ATWT Update Wednesday 6/4/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 6/4/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At the Lakeview, Katie is upset that the man, Bud, is calling the police because Brad hit him. Janet tries to explain that Brad was only trying to defend her – so she doesn’t want Katie mad at Brad.

At Java, Alison and Aaron are talking about her getting kicked out of the Nursing Program; Aaron tries to make her laugh. Alison’s classmate, Faye, comes up to her table and tells her how everyone is talking about her getting kicked out of school is because she stopped ‘putting out.’

In the stairwell at the hospital, Chris and Brenda are talking about her dropping Alison from the Nursing Program. She didn’t deserve to be there anyway because of her poor test work and labs. She has wanted to do it for a long time; she just didn’t feel comfortable with him in this matter. Bob interrupts them and wants to know why Chris would be involved in this matter? Chris looks nervous.

Katie asks Janet if the man gave her the black eye? Before she can answer, Bud is up in arms about how he barely touched her. Brad is furious; he is lying; when he came in, his hands were all over her, as Brad tries to punch him again and Katie stops him. Jack is outside the door yelling for him to open the door now.

Alison tells Faye that she didn’t sleep with Chris, but she doesn’t believe her; they know all about the private tutoring sessions – what else would people think? She prances away all high and mighty, as Chris wonders who that girl thinks she is? Alison answers matter of factly that Faye thinks she is a slut, but she thinks Faye is a bitch though – so they are even.

Bob tells them that he thought Alison’s dismissal was above board. Chris answers that he was surprised as well; he wanted Alison to succeed. Can he honestly say his personal feelings didn’t cross over into his professional ones?

Jack tells them that he had received a call about a disturbance. Jack tries to figure out what is going on, as Bud goes on about the fact that Brad has been threatening him. Jack asks Janet if the man gave her the black eye? She pauses and then answers that he didn’t. Why is he threatening this man, Jack asks Brad? Bud answers for Brad – because he has the ‘hots’ for her, as Jack looks confused and Katie upset. Brad tells Bud that Janet is the mother of his child. The man wants to press charges. Jack apologizes that he has no choice. Janet wants to try to get him bailed out and a lawyer. Katie tells her that she wants her to stay right where she is; she has done enough already. Jack takes Brad out, as Liberty, who has just walked up, wonders what is going on? She looks at her mother; it is because of her, isn’t it?

At the station, Jack has an officer takes Bud’s statement. Jack wants to know from Brad what happened? The guy is a bully; he can slap around a woman, but when a man gives him a taste of his own medicine, he calls the police. Did he threaten him? He sure did. Didn’t they see the black eye? Katie intercedes that she also heard that the man didn’t hit Janet. He only heard his daughter upset that some guy had smacked her mother around. An emotional Katie needs some air, as Brad tries to stop her but can’t. Jack hopes she is calling a good lawyer for him.

At the Lakeview, Janet tells Liberty that it is a misunderstanding; Brad is a great guy. Why did she have to tell people anyway? Liberty explains that she was worried about her mom’s bad taste in men. Janet is touched that she was worried. She was worried until she found a way to get her dad put in jail.

Katie walks back in and Brad wants to know if she is really mad? She isn’t going to answer that when he is standing there in handcuffs. Did he give it any thought to the ramifications of doing this? He was only thinking about Liberty and making sure she knew that it was not ok for a man to do that to a woman.

Aaron tells Alison that he was impressed by the way she handled Faye; she didn’t back down. Alison is worried about how she has to see these people she works with everyday, who think the things they do about her.

Bob wonders if Chris realizes what he admitted to? Chris doesn’t think he understands. His personal feelings did affect him – he told Brenda that Alison had the potential to be a great nurse, and he did help tutor her on occasion. He didn’t have any hand in firing her though. Is that true, Bob asks Brenda? Alison’s work was sub-par and she made the decision, as she would have of if it were any other student, as she walks away.

Jack tells Bud that he will be in touch. Bud, wants to make sure that Brad will be charged with assault? It looks like that will happen, as the satisfied man walks away. Kim walks in and asks Jack if it is true? Jack nods. Where is he? He is in the interrogation room. Kim walks in and Brad is immediately apologetic. He will be back to work ASAP. An angered Kim tells him that he doesn’t get it; he has a responsibility to the show and studio. Brad doesn’t see the connection; this has nothing to do with the show. Kim is furious – of course this does. Does he think he can continually pull dumb stunts and walk back into the studio like nothing? Is she firing him? If the charges fit… yep. Kim storms out and Katie goes after her.

Bob tells Chris that considering what Brenda said, he feels he did everything above board and Alison’s charges have no merit. Chris tries to change the subject; if he is meeting mom later, he wants him to say hi. Chris leaves and Susan walks over. He just spoke with Brenda. Susan sarcastically wonders if she is also on the ‘Chris can do as he pleases’ bandwagon? He wants to have a civilized conversation with her. Brenda told him that Alison was dropped because she couldn’t keep up with her schoolwork; it had nothing to do with her relationship with Chris. She knew she was having trouble, she just didn’t know how much – as usual. Bob just wants her to get all the facts before she puts another colleague in jeopardy again.

Katie asks Kim if Brad’s job is really on the line – it is not like this is murder. Janet got involved with the wrong person; she almost doesn’t blame Brad. Kim wants to know if Brad threw the first punch? Katie nods; Kim tells her that is all the judge will hear. He won’t hear about Janet or the fact that this man is bad news, as she walks away.

At Java, Susan tells Alison that she just spoke to Bob and she should try to put this behind her. Alison wonders what is going on? By her own admission, she was having trouble in class. Alison sees where this is going; she did this all on her own. Susan tries to explain, but Alison doesn’t want to hear her words; she has an extra shift she has to get to. Susan is upset how she can never say the right thing. Aaron thinks she is not the one who needs to hear it. Aaron leaves and goes to the hospital to find Chris; because Alison didn’t want him, he had to take the one thing that meant something to her and ruin it.

Jack is taking Brad out in handcuffs, as Katie glares at him without saying a word. Jack continues on and takes Brad to booking.

Chris tells Aaron to back off; he did nothing - not that he has to answer to him. Aaron doesn’t believe him. In the beginning, he bent over backwards and even got Alison the make up exam. Then she takes off, he finds her at the Farm with him, and suddenly she is not good enough to be in his precious program or for him.

At the station, Liberty races in wanting to talk with her dad. Katie tells her that he is fine; he is being booked. Janet is behind her and reacts upset when she hears this. Katie asks to speak with Janet alone, as Parker comes into the station and asks her what she is doing there? Her father got arrested. What happened? Her mother.

Katie wonders if it is good for Liberty to be there? Janet explains that she wanted to see her dad. That is because she was scared because her dad was dragged off in handcuffs. This isn’t her fault; she didn’t call the police. Katie glares – it was just her honor that Brad was defending… and she loved every minute of it.

Chris tells Aaron that Alison got kicked out of the program all on her own. She must have been too busy running around with him at the Farm and Yo’s; those late nights did her in. This is classic Alison and he is done with her - he tells Aaron that he can have her.

Janet asks Parker to take Liberty out of there because it is going to be a while; she gives him some money to take her to lunch. Parker does as she asks. Janet tells Katie that she is embarrassed and wonders what she can do, but Katie blows her off to ask Jack how Brad is? He is fine. He has taken a pretty mug shot, as he holds it up. Katie can’t believe this is happening; he could lose his job. What should they do? The only thing that is going to help Brad is if the charges go away. He is trying to help them in a roundabout way when he tells Katie that they took Bud’s phone information earlier and then he drops the information down on the desk with a ‘whoops’, and walks away. Katie picks it up and calls the number.

In the hospital hallway, Aaron tells Alison that he knows Chris had something to do about her getting kicked out of the program. Alison just wants to drop this; even her mother thought she couldn’t cut it. Aaron tells her that Chris thinks that they are together and that is why she didn’t sleep with Chris.

Bud arrives at the station and Janet is upset, but Katie tells her that she is taking care of it, as she walks over to him. She thanks him for coming to see her, as Bud looks less then receptive. She wants this to go away; what will it take to make this happen? Is she serious? Yes. He thought he recognized her. Her and her hubby are the ones that got married on that show. They are. First, he wants money for his pain and suffering, and then he wants Brad to look him in the face and apologize, as Brad and Jack walk up and hear this. Everyone looks like they realize that is not ever going to happen. Brad tells him that he isn’t apologizing. Jack tells him it is only two words. Brad has two words for him – no way. Bud tells them that is part of the deal. Brad looks at Katie; she made a deal with him? She did in order to save his butt, job and career. He doesn’t care. It is not worth it. He didn’t hit Janet. Janet pipes in that it is true, as Brad tells her that he still pushed her around and she is a lady and someone’s mother – no way. Bud tells them that the deal is off, as he stomps out and Katie stares at Brad in disbelief. Janet looks awkward, but for a split second, she also looks happy.

Alison understands that part of what Aaron could be true; Chris was on her side, then things went bad and then he wasn’t on her side. She probably got kicked out on her own though. She passed her exam, and he was talking her up to Brenda, Aaron reminds her. It is true, but she has to work there with Chris so she just can’t do it.

Brad tells Katie that she had to have known that he wasn’t going to apologize; he is going to be fine. He is going to be locked up and lose his job, Katie laments. Janet watches close by. Brad tells her that he loves her for trying, but sometimes you have to stand up for the right thing no matter what it costs you. She wants to be mad when he does asinine things, but he did do it for all the right reasons, as they start to kiss. Jack interrupts to take Brad into the interrogation room. Janet watches Jack and Katie; Jack wonders if she is ok? She understands what Brad is doing, but she just wishes he could swallow his pride and let this go. Jack laughs – he is a Snyder; he may have figured out a way to get Brad out of this, as they leave.

At the Lakeview bar, Jack and Katie walk over to Bud; he is not interested in anything they have to say. Jack wants Bud to give Katie a chance. Katie tells him if he could drop the charges and honor the original agreement, she will give him money without the apology. If he is not getting his apology, then what is in it for him? He asked for one thing that he will still get – she is prepared to give him double what he asked for. The man takes the check and stares at it.

Alison is talking to a nurse about a patient she is about to look at; Alison walks into the room where Chris is standing with the patient. There is a moment of nervousness. However, they talk about the patient professionally and Chris leaves soon after.

At the football field, Liberty and Parker are having fun. He assumes she made up with her mom. Why? Her mom gave him money to take her to lunch. She just wanted her gone so all the attention would be on her. Parker thinks it is harsh; it is the truth. What happened with Brad? Same old story - her mom chose the wrong guy – again and made a mess – again and Brad had to help her out. Maybe in a few days people will forget. Parker empathizes because his mom does the same thing and then people act like nothing happened.

In the interrogation room, Janet tells Brad that she blames herself. She shouldn’t have met Bud for drinks. He doesn’t blame her. Katie blames her, Janet adds. No, he blames him only.

Bud turns Katie down. They are both in disbelief. Why? He isn’t going to fall for that; he is a cop, he points at Jack – it must be a set up. Jack explains that he is there as a friend. If he is smart, he will take this ton of money that she is offering to make this go away.

Brad looks out and wonders what is taking Katie so long to post bail? Janet tells him that he probably shouldn’t say anything since she has caused enough trouble, but Katie left with his brother.

Jack tells Bud that if he takes this to court, he won’t get anywhere near this amount. The worse Brad will get is probation; Katie wants him to listen to him because he would know. Jack thinks his pride was hurt mostly and this money will go a long way to healing that. The man relents; they have a deal.

Chris watches Alison with the patient through the window. He sees Maria, the hospital higher up, and he tells her that she must have heard about Alison being cut from the Nursing Program… she just did. He can’t speak for other doctors, but he is not comfortable with Alison interacting with his patients. What is he asking her to do? Does he want her removed from the floor or from patient care all together?

At the diner, Kim wonders where Bob’s mind is? What is wrong – is it something at the hospital? Alison has been thrown out of the Nursing Program. She is sorry to hear that; she knew it was important to her. She thought Chris was tutoring her? Did he get in trouble because he is a doctor and she is a student? Bob tells Kim it is nothing serious. Could it have been? It is nothing for her to worry about – it is being handled. She is glad Bob is on his side. The last thing he needs is another go around with Alison.

Maria asks to speak with Alison; Alison knows it must be about her getting kicked out of Nursing Program. Actually, she has had a request to have her removed from patient care and be put in an administrative position. Alison is upset; she realizes that she may have gotten kicked out of the program, but she was an aid well before that. It was a request by a doctor. Alison asks what doctor – she has a right if someone is complaining about her. Maria tells her that it was Dr. Hughes. Bob? No, Chris. Alison looks stunned and devastated.

Jack and Katie walk back into the interrogation room where Janet is sitting on the side of the table close to Brad. Katie tries to let it go. What took them so long? Jack tells him that they were getting his charges dropped. She made a deal with that loser? She did and she is not going to apologize for it. Jack thinks he means to thank Katie. Katie wants them to get going to the studio and do damage control. Brad tells Janet that he will have Liberty call her. Katie thanks Jack and as Brad and she walk away, Jack watches them and Janet watches him.

Liberty and Parker have fun playing touch football; they goof around until they both fall to the ground by accident and wind up in each other’s arms.

Jack walks back into the interrogation room to find Janet; is she still there? She just wanted to thank him for going to bat for Brad. He is his brother afterall. He went to bat for Katie too. Jack says nothing, as Janet tells him that between the two of them and the coffee pot, it is obvious that he still has feelings for Katie. Jack smirks, walks out and then stares off into space at his desk while Janet watches him.

Parker and Liberty are staring at one another when her phone goes off; it is Brad telling her that he is out and wants to have dinner; she will see him in a few. They seem awkward for a moment before Liberty gets up and leaves with a smile on her face.

Jack tells Janet that he was doing it for his brother. He and Katie are friends; she doesn’t get the whole friends with your ex thing – except with Brad. Having a baby together helps, he would imagine. Brad and Katie are happily married anyway. Janet wonders if that is true because Katie seemed pretty mad. Jack thinks it is understandable, but she shouldn’t read too much into that.

At WOAK, Kim hears that the charges are dropped against Brad; she sarcastically tells him that she is overjoyed. Does he still have a job? He does until the next time he screws up, which she assumes will be soon. She tells Katie that they need to talk soon about her trip to handle the Presidential nominations. Katie agrees to see her in a minute. Brad tries to cuddle up to Katie, but she puts the brakes on quickly and tells him that she is not going for that after what he did.

At the on-call room at the hospital, an angry Alison whips open the door and tells Chris that they need to talk. He has patients. They can wait. If this about the Nursing Program, he already explained that he had nothing to do with that. This is about her being removed from patient care; he had nothing to do with that too, she supposes. He had no right; she has never had a complaint against her; she won’t let him do this.

Downtown, Aaron sees Susan and stops her; she doesn’t want to get into this anymore. Chris was the reason that Alison got kicked out of the Nursing Program… maybe she doesn’t know that but Alison does. Chris knows it too and that is why he just had her kicked out of patient care. Susan looks astonished. He did? Alison just called him; she is not letting it go this time though. She is going to fight the dismissal. Does she know all the things that are going to happen because of that, Susan worries? He and Alison both do and she is going to need her support; she better be there for her this time.

Alison tells Chris that he is a big man; he used his title to snap his finger to get her barred from patient care. He is such a big man to get what he wants; the thing about big man is they fall really hard, Alison promises, as she walks away.

Janet comes home to her room sadly and looks around. She tosses her stuff down, falls down on the bed, and looks a million miles away.

Brad wonders if he can overlook the deal she made with Jack then why can’t she overlook what he did? Katie snarls that she didn’t get herself arrested. Is she mad because he ran to Janet’s rescue? She didn’t need to be rescued. When he got there, he was roughing Janet up; he would have done that for anyone and if it had been her, it would have been worse… because he loves her. He doesn’t want to fight on her last night, as he gives her the puppy dog eyes. She agrees, as they kiss. She remarks that Janet better not get in any trouble while she is gone, as she walks away. She stops a few steps away and watches Brad before she continues walking.

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