ATWT Update Tuesday 6/10/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 6/10/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Brad and Katie’s house) Brad is a bit surprised to find Janet making breakfast wearing nothing but one of his t-shirts and he asks Janet why she couldn’t wear one of Katie’s robes. Janet explains that she just grabbed that out of the laundry basket and hopes he doesn’t mind her using his shirt. Brad also tells Janet that he thought she would have gone back to the Lakeview by now but Janet explains that she couldn’t leave without making him and Liberty breakfast. Brad tells Janet that he is late for work and doesn’t have time to eat breakfast. Brad rushes around the house searching for his notes for work and Liberty gives him the notes telling him that she found his notes in the bathroom. Janet insists that Brad try one of her sticky buns so Brad stuffs a sticky bun in his mouth and rushes out the door to go to work. Liberty and Janet have breakfast and Liberty remarks on how quickly Janet has made herself at home in the house. Janet insists she is just making sure that she and Brad have good food to eat while Katie is gone. Liberty nods her head and says uh-huh but Janet can tell by the tone of her daughter’s voice that she thinks that she is trying to split up Brad and Katie. Janet insists that she isn’t planning to seduce Brad because she would never dream of splitting up a great couple like Brad and Katie.

(TV Station) Brad apologizes to Kim for being late for work but promises he is ready to improve his Golf swing with today’s guest. Kim tells Brad today’s guest cancelled and he will be interviewing a woman who wrote a book about empowering single mothers. Brad panics and tells Kim he can’t interview a guest about a chic topic without Katie to pick up the slack for him. Kim tells Brad he has no choice unless he can find a co-host who is an expert on the topic. Brad tells Kim that Janet is still in town and she raised Liberty on her own so she would be the perfect person to fill in for Katie. Brad tells Kim that his only concern is that Katie would be angry with him because he promised her Janet would never appear on the show again. Kim suggests that Brad cal Janet first and tell her to come to the studio right away and then call Katie and explain to her that he had to use Janet on the show because it was an emergency situation. Brad calls Janet and explains the situation to her and she is thrilled about the chance to help him.

(Brad and Katie’s house) Janet gets nervous because she has nothing to wear and she has no time to go to thee Lakeview and get dressed for the show. Janet wants to borrow Liberty’s blue sweater but she says no because whenever she wears her clothes she stretches them out. Janet decides to borrow something from Katie’s closet and then she and Liberty head to the studio.

(TV Station) A nervous Janet arrives at the studio with Liberty as moral support and Brad explains what she is going to do. Brad also encourages Janet to be herself since the topic for today is single motherhood. The guest arrives and since Janet is nervous she doesn’t say much when Brad asks for her opinion about the author’s book. Janet agrees that single motherhood can be an empowering experience and says that she is a single mother of a beautiful daughter who is in the studio today. Brad asks Liberty to come on camera and she promptly states her opinion, which is that her mother is full of bull. Janet tries to tell the viewers Liberty is just kidding but Brad asks her why she thinks her mother is full of bull. Liberty explains to the viewers that her mother isn’t being herself because her mother always told her how hard it was to raise her alone. Liberty also accuses her mother of resenting her because she missed so much of her youth in order to raise her. The author points out that children of single mothers are often resentful of their moms. Liberty quickly adds that she loves her mother very much and she did a wonderful job raising her. Janet explains to Liberty and the audience that she loved her daughter very much and never resented her at all because she considers her daughter a gift. Janet explains that what made her sad was that her father wasn’t there to share the special moments in her life like her first tooth or her first step and she missed having someone to which she could say honey get the camera quick look what our baby just did for the first time. Brad asks Janet to tell the audience what the best and worst days were raising Liberty. Janet says the best day was when Liberty discovered shopping. Janet says the worst day was when she first gave her the scary look, which she has Liberty demonstrate for the audience. Janet cries a little as she apologizes to Brad for not searching for him sooner so he could have been a part of Liberty’s life. Janet continues to shed tears as she tells Liberty that now she has both her parents who love and care about her very much. Janet takes Brad and Liberty’s hands to show Liberty that now they are together as a family. Brad, Janet and Liberty hug as they end the show while everyone in the studio is very moved by the scene. Kim gives Janet a check for her work today as well as a check for Liberty. Janet gives Liberty her check and tells her to buy an outfit for summer school. Brad tells Janet he knows she had a tough time raising Liberty alone but she did a great job because Liberty is a great kid.

(Lakeview) Brad thanks Janet for saving his buns today at work and she tells him it was her pleasure to help him today. Brad sees Bud getting off the elevator and notices that Janet is still afraid of him. Janet admits to Brad she is afraid of Bud but doesn’t know why since he never hit her. Janet assures Brad that she will be fine and he shouldn’t worry but he does and invites her to stay at his house until Bud leaves town. Janet tells Brad she doesn’t want to be any trouble and Brad tells her she will be helping him by cooking and cleaning for him and Liberty. Janet packs her things while Brad answers a call from Katie. Brad asks Katie if she watched the show today and when she responds no he tells her they had an emergency, which he resolved quickly, but he doesn’t give Katie any further details about the emergency. Katie tells Brad she has to go do an interview so he tells her to go because there is nothing else that he has to tell her. Brad tells Katie he loves her and hangs up the phone. Janet notices Brad didn’t mention to Katie that she would be staying with him but Brad explains to Janet Katie had to go and he will explain things to her when he calls her later.

(Carly’s house) Carly calls for Parker to hurry up with the aspirin that J.J needs to take for his fever. Parker comes downstairs and tells Carly he couldn’t find the medicine but he finally found it in the drawer beside J.J’s bed. Carly asks parker to walk Sage over to her friend Morgan’s house and tells him not to worry about J.J and she decides to take J.J to the emergency room because he has been sick for a wwhile but hasn’t wanted tell her about his illness. Carly calls Jack to tell him J.J is sick and Jack tells her he can’t take care of him today because he has a big case that is going to be breaking soon. Carly tells Jack she is taking J.J to the emergency room and Jack tells Carly he will meet her at the hospital.

(Hospital) The doctor tells Carly that he thinks J.J has strep throat but he will run some tests to confirm the diagnosis. The doctor wonders how long J.J has been sick and she tells him she has no idea but shows him the pill bottle and tells him he has probably been taking them according to the direction son the bottle. Jack and Carly blame themselves for not noticing J.J’s symptoms before they got this bad. The doctor confirms the diagnosis and tells them Jack and Carly that for now they will give J.J antibiotics and some pain medication. The doctor also tells Jack and Carly that he will give them a list of symptoms to watch for because if J.J gets worse it could lead to rheumatic fever or heart problems.

(Carly’s house) Jack makes sure J.J takes his medicine and when he has fallen asleep Jack and Carly sit downstairs and talk. Jack tells Carly he set up Sage’s old baby monitor in J.J’s room so they can hear him if he needs anything. Jack and Carly are stunned that J.J went to such lengths to keep his illness from them. Jack and Carly assume that J.J didn’t want to make waves or cause more problems in the house. Carly tells Jack that when he gets better they will have to have a serious talk with him. Jack encourages Carly to go take a bath and he will look after J.J but she needs to relax. Carly worries what they will do if J.J gets worse. Jack assures Carly J.J is going to be fine. Jack walks into the bathroom to get the thermometer while Carly is taking a bath. Carly tells Jack that he can’t do that anymore and Jack apologizes because he didn’t think about what he was doing. Jack tells Carly that there is nothing in that bathtub he hasn’t seen before and Carly tells Jack that he won’t see it today. Jack looks at Carly for a few minutes then smiles and tells her he can scrub her back. Carly screams for Jack to get out and she throws towel at him but he closes the door before the towel can hit him. Carly finishes her bath and comes downstairs to thank Jack for making her smile. Jack insists that Carly go upstairs to sleep and he lies down beside her in bed and tells her to imagine the kids happy and playing with each other outside. Carly thinks about that and adds that the kids are fighting and yelling at each other but they are happy. Jack falls asleep and Carly touches his face and gets out of bed and goes downstairs. Parker tells Carly that though he might fight with J.J but he doesn’t want anything to happen to him. Carly assures Parker that J.J is going to be just fine. Parker gets a text message from Liberty and asks his mother if it is okay for him to go for a bike ride. Carly tells him its okay because she and Jack can take care of J.J.

(Java) Parker arrives to meet Liberty who tells him she was on TV today but what she really wanted to talk to him about was a flyer she saw that they needed Tennis counselors at a camp right here in Oakdale. Parker tells Liberty he will think about the idea of working at the local camp.

(Noah’s house) Luke and Noah arrive and Luke wonders if Noah wants breakfast or just needs to sleep for a while. Noah tells Luke he doesn’t want breakfast or sleep because his father just died. Noah tells Luke to go home because he doesn’t need anything right now he just wants to be alone. Luke tells Noah to tell him how he can help him because he truly cares about him and he can’t just dismiss him as if her were a pet. Noah doesn’t want to talk to Luke right now but Luke pushes him to admit that he blames him for what happened to his father and Ameera. Noah tells at Luke that he shouldn’t have left Ameera n a New York Jail and come back to Oakdale with him and Lucinda. Noah feels angry that even though his was only married to Ameera on paper he feels that he should do something to help his wife. Noah tells Luke that he understands why he did what he did by bringing the police but he screams and cries that he can’t help but wonder what would have happened if Luke and the police hadn’t shown up at that time. Noah is so angry that he breaks a dish and the dish crashes to the floor. Noah calms down and explains to Luke that he needs a break from their relationship to think about things but he assures Luke that he loves him and he is the best thing that has ever happened to him. Luke is confused but leaves Noah alone to think about things.

(Lily’s house) Lucinda explains to Lily what happened to Luke and Noah in New York and Lily is angry with her mother for not calling her or Holden to tell them what was going on with Luke. Lucinda explains that Luke didn’t want to worry them because they had enough problems. Lucinda also tells Lily that Luke wanted to find Noah and help him before coming back home. Lucinda starts to call Luke but Lucinda advises her to let Luke be with Noah right now. Lucinda explains the situation with Noah and for once he and Lily agree that Lucinda should have called them both and explained the situation to them. Lucinda thinks its great that Holden and Lily agree on something and they should let Luke see that when he comes home. Once Lucinda is gone Holden wants to leave and Lily is angry that Holden can’t stand to be in the same room with her long enough to wait for Luke to come home. Luke comes home and tells his parents Noah want a break from their relationship to things. Luke also tells Holden and Lily that Noah blames him for his father’s death and Ameera’s situation. Luke explains that Noah believes things would have turned out differently had the police not come at that moment. Holden advises Luke to give Noah time to think and Lily advises Luke to fight for Noah. Holden and Lily argue their points for a few minutes and then Luke tells them that there are several ways to handle the situation and he hopes he will make the right choice. Luke leaves to go for a walk and Holden and Lily realize they were arguing about their own situation and that Luke did that on purpose so they wouldn’t yell at him for not calling them from New York. Holden calls Jack to talk to him about Ameera but Carly answers Jack’s phone. Holden gives Carly the message and they both realize that they have had a bad day and need to talk to someone but they can’t talk to each other right now. Holden hangs up the phone and tells Lily he wanted to talk to Jack about Ameera but he wasn’t there.

(Carly’s house) Jack wakes up and Carly tells him Holden needs to talk to him.

(Old Town) Luke calls Noah and apologizes for their fight. Noah apologizes to Luke for blaming him because none of this is his fault. Luke wonders if Noah wants to meet him for coffee but Noah reminds him he needs a break from their relationship and makes it clear the break isn’t about him.

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