ATWT Update Monday 5/12/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 5/12/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At home, Noah is heading back to school for a short while, as Ameera suggests that she will cook them dinner. Noah doesn’t want her to go to that trouble because he can just pick up a pizza. Ameera explains that it is no trouble for her because it makes her feel like they are a family. Upon seeing Noah’s face, she corrects herself and explains that she knows that they aren’t really, but it makes things feel more normal. Noah smiles understanding and heads out. After he leaves, Ameera takes a piece of paper out of her pocket and starts to make a call. Luke lets himself in behind her and unknown to her and listens as she asks to speak with Colonel Meyer.

At the hospital, Alison is talking with a friend from class bemoaning how hard it seems to be. Chris comes over and Alison addresses him professionally. After the other woman leaves, Chris tells her that they need to talk. Alison stops him and apologizes about leaving so quickly the other night. He understands that she wants to take things slowly, but why is she avoiding him? She has schoolwork. Chris thinks if she just wants him to back off then she needs to just tell him.

At WOAK, Brad and Katie are doing a segment on making an Italian marinara sauce. The cameraman is focused on them, but he soon has his lens on Janet, who has walked on the set in a low cut number. Kim notices the cameraman’s waning attention. Kim tries to usher Janet off the set, but she stops her. Brad introduces Kim to Janet, as an old friend. Janet coyly announces that they are more then that, as Katie rolls her eyes.

At the diner, Liberty bumps into Parker. Isn’t she going to school? Her mom gave her a note legally; she doesn’t have to be there today. She also gave her money to spend, so she wants to know if he would like to join her?

Brad awkwardly explains that they have a child together. Kim is stunned, as Katie explains how Liberty came to be and how sweet she is. Janet thanks her all sugary and then thanks her for buying her daughter all the new clothes. Kim reminds them that they need to continue the show, as Katie seems flustered by Janet standing there, but Brad promises they will be fine.

Ameera is telling the person on the other end that it is urgent, but she is not allowed to talk with him now. Frustrated, Ameera turns around as she is pacing and sees Luke standing there. She hangs up and asks him how long he has been there? He has been there long enough; why is she calling Col. Meyer? Is he spying on her? The door was unlocked. He thought she was the perfect wife – the last thing Noah would want is her calling him; what exactly is going on between she and the Colonel?

Alison explains that she was embarrassed by the way she took off; she felt like she was in high school. Chris tells her that there will be other nights. No, she should have listened to her instincts; they are better off as friends. Chris reminds her that they have amazing chemistry together; they make each other crazy. She thanks him because that only proves her point. He thinks she always gets sarcastic when he is getting too close.

Annoyed, Ameera explains that Col. Meyer is her only tie to her old life and mother; she wouldn’t expect him to understand. Luke doesn’t think she should be sneaking around behind Noah’s back. She isn’t; she just knew how Noah felt about this. Noah didn’t find out what Col. Meyer wanted and she wants to know. Where he comes from – you don’t lie to the people you love. Is that a threat? He is trying to figure out who she is protecting - Noah or herself? Luke heads out and sees Noah coming in; they have to talk somewhere private. They head off, as Ameera watches them go through the window.

Alison smiles; when she is with him she feels like they are possible, she explains to Chris. He doesn’t want her to give up on them. Alison seems somewhat swayed, but she has a test tomorrow that she has to study for. He pleads with her to give this some thought after her test.

Katie is making the marinara sauce and suggesting some shortcuts such as garlic powder instead of fresh garlic, as Janet voices her displeasure about this outloud from the side. Katie tries to continue, but soon Janet can’t hold her tongue and she is on the set talking about how real Italians cook.

Parker tells Liberty that he can’t skip school again because his mother would kill him and besides his father is a cop. Liberty complains about how annoying it is to have three parents on her case. Parker thinks that Brad is trying hard, as Liberty agrees, but her mother has to be in control. Why is her mother there? She has the ‘hots’ for her dad, she answers calmly.

Janet is now taking over the set pretending to be an authentic Italian cooker. She is distraught over Katie’s shortcuts. They should not be cooking Italian if they are trying to take short cuts. Janet seems to be stealing the show, much to Katie’s dismay, with her quips and her cooking style. Brad is going along with her, as he praises his ‘old friend.’ Janet corrects him without batting an eye – and she is also the mother of his child, as Katie looks at her with a smirk.

Downtown, Luke is explaining to Noah how he came by his place and overheard Ameera on the phone trying to call his dad. Noah doesn’t seem too surprised or angry; he had a feeling that might happen. Why? He didn’t let her see his dad and wouldn’t let her get involved so she probably felt she needed to know. Luke is amazed, as he reminds Noah that she went behind his back. She was upset with him. Luke has a bad feeling. Noah thinks he is being paranoid, but Luke thinks he is well within his rights after what his dad tried to do. Luke thinks Ameera and his dad are keeping secrets from him and they need to know what it is.

At the hospital, Bob bumps into Chris. He wants to know how Alison is doing? She is ok. Bob explains that the head of the nursing program is friends with him and knows Alison is a friend of the family and this is why she voiced her concern to him; Alison is struggling in class. Aren’t they going to give her a chance? Bob explains that Alison has a test the next day that will affect her future as a nurse.

A flirty Janet tells the audience that there is no fast and easy with Italian cooking, as she tastes her sauce. Katie cringes, as she suggests she not double dip. Then, Janet sweetly feeds Brad, who loves her sauce. She gives Katie some, but is not anywhere as gentle with her feeding and gets some on her face.

Parker reminds Liberty that Brad is unavailable. Liberty explains that never stops her mother. She often gets carried away with men. She thinks she is in love with being in love, or at least having sex. Parker is amazed that she talks that way about her mom. Liberty casually explains that her mother is very open with her about that kind of stuff. She wants her to learn it from her instead of on the streets. Parker shakes his head; he has to get to class. She wants him to stop by after class to hang out-unless he has to milk a cow she taunts. He shoots back that he is not a loser. She wants him to prove it.

Katie and Brad’s show wraps up and Janet pretends to apologize for running the show; she just couldn’t stand to see food abused. Katie, again, rolls her eyes. Brad agrees that most of the food they make tastes like plastic so this was a welcome change. Janet hopes she didn’t mess the show up. Kim tells her that she brought a fresh energy to the show; they need that every once and a while there. Katie mumbles that it will be over her dead body. Janet dishes out her sauce to Brad, Kim and the staff, as people seem to enjoy it. The cameraman is totally smitten with her and comments about how the camera loves her; she is a natural. Janet flirts about being available. Janet then comments about how she is available to do fill in. Kim tells her that they aren’t in need of that now though. Katie grabs Brad and tells him that they need to talk.

Noah doesn’t think he is in denial. Luke thinks he is giving Ameera way too much benefit. Noah thinks he may be jealous of her. Luke is stunned. Noah stands his ground; Ameera and his dad are not involved in some scheme; he knows her. Luke wonders if he really does know her? She has no family or friends to speak of and they really don’t know much about her other then the stories she tells about Iraqi culture. He knows his wife, Noah snaps back. Luke stares at him; he is acting like he is some jerk trying to mess up his perfect life with his wife, as he stomps off. Ameera watches secretly from around the corner.

Chris seems to feel better about things, as he tells his dad that he thought Alison’s issues stemmed from him, but now he knows that it is school related and she is just too proud to admit that. Now, he knows how to deal with this, as he races off.

Katie points out how Janet barged onto the set. He sees that it seemed like that to her. Katie shakes her head; she doesn’t want him dare defending to her. Brad smiles; didn’t he already tell her that she is the only woman for him? Katie relaxes; she knows he is only being nice to Janet because of Liberty. He is glad she gets it. She does, but Janet has got to go.

At the Farm, Luke stomps in upset. Lucinda is right behind him. He is sorry because he didn’t even see her, as Lucinda smirks about her limo being so inconspicuous. She has been shopping for the girls. She would like to offer an ear because he looks like he needs to talk with someone. She knows it must have to do with Noah. He knew that the marriage was not going to be easy, but he didn’t know it would hurt this much either.

Downtown, Noah is sitting on the bench sadly looking at his wedding ring. Ameera walks over to him. Why is she there? She followed him and Luke and saw them fight. She doesn’t mean to be the source of their trouble. Why did she call his father, Noah immediately wants to know? She was not trying to hide it, but she knew he would be upset. That is not an answer. She had to find out why his dad wanted to see her. She doesn’t want him to be angry. He isn’t, but he can’t talk about this now because he is more worried about Luke, as he gets up and walks off.

At Java, Alison is sitting at a table trying to study when she suddenly gets overwhelmed and slams the book shut just as Chris is walking in. He wants to talk for a moment. He sees the error of his ways; he didn’t mean to rush her. It was dumb of him to not see how stressed she was. He knows she is under pressure at school and he doesn’t want to add to it, as Alison smiles appreciatively. She reaffirms that it is not he. He knows that she doesn’t need a boyfriend now, but she needs a tutor, and he is there to volunteer.

At her room, Brad is walking back in with Janet. She is apologizing about taking over the set, but then she is babbling about how exciting it is. She had so much fun, as she hugs him. Brad has to peel himself away from her, as he tells her that he doesn’t want to rain on her parade because her appearance was a one-time deal. She thinks that Kim seemed like it could be a possibility. Brad blurts out that she can’t stay there. Janet looks at him surprised.

Kim teases Katie about how well the show went. She handled herself like a real pro though. It can’t be easy with the baggage that Brad has brought into the marriage. Katie reminds herself and Kim that this baggage came later on at their doorstep. Liberty is a great girl; she wants Brad to have a relationship with her. Kim wonders about Liberty’s mother? Katie flatly promises that she will handle that. Kim doesn’t want this situation to make Katie worry, as she hugs her.

Janet tries to backpedal; she just got swept up; she didn’t meant to step on anyone’s toes. Brad explains that isn’t it. Janet sadly asks if he is sorry they found him? No. He wants to get to know Liberty, but nothing more. Janet understands that he means her. He is a married man and she needs to find a great guy. Her hanging around is not good for any of them. Brad pleads with her to not take this personally. Janet promises that she won’t, as she turns away with tears in her eyes.

Katie is sure that Brad will handle things with Janet. Kim wants Katie to be assured that she has no intentions of hiring Janet. She didn’t want any ‘seeds of doubt turning into a forest.’ Katie is appreciative. Katie is sure that Janet will not be staying.

Brad helps Janet close her suitcase, as she seductively sits on it with her legs crossed and her dress hiked up high on her leg. Brad stares at her for a moment and then picks up her suitcase for her. Parker and Liberty walk in at this time. Liberty introduces Parker and explains that they are watching a movie. Janet teases her about liking this one. Brad jumps in that he is her cousin. Liberty explains that technically he is adopted. Brad thinks it is close enough. Liberty sees her suitcase and wonders if they are leaving? Her mom tells her that she is leaving so she can spend time with her dad. Is she leaving because she wants to? She would never leave her; she just thinks Brad needs a good chance alone to get to know her. Liberty tells her mother that she is surprised because usually it takes longer for her to let someone run her out.

Luke explains to Lucinda that he knows all the reasons that Noah married Ameera; he doesn’t want her sent back to Iraq. He just doesn’t like it, but he feels that he is being selfish. Lucinda doesn’t think he is being that at all; if it were she, then she wouldn’t have allowed it at all. Luke sometimes feels that Noah cares more about Ameera’s feelings then his. Lucinda doesn’t think so, as she looks to the screen door and Luke looks behind him to see Noah standing there. Lucinda leaves to give them some time to talk.

Alison smiles – the last thing he needs is more work. He thinks this is fun, but she thinks he is lying. He takes her book and tells her a few memory tricks on how to remember parts of the anatomy. It works for Alison and she is smiling ear to ear.

Brad tells Liberty that her mother isn’t running anywhere; he just wants to get to know her. Liberty doesn’t seem to believe him. Janet teases her about not wanting to cramp her style… and then she sees Liberty’s face and wonders if she needs her? Liberty acts tough and tells her that she is fine, but Parker is watching her. After they leave, Parker watches her even more closely, as she tries to act casual.

Noah and Luke try to talk at the same time, as Luke tells him to go first. Noah explains that he is not taking Ameera’s side, but he can see how Luke would feel that way. He is not doing a good job at this and he doesn’t know how to make it better. Luke doesn’t either, but they are on the same side. Noah realizes that he is just looking out for him, as Luke reminds him that he isn’t going to stop either. He just couldn’t live with it if something bad happened to him when he was trying to do something good for Ameera, as they hug and Noah promises nothing is going to happen.

Parker wonders if Liberty is sad that her mom is leaving? She isn’t because they didn’t get along half of the time anyway. Liberty then decides that she just wants to watch a movie and not talk, as Parker watches her, as she struggles to not look like she is upset.

Downstairs in the lobby, Brad brings Janet’s bags to the cab. She thanks him and tells him that it was great to see him. She wants him to take care of her daughter; she is her world. She hugs him tightly and demands constant updates on Liberty. After she slowly walks off, Katie walks in and tells Brad that she saw Janet leave. Brad tells her that it is just Liberty, her and him now. Katie promises that it will be ok. Brad knows, as he hugs her tightly.

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