ATWT Update Thursday 6/5/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 6/5/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Carly's house) Carly and Lily get the food ready for an end of school BBQ for their kids but there is one problem neither of them knows how to start the grill. Lily suggests that Carly call Jack for help but he is on assignment and can’t be reached to help them. Lily suggest they call Holden but Carly tells Lily no they can handle the grill on their own because Carly recalls she and Holden’s close moment on their horseback ride together. Carly tries her best but after some effort and an entire can of lighter fluid the grill still won’t work. Lily won’t take no for an answer and despite Carly’s objections she calls Holden and asks him for help. Lily asks Holden to pick Faith and Natalie up from school and then bring them over to Carly’s house for the BBQ. Lily also asks Holden to help start the grill and cook the food since they can’t start the grill. Holden is hesitant because he also recalls what almost happened with Carly on the horseback ride but since he doesn’t want to deprive the girls of a good time he tells Lily he will start the grill and cook for them. Holden arrives with faith and Natalie who persuade him to stay longer and eat with them after he has finished cooking the food. Once the girls go upstairs to be with Sage and Ethan Lily tells Holden that he doesn’t have to stay if he really doesn’t want to and she will explain to the girls. Holden tells Lily he wants to stay and then explains to her how to get a fire going on the grill. Holden explains to Lily that she has to form a pyramid with the coals, pour the lighter fluid on and let it soak through the coals before lighting the charcoal. Lily thinks it just needs a little time like they do to fix their marriage. Lily wonders if Holden has reached any decisions about their future and Holden tells her that after doing a lot of thinking he wants them to be a family. Holden tells Lily that they should take things slowly so they can build a strong relationship. Lily and Holden hug and Carly watches them from the kitchen and looks a little jealous of Lily. An excited Lily tells Carly that she was right that giving Holden some time worked and he wants to work on their marriage. Lily goes upstairs to break up a pillow fight between the girls while Carly begins to bring a plate of food to the grill Carly slips and almost drops the food but Holden grabs her arms to steady her and keep her from falling. Lily comes downstairs with Ethan and tells Holden Ethan may have a fever so Holden offers to take Ethan home but Lily insists he stay and finish the BBQ and spend time with the girls since they have missed him very much. Holden, Carly, Faith Natalie and Sage eat burgers and Sage decides she wants to take horseback riding lessons from Holden because she wants to be ready for summer camp. The girls go outside and play on the swings while Carly and Holden wash the dirty dishes and when Holden accidentally splashes water on Carly the two end up having a water fight. Holden tells Faith and Natalie it is time to go home and the girls notice Holden is soaking wet he smiles and tells them he and Carly had an accident while washing the dishes. Carly thanks Holden for offering once again to teach Sage how to ride a horse and hopes that Sage doesn’t get scared and decide not to go to the lesson.

(Lily’s house) Holden, Faith, and Natalie arrive home and go upstairs to their rooms after they give Holden a hug. Lily wonders why Holden is soaking wet and he explains that he and Carly had an accident while they were washing dishes after lunch. Lily insists on helping Holden take of his shirt and she will get him a dry shirt to wear. Holden feels awkward as Lily is unbuttoning his shirt and she wonders why he is so shy with her.

(Carly’s house) Sage gives Carly a picture she drew of her and Holden washing dishes and she points out which one is Holden because he is the one who is all wet. Sage makes Carly promise to go with her on her horseback-riding lesson tomorrow. Carly looks at the picture that Sage drew and smiles as she recalls the events of the afternoon.

(Lakeview) Aaron and Alison sit down to talk to Bonnie about her accusations against Chris. Bonnie tells Alison the accusations are very serious and Chris is a well-respected doctor at the hospital. Alison thinks Bonnie is implying that she doesn’t have a case against Chris because she has a sordid past. Alison gets up from the table and starts to leave Aaron chases after her and tells Alison that he believes her and maybe other people will also believe her. Aaron tells Alison that this is her fight so he leaves her alone to talk to Bonnie and decide if she should proceed with the lawsuit against Chris. Alison explains to Bonnie that Chris was good to her and very supportive even going as far as talking to the head of the nursing program and persuading her to give her a make up exam. Alison further explains to Bonnie that she barely passed her exam after Chris tutored her. Alison was so happy that after she got the news about thee exam she and Chris went out to celebrate and she thought they could begin a relationship. Chris hurt his arm during the date and she went back to his room to give him first aid for his injury and they began to make love but she couldn’t go through with it. Alison tells Bonnie that then she left Chris’s room and slept over at the farm with Aaron but nothing happened between her and Aaron. Chris interrupted their breakfast the next morning and assumed she and Aaron had slept together. Alison then told Chris that she thought that a relationship with him had no future. Alison tells Bonnie that the next day Brenda the nursing supervisor told her that she was dropped from the program. Alison tells Bonnie she refused to believe that Chris was responsible for her dismissal and went back to her job as a nurse’s aid. Alison tells Bonnie that today her supervisor informed her that she was removed from patient care because Chris Hughes had complained about her work. Bonnie tells Alison that she has a strong case but if she wants to peruse the nursing program at the hospital winning the case could be the worst thing she could do.

(Hughes House) Chris tells Tom that he had nothing to do with Alison being dropped from the nursing program. Chris tells Tom that Alison was dropped because of her bad grades and poor performance just like any other student in her position would have been dropped from the program. Chris tells Tom he spoke to the nursing program supervisor Brenda Manning to persuade her to give Alison a make up test. Chris explains to Tom that he tutored Alison for the exam and even with his help she barely passed the test. Chris tells Tom that he and Alison went out on a couple of dates but she kept running hot and cold on him so he ended things with Alison.

Tom calls Bob and when he arrives at the house Tom tells him that Alison could have a strong case if she decides to sue Chris and the hospital. Bob decides to talk to Lisa and ask her to talk to Bonnie and see if they can stop the case from going to court.

(Lakeview) Bob tells Lisa the situation and when Lisa sees Bonnie she tries to explain the effect this case could have on the Hughes and Stewart families as well as the hospital. Bonnie tells Lisa she is fully aware of everything but she believes Alison and only wants justice for her client.

(Hospital) Alison and Chris come face to face in the on call room and Chris asks Alison if they can talk about the situation before it gets out of control. Alison tries to leave the room but Chris steps in her way and tells her that if she takes the case to court her whole sordid past could come out. Chris tells Alison he doesn’t want to use her past against her but his lawyer will use it against her if need be and against his wishes to defend him.

(Lakeview) Alison tells Aaron everything Chris said to her and admits that if her past is going to come out in court she doesn’t have the strength to go through with the lawsuit. Aaron and Alison talk to Bonnie and Alison tells her all the details of her talk with Chris at the hospital. Bonnie tells Alison that Chris’s lawyer will use her past against her and it will get ugly but if she has the stomach for it she could win the case. Alison decides to go through with the lawsuit because she wants to show Chris that he can’t get away with doing this to someone. Bonnie calls Tom to inform him that Alison is suing Chris and the hospital. Bonnie also advises Tom to control his client and tell him to stay away from Alison or farther charges will be filed against him. Tom tells Chris and Bob the news and Bob is upset that Chris disobeyed him and spoke to Alison. Chris promises to stay away from Alison and not do further damage to his case.

(New York City) Lucinda arrives to help Luke and encourages him to call his parents to tell them the situation. Luke insists he isn’t leaving New York without Noah. Lucinda introduces Luke to the real Ben Coyle and Luke is shocked and knows that Noah is in real danger. Ben Coyle informs Luke that yesterday somebody impersonating him took Ameera and brought her to Winston Mayer. Lucinda informs Luke that Ben Coyle has been given permission to use force to capture Winston Mayer. Luke is even more worried that Noah could be hurt and he tells Coyle that if he doesn’t let him and Lucinda go with him to find Noah he will call the newspaper and let them know that he let an escaped criminal get away because he wanted to arrest a gay kid and his poor defenseless grandmother.

(Pier 17) Colonel Mayer is mad at the boat captain because he hasn’t been able to leave because the port authority requires valid identification from everyone who leaves the harbor. The captain assures Colonel Mayer he is working on getting fake Identification for he and Ameera to leave the harbor. Ameera sees Noah hiding on the boat and tells Colonel Mayer that somebody will stop him. Colonel Mayer gets suspicious because he thinks Ameera saw somebody but she assures him that she was just looking out onto the horizon because she is seasick. Colonel Mayer doesn’t believe her because she sounded to confident that somebody would come to help her so he grabs her to try to force her to confess who she saw that could possibly help her. Noah comes out of his hiding spot and shouts for his father to let Ameera go. Colonel Mayer explains to Noah that a political group in Iraq is willing to give him his freedom if he brings Ameera to them. Ameera tells Noah that the political group will kill her if she returns to Iraq. Noah can’t understand how his father who always taught him he must do what is right at any cost is willing to trade Ameera’s life for his freedom. Colonel Mayer tells him it was a tough decision for him to make but he can’t return to jail. Noah cries a little as he begs his father to let Ameera go and then make his escape so he doesn’t go to jail. Colonel Mayer tells Noah that Ameera isn’t as innocent as she has led him to believe. Noah tells his father if he wants to take Ameera he will have to kill him in order to take him. Colonel Mayer asks Noah if he would fight him for Ameera’s sake and Noah tells his father he would rather respect him and he will if he does the right thing. Colonel Mayer sheds a tear and tells Noah that he was always more brave and strong then he thought. Colonel Mayer tells Noah that he always loved him despite everything and gives his son a hug. Colonel Mayer hears the police boat call his name and tells Noah that he is going to die knowing that his son betrayed him. Noah cries and tells his father that he didn’t betray him but Colonel Mayer doesn’t listen and dives into the harbor. The police send divers to look for Colonel Mayer and Ameera is taken in for questioning even though Noah tells the police Ameera is his wife. Noah angrily yells at Luke that everything that happened is his fault for bringing the police because he had persuaded his father to do the right thing. Luke tells Noah that he was very worried about his safety and that is why he brought the police with him. Noah doesn’t listen to Luke and assures Ameera he will do whatever it takes to get her out of this situation. Noah heads to the police station with Ameera leaving a very hurt, sad and confused Luke on the pier.

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