ATWT Update Thursday 5/22/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 5/22/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Al’s Diner) Vienna and Henry get ready for the school dance, which is going to be at the Diner, and the kids will soon be coming to the party. Vienna burns her fingers pm the oven and sees that the burn is beginning to blister. Henry kisses Vienna fingers and tells her that if his new plan works out she will never get dishpan hands or blisters on her fingers again. Vienna wonders what Henry has done and he explains that he is meeting with a lawyer to try to get some money from Gray Gerard's estate. Vienna tells Henry she doesn’t need the money because she is happy running the diner and being with him. Henry tells Vienna that he needs the money so he can live the life to which he hopes to become accustomed.

(Lakeview) Liberty twirls around in her dress and Janet, Katie and Brad all tell her she looks fantastic in her dress. Brad gives Liberty a tissue and tells her to wipe off some of her makeup and tone things down because she doesn’t need to wear that much makeup. Liberty promises not to wear so much makeup and encourages Brad and Katie to leave for their date night by gently pushing Brad out the door. Brad doesn’t want to leave because he doesn’t trust that Janet will get Liberty to the party safely. Katie tells Brad that Janet has been taking care of Liberty for a long time and everything will be fine. Brad gives Katie flowers to celebrate date night and Katie gives her husband a kiss as they head out of the hotel. Janet encourages Liberty to put on more makeup because her father is a nice guy but he knows nothing about makeup.

(Farm) Lily sees Holden holding some flowers and thinks Faith will love them but Holden tells her that Faith already has her flowers and the flowers he is holding are for her. Lily smiles because she loves the surprise and thanks Holden by giving him a quick kiss. Lily tells Holden to compliment Faith on how pretty she looks because Faith is a little nervous about the dance. Faith comes downstairs and Holden compliments her on her dress and goes to get the car. Faith tells Lily she doesn’t want to go to the dance because she has a stomachache. Lily wonders why Faith doesn’t want to go to the dance and asks her if she is afraid nobody will dance with her. Faith shakes her head no so Lily asks her if she is worried all the girls will scratch her eyes out because she looks so beautiful again Faith shakes her head no. Lily wonders if Faith is worried about her relationship with Holden and Faith nods her head yes. Lily assures her daughter that things between her and Holden are fine they are just taking things slowly because they want their relationship to last a long time. Lily smiles and tells Faith that she and Holden are taking baby steps towards each other. Lily tells faith that Holden gave her flowers and her baby step is she is trying to be patient with Holden. Holden comes back inside and Faith smiles and thanks him for the flowers he gave to her then heads out to the car. Holden and Lily hope to see more smiles on Faith’s face tonight.

(Carly’s house) J.J comes downstairs wearing sneakers and Carly says he isn’t wearing ratty sneakers to the school dance. J.J explains that there is a basketball court not too far from the diner and he and his friends are planning to play basketball if the dance gets too boring. Jack asks J.J. to go change his shoes and he heads upstairs as parker comes downstairs and J.J jokes that his brother smells like a girl. Carly asks Parker not to fight with his brother tonight and Parker tells his mom that he won’t fight with J.J if she doesn’t fight with Jack. Parker asks Carly and Jack to promise not to fight tonight and Jack tells Parker he doesn’t have a problem keeping that promise but wonders if Carly can keep that promise. Carly asks Parker to put Sage’s bike in the garage so she can talk to Jack alone. Carly resents Jack’s implication that she can’t keep a promise to Parker. Jack tells Carly that she just proved his point because she just started another fight with him. Carly asks Jack to let her chaperone the dance alone and also wonders why he is so eager to chaperone the dance. Jack tells Carly that the night of the Metro opening Parker spent the whole night with Liberty at the Lakeview. Carly wonders who told Jack this and he tells her he and Katie talked about it this afternoon. Carly is hurt that Parker lied to her and Jack tells her that she has to keep a tighter reign on the kids and make sure they actually are where they say they are going to be. Parker walks in and says they couldn’t keep their promise for five minutes. Jack tells Parker that they know about his night at the Lakeview with Liberty and make Parker promise to always tell them the truth.

(Outside the Lakeview) Liberty doesn’t want to leave her mother alone so she says that she doesn’t have to go to the dance and they could just watch a movie and put on facemasks. Janet gives Liberty a hug and calls her the best daughter in the world and tells her to go to the dance and have fun. Liberty checks herself once more and then walks the rest of the way to Al’s with her date Dylan. Dylan wonders if Janet is Liberty’s mother and tells Liberty that Janet looks hot. Liberty tells Dylan she has never seen that woman before in her life.

(Al’s Diner) Liberty arrives and Henry introduces her to Vienna who tells her Brad has told her a lot about her but she didn’t know she was so pretty. Liberty thinks Vienna is pretty enough to be a model and shouldn’t be working at a diner. Henry has heard enough and heads to meet with the lawyer from Gray Gerard's estate. Dylan tells Liberty the dance is boring so they leave and go someplace more private.

(Movie Theater) Brad and Katie watch a movie but since the movie isn’t good they begin to kiss until Janet interrupts them. Janet squeezes her way past Katie to sit next to Brad. Katie storms out of the theater since she is mad that Janet ruined their date night. Brad chases after Katie who tells him she wants to go someplace where she doesn’t have to think about Janet and Liberty for a few hours.

(Lakeview) Henry is surprised when Bonnie tells him that she is helping the lawyer for Gray Gerard's estate. Bonnie tells Henry Gray died without leaving a will so he won’t get any of Gray’s money unless he is a relative or Gray. Bonnie tells Henry that if Gray was alive he could sue him for damages and win but since Gray is dead he doesn’t have a case.

(Al’s Diner) Carly and Jack arrive to chaperone the party and Vienna asks Jack to keep the teens from breaking things. Lily and Holden arrive with Faith and Lily sends Holden and Faith ahead of her inside the restaurant so Faith can say Hello to her soccer coach. Lily tells Carly that she is trying to stop crowding Holden hoping that it will help him relax with her. Carly thinks that is a good idea and reminds Lily that Holden loves her very much. Parker asks his friend Bryn if she has seen Liberty and she says that Liberty was at the party but she left with Dylan. Parker goes for a walk outside to look for Liberty while he is walking he daydreams that he finds Liberty and she tells him he looks great and smells amazing. In the daydream Parker and Liberty almost kiss until he is hit with a hard dose of reality when he sees Liberty kissing Dylan. Liberty wonders if Parker has never seen two teenagers kissing because he looks so stunned. Parker walks away very sad about what he has just seen.

(Old town) Parker bumps into Brad and Katie and tells him he just saw Liberty making out with Dylan. Brad is ready to find the kid and kill him until Katie persuades him to go talk to Janet.

(Lakeview) Brad tells Janet what Parker told him but she tells Brad to calm down because its just two kids having fun. Brad still wants to go find Liberty and kill Dylan. Brad, Katie and Janet head out to search for Liberty.

(Outside Al’s diner) Carly advises Lily not to force Holden or use anymore tricks on him because that will make things worse. Lily goes inside the diner but Carly stays outside because she doesn’t want to be near Jack. Jack wonders if Carly and Lily were planning another conspiracy. Carly says no they were just talking and Jack doesn’t want Carly or Lily to wreck Holden’s good mood. Carly thinks Jack is implying that she will wreck Holden’s life like she wrecked their marriage and the lives of their children. Carly goes inside and asks Holden how things are going and he says he is thinking about the good times and the bad times. Carly asks Lily how Faith is doing and he says she is waiting on some guy to ask her to dance. Lily asks Holden to dance hoping that it will encourage the kids to dance. Holden tells Lily that isn’t a good idea and they should just chaperone the dance. Lily walks across the diner to talk to Carly and tells her she feels like punching Holden. Carly tells Lily to calm down because she and Holden will be back on track and they will forget this ever happened. Lily tells Carly she will never forget this and screams at Carly to stop defending Holden. Holden walks over and asks Lily to control herself and not lose her temper at the dance. Lily screams and asks Holden if he is her husband or not and if he is her husband he should start acting like her husband. Holden leaves and Carly chases after him despite the fact that Jack tells her Lily and Holden’s marriage is none of her business. Carly finds Holden sitting on a bench nearby and he says he was such a jerk for not dancing with Lily he just didn’t want to embarrass Faith at her dance. Lily encourages Holden to explain things to Lily and work on their marriage.

(Inside Al’s diner) Henry tells Vienna that Bonnie told him he doesn’t have a case so she heads out to talk to Bonnie.

(Lakeview) Vienna tells Bonnie she doesn’t understand how she can work for Gray’s estate since he was such an awful person. Vienna tells Bonnie that if she were a decent person she would find a way to get Gray’s victims some justice. Bonnie calls Mr. Greenberg, the other lawyer handling the estate, and gets fired for suggesting they use some of Gray’s money to pay his victims.

(Al’s Diner) Jack asks Lily to pull herself together for the sake of her children who are in shock. Lily sees Faith crying and apologizes and takes her home. Jack sees Parker sitting on a bench outside and he also wants to go home because he and Carly were fighting in front of everyone.

(Outside the Lakeview) Janet sees Liberty slowly walking back and gives her a hug and tells her they were all worried about her. Brad and Katie go inside and let Janet talk to Liberty. Janet sees the hickey on Liberty’s neck and is hurt because she defended her to Brad and she was making out with a boy. Janet slaps Liberty in the face but immediately apologizes to her. Janet tells Liberty that she doesn’t want her to end up sixteen and pregnant without a future. Liberty goes inside the hotel and asks Brad and Katie if she can go home with them for the night.

(Carly’s house) Parker tells Jack he just wanted to have one good night where nothing went wrong. Jack again apologizes to Parker for his fight with Carly. Parker tells Jack that he just wants one thing t go right in his life.

(Farm) Lily apologizes to Faith for losing her temper and assures her things will be okay. Faith goes upstairs to bed. Holden arrives and Lily asks him for forgiveness and he gives her a hug.

(Carly’s house) Carly arrives home and tells Jack she is tired and doesn’t feel like fighting with him. Jack promises Carly he won’t bully her again. Jack also tells Carly he cares about her. Carly tells Jack she knows he cares about her and then tells him good night and shuts the door.

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