ATWT Update Thursday 6/12/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 6/12/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Brad and Katie’s house) Katie is surprised and very upset to find Janet in her house when Janet wonders why she came home early Katie asks her why it looks like she is living in the house. Janet tells Katie that she thought Brad had explained the situation to her. Brad arrives with Janet’s extra rich lotion and Katie demands to know what Janet is doing in the house and why he is buying her extra rich anything. Katie gets even angrier when she notices Janet has a dress of hers among her things and Janet explains she borrowed her dress to wear when she appeared on Oakdale now. Janet senses a big fight coming on so she goes outside on the terrace to let Brad and Katie talk. Katie is livid and tells Brad he could have done a number of things when the guest cancelled instead of having Janet substitute for her on the show. Katie tells him that he could have put on a re run, done a man on the street segment or anything else and Brad admits he made a mistake. Brad tells Katie he just couldn’t think of anything else to do. Brad explains to Katie that Janet was scared of Bud who was still staying at the Lakeview and he felt that he had to help the mother of his child. Brad tells Katie that the show was wonderful because Janet and Liberty made up and their mother daughter bond became stronger. Janet decides to leave the house as she watches Brad and Katie kiss and she tells them she will come back later so they can have a nice reunion. Once Janet is gone Katie yells at Brad that Janet can take care of herself and doesn’t need him to protect her. Katie tells Brad that she needs to know that she comes first in his life she will only accept coming in second to Liberty. Katie tells Brad that if he can’t do that for her then he can leave the house right after Janet. Katie starts to rearrange the kitchen cabinets because she doesn’t like the way Janet arranged them. Brad tells Katie to stop doing that and pleads for Katie to forgive him. Brad promises to tell Janet she has to move to the Lakeview. Brad tells Katie that he doesn’t love anybody but her and then they kiss and make up.

(Old Town) Janet runs into Jack, who is picking up J.J’s medicine and he explains that his son is sick with strep throat so she suggests giving J.J chamomile tea to soothe his throat. Janet tells Jack she knows that he and Katie were once married and are still friends so maybe he can talk to Katie and ask her to give Brad some room to breathe. Jack tells Janet that Brad and Katie’s marriage is none of his business Once Jack is gone Janet gets a call from Brad telling her they need to talk.

(Lakeview) Brad thanks Janet for understanding why she had to leave the house and Janet tells him its no problem because she knew once Katie returned she would have to leave the house. Brad tells Janet he checked with the front desk and Bud has checked out so she will be okay. Brad also tells her he will continue to pay for the hotel room for her. Janet tells Brad she enjoyed spending time with him and Liberty because it gave her a glimpse of what life would have been like if they could have been together. Brad tells Janet they must have a talk about how long she plans to stay in town. Janet avoids the subject and tells him they can talk later because she has a lot of unpacking to do.

(Carly’s house) Janet drops by to give Jack some chicken soup for J.J and apologize for putting him on the spot about Katie. Janet flirts with Jack a little when she tells him all he has to do is heat up the soup a little before he gives it to J.J and she is sure he can heat things up very well. Jack laughs and thanks Janet for bringing the soup for J.J.

(Carly’s house) Carly packs Sage’s things for camp and tells Jack that since he can’t go because he is taking care of J.J maybe she will go talk to Lily and persuade her to ditch Holden and make it a girls weekend. Carly leaves to talk to Lily telling Jack she won’t be too long.

(Lily’s house) Lily is nervous and sad as she packs the girls things and Holden arrives from the store with the snorkeling equipment the girls need for camp. Lily tells Holden she was really looking forward to going with him and the girls to camp but she has a business meeting that just can’t be postponed for a later date. Carly arrives and she tells Holden her idea of having a girls weekend with Lily and Holden tells her Lily can’t go with them because of her business meeting. Carly tells Holden she can take the girls to camp and he doesn’t have to go with her but Holden says he can’t just stick his girls in a car and ship them off for the summer. Holden tells Carly that he can take the girls to camp and she can stay home with J.J. Carly tells Holden that Sage needs her mother because she is nervous about being away at camp for the first time. Holden and Carly argue their points for a few more minutes until Lily arrives and wonders why they are arguing with each other. Carly explains that they are arguing because they don’t think both of them need to take the girls to camp. Carly tells Lily that they will work something out and she shouldn’t worry. Carly leaves to pick up Sage and bring her to meet Holden, Faith and Natalie later. Lily tells Holden that he should stop being mad at Carly for helping her with the scheme so they could spend time alone together. Lily reminds Holden that Carly was only trying to help bring them back together.

(Holden’s car) Holden and Carly are in the front seats while the girls are singing the camp song in the back seat. Holden and Carly get tired of hearing the extremely long camp song so Carly turns the radio on and finds a country station. A country song about cheating comes on the radio and Carly quickly turns the radio off. The girls get bored so they start singing 99 bottles of pop on the wall.

(Camp) The camp director introduces herself to the girls and then tells Holden and Carly that she has saved a cozy cabin for Mr. and Mrs. Snyder. Holden and Carly try to explain that they are not married but the director just thinks that Holden and Carly have a modern arrangement but can’t figure out why all three girls have the same last name. Holden and Carly play games with the girls and the other campers and then after the girls get their room assignments the director shows Holden and Carly too their room. Holden offers to spend the night in the car so Carly will have more privacy but Carly says no they will be fine sleeping in the same room. Holden and Carly come back to their room after a long day and Carly tells Holden she got tired of explaining their situation to all the parents the parents gathering. Holden tells Carly that there were a lot of divorced parents but Carly reminds him he isn’t divorced.

Holden and Carly are about to play poker when the camp director is heard over the loud speaker saying lights out and that includes the parents. Holden and Carly laugh as they turn the lights out because they are reminded of when they were kids. Carly and Holden decide to play poker inn the dark but Carly tells Holden that poker isn’t the same without a beer. Holden tells Carly he has some beers in the car so Carly and Holden sneak out to get the beers from the car. Carly and Holden are on their way back to the cabin when the camp director catches them and makes Holden show her what he has behind his back. Holden takes out the beer and the director tells him that the zero tolerance policy also applies to the parents. Holden tells the director they are cool and the director takes the beer from them. Carly and Holden laugh when they get in their cabin and Carly is glad the director didn’t search her. Carly gives Holden a beer and takes a sip of her beer. Lily calls Holden to check if the girls are okay he says yes and she wonders if he and Carly are getting along okay and Holden tells her they are cool. Lily tells Holden she is glad that things are going well and that she misses him before they end their call. Carly asks Holden if he wants the top or bottom bunk and wonders if he tosses and turns at night. Holden tells Carlly he doesn’t know if he tosses and turns because he is asleep. Carly laughs and tells him he better take the bottom bunk so if he falls out of bed he won’t get a concussion. Holden helps Carly climb to the top bunk and then they both tell each other goodnight.

(Lakeview) Lisa tells Alison she should drop the lawsuit because if her past comes out she will only embarrass herself. Lisa tells Alison Chris would never use his power to hurt anyone. Bob arrives to meet with Alison and tells Lisa to leave her alone. Bob asks Alison what she wants to settle the lawsuit and not go to court. Alison tells Bob it isn’t about money she just wants to get back in the nursing program and she wants Chris fired. Bob tells Alison that he could probably get her back in the nursing program but he will have to think about firing Chris. Alison tells Bob that she doesn’t feel safe working at the hospital with Chris.

(Hospital) Alison tells Susan the conditions she gave to Bob in order to drop the lawsuit. Susan tells Alison that she doesn’t think Bob will fire his son. Susan talks to Chris and encourages Chris to apologize to Alison for his actions. Chris tells Susan he won’t apologize for something he didn’t do. Chris tells Susan that Alison is unbalanced and nobody will believe her. Susan tells Chris that she will see whose story the jury believes in court. Bob tells Chris Alison’s conditions to drop the lawsuit. Bob advises Chris as his father to fight the lawsuit. Bob advises Chris to find another job because as chief of staff he has to protect the hospital. Chris tells Bob he isn’t going to admit to something he didn’t do. Chris corners Alison in the on call room and he says she isn’t leaving until they talk. Chris tells Alison that she should consider that her past would come out in court. Alison tells Chris she isn’t afraid of that anymore because her past is a matter of public record. Alison blasts Chris and calls him a bully who was angry because he thought she slept with Aaron and that wasn’t even true. Chris maintains that he had nothing to do with Alison’s dismissal from the nursing program. Chris tells Alison she should get professional help because she is unbalanced. Alison tells Chris if he doesn’t open the door she will start to scream and then she will call the police and tell them he held her against her will. Chris opens the door and Alison runs out and tells Susan what Chris did to her. Alison tells Chris that she will see him in court and this time he will be the one who feels trapped.

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