ATWT Update Tuesday 5/13/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 5/13/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Carlyís house) Lily brings Faith, Natalie and Ethan to Carlyís house to spend the night with Parker, J.J and Sage. Lily thanks Carly for helping her have some romantic time alone with Holden. Carly send Lilyís kids outside to the backyard to play and then tries to persuade Lily not to do this because if Holden finds out things could get worse for her. Lily reminds Carly that Holden isnít going to find out because neither one of them is going to tell him. Jack arrives and sees Carly and Lily talking and wonders if they are not planning a conspiracy. Lily smiles and tells Jack that she was just saying thank you to Carly for taking care of the kids for her today. Once Jack goes outside to watch the kids Lily reminds Carly she should call and ask her if the kids can spend the night or else their plan wonít work. Once Lily is gone Carly asks Jack not to leave because she needs help with the kids. Jack smiles at the thought that Carly is asking him for help and then he teases Carly about asking him for help. Carly tells Jack that she hates it when he acts smug and then Jack tells Carly your welcome and heads to the backyard to start the barbecue.

(Farm) Holden arrives home with groceries and calls for Faith and Natalie to come help him put the groceries away. Holden gets worried when nobody responds to him so he calls Lucinda and asks her to let him know if she knows where the kids might be.

(Worldwide) Emily practices her speech for her big meeting in New York to get more advertising revenue for the newspaper. Emily also gets dresses and Casey walks in and sees Emily half dressed and quickly closes the door. Casey apologizes to Emily and promises to knock the door the next time. Emily tells Casey to forget about it, as she quickly gets dressed. Casey tells himself that it is impossible to forget the sight of Emily half naked. Once Emily is dressed Casey comes back in the office and tells Emily that he wanted to make sure that she had everything she needed for her presentation in New York. Casey also tells Emily she looks hot in that dress and he is sure she will do well on her presentation. Casey notices that Emily has left the price tags on her clothes so he takes them off for her. Caseyís closeness distracts Emily and she nervously leaves telling Casey she canít miss her plane.

(Farm) Lily arrives and tells Holden she left the kids with Carly since Sage and the girls were having such a good time playing together. Holden wonders why Lily isnít having dinner with Lucinda like she had planned. Lily tells Holden her mother cancelled the dinner at the last minute so she has nothing to do tonight. Holden tells Lily that Luke is at a study group so that means they are all alone tonight. Holden wonders if handling six kids is a little too much for Carly but Lily insists Carly is happy to have the kids at the house. Holden is sad because he bought all the ingredients to make chicken and rice for the girls since it is their new favorite meal. Lily wonders when Holden learned how to make chicken and rice and he tells her that he had to learn to cook for himself and the kids since she has been gone. Holden wants to make chicken and rice for Lily but she thinks they should eat something different something, which neither of them has ever eaten. Lily tells Holden to leave for a little while which she gets everything ready for dinner.

(Airplane) Emily turns off her cell phone and thinks of Casey and another close moment they had where he told her to stop treating him like a child because he isnít a kid anymore. Emily tells herself to stop thinking these thoughts about Casey because he is just a kid.

(Worldwide) Casey straightens up Emilyís desk and then sits in her chair and smells a bottle of her perfume that she left on the desk. Casey notices that Emily left the presentation she needs for the meeting. Casey calls Emily on her cell phone and since it is turned off he knows she has already boarded the plane. Casey calls and makes a reservation for the next available flight to New York.

(Carlyís house) Jack tells Carly that Faith and Natalie are happy that Lily came back home. Jack tells Carly that it is a little bit more awkward for Holden and he doubts that Holden and Lily will be able to pick their marriage up where they left off. Carly tells Jack that it may be difficult but she is confident that Holden and Lily can save their marriage. Jack goes outside to put the burgers on the grill before the kids get moody because they are hungry.

(Farm) Lily surprises Holden with sushi but he isnít happy with the surprise. Lily explains to him she just wanted to be unpredictable. Holden apologizes for his reaction and tells her he understands that she was only trying to get them out of the rut they have been stuck in lately. Holden smiles and says that he is willing to try the sushi and goes to get a fork but Lily doesnít let him because she says they must use chopsticks.

(New York) Emily and the advertisers arrive at the office after lunch and after they all sit down Emily is ready to begin her presentation. Emily is stunned when she sees that her briefcase is empty. Emily stammers nervously and tries to explain to the advertisers what happened but Casey arrives just in time with the presentation. Casey apologizes to Emily for being late in getting the color copies of the presentation ready for her on time. Emily mouths the words thank you to Casey and asks him to stay and watch her give the presentation.

(Carlyís house) Jack and Carly enjoy hearing the kids laugh and play and think it is the most fun the children have had in a long time. Jack smiles and tells Carly he has enjoyed today and things almost feel normal. Jack apologizes to Carly for fighting with her lately and thanks her for letting him stay and spend the day with the children. Jack tells Carly it would be a good idea to get Faith Natalie and Ethan ready to go home soon but Carly wants them to have a camp out in the backyard and spend the night. Carly tells Jack that she will call Lily while she is waiting for the brownies to come out of the oven. Jack goes to the backyard to help the kids make s'mores. Carly is about to call Lily when the bell on the oven rings so she goes to get the brownies out of the oven.

(Farm) Holden tries to eat sushi with the chopsticks and ends up dropping the sushi on his shirt. Lily tells Holden to take his shirt off so she can clean it for him. Lily quickly rinses the stain from Holdenís shirt in the sink. Holden is a bit nervous about being so close to Lily while he only has an undershirt on so he quickly leaves to pick up the kids. Once Holden is gone Lily hates herself for missing her opportunity and wonders why Carly didnít call her. Lily calls Carly and tells her Holden is on his way over and she had better persuade him to let the kids stay with her.

(Carlyís house) Holden arrives and Carly tells him that the kids are having such a good time on their camp out that they want to spend the night. Holden tells Carly that he canít leave the kids with her because they have school tomorrow. Carly tells Holden she can get the kids off to school. Carly is hurt that Holden doesnít trust her with his children. Holden tells Carly that faith and Natalie can stay but Ethan is going home with her. Carly assures Holden she can take care of Ethan too so he allows all the kids to stay with Carly. Once Holden is gone Carly asks Jack to stay the night and help her with the kids. Jack thinks Carly set this up so she could get him into bed. Carly tells Jack that she wouldnít try to jump his bones with six kids in the house. Jack agrees to spend the night on the lumpy couch and help Carly get all the children to school.

(New York) Emily is so grateful to Casey she offers to give him a tour of the city and the two take in all the sights and go for a carriage ride through central park. Emily stops at a popular cafť to show it to Casey but points out that to eat there they have to make a reservation months in advance. Casey takes Emily to the mater d of the cafť and whispers to him that Emily is Angelina Jolieís sister and they get a table right away. Emily wonders what Casey said to the guy to get a table and he tells her and she is very flattered by thee compliment.

(Farm) Holden arrives home and finds Lily in a sexy nightgown and tells her he left the kids with Carly. Holden tells Lily that Jack was with Carly and he canít understand why because the last tine he spoke to Carly he and Jack were not speaking to each other. Lily thinks that it is good that Jack and Carly are working on their relationship and hopes they can get back together. Holden tells Lily that when two people are as far apart as Carly and Jack are they canít get back together so quickly. Lily thinks that is the reason Holden has been pushing her away because he is scared to get back together with her. Holden explains to Lily that he does want to be with her but he wants to fix the problems in their marriage first so they can move forward in their relationship. Lily tells Holden that their relationship will never be perfect and if they wait for perfection they will never be together again. Holden gives Lily a kiss and she wonders if he meant to kiss her and Holden doesnít answer the question he just tells her she is beautiful Holden tells Lily he canít fight the way she looks and feels when she is in his arms. Holden tells Lily he canít fight the way they ended up here alone tonight and he gives Lily another kiss.

(New York) Emily tells Casey that Lunch was the perfect ending to a perfect day and she pays for lunch to thank Casey for saving her life at the meeting today.

(Farm) Lily asks Holden if he still thinks thy rushed things and Holden gives Lily a kiss and they make love again.

(Carlyís house) Natalie comes in scared because Parker and J.J told her there are bears in the backyard and she even saw the bears shadow on the wall of the tent. Jack takes Natalie into the backyard and promises her that Parker will only make shadows of bunny rabbits for her. Lily calls to thank Carly for her help and tells her that she and Holden are closer then they have been in a long time. Carly tells Lily she had a hard time persuading Holden to let the kids stay there but she is glad the plan worked. Lily tells Carly to give the kids a kiss for her and Carly tells Lily to go do some kissing herself. Jack overhears enough of the conversation to know that Holden was set up tonight by Carly and Lily.

(Farm) Holden comes downstairs because he canít sleep without Lily. Holden and Lily kiss and they almost make love on the kitchen counter but decide to go upstairs instead because they donít want to risk people walking in on them.

(Carlyís house ) Jack is angry because Carly and Lily didnít give Holden the choice to spend time alone with Lily. Jack tells Carly she did what she always does plot and scheme to make sure things go her way. Carly tells jack that Holden wanted to spend time with Lily all she did was help Lily create an opportunity for them to spend time together. Carly tells Jack that Lily and Holden are happy and closer then they have been in months. Jack doesnít think Holden would be happy if he knew the truth about tonight. Carly thinks Jack is hurt because she didnít at least try to get him into bed even with six kids in the house. Carly asks Jack to be mad at her but please donít take this night away from Lily and Holden Jack agrees to spend the night on the couch and stay until the kids are off to school in the morning.

(New York) Emily and Casey return to the office where they had the meeting earlier so Emily can show Casey the view from the window. Emily and Casey move closer to each other as they notice the view and then they almost kiss but Emily insists they must catch a plane. Emily tells Casey this isnít a good idea and when they get back to Oakdale things will get back to normal. Casey grabs Emily and they begin to kiss and then press them selves against the window and gently go down to the floor and make love. .

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