ATWT Update Thursday 5/15/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 5/15/08


Written By Eva
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(Farm) Meg wonders why Mike is dressed in a suit to work out in the fields and Mike explains he is wearing a suit because he is going to a meeting at the cooperate office in Chicago today. Meg wonders why Paul isnít going to the meeting since he always handles all the cooperate meetings and Mike jokes with Meg and says Paul who as a way to let her know Paul hasnít been to work lately.

(Fairwinds) Paul remembers Meg walking out of Metro with Mike when she saw him (Paul) dancing with Sofie. Sofie who arrives because she is worried that Paul hasnít gone to the office yet interrupts Paulís thoughts of Meg. Paul assures Sofie he is fine and she shouldnít have made the trip all the way to his house to check on him because she could have called him on the phone. Sofie tells Paul she had to see him and give him a gift to show her appreciation for everything he has done for her. Sofie also tells Paul that she enjoyed dancing with him at Metro and hopes that now that he has broken the ice they can go out on a date.

(Farm) Meg wonders if Mike is keeping Paul out of the meeting because of her and he assures her that it has nothing to do with her it just makes life easier for everyone if Paulís only function in the project is to sign the checks. Mike guesses that seeing Paul at Metro the other night really affected Meg but she doesnít respond to his question.

(Fairwinds) Paul wonders what Sofie has for him and she sits on the couch and gives him a small box, which holds cuff links, which she designed for him. Sofie explains that she wanted to thank him for dancing with her the other night and helping her feel like she belonged for the first time in her life. Paul appreciates the thought but doesnít think Sofie should hurt her sales by giving him the cuff links and suggests that she sell them. Sofie is hurt and tells Paul she doesnít want to sell the cuff links because she designed them for him. Paul doesnít think that dancing with Sofie is anything that merits a gift but Sofie tells him that she wants him to have the cuff links so that he will know how special the night at Metro was to her.

(Lakeview) Katie and Brad kiss in med for a few minutes and Brad wants to spend all morning making love since they donít have to go to work until the afternoon. Brad suggests they call in sick to work and order room service and he also tells Katie not to worry about Liberty because she will be fine alone for a few hours. Katie loves the idea and wishes they could do it but they canít ignore their responsibilities. Katie doesnít think itís a good idea they leave Liberty alone because Liberty has a knack for getting into trouble when she is left alone. Brad thinks that if Katie was so worried about leaving Liberty alone she should have told Janet to leave town. Katie thinks that they did the right thing asking Janet to leave because Liberty has been acting out and Janet isnít a good influence on her. Katie gets dressed to go to work and suggests that Brad have breakfast with Liberty and then bring her by the studio in the afternoon.

(Old Town) Liberty talks to Dylan and Judd and tells them she has a room to herself at the Lakeview and they can hang out sometime if they are lucky. Janet arrives and tells Liberty and the guys that they should try the perperkakar at Alís diner because it is very good. Dylan and Judd wonder how Janet knows Liberty and she tells they guys she knows Liberty better then anyone because she is her mother. The boys are shocked they look at Janet for a few minutes and then just say cool. Dylan tells Judd they should leave so that Liberty and Janet could talk. Liberty is annoyed that her mom scared off her friends but Janet assures her the guys will be back because she is very cute. Liberty gets a call from Brad on her cell phone but doesnít answer his call. Liberty wonders why her mother is back in town and Janet explains that she drove all night in a lousy car just to get back to her because she missed her and thought that she might need her.

(Lakeview) Brad wonders why Liberty isnít answering her phone but leaves Liberty a message to let him know if she would like to have breakfast with him and then go to the studio. Brad thinks that Liberty is in the shower that is probably why she didnít answer the phone. Katie tells Brad that unless she hears otherwise she will expect to see Brad and Liberty at the studio. Brad tells Katie to wait because he has to tell her something important and Katie wonders if she should be worried. Brad thanks Katie for being so nice to Liberty and he is happy that she seems to care about Liberty. Katie tells Brad that she does care about Liberty and Brad thinks Liberty is lucky to have Katie in her life. Brad also thinks that he is very lucky to have her in his life and Katie smiles and tells Brad she has a soft spot for him and then Brad and Katie kiss before she leaves for work.

(Old Town) Liberty knows that the real reason she came back to town is because of Brad and tells Janet she can go take a shower in her room as soon as she admits that Brad is the reason she returned to Oakdale. Janet doesnít say word just smiles and hugs Liberty as they walk to the hotel.

(Farm)Meg admits to Mike that it did bother her to see Paul and Sofie dancing together at Metro. Meg tells Mike she thought that it was Paulís childish way of making her feel jealous. Mike isnít persuaded that Meg wasnít affected by seeing Paul dancing with Sofie. Meg offers Mike a cup of coffee and she assures Mike that when she woke up this morning Paul Ryan was the furthest thing from her mind. Mike finishes his coffee and Meg sends him off to his meeting and Meg walks over and puts the coffee cups in the sink and Mike walks back and looks inn the window Meg smiles and assures Mike that she isnít thinking about Paul.

(Fairwinds) Barbara arrives and then sends Sofie to make her some tea while she has a talk with Paul. Paul wonders how Barbara is doing after her late night last night at Metro. Barbara assures Paul she is fine because she knows her limits. Barbara tells Paul that whatever relationship is going on between him and Sofie has to stop right now. Paul tells Barbara nothing is going on between him and Sofie. Barbara tells Paul not to lie to her and then she advises him to stop giving Sofie any type of encouragement.

(TV Station) Henry tells Katie that he met Janet and knows how sexy she is so he wanted to come by and see how she was doing. Katie insists she is fine but Henry thinks that Katie is in denial. Katie gets upset when guys from the crew are watching the tape of the day Janet forced her way onto Oakdale now. Katie takes the remote and turns off the tape and Henry gives Katie a knowing look as if to say that she just proved her point. Katie tells Henry it isnít that she doesnít like Janet there is just something about her she doesnít trust because Janet is a very unpredictable person. Katie tells Henry that Janet has already left town because she asked Brad to send Janet back home he listened to her reasons why and agreed Janet should go home.

(Lakeview) Brad knocks on the door and tells Liberty to pen up the door but Brad gets a shock when he sees Janet in a towel in Libertyís room. Brad looks at Janet for a few minutes then averts his eyes Janet tells Brad he shouldnít be so shy because he wasnít shy the night of the prom. Janet tells Brad that she didnít feel right leaving Liberty besides she wanted to watch Liberty get to know her father because it is an important time in Libertyís life. Liberty walks in and sees her mom in a towel and thinks her mom works fast. Janet goes to get dressed then comes out of the bathroom and tells Liberty she was just having a parental discussion with Brad about her.

(Fairwinds) Barbara tells Paul she used Sofie to make Meg jealous but it didnít work because Meg went home with Mike Kasnoff . Barbara tells Paul the dance didnít make a big impact on Meg but it made a big impact on an impressionable girl like Sofie. Paul tells Barbara that he has tried to be very clear with Sofie and Barbara doesnít think being clear with Sofe has worked. Barbara tells Paul that she has a plan that might work to distract Sodffie he has to invest in her jewelry business. Barbara tells Sofie the good news and she is grateful that Paul believes in her business.

(Farm) Sally Megís neighbor for 20 years arrives and tells her that her kitchen is flooded and the workman wonít dig up the pipe that burst. The workman explains to Meg that they canít dig up the burst pipe without authorization from Mike. Meg calls Mike and leaves a message that there is a problem at the construction site that needs his attention. Meg then calls Paul and tells him that she canít reach Mike and there is a problem on the construction site. Paul tells Meg he is on his way over to fix the problem and she shouldnít worry.

(Fairwinds) Paul tells Barbara there is an emergency at the job site and he rushes out the door to go help Meg with the problem. Barbara explains to Sofie that Paul wonít be involved in the business at all he will be a silent partner responsible only for the business investment.

(Lakeview) Katie calls Brad to see why he and Liberty arenít at the studio and he says he is running a little late and then pretends his cell phone is losing reception and hangs up the phone. Janet sends Liberty downstairs to get her a coke with a wedge of lemon so that she can talk to Brad alone. Janet tells Brad that although Liberty doesnít show it she wants her to stay in Oakdale. Janet tells Brad that Liberty is acting out because she wants attention from both her parents.

(Farm) Paul arrives and once Sally hears that he is Paul Ryan she doesnít trust him but Paul promises to fix the problem. Paul returns after about an hour and tells Sally that the workman are digging up the pipe and he has ordered fans to dry out her kitchen floor but he suggests that they either put new pine flooring in the kitchen which he happens to have extra or reinstall her flooring that she had in the kitchen. Sally thinks that Paul is very nice to offer the pine flooring and accepts the offer then she whispers to Meg that she has excellent taste in men. Paul gives Sally one of Emmaís pies to take home. Sally tells Paul that the next time he comes by he should go to her house and have some of her famous banana bread. Meg thanks Paul for being so nice and then Mike arrives and yells at Paul for breaking the restraining order. Meg explains that Paul had to help with the crisis since she couldnít find him. Once Mike is gone Paul wonders if Meg wanted him to break his restraining order so that he would go to jail. Meg assures Paul that she didnít do this to set him up she really needed his help to solve Sallyís problem.

(Lakeview) Janet shows Brad Libertyís baby book and they are looking at it when Liberty arrives back in the room. Liberty tells her parents she doesnít want to look at the book but after a few minutes all three are talking and laughing about a young boy who had a crush on Liberty. Katie walks in and watches the scene for a few minutes and then asks Brad to come talk to her in the hallway. Janet goes in the bathroom to steal the little soaps and shampoos while Liberty takes out the picture of Brad from the drawer and puts it next to a picture of her and Janet just to see what they would look like as a family. Brad tells Katie that Janet told him that she would miss Liberty too much if she was away from her and as a parent he understands why she wanted to stay in Oakdale. Katie gets mad and walks to her room with Brad chasing after her. Katie explains to Brad that she is in the way because she doesnít have a child so she just decided to stay in her room out of the way. Brad apologizes to Katie and reminds her he isnít good with words but what he wanted to say that he loves her and she is the only woman he will ever love. Katie forgives Brad and the two hold each other and kiss and make up.

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