ATWT Update Tuesday 5/27/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 5/27/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Carly’s house) Sage tells Carly that Parker is upstairs and he has changed shirts three times for his date with a girl. Carly smiles and when Parker comes downstairs and she questions him about where he is going tonight. Parker tells his mother that he is going to the movies with a friend. Carly asks him which friend and Parker is forced to admit that he is going out with Ashley Davis and not Liberty as Carly thought. Sage tells Parker that Ashley is way out of his league and Carly tells Sage to stop teasing her brother. Carly tells Parker that he can’t go out with Ashley unless she can speak to Ashley’s mother before he goes out on a date with Ashley. Carly promises not to embarrass Parker when she talks to Ashley’s mother on the phone Parker dials Ashley’s number and Carly thinks her son is growing up.

(Movie Theater) Carly and Sage walk inside the theater with Parker and wish him good luck on his date with Ashley. Once Carly and Sage have left Liberty punches Parker so hard he ends up on the floor. Liberty tells Parker that she punched him because she is tired of him always telling her parents everything she does and she wants him to stop doing it. Parker tells Liberty that he won’t get in trouble because of her actions anymore and he doesn’t care that she is mad at him. Ashley arrives and Liberty follows them to their movie and sits behind them. Liberty throws popcorn at Parker and Ashley and when they ignore her she takes her straw out and throws soda at them. Once the movie is over Parker tells Ashley he had a great time and he hopes that she will go out with him again. Ashley just tells Parker that maybe she will go out with him again and then leaves him because her parents arrive to pick her up. Liberty tells Parker that Ashley won’t go out with him again and wonders why Ashley didn’t at least give him a kiss since he paid for her movie ticket. Parker doesn’t say a word and Liberty figures out Ashley had to pay for her own movie ticket. Liberty tells Parker he is clueless about girls and jokes that he probably hasn’t even kissed a girl before and Parker doesn’t say a word and turns his face away from Liberty. Liberty tells Parker he needs her help before he goes out on another date.

(Hughes house) Margo and Tom are nervous and wonder what Lisa wants to tell them about Casey the doorbell rings and Lisa sits down on the couch. Lisa tells Tom and Margo that Casey stole money from the Lakeview bar. Margo thinks that Casey likes to steal for the thrill of it. Lisa explains to Tom and Margo that Casey told her he stole the money to pay off the prison guard that helped him get an early release from prison. Lisa further explains that Casey paid her back the money because he borrowed the money from Emily.

(Worldwide) Casey is very worried and Emily holds him to let him know that everything is going to be okay. Casey begins kissing Emily and she stops him reminding him of their agreement to keep things strictly business between them. Emily advises Casey to tell Tom and Margo the truth and take the punishment they give him. Emily tells Casey that the guilt will continue to eat him alive unless he tells the truth. Casey tells Emily that he doesn’t want to break his parents hearts again.

(Hughes house) Margo is angry because Casey went to Emily for the money because he knew that Emily would help him cover up his crime. Casey arrives home and knows that Tom and Margo know everything so he gets ready to face the consequences. Lisa tells everyone in the room that she loves them and that she is sure that the family will get through this rough patch. Casey begins to cry as he tells Margo not to cry because he can’t stand to see her cry. Tom wonders why Casey felt he had to steal the money from his grandmother and he couldn’t ask them to borrow the money. Casey explains that he couldn’t let them risk their jobs by using their money to pay off a prison guard. Margo tells Casey if it were anybody else she would have already booked him. Casey tells his mother to arrest him and do what she must do because he understands it’s her job. Margo can’t bear to arrest her son again so she tells him he must go back to college and if he makes one more mistake she will send him back to jail. Casey tells Margo that he won’t be blackmailed into following her rules and walks out of the house slamming the door behind him. Margo admits to Tom that she doesn’t know if she can force Casey to go back to school and she doesn’t have the heart to send him back to jail. Margo tells Tom they can’t back down now or they will lose Casey for good.

(Worldwide) Casey tells Emily that his mother is forcing him to go back to school or go back to jail. Emily tells Casey she will miss him at work but she thinks he is doing the right thing. Casey tells Emily that Margo is just trying to pull them apart and he won’t let her do it. Emily advises Casey to take the lifeline his parents are offering him because she never intended to have a future with him they just had sex a few times.

(Hughes house) Casey tells his parents he intends to go back to school full time just like they want him to do. Margo wonders what changed his mind and Casey tells him that Emily made him see that he needs to go back to college. Tom tells Casey that if he does one more thing to compromise who is mother is as a person he won’t protect him even though he loves him very much.

(Worldwide) Margo thanks Emily for persuading Casey to go back to college and promises to step back and let her have a better relationship with Daniel. Emily tells Margo she just gave Casey a slight push in the right direction but he decided to go back to school because he loves his parents very much.

(Lily’s house) The lights go out and Lily tries to fix the circuit breaker but when she is unable to fix it she calls Holden and asks him for help. Holden rushes over and gets the portable generator working Lily thanks him for helping her and promises to call the electrician in the morning. Holden takes Faith and Natalie out to dinner and invites Lily but she wants to stay home and unpack her things. Holden promises to bring her some food back from Al’s diner.

(Al’s Diner) Holden, Faith, and Natalie run into Sage and Carly and the girls want to get their own table so they can talk about the Jonus brothers. Holden asks Carly to sit and eat with him since he doesn’t want to eat alone. Faith talks to Sage about how much fun it will be riding horses at summer camp. Sage is scared and wonders if they are going to force her to ride horses. Carly mentions to Holden that Sage is afraid of horses and he offers to teach sage how to ride a horse so she won’t be scared when she goes to camp. Once they are done eating Sage asks Carly if faith and Natalie can go t o her house to listen to her new CD. Holden asks Sage if she wants him to teach her how to ride a horse an if she wants to their first lesson can be tomorrow. Sage says yes and then the whole group heads over to Carly’s house.

(Lily’s house) Lucinda arrives and tells Lily that she shouldn’t have moved away from the farm because Holden will think she has thrown in the towel on their marriage. Lily tells Lucinda that this is the only way she could think of to ease the tension between her and Holden so they could fix their marriage. Lily tells Lucinda not to interfere in her marriage or she will push her out of her life. Lily tells Lucinda that she is learning to live without Holden and she could live without her as well.

(Outside Carly’s house) Carly thanks Holden for helping to teach Sage how to ride a horse. Holden tells Carly that he had nothing else to do this week and he enjoys teaching children how to ride horses. Holden apologizes to Carly for what he said to her yesterday and they both agree to forget the incident. Carly notices Holden is distracted and tells him that he can share his problems with her and she won’t give him any advice. Holden tells Carly that he feels like he has lost his connection to Lily. Holden notices Carly is shivering and gives him her jacket to wear to keep warm. Carlyy tells Holden that when things are the worst they can only get better so he should still have hope for his and Lily’s marriage.

(Lily’s house) Holden brings the girls home and refuses Lily’s invitation to stay for coffee because he has to start the day early tomorrow. Lily asks him if he will stay for coffee another time but Holden doesn’t respond and just leaves quickly.

(Outside Carly’s house) Carly is looking at the stars and notices that she still has Holden’s jacket around her shoulders she decides to go back in the house and call Holden but then changes her mind and continues to look at the stars while snuggling in the jacket to keep warm.

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