ATWT Update Wednesday 6/11/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 6/11/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Margo sets the table as Daniel bounds in all enthused about his trip to New York. He pitches a baseball to Margo who is impressed that it was signed by David Wright, and Daniel has on a "I Love New York" T-shirt. Margo quizzes him what was the most exciting thing he did in New York? Casey and Emily exchange knowing glances and he wants her to stay.

Tom meets with his dad and Chris to discuss the harassment case. He reminds Chris that from where he stands Alison's early dismissal from nursing school looks suspicious, but his only goal is to make sure this case does not go to court. Meanwhile Bonnie is advising Alison and Aaron that she thinks Alison has a strong case and they need to move it toward court as soon as they can. Alison just hoped it wouldn't have to go before the judge. Bonnie states, "it is all in the timing." Tom gets the phone call from Bonnie that she just spoke to the judge and she will see him in court ASAP. Tom reluctantly has to tell Bob and Chris their last maneuver may have been too little too late. Alison also gets a phone call, that she has been re-instated to being with patients. She doesn't know why, but maybe Chris has had a chance to realize he is wrong and he is trying to make it up to her. Bonnie warns her not to believe that, this is just a stunt to get her to drop the lawsuit - do NOT do that!

At the farm, Holden is busy cutting firewood to get ready for winter..builds up muscles too. He asks Luke if he wants to try it? Luke chuckles he'd better not, he doesn't trust himself with a dangerous weapon right now. Every time the phone rings, he hopes it is Noah, but he must be serious about this break. He partially blames Luke for his father's death, so Luke doesn't think time is going to solve that. At the Plaza, Lily runs into Noah. He offers to take her bags as she is loaded down with stuff for the girls as they are going away to summer camp. She offers her condolences about his father, but asks him to please not push away the people that care about him. She mothers him in a good way about his eating and offers a sincere invitation to come back to the farm with her and she will cook him a good home-cooked meal. He's hesitant when she tells him Luke will be there, but she insists.

Luke is stunned to see Noah and asks how much did his mom have to twist his arm? Noah claims she was so nice, he just couldn't say no. Lily tells Holden she had to do this and come back to the farm as it was Emma's recipe that called for fresh herbs. He warns her that she might as well confess she is not there for fresh cucumbers. She is trying to fix Noah and Luke up, and he thinks that is a mistake. She says they just need some time together to work this out. He reminds her that still might not work, just look at them! "Exactly, why don't you join us for dinner and see what happens."

Casey badly wants Emily to stay for supper, but Tom nixes that; they have something to discuss. Emily is stunned when he reveals that Alison has sued Chris for sexual harassment. They all have difference of opinions as to which side is telling the truth and Emily is annoyed that Margo and Tom would automatically side against Alison. She tells Tom he can take his validity and shove it! She's going to go see her sister. Casey wants to go too, but Tom tells him no.

Aaron tells Alison that Chris is only throwing her a bone, but she thinks it is at least a step in the right direction. Bonnie agrees, the opposition knows they have a strong case and Tom and crew are just trying to soften her up. And this is where they can trip up and do something desperate. Kim meets with Chris and asks what's up? He states that if it was just his future that would be one thing, but he's worried about his dad and Memorial Hospital. She's worried and asks if he thinks Alison can actually win this case? He's not sure nor is he saying he did anything wrong, but if their lawyer can get the judge to be symphatetic, it could jeopardize the hospital. He wishes he could do something to make all of this go away. She maintains that Bob can handle this and perhaps there is something she too can do. She won't tell Chris until she knows if it will work, but warns him not to breathe a word of this to his dad.

Kim plops down at a table with Susan. Susan tells her if this is about Alison's case, this is not appropriate. Kim tells her not to shoot the messenger. Susan starts to leave until Kim reaches out for her hand and says she only wants two minutes. She may not want to hear this right now, but..they have a lot in common. Susan agrees, and there is nothing they can do about this. Kim states that they both love their kids and they'd both do anything to protect their families, right? Susan says yes but this isn't some boo-boo they can kiss and make better. Kim points out if this goes to court there will be no winners, "everybody will lose." She reminds her that reputations will be trashed not to mention the publicity to the hospital. She knows Alison is her first priority and that is as it should be. But, for just one minute please stop and think about Memorial and how much she and Bob have invested in it.

Lily is enjoying herself making this last meal before the girls go to camp. But Holden chastises her not to expect too much with Luke and Noah and she shouldn't be pushing this. Luke claps as Noah manages to chop some wood and stacks it. Luke says he knows Noah doesn't wants to be there, and it's all right if he makes some excuse and leaves. Noah asks if he wants him to leave? Luke admits that no he doesn't. They go inside, but Holden has a broken down tractor and Noah offers to help him. While chopping veggies for a salad, Luke confides in his mother that Noah knows nothing about mechanics, he just didn't want to be there with him. He appreciates her making an effort, but not so hard. This isn't helping at all with him and Noah. He says he knows she is moving back to the house, but would it would okay if he stayed here at the farm with his dad? This is where he stayed with Noah and it's kind of pathetic going back to the same room he had in high school. She says it's his call and she understands. He should just focus on school right now. He quips he wonders if they have a course in "how not to lose your boyfriend?" She answers if they do, let her know! He muses one thing he already knows, you don't have to do anything wrong for it all to go downhill.

Faith and Natalie make sure that Noah is seated next to Luke at the table. Still it is awkward and Lily tries to make small talk to break the silence. Later Holden confesses to Noah that Lily sometimes tends to push things and he's sorry if she put him in an awkward position. He tells Holden they have been so nice to him, he wishes he could say something appropriate and that things were better between him and Luke. Holden assures him he knows what he means. The only thing they can do is just hang in there.

Emily shoves off and Casey follows her to the door and wants to go also. Margo has to literally override that by saying "this is a family dinner, you're family, go sit!" Tom jokes that Margo's mac and cheese is four star every time although she knows it does not compare with New York. She asks Casey what did he and Emily do while Daniel was at the concert? He remembers what they were really doing, but tells his mom they just hung out, they were pretty tired of the sight-seeing thing. Daniel spills on them that they didn't sleep much, they stayed up all night watching pay for view. Margo gets more curious with every word that Daniel says.

Exasperated, Susan tells Kim that she's right. Her first priority is her daughter. Kim says the same with her husband and son. And the fall-out won't be one-sided. Bob and Chris won't be the only ones to be hurt. Susan wonders if she is threatening her daughter? Kim denies that - no, the point is that both Chris and Alison will be subjected to a certain amount of raking over the coals. What good could come out of that kind of damage? She doesn't think that either of them wants to see their kids and the hospital dragged through the mud. She leaves with this word, "think about it before it is too late."

Susan walks around the corner and sees Alison who is beaming and tells her the news that she can see patients again. Alison comments that she didn't expect cartwheels, but a little more enthusiasm than this. Susan tells her she has been thinking this over and not sure it is a good idea taking this to court. Alison reminds her they have been all over this, why is she getting cold feet? Susan points out this is the Hughes, Memorial Hospital. They don't know who will be standing when the smoke clears. Emily walks up and jumps all over her mother for wanting Alison to roll over and play dead. She advises Alison to take out the big guns and blow that guy away. Susan rolls her eyes. They take it inside a room and Emily rails at Susan for worrying about someone named Hughes. Is she afraid they both will get fired? Susan fires back and tells her to put a sock in it! Emily continues with her tirade and won't let anyone in the Hughes family intimidate Alison. She can not let anyone named Hughes stick it to them again. She barks at Susan to wake up and throws it in her face about her affair with Bob. And how Kim has been going around calling her the town pariah ever since. Susan shouts that this has nothing to do with her and Bob. Alison agrees, it has more to do with Emily's less than rosy history with both Tom and Chris. Emily admits that she is not so crazy about Tom or Chris because they hurt her, but now Chris is hurting Alison. "By God, when is it time to stand up and say enough is enough?"

Daniel asks permission to go see a pal for a little while. Casey says he is going out too. Tom tells him to hang on, they need to talk about Emily. Casey asks why does Tom have to talk to him about Emily? He replies he doesn't think it's a good thing that he let him wander the streets with Emily in New York. And especially now he thinks it best that he steer clear of her and Alison until this case is finished. Margo warns that his dad will be taking this to court. Casey dismisses it as not being his problem. He doesn't think they have the right to tell him who to hang out with. He doesn't care, they can't tell him what side to be on. He's an adult and he can make his own choices. As he huffs off, Tom says he thinks that went well. Margo scoffs.

The girls continue to squabble. Alison tells Emily this is not her fight and it's obvious she still has an ax to grind with Chris. Emily emphasizes she is only trying to help Alison, but Alison thinks she will only make it worse. Alison tells her if she really wants to help, stay out of this, mind her own business, and not mess up her life. Susan stands there with her mouth gaping open.

Lily asks Noah about Ameera, has he heard from her? He looks at Luke when he says no, she is still in police custody. Luke excuses himself from the table to help clean up and whispers to his mom not to try so hard. There is nothing she can do to help; they have to figure this out on their own. No sooner said than done, Lilly suggests they take a walk down by the pond. Luke makes an excuse. Lilly tells the girls they have to go home to pack so they all say their goodbye to Noah. In turn he thanks both Lily and Holden for the dinner and she says he is welcome there any time. To Luke, a mere "take care." Luke hesitates for a moment and then follows Noah outside. He tells Holden he just has to get something off his chest. Lily reports she is glad Luke is not giving up. Holden isn't sure, sometimes pushing just manages to backfire.

Casey catches up with Emily at the office. She doesn't think this interruption is at a good time, she's under deadline. He says this is not about Alison's case, but he will be damned if he will let his dad talk him out of seeing her. He puts his hands on her and says he will not stay away from her. What they have is real. He wants to be with her and no one else. While Tom washes dishes, Margo asks when did their totally cool son become such a brat? He doesn't know, something about that night in New York. She disagrees, this happened long before that when he was working with Emily. Something happened. Tom offers he doesn't think they can blame all of this on Emily. She maintains but it feels so good! Tom thinks being in prison made him grow up too fast. What worries Margo is that it is so easy for him to make the wrong choices. They have to keep an eye on him.

Emily pushes Casey away and scoots away from him and warns him to use his head, they need to stay away from each other. Each of their families hate each other's guts and they are from a completely different generation. She's his half brother's mother. He cups her face and says he doesn't care. She asks isn't it kind of icky with Daniel sitting on the couch between them? It was beyond intense and very bizarre. He answers no, it was beautiful and amazing. He does not think of her as Daniel's mother. She proclaims but that is who she is. He adds and also smart, beautiful and completely sexy. He confesses he wants to be with her more than anything, and he thinks she wants to as well if she'd let herself. She starts to object, but he persists that there is something there so why is she fighting it? He lays a big one on her and she doesn't fight it.

Susan knocks on Kim's door. Kim is polite and invites her in. Susan says she wanted her to know that she has talked with Alison and she is determined not to drop the suit..and Susan doesn't think she should. Rather disappointed, she finds Chris in the lounge and sits down. She says she tried to reason with Susan Stewart, but failed miserably. It seems their dear Alison is not interested in an out-of-court settlement. She doesn't know how far she is willing to go or how vindictive the opposition will be, but she'd say be prepared for the worst. Alison laments to Aaron that her head is about to explode. Everyone is telling her what to do, and they all have their own agenda. She admits sometimes it seems so easy to just walk away. It wasn't like she was exactly acing nursing school. And now she is supposed to manage a huge lawsuit. What if she messes it up? He says there are people out there willing to help her. She scoffs, yeah her mother and sister. With help like that she could end up in a psyche ward in a straight jacket. He says he cares about her and he is on her side, always will be, so he was not thinking about her mother and sister. She says she doesn't know what she would do without him. He answers that he is not going anywhere.

Noah admits it is complicated and he felt pretty weird back at the farm. Luke suggests that he move into the cottage, not rush it, but just see how it goes. Noah informs him that he is going to move out of the cottage to the dorm. He feels uncomfortable living at a place that belongs to Luke's grandmother. Luke thinks that is cool, he can visit him at the dorm. Noah squelches that too, not a good idea. He'll have a roommate that might not understand him having a boyfriend. Luke sees the handwriting on the wall and calls himself the ex-boyfriend, he'll see him around.

Lily confides to Holden that she made a mistake in trying to patch Luke and Noah up. He says at least her heart was in the right place. She's also afraid the longer they are apart, that they won't get back together again. Chris tells his dad that he doesn't think putting Alison back on patient care is going to do any good. She is still going through with the lawsuit. Bob says then he'd better make sure that Chris can prove that nothing he did caused Alison to be removed from nursing, no influence. If he does that and was professional and above board, then he has nothing to hide. All true? Chris says all true. Bob says then they just need a fair shake.

Nervously, Margo tosses Daniel's baseball back and forth between her palms. She admits the trip to New York for Casey was a mistake. He now manages to take Emily's side on everything. That's not good, how do they fix that? Tom isn't sure, but he does know how he can take her mind off of it. He gives her a kiss.

Speaking of kisses, Casey and Emily are locked in a big one. She calls him impossible, but admits they are good together. They will be together, but no one can ever know because of Daniel. Casey says that is okay as long as there is an us. They are real. She declares they are real. But does he understand how serious she is about this? He says fine by him, he likes having secrets with her. He'll do anything she wants. He wants to be with her and she is all he needs. They start ripping each other's clothes off and Emily says God help her he's all she needs too. Casey scrapes the desktop off and throws her on top of it and they make love.

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