ATWT Update Friday 5/9/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 5/9/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Worldwide) Emily sees Casey sleeping on the couch in her office and she awakens him and he is startled and says Emily Stewartís office. Emily wonders why Casey is sleeping in her office and after some coaxing by Emily he admits he left home because he is mad at his parents because they didnít believe he didnít steal the manuscripts. Emily reminds Casey that he should never bring his personal problems to the office. Casey points out to Emily that she beloved his story but she reminds him that she had an informant at the University who cleared his name so it was easy for her to believe his story. Emily tells Casey he is going to find a place to live because she wonít allow him to sleep in her office. Casey jokes that Emily could give him a raise so he can get his own apartment and he wouldnít have to sleep in her office. Emily laughs and says that she doesnít give raises to assistants who donít bring her coffee in the morning. Casey quickly goes to get Emily her morning coffee and Emily starts her busy day at work.

(Farm) Faith and Natalie ask Holden to tell them all the details of what happened when he saw Lily in his favorite dress. Holden tells the girls that he was stunned to see Lily and she looked beautiful but all his girls are beautiful. Lily stands on the stairs and smiles as she watches Holden talking to the girls in the kitchen. Faith and Natalie tell Holden that they picked out everything Lily wore to the party so he congratulates the girls because they did a great job.

(Lakeview) Brad and Katie kiss each other and Brad wants to make love but Katie says Liberty and Brad smiles and reminds Katie Liberty isnít there she has her own room. Katie tells Brad she knows that but Liberty happens to be sharing the room with her mother. Brad calls Janet by her nickname Juicy Janet and his using the name makes Katie get out of bed. Katie tells Brad she hates it when he calls Janet by that name. Brad tells Katie he was just kidding and asks her to come back to bed but Katie isnít in the mood to go back to bed.

(Carlyís house) Jack arrives to take the children to school but Carly says that Parker is the only one left because Sage got a ride to school and J.J left early because he had soccer practice. Carly yells for Parker to get up because he will be late for school and apologizes to Jack because Parker overslept. Jack tells Carly they have plenty of time and he wanted to talk to her about what happened with Parker and Liberty. Jack explains that Parker skipped school with Liberty but later told him the truth about the situation. Parker comes down to the kitchen and tells his parents that he doesnít want breakfast because his stomach hurts. Jack gets the thermometer and takes Parkerís temperature, which is normal. Carly thinks Parker has a virus but Parker recalls eating junk food from the minibar with Liberty at the Lakeview. Parker tells Carly he will be fine but she tells him if he feels worse during the day he should call her and she will bring him home. Jack asks Carly to go with him and take Parker to school and then they can have coffee and talk about the situation with Parker and Liberty. Carly agrees but then gets a call from Lily who needs to talk with her. Carly tells Jack she has a friend who needs to talk so they will have to talk about Liberty later.

(Lakeview) Brad and Katie begin to kiss again and get in bed but are interrupted by a knock at the door, which Katie thinks is the maid. Katie tells Brad to let her in so Brad goes to the door while Katie puts on her robe. Brad is surprised to see Janet at the door with doughnuts wanting to talk about Liberty just like Brad promised yesterday. Brad asks Katie if its okay that he go down to the lounge and talk to Janet alone. Katie wants to go with Brad but he feels that he and Janet have a few things they need to talk about alone.

(Worldwide) Casey gives Emily a copy of The Intruder someone left on his desk. Emily explains to Casey that she left that on his desk and wonders what he thinks of the picture and story on the front page. Casey likes the picture of him tackling Elwood to the ground he thinks he looks like a superhero. Casey and Emily congratulate each other and drink champagne.

(Farm) Faith and Natalie wonder if Lily told Holden they helped her pick out the dress and Lily tells them she did tell Holden. Thee girls wonder if Holden and Lily danced every dance every dance together and Holden notices Lily is struggling to answer the question so he tells the girls to go upstairs and get ready for school. Natalie wants to stay home with her mommy but Holden tells her that she can talk to her mommy after school. Holden tells Lily she hasnít seen the girls this happy in a long time and Lily thinks she never should have left her children for such a long time. Holden tells Lily she needed the time to think so she did the right thing. Lily tells Holden that the kids will never understand why she left and wonders if Holden understands why she was gone for so long. Holden apologizes to Lily for letting her down last night because he didnít want to make love to her. Lily tells Holden she was disappointed by his reaction to her homecoming but what he said to the girls earlier gave her hope for their future. Lily asks Holden if they can spend the day together after he returns from taking the girls to school. Holden tells Lily he has a busy day today with a lot of errands to run but they will have plenty of time to spend together.

(Lakeview) When Liberty asks Katie if her father is around, she responds that he is downstairs talking to Janet. Liberty tells Katie that she woke up this morning and didnít know where her mother was. Katie explains that she went to buy Brad some doughnuts and they decided to go talk in the lounge. Liberty tells Katie not to leave her dad alone with her mom because her mom still has feelings for him. Katie wants to take Liberty to school but then she decides she is very hungry so they head downstairs to the restaurant and get some breakfast. Brad and Janet talk while she eats a big breakfast and he has wheat toast and coffee. Brad wonders why Janet never told him she was pregnant because he would never abandon his child. Janet explains that her mother sent her away to an auntís house until after the baby was born. Janet wonders why Brad never called her again after their one night together after the prom. Brad tells Janet he tried to call her but she was never home. Brad thinks Janet should have tried a little harder to tell him she was pregnant because in high school he was just a dumb kid who only thought about football and girls.

(Worldwide) Margo arrives to apologize to Casey for not believing he didnít steal the manuscripts and Casey tells Margo she should have beloved him and tried to prove he was innocent. Casey tells Margo he is grateful that Emily fought to clear his name and Margo cries a little as she promises never to doubt Caseyís word again. Casey tells Margo she should have said those words when he told her he didnít steal the manuscripts. Casey refuses to accept Margoís apology and asks her to leave because he has a lot of work to do. Emily blasts Casey for humiliating his mother that way and reminds him that it took guts for Margo to apologize to him in front of her given their history. Emily tells Casey to grow up and realize that his mother only wants what is best for him but even parents make mistakes and need forgiveness.

(Outside the school) Jack and Holden drop off their children and jack apologizes to Holden for his hash words to him which implied Holdenís relationship with Carly was more then a friendship. Jack explains to Holden he is confused about what his relationship to Carly is but he canít seem to break the habit of wanting to help and protect her. Jack tells Holden he is happy that he has been there to help Carly because she has been through a rough time. Holden accepts Jackís apology and the two cousins are once again best friends.

(Carlyís house) Lily arrives and tells Carly that Holden doesnít love her anymore because he is doing everything possible to avoid making love to her. Lily asks Carly to talk to Holden and find out how he feels about her being home. Lily also wants Carly to find out what Holden needs so that she can give it to him and they can once again reconnect with each other.

(Lakeview) Katie and Liberty arrive at the lounge and Brad is happy to see Katie and Liberty. Liberty tells her mom that Katie bought her some beautiful new clothes for school. Janet thanks Katie for being such a good stepmother to her little girl. Brad asks Liberty how she knew that he lived in Oakdale. Liberty explains she was channel surfing and saw their wedding on TV and Janet was shocked and blurted out I canít believe that hunk is your father.

(Old Town) Carly sees Holden and sees that something is bothering him and she coaxes him to talk to her. Holden explains that he is happy Lily is home because the kids missed her very much and so did he but he canít just turn his feelings for her on and off like a switch. Carly encourages Holden to give his marriage to Lily a second chance because she knows they still love each other. Holden admits to Carly that he is afraid that Lily will leave him again just like she did when she left him for Dusty. Carly assures Holden Lily would never do that again because she loves him so much.

(Lakeview) Brad and Katie tell Janet that they must go to work and drop Liberty off at school. Janet tells Brad she will take Liberty to school and Brad tells Janet to drop by the TV station later for a tour. Once Brad and Katie are gone Janet and Liberty head upstairs so Liberty can help Janet can pick out the perfect dress to go see Brad at the TV station later.

(Hughes house) Casey apologizes to Margo for acting like a jerk to her earlier and she cries and tells him she loves him very much. Casey agrees to live at home until he can find his own place.

(Carlyís house) Carly advises Lily to give Holden some time and space because he is still hurt about her affair with Dusty and is afraid she will leave him for another man. Lily thinks that isnít a good idea and asks Carly to help her come up with a plan to seduce Holden.

(TV Station) Katie is mad at Brad because he is being so nice to Janet and isnít even mad she didnít tell him about his daughter until now. Brad reminds Katie that Janet didnít know where he was until now and that is why she took so long to tell him about Liberty. Katie thinks that Janet only told him the truth now because he is a minor celebrity and it is so obvious that she wants him. Brad tells Katie that Janet does have feelings for him but nothing will ever happen between them because he is very much in love with his wife. Brad gives Katie a kiss to remind her that she is the only woman he loves.

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