ATWT Update Thursday 5/8/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 5/8/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Farm) Lily returns home and is a little nervous so she stays outside to look at the stars for a little while and try to calm herself. Lucinda goes into the kitchen and when she notices Lily isnít following behind her, she asks if she is coming inside the house. Lucinda goes back out onto the porch and Lily explains she had missed the view of the stars you can see from the porch. Lucinda is still concerned that Lily may have come home too soon so she asks her daughter if she is ready to be with her family. Lily tells her mother that she regrets disappointing both her and Holden so many times but she promises this time she is ready to be with her family again. Lily steps into the kitchen and calls out for Luke, Faith, Natalie, and Ethan and tells them Mommyís home. Faith and Natalie run out and hug Lily with smiles on their faces and Lily kissing the top of their heads and tells them she has really missed her girls.

(Metro) Holden takes out the trash and Carly walks around nervously as she waits for the customers to arrive for the opening of the club. Carly asks Holden if he took out the trash and he nods his head to say yes and he offers to do anything else she needs done before the doors open to the customers. Carly thanks Holden for being such a wonderful friend and helping her tonight and Holden smiles and tells Carly the owner of the club shouldnít be taking out the trash. Carly is surprised to see Jack arrive and wonders who opened the doors of the club so early. Jack tells Carly to calm down he just came early to see if he could help her with anything that needs to get done before the customers arrive at the club. Carly thanks Jack for his offer but tells him everything has already been done so she doesnít need his help with anything.

(Lakeview) Brad and Katie surprise Liberty with her own room right next door Liberty is thrilled and hugs her dad to thank him for the wonderful surprise. Katie explains to Liberty where she put all her things and then Brad tells Liberty that they are going to a party tonight so she should stay in her room and not have any guests. In the Lakeview hallway Brad tells Katie they are going dancing at the reopening of Metro. Katie doesnít want to go to the party because she has never had a good relationship with Carly and going to Carlyís club isnít her idea of fun. Brad tells Katie that he feels like taking her dancing and showing off his new wife to everyone. Katie is worried about leaving Liberty alone but Brad assures her Liberty will be fine in her room for a few hours. Katie agrees to go to Metro with Brad only if he agrees not to stay too long so they can come back home and continue their honeymoon. Brad and Katie hear a noise coming from Libertyís room so they go back inside and discover she has broken a lamp because she was jumping on the bed. Brad tells Liberty that she will pay for the lamp out of the allowance they are going to give her Liberty asks Brad to give it other now so she can use it to pay for the broken lamp.

(Fairwinds) Barbara looks at Sofieís jewelry designs and thinks they are very beautiful Barbara wonders how Sofie feels knowing she will be a famous jewelry designer. Sofie tells Barbara that she is trying to concentrate but its too quiet and she canít stop thinking about Paul.

(Outside the Farm) Meg comes out in a very sexy dress and Mike thinks she looks hot Meg smiles and tells him that she is pleased with the compliment. Meg wonders where the landscaper is that they were supposed to meet Mike tells Meg the landscaper cancelled the meeting. Mike asks Meg to go with him to the opening of Metro because it would be a shame to look that good and not have a place to go. Meg hesitates because she thinks Paul might be there and she doesnít want him to think that she and Mike are dating. Mike tells Meg it doesnít matter what Paul thinks and they should both go out as friends to have fun. Meg agrees to go to the club with Mike and they both laugh and Joke with each other as they head out to the car.

(Fairwinds) Barbara tries to take Sofieís mind off Paul by showing her a beautiful dress she bought for her to wear for the opening of Metro tonight. Sofie thinks the dress is beautiful but considers it to sophisticated a dress for her to wear because she has never worn that style of dress. Barbara insists that its time Sofie change her image if she is going to be a successful jewelry designer.

(Farm) Lucinda plays rock, paper, scissors, with Faith and Natalie and loses the game so she tells the girls she isnít good at the game anymore. Lily comes downstairs after putting Ethan to sleep and tells Lucinda it felt good to hold Ethan again because she missed all her babies. Faith wonders why Lily didnít come home sooner if she missed everyone. Natalie tells Lily they made her a cake and a sign on they day she was supposed to come home. Lily avoids Faithís question and just tells the girls that she is glad she waited to come home because now she is sure she is home to stay. Lily asks the girls where their daddy is and they tell her he is helping Carly and explain that he has been helping Carly all day because the club is reopening tonight. Faith thinks Lily should go and surprise Holden at the club tonight but Lily doesnít think that is a good idea. Lily thinks Carly is nervous enough about the club after what happened there with the shooting. Faith and Natalie persuade Lily to go to the opening and she gives the girls a fashion show so they can help her decide what to wear. Faith and Natalie decide that none of the dresses make Lilly look like a princess so they both go upstairs to find Holdenís favorite dress for Lily to wear to the party. Lily wonders why the girls are so frantic about tonight. Lucinda explains that Faith and Natalie are a little insecure about her and Holdenís relationship. Lucinda sees the worried look on Lilyís face and assures her that the girls will be fine when they see her and Holden together.

(Metro) Holden offers to turn on the sign outside and Carly laughs and thanks him for all the help. Carly then goes to the backroom to get some glasses. Jack is annoyed that Carly is acting so sweet and smiling with Holden and she hardly says a word to him. Holden points out to Jack that not everything is about him. Jack tells Holden that when it comes to Carly things are always about him. Jack warns Holden that Carly always has to have a man around to do her bidding and he tells Holden to ask himself how that man became him. Holden is offended by Jackís comments and assures him that he and Carly are just friends. Holden tells Jack that Carly didnít trick him into helping her and she is not using him to get back at him. Holden tells Jack he has no intention of coming between his relationship with Carly. Jack tells Holden that he and Carly donít have a relationship anymore other then raising their children together. Barbara arrives with Sofie and Carly welcomes them to the club. Barbara tells Carly that she is helping Sofie sell the jewelry she designs. Carly advises Sofie to listen to Barbara because she is a good businesswoman. Barbara notices a handsome young man watching Sofie and Carly tells Sofie the young manís name is Alex and he is single. Carly smiles and tells Holden they just had their first rush of customers and he smiles and asks her if she needs him to bring more wine from the cellar. Carly tells Holden the waiters should do that and its time he have some fun after all the work he has done. Holden and Carly both decide they have forgotten how to have fun.

(Farm) Lily tells the girls she feels like Cinderella in her beautiful dress and Faith and Natalie rush upstairs to get some perfume for Lily. Lily wonders if Holden will really be happy she came back home. Lucinda assures Lily that Holden will be happy to see her because he has missed her very much.

(Metro) Brad and Katie arrive and Carly offers them champagne but Katie tells Carly they will have champagne later. Brad gives cigars to Holden, Jack, and Mike and informs them that the test results prove Liberty is his daughter. A waitress comes over to tell Brad that some ladies want his autograph. Mike wonders how Katie is handling the news about Liberty. Katie tells Mike it was unexpected but Liberty is basically a good kid and she and Brad are fine. Mike thinks Liberty is lucky to have Katie for a stepmother. Jack is amazed that Katie is so calm considering that Liberty was caught shoplifting and persuaded Parker to skip school. Katie assures Jack that she and Brad can handle anything life throws at them together because they are in it for the long haul.

(Lakeview) Liberty calls Parker because she is bored at the hotel room and asks him to come over and hang out with her. Parker explains to Liberty that his mom has rules and he canít go out on a school night. Liberty tells Parker rules are made to be broken and Parker is surprised that nothing ever seems to bother Liberty. Liberty tells Parker that life is too short to spend it worrying so they should just have fun. Parker still doesnít want to go to the Lakeview so Liberty lies and tells him that she needs someone to protect her from the doorman who has been making advances towards her. Libertyís lie works and Parker arrives a few minutes later and knows that she lied to him because the doorman is an old man.

(Metro) Sofie sees Mike and Meg together and promptly calls Paul to inform him and Paul heads to the club to see if he can spend some time with Meg. Brad and Katie decide to head home and spend some time alone together. Paul arrives and as soon as Mike sees him he asks Jack to arrest him for violating the restraining order. Meg stops Mike and tells Jack not to arrest Paul because this a small town and they canít avoid seeing each other. Holden and Carly dance together and he tells her to make a wish and it will come true if she doesnít step on his toes after he spins her and since she doesnít step on his toes she gets a wish. Holden wonders what Carly wished for and she says that she wished for him to be happy. Lily arrives and Holden is stunned to see her. Carly turns and sees Lily gives her a hug and then tells Lily itís her turn to dance with Holden. Holden is suddenly tired and doesnít want to dance anymore. Holden tells Lily he is glad that she is home and goes to get her a drink. Jack tells Holden he must be glad to have Lily home. Lily asks Carly if Holden missed her and Carly tells her that all they ever talked about was how much he missed her.

(Lakeview) Brad and Katie arrive home and begin to make love but Katie thinks they should check on Liberty first so Brad knocks on Libertyís door and almost catches her with Parker. Liberty tells Brad she is naked and Parker hides then Brad tells Liberty good night and tells her itís a school night and she should go to bed early. Brad goes back to his room and he and Katie go back to making love but someone knocks on the door and Katie tells Brad to go to the bathroom and get dressed in case it is Liberty and she needs him. Katie opens the door and a woman who is looking for Bradley tells her that Bradley called her and gave her this room number. Katie is confused until Brad comes to the door and gets a big hug from juicy Janet. Janet wants to talk about Liberty but Brad asks her to come back to talk to him in the morning. Janet tells Brad she has no place to stay in Libertyís room while she is in town. Janet and Brad go wake up Liberty and tell her that her mom is staying for a couple of days.

(Metro) Paul asks Sofie to dance when he sees Meg dancing with Mike and once Meg and Mike leave the club he stops dancing with Sofie because he is tired.

(Farm) Holden and Lily arrive home and Lily wants to make love but Holden tells her he is tired and goes upstairs to bed.

(Lakeview) Brad starts making love to Katie but she wants to talk about Janet because he has a child with her. Brad tells Katie that he was a kid who didnít know what it meant to love anyone. Brad tells Katie that he didnít know the meaning of the word love until he met her.

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