ATWT Update Wednesday 5/21/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 5/21/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Hospital) Alison is having a hard time studying for her test in the on call room and Chris offers to help her study for her test. Chris understands that people at the hospital have been giving Alison a hard time because of her friendship with him so he suggests they go study at his place. Chris sees the look on Alison’s face and tells her that he is only going to help her study but in order to avoid hospital gossip they need to go some place where nobody will see them together. Alison accepts Chris’s offer and Chris leaves first to go order some brain food for them. Alison leaves a few minutes later but looks unsure that she should have accepted Chris’s offer to help her study for her test.

(Lakeview) Alison arrives and Chris tells her he hasn’t had time to order food but asks her to choose what she wants to eat from the menu. Alison tells Chris she isn’t hungry and would rather just get too her studies. Chris starts asking Alison questions about the skeletal system of the body and when he gets to a question about the difference between the ribs and he touches Alison’s ribs to show her what he is talking about she jumps and tells Chris this wasn’t a good idea. Chris tells Alison he noticed she has had the same reaction every time he touches her. Alison tells Chris she came here to study not to have sex and she thinks she should leave now. Chris admits to Alison that he wants to make love to her but he did not touch her in a sexual way he only wanted to show her where on the body the two different kinds of ribs are located. Chris thinks Alison might be suffering from some type of posttraumatic stress syndrome and might benefit from seeing a psychologist or Psychiatrist. Chris thinks that if Alison doesn’t get some help with her problem she won’t make it through the nursing program. Alison is very angry because Chris thinks that she is crazy and insists that she can handle her studies just fine without his help adding that she will become a nurse. Chris yells that if that is what she wants she is now on her own. Alison yells at Chris that it is just fine with her and storms out of the room slamming the door behind her.

(Worldwide) Casey and Emily continue to make love joking that they have lost count of how many times they have made love since last night. Emily doesn’t want to stop but soon there is a knock at the door from Tom who wants to talk to Emily about Daniel. Emily yells at Tom that she is on a phone call and asks him to wait a few minutes. A half naked Casey rushes to hide under Emily’s desk while Emily quickly gets dressed. Emily opens the door to Tom who wants to talk to her about sending Daniel to sailing camp with his friends. Emily doesn’t think it is a good idea because his friends are rich and he might get used to that life and want a sailboat. Tom understands her point but thinks it may be fun for Daniel to go to sailing camp. Tom also tells Emily he is glad that Casey quit his job as her assistant because him working with her was just trouble waiting to happen. Emily tells Tom that Casey is a grown man and can make his own decisions and Casey is so happy that Emily defended him that he licks her toes. Emily tells Tom that she is considering giving Casey his job back because she has been unable to find a good assistant. Emily promises Tom she will think about the camp for Daniel. Tom tells Emily that Daniel worships her and is constantly seeking her approval. Tom tells Emily that she should try and spend more time with Daniel Tom wonders if she has seen Casey because he didn’t come home last night and he and Margo are worried about him. Emily tells Tom that if she sees Casey she will tell him to check in with him. Once Tom is gone Emily realizes she can’t have a romantic relationship with Casey because if Tom finds out he could take Daniel away from her. Emily also thinks its not right that she be sleeping with Daniel’s half brother. Emily gives Casey his job back on the condition that their relationship remain strictly business. Casey tells Emily that it will be difficult for both of them but he accepts the offer.

(Sofie’s studio) Paul drops by and gives Sofie his investment check for her jewelry business. Sofie asks Paul for his help in ordering supplies but he tells her he doesn’t know anything about the nuts and bolts of jewelry so she should ask Barbara for her help. Paul does advise Sofie to be firm with the wholesalers and ask for a ten percent discount on supplies and they will give it to her if she promises to double her next order. Sofie tells Paul she hasn’t had lunch so he invites her to have lunch with him. Sofie tells Paul that Barbara wants to have a launch party for her and maybe they will have it here. Sofie thinks that she will wear the same dress she wore to the opening of Metro. Paul tells her that she is in the fashion business now and she can’t be seen wearing the same dress twice. Paul gives Sofie his credit card so that she can buy a new dress and shoes for her launch party.

(Old Town) Barbara runs into Lisa outside of Fashions and she tells her that she is saving an entire display case inside the window for Sofie’s jewelry. Lisa tells Barbara that she should take it easy and not help Sofie so much with her new business. Barbara tells Lisa Sofie’s new business keeps her from thinking about the cancer. Lisa goes back inside fashions and Barbara is walking with her shopping bags and gets dizzy and almost falls but Meg walks by just in time to catch her. Barbara asks Meg to take her back to the Lakeview and Meg agrees even though she should really go to the hospital. Lisa runs into Sofie and admires her jewelry and tells her she is saving a whole display case inside the store window for her jewelry.

(Lakeview) Barbara asks Meg not to tell Paul how tired the radiation treatment is making her because he needs to take care of himself now. Meg thinks Barbara should hire a private nurse to help her before and after her treatments. Barbara wants to hire Meg to be her nurse and promises to talk to the hospital and give her job back. Meg accepts the offer and thanks her for wanting to talk to the hospital. Barbara wants to leave to go meet Sofie but Meg insists she rest and make up an excuse to Sofie. Barbara calls Sofie and tells her she is on an emergency business trip to New York. Paul hears the call and is suspicious so he asks the desk clerk if he has seen Barbara has left the hotel. Paul then goes up to Barbara’s room and asks Meg or Barbara to explain what is going on to him. Meg tells Paul that she helped Barbara carry her shopping bags home. Once Meg is gone Barbara explains to Paul she hired Meg because she wants her to get back together with him. Paul tells Barbara that her manipulation won’t work with Meg but he appreciates the effort. Barbara encourages Paul to fight for Meg because life is too short to waste time. Paul calls Meg and tells her that Barbara hired her because she wants her to get back together with him. Paul thanks Meg helping Barbara today and also tells her he will hire another nurse so that she isn’t put in an awkward situation.

(Noah’s house) Officer Lewis tells Noah and Luke that Colonel Mayer escaped during a routine jail transfer and they believe he had help to escape. Luke tells the officer that Ameera may have helped Noah’s father but Noah tells the officer that Ameera would never help his father escape. Noah tells the officer that Ameera disappeared today and he thinks that his father kidnapped her. Luke tells officer Lewis about the letter from Colonel Mayer that Ameera brought inside the house. Luke explains that Noah got the letter from his father while he was living at the farm but later lost the letter. Noah tells the officer that the letter didn’t talk about a plan to escape so the letter isn’t important. The officer gives Noah his card in case his father or Ameera should contact him. Noah gives Officer Lewis a picture of Ameera to use for the all points bulletin. Once the officer is gone Luke tries to persuade Noah that Ameera helped Colonel Mayer but Noah refuses to believe Ameera could do such a thing. Noah finds an unfamiliar number in Ameera’s cell phone and Luke searches the phone number on the computer and discovers the number is from Brooklyn New York. Luke wants to tell the police the information but Noah doesn’t want Ameera to get hurt by his father. Luke and Noah argue back and forth for a few minutes and Noah sends Luke to talk to the police about the new information. Luke tells Noah not to worry and assures him they will get through this together and they kiss before Luke heads out the door. Noah gets a call from Ameera telling him she is fine and he shouldn’t search for her. The call gets cut off and Noah then makes a plane reservation to New York.

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