ATWT Update Wednesday 5/28/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 5/28/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At the stables at the Farm, Holden prepares the horse for Sage to ride, as Carly shows up. Sage isn’t coming; she said she had a sore throat, but she knows she is just scared. Carly apologizes, but Holden laughs. He thinks she will come around in time. Holden offers to take Carly for a ride since she is already there. Carly happily agrees.

At the Lakeview, Meg stops by to see Barbara, but she is out. Paul walks over and Meg asks about her. She wants to go back to work to get Sofie’s jewelry line off the ground. He has a stake in Sofie’s success as well. Meg can’t help but inquire about them working together, as she tries to cover her jealousy. He makes sure she understands that he is just an investor. There is nothing going on between he and Sofie. He invites her to stop by to see the grand opening of her jewelry line tomorrow night. Meg looks unsure.

At the shop, Sofie is working on last minute changes for her jewelry line. She hears someone walk in and thinks it is Paul; she has a surprise. Barbara announces herself. She is happy to see her hard at work and loves what she has done. Sofie waxes on about how Paul helped her with an idea to create a story for each jewelry piece. She hopes he is going to make it to the party. Barbara tells her that if she thinks she is going to be spending time with him at the party, then she is sadly mistaken.

Paul teases Meg about it being a party and not a seminar on sub prime mortgages. It is more complicated then that. She doesn’t think Sofie would want her there. She will be too busy with her jewelry. He thinks it is important for them to be in the same room and he not get arrested, he jokes. He smiles; he feels there is hope since this is the second conversation this week involving her smiling.

At the hospital, Alison learns the results for the latest test have just been posted; she worries that if she didn’t do well then she will flunk out and then her mother will kill her. Her friend tells her that she passed, as she jumps up and down.

At Java, Chris is with Brenda and finds out that Alison passed her test – by the skin of her teeth. She got more breaks that other students would never get. She is struggling and that normally wouldn’t do; the Oakdale nursing program has a reputation to uphold. Chris thinks that Alison will prove herself, as he heads out.

Alison calls Aaron and tells him on his voice mail that she got the results of her test and how thankful she is that he got Meg to help her. She wants to thank him in person. Chris walks in and tells her that he heard she passed her test; he would like to take her for a non-alcoholic drink to celebrate, as Alison happily agrees.

Holden introduces Carly to his most gentle horse – the one he was going to put Sage on. She teases him – does she look like she needs gentle? So, she gets on the other horse – who can be a handful; she loves a challenge. They take off for a ride together.

Meg still balks, but Paul presses. It is more complicated Meg continues to say. Is it because of the restraining order? They have been running into one another a lot and it is not his fault – is she following him? She laughs. He knows he made a mistake; he felt he had nothing left to lose with Sofie. He told Sofie that it was a one time thing; they are strictly business partners now. Meg thinks Sofie feels differently. Paul thinks once her line takes off, she will forget about him; he wants to make that happen for her. He is a good guy when he puts his mind to it. He feels he has changed. He knows she probably has heard it before. He just wants this invite to be a peace offering – a white flag. Before she gives her answer, she has to do one thing – she will be right back.

Sofie tells Barbara that she and Paul are strictly professional. She owes she and Paul so much, Sofie offers her a necklace to wear. Barbara thanks her. She has a lot riding on this launch party; mixing business with pleasure is not advised. Sofie understands.

At Yo’s, Alison tells Chris that she is glad that she worked through her tests for school on her own… she doesn’t want him offended, but it makes her feel better about things and them when she accomplishes things without his interference. They start to play a dart game and soon they are having a lot of fun even as Chris is beating her. Some guys approach them and tell them to play blindfolded for more fun. They laugh after Alison throws her darts… on the wall and to the floor. Chris starts to take his turn.

Carly and Holden stop to rest, as Carly admits to being sore and out of practice, as they sit in the grass. She is now hungry so Holden pulls beef jerky out of his pocket and Carly makes a face but takes it.

Chris still hits the dartboard much to Alison’s chagrin. Alison takes another turn with the blindfold. Alison hits Chris in the arm; she freaks out as she worries because he is bleeding.

Meg comes back and tells Paul that she had important business to take care of, as Paul smiles. Mike walks over and is upset to see Paul with Meg; how many times does he have to break the restraining order? Paul is irate that he is acting like this, as he wonders who died and made him Meg’s keeper? Meg stops them and tells them both that she just spoke to Margo and had the retraining order lifted; she was just delivering the news to Paul in person, as Mike looks annoyed and Paul smiles. Meg takes Mike aside. The restraining order is getting in the way when she comes to see Barbara. Paul shouldn’t be chased out of his mother’s place every time for a restraining order that doesn’t seem important anymore. Paul thanks Meg telling her that he won’t screw it up. After he leaves, Meg wants Mike to tell her what he is thinking because she knows he has something to say – he thinks she is making a mistake.

Alison thinks that they need to get Chris’ cut disinfected. He can take care of it at his room where he has plenty of that stuff. Alison teases him about trying to apply it with his one good hand; she will go to help. Is she sure, she wants to go there? Yes, as they head out.

At the hospital, Aaron sees Susan; he just got a message from Alison about her test. Susan tells him that she passed – just barely – but she did pass. They both are thrilled. She thanks him for getting Meg to help her. It is better then Chris. She is glad that Alison is keeping her distance from and doing it on her own. Susan asks a nurse if she has seen Alison? She left with Chris, as Aaron looks disappointed.

At his suite, Alison takes care of Chris’ cut, as he has to take off his shirt so she can get to it. They both joke around, as the feelings are obvious. He jokes about her kissing ‘his booboo’, as they share a kiss, Chris stops but then Alison kisses him more.

Holden teases Carly about the beef jerky, but she recalls living off of it in Montana. They decide it is time to head back, but Holden sees that his horse has hurt his leg – probably trying to keep up with Carly’s show boating, he teases. They both laugh, but Holden decides he is going to walk the horse back. Carly wants him to ride with her because it is too far to walk.

Meg thinks Paul is in a better place, but Mike is doubtful. She is going with her gut. Mike doesn’t trust him and he doesn’t deserve this chance. Paul walks over; he understands why Mike is skeptical. He lacks self-discipline, but he is working on it. Meg smiles and Mike smirks. They are business partners and he is going to prove it to him. Mike relents and agrees to meet him halfway. Paul invites Mike now to the party as well. Mike smiles not knowing what to say.

Holden gets up close to Carly on the back of the horse; is she ok, as he grabs the reins too by her hands? She is. Is he comfortable? He is good. Carly seems to be happy with how close they are, as does Holden – if only for a fleeting moment.

Paul thinks it might be good for business for them to attend the party. Meg agrees. Mike agrees to think about it. Paul leaves and Meg asks him to go with her. Mike is confused as to why Paul wanted him to go? He usually wants her to himself. Meg looks confused for a moment too.

Holden and Carly stop to let the other horse rest. Carly turns the conversation to Lily; do they ever ride together? Not in years. She thinks they should; he is not trying to be his shrink, but it might do them good to share this. He will talk to her about it.

At the Lakeview, Paul sees Barbara and Sofie. He tells them that the last minute plans are done for the party. He is adding two more names to the guest list – Mike and Meg. Sofie looks taken aback.

Mike continues to remind Meg to take things slowly with Paul because he is still unsure about what it is he is up to. Meg agrees to take things slowly and to not get to involved because she has been burned too many times before to let it happen again.

Chris and Alison are on the bed; they are taking off each other’s clothes, but Alison quickly pulls back and jumps up again. She is sorry, but she can’t go through with it. She felt so close to him and she thought things would be fine, but she can’t do this. An irate Chris wonders if she is deliberately trying to torture him? Alison looks upset after he says this.

Holden is back riding on Carly’s horse again with her. She apologizes for the fact that Lily took the kids and moved back home. Her advice had a lot to do with it. He doesn’t blame her or Lily; he just hopes over time things will get better.

An increasingly angry Chris is up getting dressed; he feels like she is punishing him for something. She comes here, gets him turned on and then pulls away again and again. He feels like it is a sick game to see him sweat? She didn’t mean to do that. Is it because he slept with Emily? No, it is nothing against them; she doesn’t feel good enough about herself. He wishes he could believe her but he doesn’t. She can have sex on camera and do porn with some random guy, but when she has the chance to make love with someone who really cares about her – it is a deal breaker. Alison looks heartbroken by his words, as she stares at him with tears welling up in her eyes before she rushes out. Chris look upset with himself realizing what his words must have done to her.

At the farm, an upset Alison shows up to see Aaron. She didn’t know where else to go; she messed up. What did Chris ‘the jerk’ do now. She is unsure as to if she should get into this with him, but Aaron assures her that it is ok. She and Chris both got carried away kissing on the bed. She said no and then Chris lost it. No means no, what does he not get, Aaron angrily wonders? She understands why he did it. She keeps sending him mixed signals. Maybe she does need to talk with someone? Aaron thinks she doesn’t because it is Chris, who should stop pressuring her. He didn’t pressure her that much. He was so angry and he said terrible things. What did he say? He asked if she could do it on camera then why not with him? How could he treat her like dirt? She is to blame because she seems to keep leading him on. She thinks she is ready and then she isn’t. Aaron thinks that she may just not be into Chris enough.

Susan walks into the on call room at the hospital and sees Chris injecting himself with a needle. What is he doing? He is inoculating himself - against her daughter.

Barbara has to make some last minute changes when she sees Meg nearby, and she heads off leaving Sofie with Paul. Paul sees Meg with Mike and walks over to them asking her if she made a decision about the party, as Sofie stands awkwardly by in the background. Meg tells him that she will see him tomorrow night, as Paul looks thrilled. After they leave, Sofie wonders why he invited them? It is time to let bygones be bygones. Are Meg and Mike coming together, she wonders?

Mike wonders if he is her escort so Paul can get some face time with her because if that is the case then she should count him out. Meg looks upset.

Holden and Carly arrive back at the farm; Holden offers to help her down. He helps her down, as they wind up in each other’s arms. They both stare at one another feeling the chemistry. They both awkwardly look in the other direction not knowing what to do.

Meg tells Mike that she wants to give Paul the benefit of the doubt. She wants to accept his olive branch. Mike thinks they should be leery of his ulterior motives. Meg tells Mike that she is not going to be with Paul; she is going with him and she wants to have a great time. Mike wonders if it is a date? She smiles and tells him that it is. She can count him back in then; she is happy to always be able to count on him, as they walk away. Nearby, Paul sees them and Sofie comments about how she thinks Mike and Meg will have a good time together. Paul echoes that sentiment.

Alison thanks Aaron for listening and for saying what he did. Maybe she is expecting herself to have feelings for Chris that she no longer has. He doesn’t want her to feel guilty; she should do what is best for herself. She feels so confused all the time. She doesn’t know what to do about herself, her life and school; it wears her down. She could sleep for days. She should do that then. She would but she can’t stand the thought of going home to her mom now; she will have the ‘I told you so’ stamp on her forehead. She is welcome to stay here; they have a lot of extra bedrooms available. Alison smiles.

Susan helps Chris with his Tetanus shot; how did Alison expose him to Tetanus? She shot him with a dart. Why? It was an accident. Why is he so upset then? If he gives Alison space, it is wrong or if she is close to him, he is wrong; he can never win. She sets him up thinking he is getting somewhere with her and then she kicks him to the curb and he is tired of it. Susan thinks there is always two sides to the story. Chris says bitterly that he is sure that his side is wrong. She will talk to Alison though; where is she? He doesn’t know and doesn’t really care.

At the diner, Henry sits with Mike. They get onto the subject of Meg; he is taking her to a party. Does Paul know? He invited them. Paul can be possessive and psychotic. Meg says he has changed. Henry jokes that he thinks Mike should get a note from Paul’s shrink. Can’t he be happy because this is the first real date he has had in a very long time? He is finally over Katie so can he just congratulate him? Henry teases him when he tells him to carry a weapon in case.

Upstairs at the farm, Aaron tucks Alison into bed and watches her fall asleep.

Carly and Holden are awkwardly taking care of the horse when Carly asks him if he can help Sage tomorrow with the riding if she can get her there? Holden tells her that he is busy, as he practically can’t even make eye contact with her, as Carly looks unsure. She thanks him for the ride and tells him that she will see him around, as she walks away. After a few steps, she looks back at Holden, who has now looked over at her walking away. They make eye contact for a moment before Carly turns and continues walking away.

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