ATWT Update Tuesday 5/20/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 5/20/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Farm) Lily and Holden awaken and Lily says good morning to Holden who tells her good morning and quickly gets out of bed to take a shower. Lily and Holden go downstairs to fix the school lunches for their kids and Faith asks her mother if she knows where her blue dress is because she wants to wear it for a school dance at Al’s Diner. Lily wonders why the school didn’t call her or Holden to be chaperons for the dance. Faith tells Lily she told her teacher that she and Holden wouldn’t want to chaperone the school dance. Lily asks Faith why she said that to her teacher and Faith simply responds because she though that she and Holden would be bored at the dance. Faith then nervously tells Lily and Holden that none of the other parents they know will be there so they will both feel out of place. Once Faith has left for school Lily tells Holden that they both know why Faith didn’t want them to go to the dance. Holden tells Lily he knows it’s because of their marital problems but he tells her they are doing the best they can to fix things between them. Lily tells Holden that they don’t belong at the dance if their problems are so obvious that even a child notices that their marriage isn’t working. Lily tells Holden it is best to honor Faith’s wishes and not be chaperones for the dance.

(Carly’s house) Carly finds the flyer about the school dance and asks Parker why he didn’t tell her about the dance. Parker tells Carly the dance wasn’t important because he isn’t even sure if he was going to go. Jack arrives and Carly shows Jack the flier and Jack sends Parker to the car so he can talk to Carly about the situation. Carly tells Jack she was worried that Parker was keeping secrets from them again when she saw the flyer in his backpack. Jack thinks it would be good for he and Carly to chaperone the dance for Parker to have a sense of stability. Carly tells Jack that she doesn’t want Parker, Sage and J.J to assume that they are a couple because they chaperone the dance together. Jack doesn’t think there is any harm in doing this for Parker’s sake but Carly thinks Jack just wants to go so he can be at the dance to put her in her place if she makes a mistake. Carly also tells Jack that if she had suggested they go together he would have accused her of having an ulterior motive. Carly tells Jack that she intends to chaperone the dance alone and they will not discuss it anymore. Jack tells Carly to do whatever she wants to do about the dance since she always has to do things her way.

(School) Holden and Carly arrive to drop off parker and Faith who tell each other that they are relived neither of their parents are going to be at the dance. Carly tells Holden that she told Jack she was going to chaperone the dance alone. Holden tells Carly he and Lily found out about it this morning and he is relived that Lily decided they shouldn’t chaperone the dance. Carly tells Holden she doesn’t want to go to the dance alone and then asks him to go to the dance with her. Holden hesitates a bit because he has never liked dances much but Carly persuades him to go with her.

(Farm) Lucinda arrives and Lily tells her about her troubles with Holden and that they are deeply affecting the children. Lily explains that Faith didn’t want her and Holden to chaperone her school dance because she knows things are tense between them. Lily tells Lucinda that Holden told her he needs to learn to love her again. Lucinda advises Lily to take things slowly with Holden and use the school dance as an opportunity to reconnect with him. Lucinda leaves and Lily begins to plant some geraniums in a pot. Holden arrives and Lily tells him she is willing to take things slowly with him if he wants to work at their marriage. Lily tells Holden that she wants to move forward with him not go backward so they should go have some fun at the school dance.

(Carly’s house) Carly gets a call from jack who insists he wants to chaperone the dance because she has no right to keep him from participating in Parker’s life. Carly tells Jack she never intended to keep him out of Parker’s life. Jack thinks that is good because he is going to chaperone the dance and she will just have to deal with his presence at the dance. Carly then calls Holden and tells him Jack insisted on going to the dance with him. Holden tells Carly that Lily also changed her mind and is also going to the dance with him. Carly thinks that is great news and advises Holden to have a good time with Lily. Holden is worried about Carly and wonders if she is okay about Jack going to the dance. Carly tells Holden she will be fine and he should concentrate on having a good time with Lily.

(Lakeview) Janet arrives and brings doughnuts for her and Liberty to have breakfast. Liberty doesn’t want to get out of bed so she tells her mother to come back when she is bringing lunch. Janet can’t understand why Liberty likes to sleep so much but she thinks she must have gotten that from her father.

(Brad and Katie’s house) Brad and Katie are exhausted from making love in every room in the house. Katie tells Brad that she has to go to work because she has to talk to Kim about her itinerary before Kim sends her to cover the elections Brad tells Katie he wants to stay home and paint the house today and Katie tells him that she will come home early and help him paint and she just might take off her shirt to do the painting. Brad goes to take a shower and Katie gets a call from Lisa who tells her that Liberty has a huge mini bar and room service bill that must be paid.

(Lakeview) Katie arrives to take Liberty to school and talk to her about the bill. Katie is surprised that Janet hasn’t gotten Liberty out of bed. Katie gently awakens Liberty and insists that she must go to school. Janet wonders Katie’s first night in her new house was and Katie smiles and says she had a wonderful night with Brad. Janet wonders if Katie or Brad will pick Liberty up from school. Katie explains to Janet that she will pick Liberty up from school because Brad is staying home to paint the house

(Outside the school inside Katie’s car.) Katie tells Liberty she knows she invited Parker over the night Metro opened because Lisa called about the huge mini bar and room service bill. Liberty tells Katie it could be a case of identity theft and it wasn’t her that that created the huge bill. Katie tells Liberty that is a good story but the mini bar and the entire hotel has cameras that caught her so she is busted. Katie tells Liberty that she has to tell Brad about the situation. Liberty smiles and tells Katie to tell Brad because he won’t care she had her cousin over to visit her. Liberty gets out of the car and sees Parker and asks him if he will be at the dance. Parker tells Liberty he isn’t sure if he wants to go but he might be at the dance. Liberty tells Parker she will see him at the dance and then she gets annoyed because Parker’s friend tells him they have to go to class.

Katie calls Jack from her car and asks him to meet her at the TV station to talk about Parker.

(TV Station) Katie tells Jack that Parker was with Liberty in her hotel room the night of the Metro opening and they ran up a huge mini bar and room service bill. Jack apologizes to Katie for Parker’s actions and offers to pay part of the bill. Katie refuses telling Jack it isn’t about the money she is just hurt that Liberty disobeyed her and Brad’s rules for her.

(Lakeview) Janet flirts with a hotel employee and asks him where the hotel kitchen is because she is planning a surprise for a friend.

(Brad and Katie’s house ) Brad is listening to music and is painting in his underwear and he doesn’t have a shirt on. Brad hears the knock on the door and yells for the person to come inside because the door is open. Janet arrives looks at Brad’s body and tells herself that every part of his body is hard telling herself he is in very good shape. Brad doesn’t here Janet’s comments because he has the music turned up loudly. Brad turns the music off and Janet tells Brad she brought him and Katie a housewarming present of home made lasagna, which she made in the hotel kitchen. Janet wonders why the room feels so hot and Brad explains that he broke the air conditioning. Janet takes off her blouse and tells Brad that it feels much cooler now. Janet puts the lasagna on a plate for Brad and a few minutes later he has finished the entire lasagna. Janet then gives Brad a spoonful of the pudding she made for dessert. Katie walks in the house and sees Janet feeding Brad the pudding. Brad quickly gets up from the dinng room chair and tells Katie he can explain everything to her. Katie tells Brad to put a shirt on so he does as she asks of him. Katie then tells Brad about the huge mini bar and room service bill that Liberty ran up when she and Parker hung out together the night of the Metro opening. Katie then tells Brad she talked to Liberty about it and she said that Brad wouldn’t care that she invited her cousin over to spend some time with her. Janet tells Katie that Liberty was probably bored and wanted to get to know her new cousin. Brad is hurt that Liberty thought that he wouldn’t care what she does or what happens to her. Janet tells Brad and Katie that they must pick their battles with Liberty and if they start telling Liberty who she can be friends with that is a battle they won’t win. Brad tells Janet to leave because he sees the angry look on Katie’s face. Katie tells Brad that Janet won’t come over without calling first again. Katie also tells Brad that whenever guests come over he must be fully dressed. Katie also wants Brad to call her whenever Janet comes over so that she won’t come home and walk in on a seen like she did today. Katie walks over to the garbage can and throws away the spoon that Janet used to feed Brad. Brad kisses Katie and assures her that she won this battle.

(Noah’s house) Noah finds the first letter he got from his father stuffed inside a drawer and wonders how the letter got inside the house since he thought he had lost the letter. Noah calls Luke and tells him that he has a problem and they need to talk. Luke tells Noah to come meet him at Java and they can have a cup of coffee and talk.

(Java) Noah shows Luke the letter and wonders how the letter got inside the house since he was living at the farm when he got the letter from his father. Luke tells Noah that Ameera must have had the letter even though Noah doesn’t want to believe it. Luke tells Noah that Lucinda gave him the name of a state department agent named Ben Coyle and encourages Noah to ask Mr. Coyle to check into Ameera’s story about how she met Colonel Mayer. Luke and Noah meet agent Coyle who confirms that Colonel Mayer did help Ameera’s family in Iraq just like Ameera told them.

(Noah’s house) Ameera is shocked and a little scared to see Colonel Mayer sitting on the couch and he asks her to sit beside him. Colonel Mayer asks Ameera to help him and she nervously tells him that she will help him. Noah and Luke arrive home to talk to Ameera but the house is empty. Noah finds a note from Ameera telling him she has found another way to stay in the country so he can have their marriage annulled to be with Luke. Luke and Noah are relived to be done with all the lies and they are also very happy they are finally free to be together. Noah and Luke begin to kiss and slowly head to the bedroom. Noah and Luke begin to make love when they are interrupted by the state police knock on the door. A state policeman informs Noah that Colonel Mayer escaped from prison this morning.

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