ATWT Update Tuesday 6/3/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 6/3/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(New York) Luke thinks that he and Noah should ask the police for their help before they go meet with Colonel Mayer. Noah doesn’t want to do that because he doesn’t want to risk making his father angrier because he may hurt Ameera. Luke reminds Noah that his father went over the edge a long time ago and nothing they can do can make him any worse. Luke thinks that whatever deal Colonel Mayer has is hitting the fan today so they need the police for back up.

(Hospital) Brenda, the nursing supervisor, catches Alison before she goes to class so they can talk privately. Brenda tells Alison her grades are borderline and he lab work is substandard Alison tells Brenda she knows that and promises to work harder at her studies. Alison shows Brenda her notebook and explains to her that she stayed up all night last night and figured out where her lab work had a problem. Brenda tells Alison that all that work is too little to late because she has decided to drop her from the program. Alison walks out of the on call room, sees Aaron, and tells him she has been kicked out of the nursing program. Aaron sympathizes with Alison and holds her as she cries a little bit and wonders how she is going to tell her mother. Chris walks by and is about to say that the hospital isn’t a place for personal business until he notices Alison crying and wonders what is wrong. Alison tells Chris that Brenda just kicked her out of the nursing program. Chris is a little shocked and apologizes to Alison and leaves her and Aaron alone to talk. Chris sees Brenda in the on call room and tells her that he didn’t think she was going to make a decision about Alison so quickly. Brenda tells Chris that he was right she shouldn’t give Alison any special treatment because her work wasn’t up to the standards of the hospital.

(Outside Al’s diner) Katie tells Brad that they should go out on the streets and asks people their opinions on the important political issues. Brad jokes that he wants to ask the people of Oakdale if they prefer ham or eggs for breakfast. Brad apologizes to Katie and reminds her he can’t think straight when he is hungry so he suggests they go to Al’s for breakfast. Katie wants to pick up some bagels and go to work because she loved Al’s before Janet became a waitress there. Brad persuades Katie to go to Al’s as a way of showing support for Janet’s new job so she agrees to go with him to Al’s and have breakfast.

(Al’s Diner) Brad and Katie see Vienna waiting on tables and wonder why Janet isn’t working today. Vienna explains that Janet called and told her she wasn’t coming to work for personal reasons. Brad is worried that Janet has a problem because she is a small town girl and way too polite to leave Vienna without a waitress when she has just started a new job. Brad wants to go check on Janet but Katie stops him because she thinks Janet can take care of herself.

(Lakeview) Janet sits by the mirror and tries to cover up her black eye with makeup and listens to Liberty leave her a message on the machine asking her to pick her up from school so they can have lunch.

(School) Liberty sees Parker’s crush Ashley coming and encourages him to ask her out on another date since he now knows how to kiss a girl she is sure the date will end with more then just a handshake. Ashley says hi to Parker and Liberty and Liberty tells Parker to ask Ashley but Parker can’t bring himself to do it so he asks Ashley if she thinks the math homework is hard. Ashley smiles and says yes that is why she is paying her brother to do it for her. Ashley then walks away and Liberty jokes that Ashton Kutcher should follow him around to get pointers on girls from him. Parker tells Liberty he wasn’t going to ask Ashley out with her watching him. Liberty thinks that Parker doesn’t like Ashley anymore since he kissed her the other day when they were practicing the other day. Parker denies Liberty’s accusation and accuses her of having way too much confidence. Parker tells Liberty that her kiss rated a C- and she isn’t as experienced as she told him. Liberty tells Parker she has more experience then he does so he dares her to prove it but she tells him he had his chance and he won’t get another chance with her.

(Al’s Diner) Kim interrupts Brad and Katie’s breakfast to let her know she has decided to send her to cover the presidential campaign and they need to work on a budget for the coverage. Katie tells Kim she has decided it wouldn’t be a good idea for her to leave since there is so much going on in her life right now.

(New York ) Noah and Luke meet with Coyle and detective Livia Gordon who is the detective in charge of the case. Detective Gordon promises Noah and Luke that nothing is going to happen to them and Colonel Mayer won’t get away this time. Coyle wants to use Noah as bait to catch his father but Luke thinks it’s too dangerous. Noah tells Luke he needs to get Ameera away from her father because he feels responsible for putting her in danger.

(TV Station) Brad and Katie finish the show and Kim thinks that some election coverage would help break the routine of the show. Brad thinks Katie should do the assignment because it is something she has wanted to do for a long time. Brad knows Katie is worried about leaving him alone with Janet but he asks her to have faith in him because she has no reason to worry about him and Janet.

(Lakeview) Liberty arrives to have lunch with her mother but she tells her she isn’t in the mood for lunch and once Liberty sees the black eye Liberty assumes that Janet’s date from last night hit her.

(TV Station) Liberty tells Brad Janet has a black eye and even though she won’t say anything she thinks her date from last night hit her. Brad rushes off to teach Bud a lesson. Katie tells Liberty she knows what it is like to have a mother who always creates drama. Liberty tells Katie that she isn’t used to sharing her feelings so she changes the subject by asking Katie how she feels about Brad going to the rescue of his former girlfriend who is also the mother of his child. Katie tells Liberty that Brad wouldn’t be the man she fell in love with if he didn’t care so deeply about his friends and family.

(Al’s Diner) Henry wants to fire Janet because she didn’t show up for work and is making Vienna work so hard. Vienna tells Henry that isn’t like him and he explains to Vienna that he is just tired of seeing her struggle so much. Henry shows Vienna a spa brochure and promises that when they win Gray Gerard’s money he will take her to the spa.

(Hospital) Alison tells her mother she is sad about being dropped from the program and feels like she let Chris down after he was such a help to her. Susan wonders if something happened between Chris and Alison and Alison tells Susan they had a fight because she refused to have sex with him. Susan tells Alison that people inn the hospital are saying that Chris had something to do with her being dropped from the program.

(Al’s Diner) Chris tells Bob that he and Alison broke up. Bob tells Chris he likes Alison but it is hard to have a relationship with someone that has a troubled past.

(Hospital) Alison refuses to think that Chris had anything to do with her being dropped from the program.  However, the more she thinks about it, she realizes it could be true.

(New York) Noah and Luke talk to Coyle and Gordon from a building close to pier 17 and Noah finally persuades Luke to let him be used as bait to catch his father. Luke persuades detective Gordon to let him go with Noah and help him with the operation. Detective Gordon asks Luke to look at some maps and then she hits him on the head and Luke falls to the floor.

(Lakeview) Brad asks Janet if Bud hit her and Janet avoids the question and just tells Brad it was her fault. Janet begs Brad to not do anything and let her handle things her own way. Brad sees Bud at the bar grabs him and warns him that if he comes near Janet again he will make sure he doesn’t hit another woman again.

(Al’s Diner) Alison arrives and accuses Chris of getting her kicked out of the nursing program because she wouldn’t sleep with him. Alison tells Chris that there is nothing she can do because nobody will believe her. Alison storms out of the diner and Bob questions Chris about Alison’s accusations. Chris tells Bob that Alison wants to think that because she doesn’t want to admit she wasn’t doing well in nursing school.

(New York) Noah waits with Coyle for Colonel Mayer to arrive but is shocked when Detective Gordon hands Ameera to Colonel Mayer. Noah yells at Gordon because he wants to know what she did with Luke.

(TV Station) Liberty tells Katie she feels like what happened to her mother was her fault because she wouldn’t nave been with Bud if she hadn’t been so lonely. Brad calls Katie and tells her he talked to Bud and he is going to check on Janet once more before he goes home.

(Lakeview) An angry Bud demands Janet call Brad and tell him the truth that she gave herself that bruise. Bud throws Janet on the bed next to the phone and demands she call Brad now. Brad arrives and sees Bud yelling at Janet and trying to grab her again so he punches him. Bud grabs the phone and calls the police to tell them he wants to press assault charges. Katie arrives and has a feeling she doesn’t want to know what happened.

(Java) Alison tells Aaron she thinks Chris got her kicked out of the nursing program because she wouldn’t seep with him. Aaron sympathizes with Alison and tells her she would have been a great nurse.

(New York) Luke awakens where they are holding him and screams for Noah and then tries to find a way to get out of the building.

(Hospital) Bob wants to talk to Brenda but is told she is on break so Bob decides to wait to talk to Brenda. Chris sees Brenda in the stairwell and asks her to keep their conversations confidential. Brenda assures Chris she won’t say a word to anyone about their conversations. Bob tells Susan about Alison’s accusations and each of them takes the side of their child.

(New York) Noah sees Colonel Mayer put Ameera in a car and drive away and after a few seconds of thought he grabs onto the back of the car climbs through the window and into the backseat.

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