ATWT Update Friday 5/23/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 5/23/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

Noah calls Luke from New York to tell him he is fine and that he got a weird call from Ameera so he came to look for her at the Location that they traced when they found the phone number in her cell phone. Noah tells Luke he found the place but it’s all boarded up and now he has even stronger suspicions that his father kidnapped Ameera. Luke tells Noah he gave the police the information they found and they wrote everything down and said they would check on it. Luke wants Noah to come home but Noah tells Luke he can’t come home until he finds Ameera. Noah asks Luke to talk to the guy from the state department Mr. Coyle and see if he can’t locate where his father is holding Ameera hostage. Luke promises Noah he will contact Coyle and call him back later to let him know if Coyle is able to find out any information.

Colonel Mayer is hiding Ameera in a house somewhere in New York and tells her that he will answer all her questions shortly. Colonel Mayer gives Ameera some tea.  After she drinks it, she falls asleep.

(Java) Luke talks to Mr. Coyle and tells him that they traced a phone number inside Ameera’s cell phone to New York and Noah is there right now looking for Ameera because he believes his father kidnapped her. Luke asks Coyle to see if he can find out the location where Colonel Mayer is hiding in New York. Coyle tells Luke that Colonel Mayer couldn’t be hiding in New York because he has no friends in New York. Coyle tells Luke not to worry when they find Colonel Mayer they will let him know. Luke calls Noah back and tells him that he suspects something fishy is going on because Coyle just dismissed his concerns about Colonel Mayer kidnapping Ameera. Luke tells Noah he also got the feeling Coyle wanted to find out how much he knew about Colonel Mayer. Luke’s call to Noah gets cut off so Luke decides to head to New York to help Noah find Ameera.

(New York) Luke surprises Noah who is happy to see him but doesn’t want to put him in danger. Luke tells Noah that Snyder’s never back away from a fight and he intends to help him find Ameera. Coyle calls Colonel Mayer and tells him that Noah is in New York. Colonel Mayer tells Coyle that his son isn’t going to spoil their deal. Coyle reminds Colonel Mayer that he will only get the papers he wants when their deal is done.

(Brad and Katie’s place) Brad and Katie feed each other breakfast and Liberty thinks they should get a room when she interrupts them. Liberty tells Brad and Katie she wants to live with them and Brad almost chokes on his food. Katie tells Liberty they want her to live with them but wonders if Liberty had a fight with Janet and just wants to hurt her mom. Liberty tells Brad and Katie that Janet doesn’t give her any rules to follow so she is always getting into trouble. Liberty also thinks that a hotel isn’t a home and Brad agrees and allows Liberty to move into the house. Janet arrives and gives Liberty a skirt and some boots that she said she liked when they walked through old town. Liberty appreciates the gift but tells her mother she isn’t going anywhere with her because she is moving in with Brad and Katie. Liberty gets a key to the house and leaves to get a burger with a friend. Janet thinks Brad and Katie are trying to take her baby away from her. Brad and Katie tell Janet she can see Liberty anytime she wants to see her. Janet tells Brad she doesn’t know if she can afford to keep living at the Lakeview. Brad tells Janet he will pay for her room as long as she wants to stay at the Lakeview. Janet gives Brad a hug and goes to the bathroom to wash her face. Katie tells Brad that she doesn’t want Janet to become dependant on his money. Janet overhears Katie’s comments and quickly leaves the house.

(Al’s Diner) Henry tells Vienna he will hire a waitress so that she doesn’t have to work so hard. Janet sees the sign in the window and quickly applies for the job. Vienna hires her until Jack introduces himself to Janet as Liberty’s uncle. Vienna quickly fires Janet because she doesn’t want her friend Katie to get hurt. Janet yells at Jack for opening his big mouth and costing her a job.

(Brad and Katie’s house) Jack drops by to tell Katie what happened with Janet and apologize for costing her a job. Katie tells Jack he did her a favor because she doesn’t want Janet to stay in Oakdale. Jack wonders if Katie is jealous of Janet and Katie denies it but says Janet and Liberty are too much to handle together.

(TV Station) Janet tells Brad that Jack ruined her chance at a job so Brad promises Janet that he will handle Vienna.

(Al’s Diner) Brad asks Henry to persuade Vienna to help Katie by giving Janet a job so that she won’t bother him and Katie. Henry tells Brad to let Janet know to come to work because he will persuade Vienna to give her the job. Vienna agrees to give Janet the job even though she is positive that Katie doesn’t want Brad’s former floozies in Oakdale. Liberty arrives to eat a burger with Dylan but she leaves as soon as she sees Janet working there.

(TV Station) Brad arrives to tell Katie he saved Janet’s job. Katie gets angry with Brad because she wanted Janet to leave Oakdale. Brad kisses Katie and assures her that he loves her and everything will be fine because Janet won’t be a problem.

(Farm) Lily makes breakfast for her family but Natalie and Faith want to go have breakfast at Al’s diner with their friend Mary. Once the girls are gone Holden tells Lily to stop trying so hard and let Faith forgive her when she is ready to forgive her. Lily feels frustrated and tells Holden that she feels like she is the only one who is trying to save their marriage. Holden tells Lily he needs time and space and the best thing for the family would be to take things one day at a time.

(Police Station) Carly gives Jack some pictures she took of the kids at the dance before the dance went so wrong. Jack is happy to see a picture of Parker smiling because he hasn’t seen Parker smile in a long time. Carly thought she would remind Jack of the reason they should stop fighting.

(Farm) Carly arrives to talk to Lily who tells her she is feeling frustrated by her relationship with Holden. Carly advises Lily that she should move back home so that she can become stronger as a mother and give Holden some space. Lily tells Carly that she doesn’t think she will be strong enough to leave but Carly promises to be her moral support. Holden asks Lily to sign for the new fence posts that are being delivered and Lily tells him she won’t be there because she has decided to move back home. Holden is upset Lily made the decision without consulting him. Lily explains to Holden she needs to learn to trust herself again. Lily also thinks that this way they can work on their marriage one day at a time without pressure. Holden tells Lily that he will only agree if the children want to go back home. Holden and Lily explain to the girls that they think that moving back home is best for them so that they can work on their relationship more slowly. The girls are excited to move back home and go upstairs to pack. Holden goes out to do some errands because it is too hard for him to watch his family leave the farm. Once everything is packed Lily tells the girls to wait in the car as she takes one lat glance at the Snyder kitchen before she leave the house.

(Carly’s house) An angry Holden arrives to tell Carly she has ruined his life because his family is leaving the farm. Carly reminds him that he told Lily he needed time and space. Holden tells Carly he didn’t want his family to live apart from him. Carly tells Holden that he and Lily were already separated even though they were living in the house. Carly tells Holden that she thinks this will help bring he and Lily back together. Holden tells Carly that she hasn’t done so well handling her family so she should stop interfering in his family.

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