ATWT Update Thursday 5/29/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 5/29/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Hospital) Chris sees Meg in the on call room after she finishes her first shift and congratulates her on being back at work. Chris tells Meg he acted like a jerk to Alison yesterday and wants to apologize to her but he hasn’t seen her today. Meg tells Chris she hasn’t seen Alison at the hospital today but she did see her this morning at the farm because Alison spent the night with Aaron.

(Farm) Alison hopes that Aaron doesn’t mind her borrowing his t-shirt while her clothes are in the dryer and Aaron tells her no because he was glad he could help her last night. Aaron wonders if Alison slept well last night and she says she did and had time to think this morning. Alison tells Aaron she is glad that her relationship with Chris is over because she wants to concentrate on her studies because she really wants to become a nurse.

(Farm) Alison thanks Aaron for being such a supportive friend last night when Aaron says he did nothing special Alison tells him that is what she appreciated the most about him. Alison and Aaron decide to make breakfast even though neither one of them knows how to cook. Alison and Aaron laugh about how badly the breakfast turned out but they still eat it and have fun making jokes about their lack of cooking ability. Chris arrives and sees Alison in Aaron’s t-shirt and assumes that Aaron and Alison slept together. Chris wonders how Alison could do this to him and wonders why she just didn’t tell him that she wanted to be with Aaron and not him. Chris thinks Alison just led him on and played with his feelings for her. Alison is very angry and tells Chris she has slept with tons of guys and he is the only one with which she couldn’t have sex. Aaron starts to explain to Chris that nothing happened between he and Alison last night but Alison stops Aaron by telling him she doesn’t care if Chris thinks she is a slut. Alison tells Chris that if he has such a low opinion of her they shouldn’t have a relationship. Chris tells Alison that is just fine with him and storms out of the Snyder kitchen. Alison tells Aaron she is glad that her relationship with Chris has finally ended because it made her realize that she really wants to be a nurse and she doesn’t intend to let Chris stand in her way.

(Hospital) Brenda the nursing program supervisor tells Chris that Alison’s performance in the lab is really substandard and he doesn’t see how she can justify passing Alison if she is doing so badly in her lab work. Chris tells Brenda he was wrong to interfere and as her to give Alison special treatment. Chris asks Brenda what she would do about Alison and Brenda admits she would flunk her right now if he hadn’t asked her to give her special consideration. Chris tells Brenda that Alison shouldn’t get special treatment anymore and she should do whatever she feels is right about Alison.

(New York City) Luke and Noah look for Ameera and continue to argue whether Colonel Mayer kidnapped Ameera or Ameera is helping Colonel Mayer. Luke and Noah also wait to hear from State department representative Coyle to contact them with information about Ameera.

(In the New York Apartment where Ameera is being held hostage.) Colonel Mayer awakens Ameera to give her more tea, which he has drugged. Ameera watches Colonel Mayer make the tea and put the drug inside it. Ameera takes the cup of tea and when Colonel Mayer turns around to turn off the boiling water she pours the tea into a plant and pretends she has already drunk the tea. Colonel Mayer walks Ameera back to her sleeping bag on the floor and she pretends to be asleep. Colonel Mayer gets a call from someone and tells the person on the other line he will take care of Noah. Once Colonel Mayer leaves Ameera climbs out the widow and escapes from Colonel Mayer.

(Back on the New York streets) A street performer playing a guitar tells Noah that he has a message from Coyle but he will only give him the message if he gets rid of Luke. Noah sends Luke to walk around and look for Coyle because he thinks they are not at the place he told them to meet. The street performer tells Noah that Coyle wants him to come and meet with him but he must not bring Luke or he won’t meet him at all. Noah tells Luke the information the street performer gave him and Luke doesn’t want to let Noah go to the meeting alone because he could get hurt. Luke and Noah argue for several minutes back and forth about this and Noah finally promises Luke he will send him a text message at the first sign of danger so that he can come to the rescue with the police. Luke agrees to the plan and Noah promises him he will be careful and come back to him because he loves him very much. Noah goes to the designated street corner and is surprised to find his father instead of Coyle and Noah demands to know where he is holding Ammera. Colonel Mayer doesn’t respond to Noah’s question and Noah tells his father he will not allow him to ruin Ameera’s life. Colonel Mayer tells Noah he doesn’t have the guts to stop him and then punches Noah and tells him he will never find Ameera.

Ameera runs into Luke and tells him that Colonel Mayer was drugging her tea but she managed to escape when she found out about the drugged tea. Ameera tells Luke that she heard Colonel Mayer say something on the phone about a deal but she doesn’t know the details. Ameera also tells Luke she heard another phone call in which Colonel Mayer told someone he would take care of Noah. Luke sends a text message to Noah telling him all the information that Ameera just told him. Luke gets worried when Noah doesn’t answer the message and assumes he is in trouble. Luke tells Ameera that he must take her to the police so that they can protect her from Colonel Mayer. Ameera doesn’t want to do this because she is afraid about immigration but Luke reminds her that she is still married to Noah and they can’t do anything to her. Luke explains the situation to a policeman walking by and the policeman takes Ameera to the station. Noah reads the message and rushes to find Luke and Luke is very relived to see Noah is okay. Noah is mad at Luke because he took Ameera to the police and when Noh tells Luke his father punched him Luke says Colonel Mayer would kill him if he had the chance because he doesn’t want to mess up his deal. Noah gets a call from his extremely angry father who guesses that he has Ameera. Colonel Mayer warns Noah that if he doesn’t have Ameera at peir17 by noon tomorrow both he and Luke will die.

(Lakeview) Sofie cries and thanks Barbara for helping her launch her jewelry Barbara tells Sofie that she is very talented and she was only making a sound business investment. Barbara gives Sofie the key to her suite and tells her a stylist is up there to help her get ready for her big night. Once the hairstylist is done with Sofie’s hair he tells her nobody will be able to keep their eyes off her. Sofie daydreams that Paul helps her to zip up her dress and tells her she looks beautiful in her dress. Barbara helps Paul puts on his cuff links Sofie made for him and reminds him the jewelry line must be a success tonight so that Sofie will stop fixating on him and concentrate on the jewelry.

(Hospital) Meg is upset that someone has stolen the dress she is going to wear tonight from her locker. Mike arrives and promises Meg he will fix the problem.

(Old Town) Mike and Meg walk until they get to Fashions and Mike tells Meg he wants to buy her a dress. Meg refuses at first but Mike says he wants them both to have fun tonight. Meg picks out a beautiful dress and wants to know the price so she can pay Mike back at a later date. Mike persuades Meg to let him give her the dress and if she wants she can give it to charity later if she wishes to do so but tonight he wants to show off the most beautiful woman in Oakdale.

(Lakeview) Paul comes to get Sofie and catches her getting dressed and she asks him to help her zip up her dress. Paul does so and when Sofie asks Paul how she looks he says she looks beautiful but not quite as romantically as in her earlier fantasy. Sofie trips on her dress and almost falls but Paul catches her before they go downstairs to the party. Barbara tells Sofie she looks beautiful but Paul can’t take his eyes off Meg when she comes in the door with Mike. Paul welcomes everyone to the party and encourages them to look at Sofie’s beautiful jewelry. Paul tells Mike and Meg he is glad they came and he hopes they have a good time. Mike and Meg are having a great time until Mike gets called away on an emergency so Meg tells him she will take a cab home because she wants to stay at the party. Meg tells Barbara she is glad that Paul invited her and Mike to come because she is having a great time. Meg tells Paul Mike had to leave but she decided to stay because she hasn’t seen all the jewelry yet. Paul offers to give Meg a personal tour of all the jewelry so they walk around looking at all the jewelry. Barbara tells Paul she is going to her room because she needs to take her medicine and besides she is tired. Meg offers to help get Barbara settled in her room and both women head upstairs to Barbara’s suite. Paul thinks Sofie should give a speech and when she is giving it Paul slips upstairs to Barbara’s suite. Meg tells Paul Barbara was tired and she will be asleep soon. Paul thinks Meg for Helping with Barbara and wonders what it would be like to give Meg a kiss. Paul asks Meg if he can kiss her and she smiles Paul gives Meg one kiss and then tells Meg they should go back downstairs to the party. Paul asks Meg if she wants champagne and she tells him no because she wants to go home. Paul offers to give Meg a ride home but she says he would rather take a cab. Paul tells Meg he had a good time and tells her goodnight. Sofie wants to have a drink with Paul but he says no because he is tired and wants to go home.

(Farm) Mike arrives and asks Meg if she wants to finish their date and go somewhere since it is still early. Meg tells Mike that she is probably making the biggest mistake of he life but tonight she realized she is still in love with Paul.

(Fairwinds) Paul is pouring himself a drink when Sofie arrives to tell him that she intends to show her gratitude to him for everything he has done for her. Sofie tells Paul that she couldn’t let such a special night end yet then she takes her dress off in front of Paul.

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