ATWT Update Friday 6/6/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 6/6/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Carly’s house) Carly asks Sage how she likes the color of lip gloss she is wearing and Sage tells her mom the Lip gloss is pretty but wonders why she is worried about it since they are only going riding with Holden. Carly tells Sage she has a point but she still wants to look her best whenever she goes out.

(Farm) Carly and Sage arrives and Sage looks nervous when she meets Angie the horse and refuses to even pet the horse. Holden sees that Sage is nervous so she tells her to give Angie an apple and she will be her friend for life. Holden explains to Sage that she should hold the apple in her hand and let Angie take it from her and always approach a horse from the side never from the front because it’s the blind spot of the horse. Sage feeds Angie an apple and Carly tells Holden she brought Roast beef sandwiches so they could stop along the trail and have a picnic. Holden tells Carly there is something he must tell her but they are interrupted when Jack arrives and Sage runs to him and asks if he is going to stay and watch her ride. Jack hugs Sage and tells her he wouldn’t miss her first time on a horse for anything in the world. Carly tells Jack that she thought he had to work and he says he did have to work but he decided to take the day of to watch Sage ride a horse. Jack tells Carly he can leave if she doesn’t want him there and Carly tells him that she is happy he came to watch Sage ride a horse. Sage gets on Angie and rides around with Holden and Jack holding the horse on either side by the reigns. Sage rides around for a few minutes and then Holden just watches standing by his truck beside Carly. Sage tells Jack she wants to ride without Jack holding the horse so Holden decides to stay at the house and let Jack and Carly go on the trail with Sage since Jack also knows the trail.

Carly and Jack stop to have lunch with Sage along the trail and when Sage is done eating she goes to feed Angie some apples. Jack apologizes to Carly for not being able to come help her and Lily light the grill when she called and asked him for help. Jack is glad that Holden was able to save the day and the kids had a good time at the BBQ. Jack notices that Carly seems distracted and sad so he asks her if she has a problem. Carly said that she realized today that Sage is going to sleep away camp for the first time. Jack thinks Carly will miss Sage very much and she admits that he is right because she doesn’t want to tell him that she is sad that Holden didn’t come with her for Sage’s ride. Carly, Jack and Sage arrive back at the farm after the ride and Sage tells jack she wants her own horse but Jack and Carly tell her she can come to the farm and ride horses anytime she wants to ride a horse. Carly tells Jack that she wants to go inside and thank Holden for giving Sage a riding lesson. Carly goes into the Snyder kitchen and demands to know why Holden has been doing everything he can to avoid her. Holden tells Carly that she knows the answer to that question. Holden and Carly stare at each other for a few minutes with a look that says we have feelings for each other but we know we shouldn’t act on them because of Lily and Jack. Jack interrupts the meaningful stare by coming inside and thanking Holden for doing such a good job taking away Sage’s fear of horses. Jack tells Holden that now Sage loves horses so much she wants one of her own. Jack feels like he interrupted an important conversation between Carly and Holden. Carly tells Jack she is mad at Holden for ruining the surprise she wanted to give him because she didn’t want him to know that Sage could ride a horse until he saw her riding a horse at camp. Holden apologizes to Jack for ruining the surprise and quickly leaves to check on the horses. Jack tells Carly to not be so hard on Holden because he has a lot on his plate trying to work out the problems between him and Lily. Carly is about to get in her car and she and Holden share one more meaningful stare with each other before she gets in the car and drives away.

(Hughes house) Daniel arrives home from school and Emily drops him off for his guys weekend with Tom and Casey. Daniel tells Casey that he is excited about going to the rock concert because his friends father got him and all his friends backstage passes to meet the band after the concert. Tom says hi to Daniel and takes him upstairs to help him put his things away. Tom then comes downstairs and tells everyone that he won’t be able to go to the concert because he has to stick around in case they need him at the hospital to handle an important case. Daniel is very sad and wonders if Margo could drive them to the concert but Tom tells Daniel that Margo has to work. Casey offers to take Daniel but Tom doesn’t think that is a good idea because Casey has never been to New York and doesn’t know his way around the city. Tom tells Daniel the only way he can go to the concert is if Emily can take him and Casey to New York. Emily tells Tom she has to work at first but Daniel begs her to take him and since he is so excited Emily can’t refuse him. Tom goes back upstairs for a few minutes while Emily begs Casey to not take this rare weekend with her son away from her because if he doesn’t go it will seem strange to Daniel. Emily tells Casey their families are connected and they will have to get used to these types of situations. Casey tells Emily that he won’t be able to go back to New York with her and stay in separate rooms. Emily tells Tom she has changed her plans and is going to go back later to pick up the guys.

(New York) Casey, Daniel and Emily take a carriage ride through the park but both Casey and Emily can’t stop thinking about the day they spent together sight seeing after Emily finished her business meeting. Daniel tells his mom he is hungry as they pass the café where she and Casey had lunch that day. Casey and Daniel eat hot dogs and Daniel wonders why Emily isn’t hungry but she tells them to hurry up or they will be late for the concert. Emily drops Daniel off at the concert and tells Casey she booked him on an earlier flight and his plane leaves in three hours. Emily tells Casey he got what he wanted and he was right it would be too hard for them to spend time alone together. Casey asks Emily to tell Daniel he is sorry he couldn’t stay for the concert.

(Hotel room in New York) Emily is watching TV in her pajamas when someone knocks on the door and she thinks Daniel is home early from the concert. Emily wonders why Casey didn’t leave on the plane and he tells her he couldn’t leave because he kept thinking about the last time they were in New York together. Casey and Emily begin to kiss and they are soon making love even though Emily tells him they shouldn’t make love she eventually gives into him Daniel arrives at the hotel after the concert and almost catches Casey and Emily as they are about to make love for a second time. Emily quickly makes the bed while Casey runs in the bathroom to get dressed. Emily opens the door and Daniel is all excited telling Emily and Casey that the concert was great and showing them a guitar pick that he found on the floor when he went backstage to meet the band. Daniel tells Emily he wants to watch a movie with Daniel sitting between them on the bed. Emily and Casey sneak glances at each other during the movie and when Daniel is asleep Emily tells Casey she will sleep in the room next door and he can stay with Daniel. Casey makes sure Daniel is asleep on the bed and he goes outside and he and Emily kiss in the hallway before she tells him to stop and she goes into her room.

(Fairwinds) Paul rubs Meg’s feet; she tells Paul she thought about him rubbing her feet all day while she was at work. Paul and Meg are about to kiss when Margo arrives to tell Paul about Sofie’s allegations that he raped her. Paul denies the accusation and tells Margo that he rejected Sofie’s advances toward him and she acted strangely after his rejection and he and Meg tried to help her. Meg tells Paul that Sofie hasn’t decided to press charges yet and she is talking to him off the record.

(Police Station) Sofie arrives with Mike and tells the officer on duty that she wants to talk to Margo because she wants to press rape charges against someone. The officer calls Margo to inform her that Sofie is at the police station. Margo tells Paul about Sofie being at the station and takes him with her to give his statement.

(Lakeview) Meg tells Barbara that Sofie claims Paul raped her after the jewelry party. Meg assures Barbara she believes that Paul didn’t rape Sofie because she was acting crazy and is obsessed with Paul. Barbara agrees with Meg and tells her that she tried to give her a business to keep her mind of Paul.

(Police Station) Paul arrives and sees Mike there and thinks he is helping Sofie because he is angry that Meg didn’t choose him. Mike tells Paul that he always treats women like trash and it is time someone put a stop to him. Sofie tells Margo that she went to Paul’s house to have a drink after the party and he wanted to make love to her but she wanted to keep things strictly business between them. Sofie can’t bring herself to say the word rape so she tells Margo that is when it happened. Margo tells Sofie that it will be Paul’s word against hers unless she has some way to prove her allegations against Paul. Sofie pulls out a Ziploc bag from her purse, which contains the underwear she wore the first time she and Paul had sex but she lies to Margo and says those, were the underwear she wore the night it happened. Barbara arrives with Meg and both of them are determined to do whatever it takes to prove Sofie is lying. Margo asks Paul to take a DNA test and he does as well as a voluntary statement telling his side of what happened that night. Meg is angry with Mike and thinks he is helping Sofie because he is angry with her for choosing Paul and wants to pay her back. Mike tells Meg if she thinks that she doesn’t know him at all. The DNA results come back and Margo tells Paul he could be in the suspect group even though they will conduct further tests. Paul apologizes to Sofie for any pain his rejection of her may have caused and begs her to tell the truth. Sofie tells Paul that she is tired of men like him and Cole using her and throwing her away. Sofie tells Margo she stands by her story so Margo places Paul under arrest. Barbara goes to call a good lawyer and assures Paul she will help him get out of this situation.

(Fairwinds) Paul comes home and bail and Meg has a plan to dig into Sofie’s past and find something to prove she is unstable so that Margo can see Sofie is lying about the rape.

(Lakeview) Cole surprises Sofie when he comes to visit her in her room.

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