ATWT Update Monday 6/2/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 6/2/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At Fairwinds, Paul and Meg are happily cuddled on the couch; he can’t believe she is there with him; he wants to kiss her to make sure she is real. Meg stops kissing him and worries that she feels she heard something. Is she hearing the other shoe drop because something always happens to stop them from being together; he won’t let anything happen between them again to drive her away.

At the Lakeview, Mike is trying to convince an emotional Sofie to go to the police. She can’t.

At her home, Holden shows up surprising Lily, who is on her way to the kitchen to make popcorn for the kids, who are watching a movie. Lily offers him coffee. He can’t stay; he is just there to say goodbye, as Lily looks upset.

At Metro, Carly is upset that her bartender isn’t there yet, as she tries to man the bar and greet people; she is more upset when she hears a pipe seems to be leaking in the kitchen. She starts to call Holden and then thinks of how she ended up in his arms while horse riding. Henry is at the bar wanting a drink. Carly smiles; she has something in mind for him, as Henry looks nervous. She drags him away.

Meg doesn’t want Paul to make promises that he can’t keep. There are things that could happen – like Sofie. If she is willing to do that much damage then she doesn’t know what else she could do. Paul thinks Sofie already tried to lie to her about them sleeping together, but it didn’t work. That is because she trusts him, Meg admits finally. When Sofie sees that she trusts him then Sofie will let them be together and get on with her life.

Mike tells Sofie that she needs to go to a doctor. Sofie is crying that it was awful – she thought he cared. She knows who did this? She pauses for a moment before she tells him that it was Paul; Mike looks horrified. Sofie tries to leave, but he stops her. He knew he was violent but rape? He never hurt her so badly. He is a sick man; he can’t let her forget about this. She can’t go to the police, Sofie cries. He will take her. She won’t go. Mike thinks she is afraid of him?

Paul tells Meg that he will never let Sofie hurt them again. It is not his fault that she feels the way she does. He hopes Sofie can get past this because he put a lot of money into her company. Meg doesn’t want her business to fail, but him doing business with her spells disaster. Paul touches Meg's skin, as she forgets what she was saying, and suddenly they are in each other’s arms again.

Mike thinks Sofie is worried that Paul will take his business elsewhere; she can be successful without him. Sofie bursts out that Paul has been so good to her and then sees Mike’s confused face. She changes her words – he had been so good to her. She can’t let that stop her. She won’t turn Paul into the authorities.

Holden tells Lily that he is heading down to Tennessee to check out some horse, as Lily remembers Faith mentioning it. Maybe Faith can go with him? He has already made the arrangements. She knows he is pushing her away, but when did he start pushing away the kids? He is not doing that; he is only going for a few days. She feels like that there is something going on that she doesn’t know about. Holden remembers bringing Carly down from her horse and into his arms. She thought they were working to try to repair their marriage; if that has changed then he should tell her?

Henry has fixed Carly’s water problems. Could he help her with this more regularly? She thinks she should just hire a plumber. He hates having to scrimp to give Vienna what she wants. The diner is not a cash cow. She loves running her own place too, but it is hard work. They see Carly’s babysitter come in with Sage, as Henry jokes about lowering the drinking age; she apologizes because she has to go to Chicago for a personal family emergency. Can she call Jack? He is on duty. Sage jokes about being a waitress. Henry jokes about Carly getting arrested for child labor. Carly looks at Henry, who immediately thinks she wants him to baby-sit. He can’t; he will show her his bald spot from when he was looking after his sisters and they braided his hair. Carly surprises him when she begs him to look after Metro for her while she steps out; he can have as many martinis as he wants.

Holden knows the timing is bad, but he has his reasons. Does she get to find out what those reasons are? The whole reason she moved home was for them to reassess their relationship and give each other space. Lily understands; he didn’t stop her when she left town. She hopes he finds what he is looking for. Lily goes to make popcorn in the kitchen when the doorbell rings; it is Carly with Sage. Both look surprised when Holden opens the door. Carly explains that she is having childcare issues. The kids are upstairs watching a movie, as Sage rushes to join them. They awkwardly ask how each other are? They are fine. She is surprised to see him here. Why – he does own part of this house. She just thought he would be on his trip by now? Lily walks in and wonders how she knew he was going on a trip, as both look uncomfortable.

Henry is tending the bar when he sees Bonnie. He is not happy to see her and offers her arsenic. She smirks. Henry is irate and tells her that Vienna was right about her. Bonnie doesn’t want the drink anymore, as she heads for the door. Henry calls after her to keep protecting Gray and all his money and to hurt his victims in the process. She whips around and tells him that she was taken off the case because of him, as Henry swallows hard.

Lily starts to try to explain that Holden told her that he was going out of town, as Holden intercedes about Sage needing riding lessons and he had to postpone them because he was heading out of town. Lily smiles and then offers to go back in the kitchen to make more popcorn leaving Holden with Carly. He should say goodbye, Holden tells her. Carly stops him; this trip isn’t about her, is it?

Paul and Meg are making out on the couch laughing and having fun. Mike interrupts, as Meg is surprised; what is he doing there? He was about to ask the same question. He looks upset, as she notices. She obviously doesn’t know what happened there that night? Paul smirks and Meg explains that Sofie had a tantrum. They were just about to clean up. Is she cleaning up evidence? What? He raped Sofie, Mike snarls. Who said that? Sofie. Paul is incredulous; she would never say that. Meg is distraught. Paul didn’t rape anyone, as Mike snaps that he found Sofie at the Lakeview barely holding it together. They have seen how Paul acts when he doesn’t get what he wants; he lied before. Paul tries to defend himself, but Meg believes him. Mike warns her that she has not seen that side of Paul, but Sofie just did; he wants her to get out while she still can. Meg turns and sadly looks at Paul. Paul thinks Mike is just there to play the hero. He hurts people – especially women. Paul snaps back that he didn’t rape Sofie; she threw herself at him, and he turned her down. This is Sofie’s fault, Mike asks incredulously? He turned her down because he is in love with Meg. Mike doesn’t want to have to leave without Meg, as Paul faces Meg waiting for her answer. Meg takes Paul’s hand. She doesn’t need his protection. Mike tells her that he won’t force her like Paul does. He is there whenever she needs; he hopes she comes to him before Paul leaves her broken like Sofie. Paul hugs Meg and thanks her. He doesn’t deserve this; when she saw Sofie earlier, she never thought she would go this far. He is going after Sofie to get to the bottom of this. Meg thinks he should stay clear because they don’t know what she is capable of. He will stay away from Sofie then because he has a better way of handling this.

Carly explains that she didn’t mean to say she is the only reason he would leave town… but when they were out riding together… not that anything happened… but it seemed like something changed between them. She shouldn’t bring it up because it makes it seem important and it isn’t. Holden stops her; she is not the reason. Carly repeats his words. Lily comes back into the room; is everything ok? It is; they were just rescheduling Sage’s riding appointment. Holden makes a quick exit to load up the truck. That was weird Lily says. Carly doesn’t know if it was? Is something going on between them?

Bonnie tells Henry that she tried to convince Greenberg to come up with a settlement – the next thing she knows she is being fired. Henry tries to apologize. She would do it the same way all over again. He thought she said… as Bonnie interrupts; that was because she was representing Greenberg, but now that they have let her go, as her voice trails off. She smiles; they put themselves on the wrong side of her.

There is nothing going on, Carly answers; Holden has been tense with her since she moved herself and the kids back home, she reminds Lily. He can’t blame her? It was her idea and she isn’t sure it was a good idea. Things would have stayed the same; it was her decision to move back there; she will talk to him. Carly doesn’t want her too, but Lily reminds her that she was there for Holden a lot when she was gone. He cares a lot about her. This won’t stay this way long. Carly quickly tells her that she has to get back to Metro.

Bonnie explains that Gray is as much of a low life as his attorney; she knows stuff, and she doesn’t know how to use the information without getting disbarred. She will work for him and if he gets money then she gets money. Henry wants to know why she would do this? She wants to do good with her license. They should toast to a new partnership. Vienna walks in and sees them. Henry starts to explain, but Vienna tells Bonnie that unless she has a death wish then she should back off of ‘Her Henry.’

At the Lakeview, Barbara is listening to Paul explain what happened with Sofie; Barbara is amazed - that doesn’t sound like Sofie – she would expect her to dissolve in tears but not destroy his room and accuse him of ---- rape. She is a lot more unstable then they realized. Mike believes her every word, Paul explains. He would because he is jealous. Paul admits that he is thrilled that Meg stayed with him. Barbara remarks about the only good thing coming out of this is Meg and he are back where they belong. Sofie is trying her best to rip them apart though. Barbara tells Paul that she will handle Sofie. He can fight his own battles because she has more pressing things to worry about. He knows exactly how to handle Sofie.

At her home, Margo answers the door and sees Mike. She jokes about being happy to see one of her favorite ex brother-in-laws. Mike tells Margo that he is there because of Paul – he is not sure he can tell her why though. That is cryptic. His victim is someone else and she doesn’t want to go to the police. Margo thinks it sounds ominous – what is the crime? Mike finally tells her - rape.

Sofie is lying on her bed staring at the ceiling when there is a knock; it is Paul. He walks in, as Sofie tries to apologize. It is not her fault. He is sorry that he led her on – he won’t forgive himself. It doesn’t excuse her reaction, Sofie stammers. He led her on by making love to her and he can only hope that she will let them try again. Sofie opens her eyes and she is still on her bed staring up at the ceiling. She hears a knock and races to the door hopeful; she opens it in anticipation and is let down when she sees Meg. Meg walks in even though Sofie doesn’t want to talk to her. Meg thinks she should see a doctor for her cuts; she doesn’t need one. Mike told them what she said Paul did. She is there to defend Paul? She doesn’t know what happened. She knows what it is like to be in a certain type of relationship and then to find out that it is not the way you thought. Her feelings for Paul are real. Meg answers that her feelings for Paul are real too, but not in the way, she needs them to be. Paul is the one that hurt her. She knows that, but it is not in the way she told Mike. She knows that she is in a bad place where she is confusing the truth, but she can come back from that. Noone’s life needs to be destroyed if she just let this go. Sofie just stares at her – she understands. Meg reminds her to get her cuts checked before it turns into an infection.

Barbara knows that Paul didn’t rape Sofie, but is it possible that she misunderstood something? What is she asking? Is she lashing out because of something more intimate? He slept with her once and this time he walked out so there is nothing to misunderstand.

Mike knocks on Sofie’s door, but she is too tired to talk. Margo introduces herself and asks her to open the door. Sofie goes to the door; he called the police when she asked him not to? Margo tells her that she is not there as a police officer; she came to talk and tell her what her options are. The longer she waits the less likely it will be for her to prove something. Sofie tells her that she is sorry that she wasted her time, as she closes the door. Mike tries to stop her, but Margo tells him that she needs to do this on her own timetable. He can’t make her do something that she isn’t ready to do, as Margo walks away. Mike tells her through the door that he didn’t mean to pressure her and that he is there for her whenever she needs him. Sofie listens pressed up against the door, as he slides his card under the door. Mike starts to walk away, as Sofie opens the door and stops him.

Henry tries to explain that Bonnie wants to help, as Bonnie starts to walk away not wanting to deal with Vienna. Henry stops them both. Bonnie wants to help them get Gray’s money, as Vienna tells him that she doesn’t want any piece of that ‘evil man’s’ money – she is happy how things are. He wants to give her back her dreams – and with Gray footing the bill – that is the best possible revenge.

At the farm, Carly confronts Holden. He is running late and they will talk when he gets back. Carly pleads with him not to do this to her.

Faith asks Lily if she was talking to dad earlier? He came by to tell them that he was going away to look at some horses. He will be by later. He didn’t come by to ask about a divorce? Of course not – why would she say that? He doesn’t live there and whenever she asks about him, she avoids answering. They moved back home to work on some things and give each other some space. Things aren’t better yet. It takes time. Going away for Holden will help him sort things out; when he gets back, things will be better a lot sooner.

Holden pretends that he doesn’t know what Carly is talking about. She thought they were friends. They are. Why can’t he tell her the truth about what is going on with him and if it has to do with her? Nothing is going on. He won’t even look at her anymore. She wants to make sure it has nothing to do about what happened. It doesn’t – he has a lot on his mind. He just needs time to himself and to reevaluate about him and Lily and about what is best now. She smiles sadly and wishes him good luck; she is sure he and Lily will work things out.

Henry explains that he sat by and watched Gray gave her everything she wanted and that he couldn’t afford. He thinks that he is looking up and laughing at them; he hopes his feet on fire. All the money in the world couldn’t make Gray ½ the man he is, but if it is that important to him then she will work with that ‘witch’. Henry kisses her and then tells Bonnie that are all in on it together, as Bonnie makes a snide comment and Vienna looks ready to pounce. Henry makes a suggestion “that they retract their claws if this is going to work.” They agree to do that.

Mike walks into Sofie’s room; she knows that he told Meg and Paul about what she told him. He knows it wasn’t his place. She understands. He is glad because he is not trying to make things worse. It is her choice if she wants to go to the police. Paul denied it to him, which is no surprise Mike explains. She didn’t think he would admit to it. Mike explains that Paul tried to call her delusional. Sofie is surprised, as she fights back tears that he called her that. He doesn’t matter because she has the power to put him away. She knows that, but right now, she just wants to sleep. He understands and he will leave her alone.

Paul comes back home and Meg asks him how Barbara took the news? She is stunned that Sofie would do this, but he has already talked to his lawyer and there is a clause in the contract so he can pull his money out of Sofie’s company. Meg isn’t sure he should do that yet. He thought she was the one who thought it was a disaster waiting to happen? That was before she talked to Sofie. Paul is surprised to hear this. She couldn’t sit around waiting. What did she say? She told Sofie that it wasn’t too late to stop this. If she stopped making these accusations, they could go back to how it was before. Did she go for it? She thinks by tomorrow this will all be behind them.

Sofie is lying on her bed, with all sorts of voices going through her head – from Mike to Paul to Meg. She gets up, all out of it, and heads toward her hamper and pulls out a pair of underwear; she thinks back to her night she spent with Paul and holds them close to her with an icy sinister look on her face.

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