ATWT Update Friday 5/30/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 5/30/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Brad and Katie’s place) Brad and Katie are dressed to go out to dinner and they kiss a little until Liberty interrupts them. Brad asks Liberty if she wants to go out to dinner with them but Liberty says no because she doesn’t want to be a third wheel. Brad tells Liberty he loves her and enjoys spending time with her but Liberty tells Brad she would rather stay home and watch a movie. Janet calls Liberty and asks her if she wants to go out to dinner with her once she has finished work. Liberty tells Janet she is having dinner with Brad and Katie so she can’t have dinner with her and hangs up the phone. Brad wonders why Liberty lied to her mother and Liberty explains that she just wanted to stay home alone. Brad tells Liberty that she has to try and forgive her mother because she sacrificed a lot to raise her and loves her very much. Brad and Katie both advise Liberty to meet Janet half way and forgive her for whatever the reason she is angry with her. Liberty remembers her mother slapping her in the face and tells Brad and Katie Janet hasn’t always been the ideal mother. Brad tells Liberty that parents make mistakes but they love their children.

(Al’s Diner) A customer named Bud flirts with Janet and asks her out on a date but Janet turns him down saying she wants to give up dating for a while and concentrate on her job and her daughter. Bud smiles and sys that her daughter is lucky to have her for a mother. Liberty goes to Al’s to talk to Janet but decides not to when she sees her flirting with Bud. Liberty tells herself that her mother must not have messed her too much if she is flirting with a guy.

(Old Town) Parker talks to Ashley and apologizes for their movie date and she forgives him them a friend tells Ashley about a sale on some cute new clothes and Ashley tells Parker she will see him around school. Liberty hears part of Parker’s conversation with Ashley and decides Parker needs some lessons on how to handle the opposite sex. Parker tells Liberty she doesn’t need his help with anything and besides she doesn’t know anything that could help him. Janet spots Liberty and Parker and wonders if they have anything going on and Parker says no because they are cousins. Janet tells Parker that Liberty has always told her she and Parker are only cousins on paper because he is adopted. Liberty asks her mother to stop talking afraid that she will reveal her feelings towards Parker. Janet asks Liberty to go to dinner with her but Liberty tells Janet she and Parker must work on a school project. Once Janet leaves Parker tells Liberty he thought he was the only kid who had problems with his mother. Liberty makes it clear to Parker that she doesn’t want to talk about her mother. Liberty changes the subject and grabs Parker’s phone away from him and sends Ashley a test message asking her to meet him outside Al’s for a big surprise. Parker yells at Liberty and tells her he hates her for ruining his life. Parker wonders what big surprise he is going to give Ashley when she meets him in a few minutes. Liberty tells Parker to surprise Ashley with a kiss but Parker is too nervous to do that and fears Ashley will think he is a jerk.

(Outside Al’s diner) Ashley arrives and wants to know what the surprise is and when Parker doesn’t say anything she starts to leave and Parker gently grabs her arm to stop her from leaving so he can kiss her like Liberty advised him to do. Ashley bumps into Parker and they end up knocking heads and she drops her books. Ashley quickly picks up her books as Parker quickly apologizes to her and Ashley calls Parker a jerk picks up her books and leaves. Parker is very embarrassed and Liberty embarrasses him further by laughing at what she just saw because it was very funny. Liberty notices that Parker is feeling embarrassed so she tells him he can practice kissing on her but Parker refuses fearing that he will mess up again. Liberty places Parker’s hands around her waist and they both lean in for a sweet kiss. Parker and Liberty pull apart and Parker wants to practice with another kiss but Liberty tells him he did very well and they should stop practicing.

(Lakeview) Janet shows up at the bar with the customer from Al’s whose name is Bud in hopes of forgetting her troubles and having a good time. Katie is happy that Janet is working now and also finding some time for a social life because that means she won’t spend so much time at their house or at the studio. Brad is upset that Janet is picking up strangers in bars instead of spending time with Liberty. Brad pulls Janet aside and tells her that she should be more of a role model for Liberty and spend more time with her instead of picking up strangers in bars. Janet tells Brad that Bud isn’t a stranger that she met him at the diner today and he seemed like a nice guy. Brad asks Janet what Bud’s last name is and when she doesn’t know it Brad proves that Bud is a stranger to her. Katie apologizes to Janet for Brad’s behavior and tells her to have a good time on her date. Bud tells Janet he thinks Katie is jealous of her because she couldn’t drag Brad out of the room fast enough to get him away from her. Janet gives Bud a quick goodnight kiss at the door but he pushes his way inside her room and insists on having a drink. Bud asks Janet for a kiss she says no and asks him to leave the room. Bud tries to kiss Janet again and she pushes him away and screams no and he wonders what is wrong with her because all he wanted was a kiss and Janet trips and falls to the floor.

(Katie and Brad’s place) Katie wonders if Brad got Jealous when he saw Janet with another guy and that is why he reacted the way he did at the bar. Brad tells Katie he isn’t jealous of Janet he just feels it’s his responsibility to protect her because she is the mother of his child. Brad tells Katie that Janet may seem tough but she isn’t really because she is a very trusting person. Katie assures Brad that Janet can take care of herself and then Brad and Katie kiss.

(Farm) Meg explains to Mike that despite how hard she tried she can’t hide the fact that she loves Paul anymore. Meg tells Mike that Paul surprised her tonight because he seems to have really changed and she thinks if they work at it together they have a good chance at a future. Paul is worried about Meg and reminds her that she once told him that danger and pain seem to follow Paul and she left him because despite his best intentions Paul always caused her pain. Meg admits that she may be making the biggest mistake of her life but she has to give Paul one more chance. Meg tells Mike that she didn’t intend to lead him on because she really thought they had a chance at a relationship but in the end she still has feelings for Paul. Mike knows that Meg has made up her mind so he tells Meg that he hopes they can be friends then the two hug each other.

(Fairwinds) Paul gently asks Sofie to put on her clothes because he doesn’t love her but she is a beautiful young girl who deserves a man who can return her feelings for him. Sofie doesn’t listen because she knows that Paul loves her and wants her just as much as she wants him then she kisses Paul. Paul gently pulls her off him and explains that he doesn’t love her he never did and they can only be good friends and business associates. Sofie tells Paul that she knows that he loves her because he invested in her business, he bought her clothes and they made love. Paul reminds Sofie that they didn’t make love they had sex and he told her that it was a mistake and apologized to her. Paul tells Sofie that he loves Meg to which Sofie shouts that Meg will never be with him because she doesn’t love him in fact she can’t stand to be near him. Paul tells Sofie that he knows that Meg will never be with him again but he still loves her very much. Paul sits an angry Sofie down on the couch and tries to calm her. Paul tells her that once her business gets going she will meet new people and no doubt find a guy who will love and appreciate her because she is beautiful and amazing. Sofie tells Paul the jewelry means nothing to her without him because the only reason she started the business was so that he could see her in a different way. Paul once again tells Sofie that they can only be friends and has her repeat the words a few times until she assures him that she understands their relationship. Sofie asks Paul to do one more thing for her before she goes home. Sofie wants Paul to make love to her one last time Paul yells that he would never do that and is upset that she hasn’t heard a single word he said to her. Paul orders Sofie to get dressed and leave the house and when she refuses he leaves and tells her not to be there when he returns home.

(Farm) Mike tells Meg he hopes she doesn’t regret her decision to be with Paul but if he is what she wants he wishes her the best and tells her to go tell Paul how she feels about him.

(Fairwnids) Sofie who is still in her panties and bra isvery angry and starts to trash Paul’s living room and breaking everything she sees especially a picture frame with Meg’s picture. Sofie smashes the frame cutting both her hands on the glass. Meg arrives sees the mess and wonders why Sofie is sitting on the floor half naked. Sofie tells Meg that she and Paul made love in such a passionate way they got carried away and made a mess. Meg doesn’t believe Sofie and offers to take a look at the cuts on her hands. Sofie yells for Meg to go away and then as Meg leaves Sofie yells at Meg that Paul loves her (not Meg) and they make each other happy.

(Farm) Paul arrives looking for Meg and Mike tells him that Meg went to his house to talk with him. Mike tells Paul not to disappoint Meg again because she wants to give him another chance. Meg arrives home and tells Paul that she wanted to talk to him but she saw the mess Sofie made at the house. Meg also tells Paul that Sofie insists that she and Paul made love tonight. Paul tells Meg everything that happened and swears to her that he and Sofie didn’t make love. Meg tells Paul that Sofie is obsessed with him and she will do anything she has to do to get him. Meg and Paul head to Fairwinds because Meg is very worried about Sofie.

(Fairwinds) Paul is very worried once he sees the mess in his living room but he gently tries to persuade Sofie to let Meg tend to her cuts and then she can put her clothes on, go home and rest. Sofie tells Meg to stay away from her then she screams at Paul that she never thought he could hurt her this way. Sofie runs out of the house sobbing Paul tries to look for her but can’t find her anywhere on the grounds. Paul wonders what Meg wanted to talk to him about and Meg finally tells Paul she loves him Paul says the sane back to Meg and they share a kiss. Meg tells Paul she hesitated on declaring her feelings to him because she is scared of the danger that always follows him. Paul tells Meg that nothing is standing in their way anymore and they kiss again.

(Lakeview) Mike sees a disheveled Sofie and notices the cuts on her hands Mike wonders what happened to Sofie and offers to help her. Sofie notices the concern in Mike’s voice and expression she thinks for a minute then tells Mike she was raped tonight.

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