ATWT Update Monday 5/19/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 5/19/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Yo’s) Alison, Amy, and Casey arrive to have a drink but Alison tells Amy and Casey she must leave to go study for a test. Amy pulls Alison aside and asks her to stay because if she leaves Casey may want to leave too. Alison agrees to stay and while Amy goes to the restroom to fix her makeup Alison tells Casey to relax and have some fun because Amy likes him. Casey tells Alison that he isn’t in a relationship right now and he doesn’t want to be in a relationship. Alison tells Casey Amy is a nice girl and she might change his mind about a relationship if he would only give her a chance and have some fun.

(Hospital) Susan Thanks Chris for persuading Brenda to give Alison a make up test. Susan also asks Chris not to use his influence as the son of the chief of staff to help Alison anymore. Chris is puzzled by Susan’s request so Susan explains that if he continues to clean up Alison’s mistakes in nursing school she will come to expect him to clean up her messes for her. Susan continues to explain to Chris that If he continues to help Alison when she graduates nursing school Alison won’t feel like she earned her degree instead she will think that she got her degree because Chris did favors for her.

(Yo’s) Emily arrives and is angry because she thinks Casey is on a date with Alison so she yells at Alison that she should be studying not on a date with Casey. Casey then blasts Emily and even though it’s none of her business explains that Alison set him up with her friend Amy. Casey also tells Emily he was about to leave because he isn’t interested in Amy.

(Hospital) Emily arrives claiming that she wants to go to lunch with Susan but her real intention is to tell Chris that Alison is at Yo’s partying with her friends instead of studying. Chris rushes to Yo’s to talk some sense into Alison. Susan wonders what Emily has been doing working so late at the office. Emily remembers making love to Chris in New York and then she doesn’t feel like going to lunch with Susan so she heads back to the office.

(Yo’s) Amy notices when Chris arrives with an angry look on his face and leaves Alison alone to talk to him. Chris blasts Alison for not studying hard enough and Alison fires back that she has a right to have a social life. Alison also yells at Chris that she is a grown woman and how she lives her life is none of his business. Chris wonders if Alison is trying to fail the nursing program on purpose and blow her chance at being a nurse. Alison shouts at Chris that maybe she is trying to fail because she knows she will once again disappoint her family.

(Hospital) Chris tells Susan that she got what she wanted he has decided to leave Alison alone. Chris walks into the on call room and is touched to see Alison asleep in a chair and walks over and strokes her hair.

(Lakeview) Janet and Liberty walk to Brad and Katie’s room to ask them to dinner although Janet doesn’t really care it Katie tags along as long as Brad gets to spend some quiet time with her and Liberty. Janet and Liberty are stunned when an elderly couple answers the door to Brad and Katie’s room. Janet bursts in to look for Brad and calls his name as she walks all over the room. The man tells Janet once again that Brad isn’t there and says that maybe he left to get away from her. Janet tells Liberty that Brad has abandoned them again but Liberty is sure that Brad would never abandon her. Janet asks the clerk at the front desk and didn’t leave an address where people could reach him. Liberty calls Brad but can’t reach him because Katie turned of his phone to give him a surprise.

(TV Station) Katie arrives and puts a blindfold on Brad because she promises she will give him a wonderful surprise.

(Lakeview) Janet is determined to find Brad and not let him abandon Liberty again. Liberty encourages her mother not to overreact because she knows Brad is a good father and would never abandon her.

(Old Town) Janet is angry that the TV Station wouldn’t give her Brad’s new address and is even more sure Brad has left them again. Liberty is determined to vindicate her father so she calls her school to see if Brad gave them his new address.

(Brad and Katie’s house) Brad loves the new house and tells Katie she did a wonderful job decorating it. Katie begins the tour of the house with their bedroom and the newlyweds make love. Once they have finished Katie shows Brad Liberty’s room and he is excited to call liberty and tell her about her room in the new house. Brad decides to wait a little while to call Liberty and Brad and Katie begin to make love again. Katie sees Janet and Liberty staring at them through the window so they get dressed and welcome their first guests. Janet yells at Brad that he should have told them he was moving because Liberty thought that he had abandoned them again. Liberty tells Brad she never thought he would do that to her that Janet was just overreacting to what happened. Katie apologizes for not telling them and explains that she just wanted to surprise Brad. Brad asks Katie to take Liberty on a tour of the house while he talks to Janet. Brad makes t clear to Janet that he will never abandon Liberty and she shouldn’t fill her head with such ideas because Liberty has enough to deal with right now. Liberty is excited about decorating her new room until she sees the sad look on Janet’s face. Liberty thanks Brad and Katie for the room but she wants to stay with her mother at the Lakeview. Brad and Katie tell Liberty they understand and make it clear the room is ready for her whenever she is ready to visit or live with them. Brad and Katie talk after Janet and Liberty have gone back to the hotel. Brad knows Katie bought the new house because she wanted to get him away fro Janet. Katie admits that Brad is right and the two kiss each other. Katie thinks that she and Brad have enough stress in their lives with their jobs and his new teenaged daughter to deal with such a high maintenance woman like Janet. Brad agrees with Katie even though they don’t yet know what they should do about Janet.

(Lakeview) Janet tells Liberty that she will be fine living in the hotel by herself and if she wants to she can move into Brad and Katie’s house. Liberty insists that she enjoys living at the hotel and orders room service for her mom so Janet can relax a take a shower. Janet is amazed at how big the hotel bathroom is and Liberty wonders how long her mom is staying in town. Janet tells Liberty she is going to stay as long as it takes her to get settled into town with Brad. Janet tells Liberty that until she gets settled she will go everywhere with her. Liberty is unhappy about this and rolls her eyes because she thinks her mother will ruin her new life.

(Worldwide) Emily recalls the tour of New York she gave to Casey and also making love at the New York office after the business meeting. Casey arrives and wonders if Emily was jealous when she thought he was on a date with Alison. Emily tells Casey that it’s not the first time a man has left her for Alison.

Emily tells Casey he should forget about her because she will destroy his life just like she did with all the men she has been with including Tom. Casey wonders why Emily is trying to make him hate her. Emily reminds Casey that she is bad news and he should stay away from her. Casey draws Emily into a passionate kiss and tells her not to talk anymore.

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