ATWT Update Wednesday 5/14/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 5/14/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At home, Jack walks back in the door after leaving the kids at the bus stop. Carly thanks him for the good time they had last night; everyone got along – even them. Jack agrees – until he found out it was a set up. Carly thinks Lily and Holden deserve a chance to reconnect and fix their marriage. She doesn’t think that is what is bothering him though; she thinks it was like old times with ‘Carly and the kids’ and he can’t handle it.

In Lily and Holden’s bedroom, they lie in bed, as Lily admits that she knows he wanted to wait, but it had been so long since they had been close. He missed her; she did miss him too. She feels like they are back on track now. She just doesn’t want anything to come between them again. Holden wonders what could come between them now since there are no more secrets. Lily looks uncomfortable.

At Java, Chris calls a sleepy Alison, who is trying to focus on her studying, but doesn’t seem to be able to. He can adjust his schedule and help her study again today. Susan is walking nearby and stops to hear Chris talking with Alison. Chris wishes her luck and will talk to her later. Susan tells Chris that Alison is under stress and doesn’t need the extra pressure of a relationship. He is only tutoring her right now. Emily told her that he was doing that since Alison hasn’t really been confiding in her these days. Chris assures Susan that Alison is in great shape and will have it all together to take this test today. Meanwhile, Alison has hung up and mumbles to herself about being a liar. She tries to recite the parts of the brain, but she can’t remember them because she is too exhausted. She puts her head down on the table promising it will be only for a short time.

Downstairs in the kitchen at the farm, Lily walks in commenting about how she fell asleep again and when she woke back up, he was gone. Holden smiles – he was downstairs making her breakfast as a surprise. They joke about the sushi from the night before, as Lily comments about it not being an aphrodisiac, but it got them together. Holden answers that it was she who got them together, as Lily looks nervous.

Jack tells Carly that her behavior reminded him of all the reasons he doesn’t want to be around that again. Therefore, he was hurt for one reason, but it was really about another reason? Jack smirks – it is the old bait and switch. Carly smirks back; it is kind of like the night of Brad and Katie’s engagement party when they made love and she thought it was the beginning, but it was really the end of them. It does hurt when something doesn’t work out as you hoped, as Carly walks out of the room. Jack follows her out; he thought they had gotten over that? They haven’t – not by a long shot. He sleeps with her and then makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with her. Now, he wants to be around for help, dinner and barbeques. Jack snaps back that she asked him over. He couldn’t wait to be there though. He pays her bills too. Jack intercedes that it is to make sure his kids are provided for. He helps at Metro; Jack answers that he was trying to help her get back on her feet. Why does it bother him that Holden was around helping her then? Jack smirks. She has this funny feeling that he didn’t want Holden around. He is sending her mixed signals and it has got to stop.

Holden and Lily are having breakfast, as Holden comments about them being together last night was not planned and that it was nice to see something just happen for them. He didn’t want to rush them because he needed to know that things had changed. Lily promises him that things have changed. She hopes last night meant that he forgives her for Dusty and for how long it took her to get over him. She just wants to put this all behind them. Holden agrees.

Jack wants to stick to the subject – they were talking about manipulating Holden and now she is talking about them. Carly admitted that she warned Lily. Jack thinks that lying is no way to be in a marriage. Carly angrily answers that she has heard this too many times before so can he “put a sock in it?” Jack stomps into the other room.

Holden tells Lily that he enjoyed being alone with her. They lucked out, but he needs to get to Carly’s. Lily thinks they should wait a little and give Jack and Carly more time because they may also be getting closer, but Holden thinks that isn’t going to happen. She just wants them as happy as they are now. They share a kiss before Holden heads out, as Lucinda walks in and is happy to see this happening between them. Holden wants her to keep Lily company while he gets the kids. After he leaves, Lucinda smiles, as she wonders how this miracle happened so fast? Lily looks away.

At Java, Aaron walks over to a sleeping Alison and wakes her up with a cup of coffee. She looks like hell, as she sarcastically thanks him. She bemoans that she has a test today that she isn’t going to pass even though she has tried everything to study for it. Aaron thinks she is being melodramatic, but Alison is sure that she is going to flunk it, be kicked out of nursing school and then her life will be over.

Susan asks Chris if he thinks Alison will be ok? She can handle whatever Brenda, the ‘taskmaster’, throws at her. Susan worries because Alison appears strong, but she is really fragile – unbelievably enough like her sister. He is sure that she is going to ace the test because he has been tutoring her. Susan laughs about how when she offered to tutor her, she threw a fit. Chris understands because he did the same thing to his father when he tried to help when he was in medical school. Susan still can’t help worrying about her.

Aaron doesn’t want Alison to stress so much over her test. She is trying not to, but even with all of Chris’ help, she is still not confident. Aaron makes a face, but agrees that if Chris can help her then that is what is important. She should just not show up for this test because she is going to blow it anyway, Alison states. Aaron doesn’t want her talking like this; he knows what they need to do to make her better. He grabs her by the arm and soon they are on his bike cruising down the road. He brings her to this field that is lined with trees and is so peaceful. She looks around and asks him how he knew that this is exactly what she needed?

Holden shows up at Carly’s to get the kids and Carly is nervous. The kids are fine and all of them are off to school – except for Ethan of course, she babbles. How was it last night with Lily? Fine. Holden sees a quiet Jack and wonders how it was for him to stay there with all the kids? He didn’t have a choice, as he tells them that he is going to put back the tent. Holden thinks Jack is acting funny, but Carly blows it off. She wants to know how it was at the farm to be alone with Lily? Holden looks at her funny and then suspiciously asks how she knew that? Carly tries to cover – Lily must have told her. They talked about that? Carly tries to change the subject back to he and Lily; it must have been nice to have some downtime? It would have been, if it hadn’t been a set up. Carly looks uneasy. He knows that Lily and she were in on this together so they could be alone. He should have seen it. Carly is trying to explain when Jack comes in and Holden asks him pointblank if this was a set up? Jack says nothing, as Holden realizes he has his answer. Jack apologizes, as Holden tells him that he has nothing to be sorry about; it is not his fault. He should have known, as he shakes his head.

Lily explains to Lucinda that she and Holden shared the perfect evening; it is what they needed. Lucinda talks about the fast turnaround. Lily thinks it wasn’t fast since they were bound to wind up back together. Lucinda hopes that she was open and above board with him? Why is she questioning this? She just knows how much of a stickler for honesty Holden is. Holden loves her though. If they are really starting over, then she hopes that the slate is really clean? Lily wants her to stop being so negative. Lucinda remarks that she only wants her happy. She is not preaching, but she just doesn’t want her doing something that she is going to regret. Carly calling interrupts their conversation; they have a problem, as Lily’s face drops.

Alison and Aaron are sitting on the blanket looking around, as Aaron suggests that she shut off her phone and try not to stress about her test. It is not like she will get a signal out here anyway. She will do fine with her test; she just needs to relax. Alison remarks how Chris tells her that same thing and then recognizes that Chris may be a sore subject of Aaron’s. No, he is not because he has decided not to get involved and let her make her own mind up about Chris. Alison explains that she already decided not to pursue a relationship with Chris right now; she needs to focus on school. Aaron tries to hide his pleasure about hearing this, as he acts understanding.

Susan thanks Chris for tutoring Alison. Chris explains that he will do whatever he can to help her out. Susan remarks about all the conversations going around at the hospital about he and Alison if they are only just friends. Chris tells her not to pay any attention to what she hears or to worry about it either.

Aaron tells Alison to lie back and try to think of nothing. He soothes her with calming words. He opens her textbook, starts reading from it and then tells her that he can see how she might be overwhelmed, but he notices that Alison is already asleep. He lies down next to her and closes his eyes too.

Brenda, the woman in charge of the nursing program, sees Chris in the hallway. Chris remarks about how Alison has been studying really hard. He wants to know how she does? Brenda looks at him funny before she tells him that the test starts in 5 minutes and Alison is nowhere to be found, which doesn’t surprise her. Chris looks stunned, as she walks off. Chris calls Alison’s cell phone mumbling outloud about where she could be? There is no answer.

Carly stares at the phone after she hangs it up; she looks at Jack next and tells him that she doesn’t want to hear him say a thing, as she stomps out of the room. After she leaves, Jack says to himself that she doesn’t want to hear “I told you so?”

Holden comes back to the farm where Lily and Lucinda are waiting in the kitchen. He asks Lucinda to take Ethan into the other room. Lily immediately tells Holden that she can explain, but he cuts her off wanting to know how she could do this? He told her that they needed more time. They needed to be a couple again; he has to admit that it was great Lily counters. She went behind his back and asked Carly to help out in this plan. She can’t even admit this manipulation. She took a short cut. Last night was proof that they can still make it. Holden glares at her and tells her not this time, as he walks away.

Jack wants Carly to admit that what she did was wrong. She wanted Lily and Holden to have time to find their way back together. That is not a crime. Last night could have been a turning point for them and their kids. Does he always have to be ‘doom and gloom?’ She is daring to believe that they will work it out and that they could have stopped fighting. Jack admits that it did hurt last night because it did feel good being together; he won’t be fooled like that again though, as he heads off to work. Carly looks after him sadly.

Lily is commiserating to Lucinda that she ruined things with her and Holden. Lucinda is confident that they will make things right again, as Lily is unsure she even knows how to make it better this time. Lucinda walks onto the porch where Holden is doing his chores. She knows that it is none of her business, but she is going to say it anyway - she knows that Lily made a mistake, but she loves him and the kids more then anything. Lily walks onto the porch and tells her mother to stop because she can fight her own battles. Holden looks at her unhappily and tells her that he doesn’t want to fight with her anymore because it obviously doesn’t do them any good.

Chris is standing in the hallway when Brenda walks over to him and tells him that it is official – Alison never showed up to take the test. Chris looks at her in disbelief..

Alison wakes up slowly and sees Aaron sleeping beside her. She rouses him and asks him what time it is? He doesn’t know he answers groggily. Alison finds her watch and sees the time; she gasps, as she realizes that she slept through her test. She jumps up and she and Aaron rush to get back to town. Alison finds Brenda at the hospital. She races over to her, apologizes profusely about missing the test. Is there some way she can retake the test? The woman tells her flatly that she knew from day one there would be no make-ups allowed. She is going to be getting a failing grade. After Brenda walks away, Alison falls Aaron’s arms in tears, as Chris watches from nearby unnoticed. Aaron offers to take Alison to get something to eat, as they head out. Susan sees them, notices Alison is upset and asks her what is wrong? Alison doesn’t want to talk about it; she is going to get something to eat with Aaron, as Chris watches them go. He sees Brenda down the hall and walks over to her; he needs to talk to her about Alison.

Downtown, Aaron takes the blame for Alison missing her exam. She tells him that it isn’t his fault; even if she had made it to the exam, she would have flunked it anyway.

Chris asks Brenda to make an exception for Alison; she didn’t miss the exam purposely. She can’t do that for her. Chris reminds her that Susan is a valuable member of the hospital for many years. Brenda does not think that Susan would want her daughter given special treatment. Chris pleads with her to make an exception because he knows that she has done it before. Brenda finally agrees reluctantly. After Chris walks away, a nurse comes over with something for Brenda to sign; she jokes about how doctors always get favors for their girlfriends. Brenda shakes her head; that doesn’t make it right. After they walk away, we see Susan standing nearby in the doorway unnoticed.

At the diner, Chris walks in to find Aaron with Alison. Is he the reason Alison missed her exam, Chris snarls? He was helping her calm down because she was way over stressed, Aaron gripes back. Chris remarks that he needs to back off because he is trying to help her, as Aaron snaps back that he knows more what Alison needs then he does. Alison yells for them both to stop it!

Lucinda tells Lily that Holden left in his truck, but he didn’t have a suitcase so he will come back. She needs to do something, but Lily doesn’t know what she can do. She realizes she has to fix this, but it is not going to be easy.

At Java, Carly sees Holden, who doesn’t look like he has much to say to her. She stops him; they had been confiding in one another recently and she thought this would help them work things out. It doesn’t help to be tricked by his wife and her best friend. She went about it the wrong way, but she thought everyone would end up happy. She did the same thing with Jack and that didn’t work out. Now, it has not worked out for him and Lily either. He leaves and Carly watches after him upset.

Downtown, Luke and Holden are sitting on a bench. Luke tells him about his fight with Noah. Even though they are ok now, Noah accused him of being jealous of him and Ameera. Is there something to be jealous about? He knows that their marriage is a sham to keep her in the country, but sometimes he feels like Ameera takes up a lot of space in his life. Noah worries so much about her. Holden reminds him that is one of Noah’s qualities that Luke loves. Luke explains how he walked into the house the other day, and Ameera was trying to contact Col. Meyer. She stonewalled him and then when he told Noah, he acted like he will deal with her on his own and between only the two of them. Holden understands that it isn’t a good feeling when the people you love keep you in the dark. He needs to take a stand; he needs to tell Noah what he wants and that he will not settle. It should be the whole truth and nothing but it; nothing else will do. Luke smiles appreciatively and asks if he wants to tell Noah that for him? Holden puts his arm on his shoulder and tells him that he has enough on his plate right now…unfortunately, he is on his own with this one.

Alison tells Aaron that she appreciates his help and that her missing the exam was not his fault. She has to head to work so she will take a rain check on the meal. Aaron tells her that she can always call him if she is feeling overly stressed, as Chris rolls his eyes. Chris remarks that Alison can handle anything and he is going to help her prove that, as it is Aaron’s turn to roll his eyes.

Susan asks Brenda about Alison being allowed to make up the exam; she doesn’t know how she feels about that. Was it because her last name is Stewart? Brenda tells her that an exception was made because of Chris alone.

Alison leaves the diner with Chris and once outside, he tells her that he convinced Brenda to allow her to make up her exam. Alison is amazed; how did he do it? She just needed to be convinced that she deserved a break. Alison is over the moon, as she promises to make him proud. She hugs him tightly, as an annoyed Aaron watches them through the window.

At the police station, Carly walks over to Jack’s desk; she is going to take the kid’s tonight. She could have told him over the phone. She wanted to tell him that she saw Holden and tried to apologize to him again. How was he? He wasn’t too pleased with her. She realizes that she should have stayed out of their business and let them work it out for themselves. Jack hopes they can. She knows because it is not easy – look at them. Jack then tells her that if he came down too hard on her, then he wants to apologize. Carly sadly tells him that she is used to it, as she turns and walks away dejected. Jack looks after her downcast.

Back at the farm, Lily tells Holden that she wants to go back to the way it was at breakfast. He sarcastically answers that she should try a recipe where she doesn’t keep things from him. The end doesn’t justify the means. She just wanted to try anything, and last night just proved that they are meant to be together. Holden looks at her sadly and tells her that is what he used to think, as he turns and walks out the door.

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