ATWT Update Friday 5/16/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 5/16/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

At the office, Emily is harried and running behind schedule and is noticeably annoyed when Casey slips around and kisses her on her neck from behind. She informs him there is no “us” and not to ever do that again. He’s amazed, they had such a good time in New York and he knows she enjoyed it as much as he did. She says yes, but it won’t happen again. He won’t let it go at that; it was hot and they needed it. She hands him a dose of reality that his parents would go nuclear if they knew. As far as she is concerned, New York never happened.

Chris won’t let Ali give him no for an answer; she will celebrate with him later for passing her test. Of course she knows she wouldn’t have unless he talked the lady into letting her take a make-up test. Two fellow nursing students give her a hard time for getting her good grades for sleeping with the right guy.

Holden answers the phone at the farm when Carly calls. He’s cool toward her, but agrees to let the girls come over and help Sage finish a project. He’s likewise distant to Lily and she wants to put a stop to it. She knows he is upset that she wasn’t upfront with him before. He doesn’t want to talk about this now, but that was the problem, the other night wasn’t real. She had set it up. She almost catches him calling them strangers, and she reminds him they are not. They belong together, they always have. She vows that all she wants is him, the life they used to have, the way it used to be. She starts to put her arms upon his shoulder and he pulls away just as the girls come in and he tells Lily that he wants that too, but it isn’t going to be that easy. Faith asks what is going on and doesn’t believe when Holden says they were just talking. She knows they were fighting again. And they can’t be happy if he and Lily aren’t. Lily is worried, what are they doing to their children?

Casey tells Emily that she can’t expect him to be in the same room with her and pretend that she is just his boss. She informs him that he is right, they can’t work together. He gathers she is going to fire him, so he quits. He pops in at home only to find Margo there. She wonders what he is doing away from the The Intruder? She laughs when he says working for Emily was impossible so he quit. She thinks this may be a blessing in disguise and now he can go back to college.

Sage is disappointed when her mom won’t let her invite Jack to the play, he can come another time says Carly. And no he can not stay over night. Holden calls and says he is bringing the girls over. Lily tells him the girls are analyzing their every move, like they are going to file for a divorce any second. They might try being a little more loving toward each other and they’d be less insecure. He offers they would see right through that act. She points out it would not be an act for her. He advises her not to make him out to be the bad guy. He asked for one simple thing - the truth, she could start there. She says being alone the other night with him, that was the most truthful they have been in a long time. He admits it would have been if he had gotten there on his own without being tricked into it. Did it ever occur to her that it could have happened on it’s own without her games? Some part of her had to know it wasn’t right no matter what she says now. She blasts that she can’t win with him. Does he really think she wants him back over some stupid charade, and not have him come back to her because of her? She wanted to re-connect when she went away and came back, but all he did was push her away. He reminds her that when he went away, she wanted time. Why couldn’t she give him that same time? She asks does he want her to go away again? He answers that isn’t what he said. They are interrupted by the girls coming in.

Ali catches Chris catching a few zzzz’s. She thanks him for helping her, but states please do not do it again. She wants to do it all on her own with no special favors. She knows she blew her chances, but it will never happen again. Everyone thinks she only got by because she is sleeping with Chris. He tells her they are wrong, but she insists that is the way it feels, like she is cutting corners. And if she is to become a nurse, she needs to do it on her own. He feels like she is punishing him and walks off. Tom sees this. He questions Chris what was that all about? Chris answers he didn’t know he had anything going with Alison, but now she is all over the place and wants him to back off entirely. Tom quips that has he forgotten Chris and Ali part one? Is he sure this is what he needs in his life right now? Tom says he really likes Alison, but she’s a troubled kid and he doesn’t think Chris needs that. Chris admits she has had problems, but she doesn’t hurt other people, only herself. He cares for her and he can’t just walk away. He thinks she is special and he can help her. He thinks she is worth it and he wants to see where this is going.

Emily’s temp shows up and she gives him the routine to handle the office while she is at the Lakeview. Casey talks to Lisa and she says she loves him to death, but she can not go against the hotel policy and give him his job back. She too suggests that maybe he should go back to school. Casey literally runs into Emily and even jokes is she there to offer him his job back? She wastes no time in letting him know he’s already been replaced.

Holden drops the girls off, but they won’t let him go. They need an audience for their play. Carly tells Holden she is not going to embarrass him by asking him to forgive her, she knows she made a mistake and she hopes someday they can just be normal to each other again. He hopes so too, but meanwhile he is disappointed that he confided in her and she turned it against him. She denies that, she did not tell Lily anything he told her. He maintains she got him to do something he didn’t want to do and if that is not betrayal then he doesn’t know what is. He advises her she should be real careful as she doesn’t have a very good track record confiding in friends. Carly says she doesn’t want to make excuses for herself, but she thought she owed Lily from things she had done for her in the past. She confides that Lily means a lot to her and she could not let her down. Either way, one of them was going to be disappointed in her, and now she’s tired of seeing those faces with that look.

Lucinda drops in on Lily and explains she thought she would just stop by and pick up those things Lily wanted to donate to the hospital thrift shop. Okay, charity doesn’t work any more so Lucinda has to ask since Lily didn’t call her, what happened between her and Holden? She tells her mom, “according to Holden’s code of ethics, there is no excuse for me.” Lucinda refuses to believe this is permanent. Lily just needs to own up everything she has ever done and apologize. She states that Lily knows honesty is Holden’s middle name and a little white lie is not just a little white lie to him. And Lily confides Holden can’t stand the fact that she lured him into bed with her evil, feminine wiles. Lucinda asks when was the last time she ever heard a man complain to his wife that he got too much sex? She reminds Lucinda that she cheated on Holden publicly, and her big seduction scene probably reminded him of that. Lucinda lectures her that nobody is perfect, including Holden, and somebody needs to tell him that and he needs to start acting like a husband, Lily has a right to expect that.

Susan runs into Ali at the coffee shop and congratulates her on passing the test, although she understands she barely squeaked by. Now that she knows what nursing school entails, she hopes she will buckle down and do her best. Because when she has patient’s lives her in hands, she won’t be able to call on other people to pull strings for her. Alison says she doesn’t have to worry about her anymore, she asked Chris to stay out of it and she doesn’t want her mother’s help either. Susan says she knows she can do it. Ali says that makes one of them.

Carly introduces the Snyder Family Players and the theme is painfully obvious “there is no place like home.” She remarks to Holden there is nothing like being stabbed in the heart by your children. “Don’t you wish you could give them what they want, a picture perfect family?” Holden gives all the girls a big hug and tells Carly she made a great Mistress of Ceremonies. They give each other a knowing smile as they part and she says “good luck.”

Casey finds Ali at the hospital and gives her a letter from Matt that Lisa had given him. Matt apologized for treating Ali the way he did. Says he is an awesome girl and she deserved better. Margo is waiting on Lisa and runs into Emily. She gloats that Casey told her what happened between them. Emily knows how she likes to be right, so she can say “I told you so.” Margo dismisses her by saying Casey knows one thing, just to stay as far away from her as humanly possible. Lisa tells Margo her tale of woe how it broke her heart to say no to Casey, but she hopes he will go back to school. Margo laments that at least in the meantime he is not working for Emily Stewart.

Emily comes back in a rotten mood and promptly jumps all over the temp and tells him don’t even think abut going home tonight, he will have to stay and re-do just about everything he has done. He expresses that she is a bitch and no paycheck is worth this abuse. He tears up the papers and throws them up in the air. Ali gets conned into asking Casey to stay so Amy, the new student nurse, can spend time with him, and Ali ends up suggesting they go out for a drink where Emily sees them and seems to be jealous.

When Holden returns, Lily wants to hear all the details right down to the imitations. He scoffs that it was a thinly veiled plea to keep their family together, for things to be the way they used to be. She says that is what she wants too, what does he want? He answers they can not go backward. They are not the same people and they can not expect that of each other. She admits they have hurt each other deeply, and it’s not just all on her. But if they can get past that, they can get back to what is important – love, that hasn’t changed and never will. He answers that he thinks they can. But something is broken between them and he just thinks he is a little bit slower to heal than she is. She sees at least that it is not hopeless. He agrees they just need to learn to love each other again. She says she already loves him, but perhaps that is where they differ. She walks off to the back porch and looks forlornly back to see if he will follow.

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