ATWT Update Monday 6/9/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 6/9/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At home, Brad has burned dinner, as Liberty walks in and makes fun of his cooking and the state of disaster that the kitchen is in. She suggests take out, which Brad readily agrees to.

At home, Jack trips over JJ’s skateboard, who is sitting outside looking out of it. Is he ok? JJ blows it off. Jack suggests he do his chores then. Jack walks inside and sees Parker reading a book that he tries to hide when he walks in.

At her suite, Sofie finds Cole at her door. He heard how successful she has become; she has her own jewelry line and living at the Lakeview; she is even partners with Barbara – he didn’t see that coming. She doesn’t care what he heard and whom he heard it from; she just wants to know what he is doing and what he wants? He wants only the best for her. She decides that she doesn’t care what Cole wants; she just wants him to leave. There is a knock at her door and a furious sounding Barbara is on the other side demanding that they talk. Sofie is nervous; Barbara is the last person she wants to deal with.

At Fairwinds, Meg wonders outloud to Paul if he thinks this is the first time that Sofie has falsely accused someone? There could be a pattern, as Paul thinks it is a long shot. They need to find out about her past and where she came from. Paul thinks it is better then waiting around; he will get started. No, he won’t, Meg answers.

Sofie hides Cole in the bathroom and opens the door. What she has to say won’t take long, Barbara snarls, as she stomps in. Sofie nervously tells her that she has some ideas for some jewelry and suggests that they can get tea downstairs, as Barbara is amazed that she would say that. They are finished; they are no longer in business. Sofie reminds her that she believed in her at one point so maybe she should talk to Paul. She did talk to Paul - when she bailed him out on the trumped up charges she filed against him. Paul wants nothing to do with her and if she thinks otherwise then she is more delusional then she thought; he hates her and she doesn’t much like her at all either, as she stomps out. Cole comes out of the bathroom and jokes about the great timing he has. Sofie reacts by strongly pushing him to the door and telling him to shut up! He isn’t going to leave until he is up to speed; what did she do?

Jack wonders what Parker is reading? Just a book. About? He hasn’t gotten too far into it. Again, what is it about? He forgets. Jack takes the book out of Parker’s hands and reads the title in disbelief – 100 Ways to Rock a Girl’s World. Parker looks uncomfortable.

Liberty goes to get the door thinking it is the Burrito restaurant with their delivery, but instead she finds Janet there with a basket; she made homemade Manicotti and Chicken Parmesan. Liberty tries to rush her out, but Brad comes in the room. What is she doing there? She brought over a homemade thank you. She doesn’t want to be rushed out; she wants to tell Katie how to heat it up. Brad tells her that Katie is out of town so she could tell him instead. Janet sees herself in and casually tells them that she will quickly put it on the stove for them, as Liberty rolls her eyes.

Meg reminds Paul that he has to stay far away from Sofie; he can’t be accused of intimidating a witness. There is no crime to intimidate a witness in. They know that. She will handle Sofie, Meg explains. He doesn’t want her anywhere near Sofie’s insanity. She has to make sure that she has done everything she could to make sure he gets out of the mess that Sofie put him in. He can either let her help or she will go behind his back and do it anyway, as Paul smirks.

Janet is shocked by the appearance of the kitchen. What happened? He stepped away to answer the phone. She owes Katie by helping her clean up this mess, as she orders Brad and Liberty out.

Sofie wants Cole gone, but he is too curious. He was the bad guy and she was always poor Sofie. What happened? Paul, as she starts to cry. Cole comments about how it is never her fault; she is always the victim. Sofie gets indignant and orders him out because he can’t talk to her like that anymore. He tries to assuage her by telling her that he doesn’t like seeing her like that. What happened? Why does he care? If Paul did something to her then he wants to know; he still cares about her. He finally wants to be there for her.

Meg tells Paul that he will lose the fight of trying to stop her help out. He smiles; he thanks her for believing in him. She knows he could never have done what Sofie accused him of. She knows there is something out there and she just has to find out what it is.

Sofie tells Cole that Paul took advantage of her. Was he arrested? Yes. He took advantage of her to make a bundle off of her jewelry line. When she realized what he was doing, that is when he raped her. He took everything from her – her company and life. She has nothing without him. She is still beautiful, smart and talented; any man would be lucky to have her, Cole coos. Why did he leave her then, Sofie asks? He was crazy – he didn’t see the best thing for him was right in front of his nose. Why should she believe him, as she turns away? He can help her now; he can finally take care of her like he should have from the beginning, as Sofie turns back to him and he takes her hand and kisses it; can he try? She doesn’t know. He wants to show how sorry he is, as he kisses her and a willing Sofie kisses him back.

Liberty comes into the kitchen and by the look on her face, Janet surmises that she is still mad. She wasn’t mad because she came to see her to have lunch, but then she saw her with the black eye. She is so big about telling her to be careful with guys and about sex and then she goes and hooks up with a guy that gives her a black eye. She knows her life is a mess and that is why she is so worried about her, as Liberty rolls her eyes.

Parker wants the book back, but Jack wants Parker to talk to him if he has questions. Parker doesn’t want to. Jack just reminds him that he had the same concerns when he was his age. Books don’t come with real life experience. Parker remarks about how he doesn’t have any experience anyway. Jack takes the book and mentions the author’s name – ‘Playa Dog’. He doesn’t think this man will have the same experiences that Parker has. JJ interrupts when he walks in and tells Jack that he is going to go upstairs and lie down. Jack wonders if he is ok? It is just his throat. Jack starts to walk after him but Parker stops him; he does have a question. He will try to help, but he can’t guarantee he will have the answer. Parker tells him that it is about a girl.

Brad walks in and Janet has completely cleaned the kitchen, much to his happiness. Dinner will be ready in 5 minutes. Liberty tells her that they don’t want to keep her, as Janet tells them that she will leave. Brad tells Liberty that since Janet cleaned then she should stay, as Janet seems happy to stay, but she doesn’t want to be butting in when she sees Liberty face look like she doesn’t seem to want her there. Brad tells Liberty that they don’t feel that she is butting in – do they? Liberty finally agrees. Brad tells her that she could be more welcoming. They will set the table, as Janet tells them that she will. Liberty tells him to just let her do it so they can eat in the next 24 hours because what Janet wants Janet gets.

Jack wonders if this girl has a name? Does it matter? Jack says nothing. He likes her, but he doesn’t know if she really likes him. If he tells her and she doesn’t like him he doesn’t want to look like a loser. Jack thinks if he has a feeling then he thinks he should go for it. Parker is worried. Jack thinks he has to be straight because he shouldn’t pretend to be anything he isn’t.

Liberty and Brad walk into the kitchen, which Janet has set with Katie’s fine china. She hopes Katie wouldn’t mind. Liberty is rolling her eyes again; they have never eaten like this at home. Janet gives her a look; yes, they have on special occasions. What special occasion is this? She is happy for her daughter; they are eating dinner together under her father’s roof. Liberty thinks she should stop pretending because this isn’t about her at all –it is about Janet.

Cole and Sofie are in bed together, as Cole comments about them still having ‘it.’ Sofie remarks about it being just like she remembered; she never thought it would happen again. He was crazy to give her up; he is back now. That means everything to her; it almost makes it all worth it. He is going to help her fix this situation with Paul. Putting Paul in jail will not help her. That is where he belongs though, Sofie answers; he hurt her. They should make him pay in a way that will help her. Sofie realizes what he means; it isn’t about the money - it never was.

At the Fairwinds, Barbara walks in and Paul asks if she is alright? She is irate about her meeting with Sofie. She offered her tea and wanted to talk business, as if everything is fine. She just realized how unstable she is. She wants to strategize with the lawyers; does Meg want to join them? She is not there. Is she coming back? He understands how she would think that, but she is and he feels wonderful about Meg being in his corner. He feels that everything will be ok.

At the farm, Mike comes to see Meg at her request; is everything ok? She wants to talk about Sofie. How can he help? Paul didn’t rape Sofie and she needs his help in proving it. Is she out of her mind? She knows Paul can lie and is capable of bad things, but Sofie’s story doesn’t hold water. The night it supposedly happened, she didn’t say a word about being raped; she said they made love. She was probably ashamed. It was anger; she tore Paul’s place apart. She tried to help, but she didn’t want her help; she told her that her and Paul were meant to be together; she was vicious. He didn’t see anything like that in Sofie at the Lakeview; she was distraught. Meg explains that she played the helpless card because she knew that would suit her for what she was trying to do. Mike thinks she is seeing what she wants to see. Meg thinks that Sofie is letting him see what she wants him to see. He is the victim – like Paul is. Does she really think he is that stupid?

Sofie jumps up and starts to get dressed; she is not blackmailing Paul. He is not saying that. He is talking about payback. She should have never let him back in. However, she did because she knows he is the only one that gets her. Sofie wants him out. He tells her that she is no better then him. He wants her to think about it; she needs him, as he walks out the door.

Meg tells Mike that he is decent guy; he has no idea what Sofie is capable of. What if what she is saying is true, Meg asks? It isn’t. What if it is? She doesn’t know what is right and what is wrong anymore and that is dangerous. What if Sofie is telling the truth, Mike counters? Meg tells him then that would mean the man she loves has committed an unspeakable crime and she could no longer look him in the face or stay with him. Mike wonders what she wants him to do? Meg smiles, as she suggests getting personal information. They need to get background on Sofie and see if she has had any other signs of mental disturbances. What if she hasn’t? They won’t have lost anything. She will have, Mike comments. It is a chance that she is willing to take. He will think about it, as he leaves.

Janet agrees that it means more to her then Liberty apparently. Having the three of them under the same roof is something she never could give to her before. Brad tries to smooth things over and Liberty finally gives in and goes to the table. Janet starts to tear up and pretends it is the onion she peeled. Brad doesn’t believe her. Janet says that she forgot the dessert. Brad offers to go get it down the street. He leaves Liberty and Janet alone, as they stare at one another.

Parker tells Jack that he doesn’t want to be a player, but he doesn’t want to look like a fool. He is the guy; he needs to make it happen, as Jack jokes about there being no rules in a relationship. He thinks that maybe he is just not ready. He thinks when he gets home from camp things will be better. Parker doesn’t want to go, but Jack thinks he does because he has been talking about it all spring. The girl will still be there when he gets back.

Janet asks Liberty if the food is good? She knows that it is. That is because when she cooks for her, she cooks from the heart. Does she slap from the heart? Janet’s face drops; she is so sorry; she didn’t mean to do that. She has to know why she did it? She does what she wants to do when she wants to do it. She does what she has to do to protect her - because she is her life. When she sees her getting in over her head, it scares her. What is worse then being manhandled is the thought that some jerk could come along and do that to her is something that she can’t take. She will be fine. She hopes so because she is her world and she needs her, as they hug when Brad walks in. He has brought ice cream – Butter Pecan, as Janet acknowledges it is her favorite. She can’t believe he remembered. He didn’t, but that is great. Liberty mumbles to herself that Janet has scored again.

Jack calls Parker and JJ down to watch the Cubs game; Parker comes and says that JJ is asleep. Jack thinks he must be coming down with a cold. He is glad he is resting then.

Meg comes back to Paul’s. Did she find something out? Not yet, but she asked Mike to help them find something out. Paul thinks it is crazy because Mike is the one who convinced Sofie to go to the police to begin with. Meg thinks that he is the only one who could get close enough to get personal information out of her. Paul thinks she is crazy because he thinks that Mike is also close enough to her to tell Sofie what they are planning. What was she thinking?

At Sofie’s, Mike goes to see her to make sure she is ok? She is ok. If Paul bothers her, then she can call him too. It means a lot to her that he cares enough to make sure she is ok. He is sure there are others? No, not after her grandmother died. What about friends? She hasn’t seen them in ages. She sends cards to the nuns every once and a while, but she hasn’t been great at that either. Mike tells her that he is a Catholic school guy too, as he says the school, which prompts Sofie to tell him the name of her school – Sacred Heart.

Brad tells Janet that dinner was great. Brad tells her that he hates to eat and run, but the game is about to start. Janet mentions the Cubs; she loves baseball. Why did he think she always hung around at the baseball games when they were young? Liberty rolls her eyes again, as Janet pushes her way into hanging out with him. Brad offers to let her stay to watch the game. Liberty is going to go get her textbook, which she forgot, at Al’s. Janet turns on the TV and immediately mentions that the game has started, as Liberty heads out the door practically unnoticed thanks to Janet monopolizing Brad’s attention.

Jack and Parker are watching the game enjoying themselves when Jack offers to go get more popcorn and drinks. When Jack leaves the room, Parker takes out his phone, looks at it, but then puts it away when Jack comes back in. Parker tells him that he is going to go to bed too. Jack wonders if he is sick too? He might be, as Parker distracts him and then heads to the back of the house.

Janet is watching the game with Brad and doesn’t seem to have much of a clue, as Brad assures her to sit tight because the game will be ok because Lou Pinella is a great manager. Suddenly, the game is going back the right way, as Janet and Brad high five each other and then she snuggles in close to Brad telling him that she always has the best time watching baseball with him, as Brad looks unsure as to how to act.

Downtown, Parker and Liberty meet up; why is she so desperate to see him? She isn’t. She knew he was too scared to ask her for help though. She knows he is destined to have a lame summer so she wants to go swimming. Isn’t she supposed to be in summer school? He needs to help her get out of it. Why does she need help? Because she will lose her phone etc if she doesn’t go. Why doesn’t she try going to school so she can graduate before she is 80. What are his exciting plans? He is going to summer camp. Liberty acts obnoxious about making macaroni art and sitting in circles telling ghost stories. He is not a camper but a counselor in training. Maybe when he gets back…. Oh no – she thinks she will spend the summer letting Dylan take her to the pond whenever she wants. Parker is annoyed; she can do that if she wants; she can go spend the summer how she wants and he will spend it how he wants. Liberty is annoyed; fine, she snaps, as does Parker in reply. She gets up and tells him that maybe he can help her make a lanyard when he gets home. Parker snaps back that it will probably be the only thing she learns to do this summer. Liberty snarls and walks away.

Brad shuts off the ballgame, as he looks over to find Janet asleep on the couch. He mumbles to himself about her spending the night, as he covers her up with a blanket.

Parker comes back in and asks how the game was? It is awful. What is he doing? He had some last minute things to do. Is it about camp? He was just thinking that maybe he is too old for camp. Jack is surprised; he has been talking about being a CIT for a year. He realizes that, but he thought he would get a job in town; he has a lot of friends that are going to be around so he would like to be able to hang out with them. Is this about the girl? Parker just tells him that he thought it would be more fun to stay in town. Jack asks him to sleep on it and they will talk about it again in the morning.

Liberty comes home and is not surprised to find Janet asleep on the couch. Brad hands her a bowl of ice cream. She was gone a long time. She is fine, as Liberty thinks they should wake her mom up and let her go home. Brad thinks after everything she has done, they should just let her sleep. Liberty comments about how she easily makes herself at home. Brad doesn’t think it is a big deal. They leave and Janet smiles and then opens her eyes.

Mike and Sofie talk about her past for a moment. She hopes they can talk again, when she isn’t so sleepy. Mike wants her to call any time. She thanks him for the fact that she can trust him. Mike leaves and then pulls out his cell phone.

Meg is convinced that Mike won’t tell Sofie. Paul thinks Mike wants Meg and will do anything to get her. Mike interrupts when he calls; he has some information. She will meet him now. He thinks it is late, but he will meet her in the morning. Meg tells Paul that Mike may have some information. Paul doesn’t like her talking to Mike. Meg explains that she already told Mike that she loves him. She did? Yes; she does love him and doesn’t know if it will ever stop. Paul hugs her, as Meg promises that she will get him out of this. Paul is thrilled to be in her arms; with her by at his side, he can’t lose, as they both smile broadly.

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