trying to distract her and rushes to Fairwinds to see Paul.

(Fairwinds) A nervous and panicked Sofie paces and cries while begging Paul not to let Meg tear her life apart. Sofie tells Paul she doesn’t have a life because she lost her baby and doesn’t have a job. Paul tries to calm her and asks her to sit down so they can talk calmly. Soifiie continues to cry and tells Paul that she thinks Meg is right when she says that she gets people to feel sorry for her then she hurts them. Sofie tells Paul she didn’t hurt him he hurt her and she doesn’t want his pity. Paul decides to go back to the time before things got so bad between them and writes Sofie a check. Paul explains that the check is so she can start her jewelry business so she can have a new life. Meg arrives and Paul is on the phone with Barbara who is trying to explain to Paul that Sofie used her name to create a distraction for Meg. Paul tells Barbara that Meg has just arrived and he will talk to her later. Paul tells Meg that Sofie has just left and that he gave her a check to start her new life. Meg explains to Paul that Sofie ran to him because she is scared that they will uncover her past. Paul tells Meg that he should have seen Sofie she was truly remorseful about hurting him and she wanted a new start. Meg tells Paul that she can’t believe he fell for her victim act again because he j8st made things worse by giving her a check. Meg tells Paul that she should have given Sofie cash instead of a check with his signature on it. Meg tells Paul that Sofie could use the check in court and say that Paul gave her money to keep quiet about the alleged rape that never happened. Paul explains to Meg that he had to do something to help Sofie because she is so hut because he used her. Meg smiles because she can’t believe that she still loves him after he gives money to a women that is accusing him of a crime that he never committed. Meg gives Paul a kiss and makes him promise not to make any more mistakes and let her handle Sofie.

(Lakeview) Sofie sits on the bed staring at the check that Paul gave her and thinks hard about what to do about the rape charges.

(Police Station) Sofie arrives with the check Paul gave her in her hand and tells the policeman on duty she needs to speak to Margo Hughes.

(Carly’s house) Parker tells Jack about Tennis camp and explains that the Tennis coach for the camp gave him a job as Tennis instructor if he wants the job. Parker asks Jack if he can take the job and Jack is proud of Parker for showing some responsibility.

(Al’s Diner) Janet asks Liberty to return Brad’s t-shirt to the house without Katie finding out because she doesn’t want to cause trouble in their marriage. Liberty smiles and tells Janet that she always looks for trouble so she should tell that story to someone who doesn’t know her so well. Janet asks Liberty if she wants to spend the day getting a manicure and pedicure with her. Liberty tells her mom she would love to but she starts summer school today and she wants to show up at least for the first day. Janet asks for an extra shift at work but is told she can’t have an extra shift. Janet has no idea what to do for the rest of the day so she decides to go visit Jack.

(Carly’s house) Janet arrives to pick up the soup tureen from Jack and Jack apologizes for not having washed it yet to return to her. J.J calls Jack so he rushes upstairs and Janet washes the soup tureen and also cleans the kitchen since it is very messy. Jack comes back downstairs and seeing that the kitchen is clean thanks Janet for the gesture but feels uncomfortable that she cleaned the kitchen. Janet senses Jack is uncomfortable and tells him she is sorry for overstepping her bounds and starts to leave the house. Jack asks her to stay and explains that he just doesn’t want to be caught in the middle of a scheme to win Brad’s heart. Janet assures Jack that she has no intention of stealing Brad away from Katie because she knows Brad loves Katie. J.J comes downstairs and complains that his throat really hurts but Jack tells him he can’t take pain medication for a few more hours. Janet suggests J.J eat Popsicles to soothe his throat so Jack is once again grateful to her. Janet fins out that Jack Lives on the farm with his Aunt Emma and Holden his separated cousin. Janet advises Jack to get his own apartment and get back in circulation as a favor to the sisterhood.

(High School) Parker arrives to tell Liberty the news that he got the job of tennis instructor at the tennis camp. Parker tells Liberty he is worried because he doesn’t know how to play tennis. Liberty shows him how and they bet that she could beat him in a tennis match. Parker pretends that he is only having beginner’s luck until Liberty jokes that he isn’t Andy Roddick and then he shows her he can really play the game well. Liberty doesn’t think Parker’s joke is funny and to get back at him for his prank she goes off with Dylan to hang out.

(Carly’s house) Parker arrives home sad and mumbles hello to Jack and Janet and heads upstairs to his room Janet leaves because she senses Jack needs to have a talk with Parker. Jack goes upstairs to talk to Parker who wonders if he can still go to camp but Jack tells Parker it is to late because he already cancelled and got the deposit back. Jack wonders if Parker needs to talk but Parker doesn’t feel like talking to anyone. J.J calls Jack because he has thrown up again because he thinks the Popsicles made him sick. Jack wishes that Carly would come home soon.

(Camp) Holden is sleeping and dreams about when he helped Carly get up to the top bunk the night before. Carly is started awake by a bugle blowing and she isn’t happy to be awakened at such an early hour Holden offers to help Carly climb down from the bunk but remembering the night before she refuses Holden’s offer to help her. Carly tries to jump down from the bunk and almost falls but Holden catches her. Carly and Holden are close enough to kiss and they both look like they want to kiss but are interrupted by the voice of the camp director who uses her megaphone to tell them they had better get dressed if they don’t want to be late to the pancake eating contest. Holden and Carly bet $20 on which one of them can eat the most pancakes. Carly gives Holden the $20 she owes him because he ate more pancakes then she did but adds that she didn’t want him to be embarrassed in front of his daughters. Holden tells Carly that she did pretty good eating pancakes considering she is a girl. The girls tell Holden and Carly that they signed them up for a three legged race an all “married’ couples have to race together. The three girls laugh as they remember the mistake the camp director made yesterday. Holden and Carly begin the race and they fall once with Holden falling on top of Carly. Once more Holden and Carly want to kiss each other but are interrupted by the girls screaming for them to keep going because they are close to the finish line. Holden and Carly finish the race and Sage takes a picture of them before they untie their legs. Sage has a hard time saying good-bye to Carly although Carly assures her that she will have fun at camp. Natalie tells Sage that they have to go now because they need to pick out her dress for the talent show. Natalie explains that she bet another girl at camp that she would win the talent show. Sage says a quick good-bye to Carly and runs to her cabin with Natalie. Carly thanks Holden because he knew that Sage was having a hard time saying good-bye so he persuaded Natalie to distract her. Carly tells Holden she will miss Sage and Holden tells her they must get on the road.

(Holden’s Car) Carly thanks Holden for being such a good sport and making boring outdoor activities fun for her. Holden laughs and tells Carly that she stinks at outdoor activities but he had a good time. Carly asks Holden to stop because she wants to appreciate the beautiful view. Holden tells Carly the view is beautiful but he is looking at her. Holden and Carly come close to kissing once again but are interrupted when Holden hears the engine of his car start and realizes his car is being stolen.

Holden and Carly walk along the road and Carly decides to try to use her sex appeal to hitch a ride with someone. Carly self-esteem takes a beating when three cars pass by and ignore her. Holden gives it a try and one car passes him by and Carly laughs because he isn’t having any luck either. The car that passed Holden by turns around sharply and a woman asks Holden where he needs to go. Carly and Holden get in the car and Carly tells the woman they are headed back to the camp where their kids are for the summer. The woman flirts with Holden and tells him that they should drop Carly off somewhere and go have a beer together. Holden tells the woman to drop them off at the nearest gas station. The woman drives for a few minutes until Carly sees Holden’s car on the road and asks the woman to stop. Holden thanks the woman for the ride while Carly walks to the car. The woman is driving away and Carly yells at her not to go but it is too late. Carly tells Holden the thief left the car but took the car keys, their money, and both cell phones. Holden hot-wires his car and Carly is impressed and asks him to teach her how to do that just in case she is in this situation again. Carly gets close to Holden so that she can see the wires she needs to touch to hotwire the car. Carly and Holden inch their faces closer to each other in anticipation of a kiss.

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