ATWT Update Wednesday 5/7/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 5/7/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

In their room at the Lakeview, Brad, Katie and Liberty eat breakfast to celebrate. Brad says a bunch of corny things, which he teases himself about the way he sounds. Liberty mentions how great room service is; she wants to live like this always. They talk about her getting to school on time. Liberty leaves to take a shower and overhears Brad tell Katie that they are starting things off right today.

At home, Jack arrives to take the kids to school. Sage wants to play Parker’s video game, but Parker tells her that she can’t. Did his mother approve this violent game, Jack wonders? Sage tells Jack that Parker has ‘big bucks’ all of the sudden.

Liberty is dressed and ready for school when Katie sees her new sunglasses. Where did she get those? When Liberty stalls, Brad worries if she is shop lifting again, but she denies it.

Where did he get this, Jack asks Parker? Sage tells Jack that when she asked the same question, Parker told her to shut up. The bus honking interrupts this conversation and Sage leaves, but Jack stops Parker. He wants to know how he got this game on his allowance? He saved up. He doesn’t want him to lie to him.

At the Lakeview, Mike and Meg meet up for breakfast. Mike has to take care of one thing, but he will be right back. Meg sees Barbara and asks how she is feeling? Barbara tells her that she is doing alright with her radiation treatments. Is she there alone? She is meeting someone. She hopes it is Paul. That isn’t really going to work out. Barbara doesn’t understand what is going on with him; she has left him numerous messages. Meg awkwardly tells her that Paul was arrested for assaulting a security guard there at the Lakeview while trying to see her. He isn’t going to jail, but he is facing charges. Barbara tells her that Paul loves her and she hopes she doesn’t punish him because he needs her. Meg looks conflicted.

At Fairwinds, Paul is making himself a drink when Sofie walks in wondering if he is drinking already? Does he remember making love the other night? She hasn’t heard from him since then; she didn’t think he was that type. He is; he is a terrible person; she should stay away. What is wrong? Nothing, as he turns away and gulps down his drink.

Meg explains that she can’t help Paul; she can’t see him because she got a restraining order just so he would leave her alone. Barbara is sorry because she knows he has been handling things poorly recently. Something must have provoked him and sent him over the deep end. Paul has no one to blame but himself, Meg answers.

Paul finishes his drink and tells Sofie that something came up and that is why he didn’t call; he is sorry. She has every right to be angry, as he hands her a rose from the vase nearby. She isn’t angry; she could never be. He laughs at the naïve thought of that. What happened between them should never happen again. Why? She is good for him; they needed each other. There is something powerful between them, as she reaches for him. Paul puts her hands down. He had a lot to drink, he was at a low point, and he took advantage of her. She didn’t feel that way. That doesn’t make it right. It can’t happen again. They have been attracted to one another for a long time; she has thought about this for a long time. There is nothing stopping them now. Why should they be alone and miserable when they could be together happy?

Barbara is sorry that she didn’t know this sooner. She thought Paul would have told her, Meg admits. He probably didn’t want to burden her because she is sick. If Paul needs her, then she will be there for him because she is his mother. Mike comes back and Meg is elsewhere. What is wrong? Nothing. He saw Barbara leaving… did he upset her? When she saw Paul with Sofie – maybe she needed to be sliced open so she would be hurt that bad so she wouldn’t go back. He understands, but that feeling won’t last forever. She needs it to though. Paul can’t love Sofie so seeing him with her just reminded her of what he is capable of and why she can never trust him again.

Sofie seductively tells Paul that she wants him and she knows he wants her, as she starts to take off her shirt. Barbara interrupts and wonders what is going on? Sofie runs off. He isn’t going to get into it with her. That would have been a serious mistake. She knows he lost Meg, but rebounding to Sofie would be terrible. She is lonely, vulnerable and desperate to be needed and loved. She feels sorry for her too, but he can’t lead her on. He has done no such thing. He needs to let her know that she has no future with him. He needs to stop this before it get worse; she needs to know that will never happen again.

Meg is pushing her food around the plate; she admits that Barbara wants her to help Paul. She can’t do it, but the nurse in her wants to see him get better. She can’t do that, Mike answers. She knows he is out of control and has to deal with it himself. Maybe it was good that this happened. Meg thinks maybe Paul needs to go to jail to turn him around. Mike doesn’t think so; he thinks that would be a big mistake.

Katie calls Kim to let her know that they are coming in late; it is important they talk with Liberty. Where did she get the sunglasses? A friend from homeroom let her borrow them. Brad is happy about that. Brad is glad she is making friends considering what happened with her before. Liberty doesn’t understand and then she remembers the lie she told; she is ok with those girls now. Katie thinks she should get to school now, as Liberty takes off. Brad thinks Liberty is handling things great, but Katie looks less convinced.

Jack calls the school to tell them that Parker will be a bit late and then immediately wants to know where Parker came up with the cash? He didn’t steal it. Finally, Parker admits Liberty gave it to him. Did Brad and Katie give the money to her? He doesn’t want to tell on a friend. Jack tells him that he isn’t giving him a choice. A little while later, Jack and Parker show up at Brad and Katie’s needing to talk with them. Brad takes this opportunity to tell them that Liberty is his daughter. Jack congratulates Brad and tells them both that he hopes that they are one happy family, as he glances at Katie. Parker thinks since she is his cousin, he shouldn’t need to do this. Jack tells him that he has to. Parker tells them about how Liberty won a bet from some guys that involved jumping in the reservoir. Katie realizes that she hadn’t been wet from being dunked in the shower. Brad’s face drops. Were the guys bullying her? No. They went shopping with the money. That clears up where the sunglasses came from, Katie answers. Brad gets on the phone and calls Liberty’s school; he wants to talk with her right away. He is upset when he hangs up. She is registered, but she never showed up; she has been skipping school the entire time. Everyone looks at each other upset. The principal tried to contact him, but Liberty gave them another number. Brad hopes it is a mistake. Did Parker know she has been skipping? Yes. They ask Parker where she would be? Katie and Brad show up downtown and find Liberty listening to music on a park bench. She had a free period. They talked with the principal and know she has been skipping school this whole time and Parker told them the truth about the reservoir and her shopping spree. She is busted, she casually answers. Was she afraid of getting bullied? She just told them that ‘school sucks.’ They don’t care; it is the law and she is getting an escort. She really wants to make this going to school thing work, but she is going to need some incentives. Katie and Brad look at her stunned.

At the farm, Jack wants Parker to get to school because everyone is there already. Parker reminds him Liberty isn’t there. He doesn’t think Liberty is a good role model. He felt bad telling Katie and Brad about Liberty. He told the truth and he is proud of him. Does that mean he won’t get grounded?

Meg still can’t believe that Mike wants to drop the charges against Paul. He spoke to Lisa and she is willing to get the security guards to back down. Wasn’t he the one trying to convince her to press charges? It would be bad for business; the tabloids would have a field day and the buyers would get nervous. Emma would get less for her land; he doesn’t want either one of them hurt. He doesn’t think she wants Paul to go to jail either. She doesn’t really. If Paul stays out of jail, she will need the retraining order more then ever though. She wonders if it will make a difference? If that doesn’t do the trick, then he will make sure Paul stays away from her personally. Meg smiles.

Paul doesn’t want to talk to Barbara about Sofie; he is still in love with Meg. She took out a retraining order, but this is no way to react. Paul gets a call from his lawyer. He doesn’t care about what he has to say; he is pleading no contest because he is not fighting these charges. He has to go to the police station. Sofie walks up and says she will go with him. No, neither one of them can help him. Barbara tells Sofie that the best thing she can do for herself is to stay away from Paul. She can’t because he needs her. He is in love with Meg. She is no good for him. She can’t stop him from feeling what he feels. She can stop him – by giving Paul what he needs because Meg never will. Barbara looks at her concerned.

At the station, Paul tells his lawyer that he is not fighting the charges so why is he there? He got lucky because the charges were dropped. Paul is confused. The person that made it happen is here too; Paul assumes it is Meg, but in walks Mike. The lawyer tells him not to blow it when Paul goes to talk with Mike. Mike tells Paul that his decision was a business one; he didn’t want the Snyder’s to deal with the fallout of one of the partners going to jail. Paul thinks he did it so Meg would think he walks on water. The restraining order is still in effect so he better keep his distance.

Meg walks in and says hi to Jack and Parker. Parker heads upstairs, as Meg and Jack talk. He heard about the charges against Paul at the station – could he do anything? The charges are dropped, so he can come and go now, but the restraining order is still in effect. Jack hopes he does the right thing in respect to that; he wouldn’t want him going to jail because of that. She hopes so too. Parker didn’t look happy – is he in trouble? Trouble is finding him; Liberty is Brad’s daughter officially. Jack and Meg joke about her being a chip off the old block by getting into trouble.

Liberty walks away, as Katie stops her. She is skipping school and lying to them doesn’t give her much room to bargain with. Brad smirks and wants to hear her out. If she gets her own room then she will stop skipping classes and will keep going to school. She thinks she is going to be rewarded for lying. They are newlyweds; don’t they want privacy? Brad thinks she may have a point. They are going to get their own place and she will have her own room at that time, so they should start now, as Brad winks at Katie. Liberty thanks her dad – great minds think alike, she offers. Here is his deal though. She better promise that she goes to school and stays out of trouble for the rest of the year. She promises to do that for the rest of the week… deal? Katie looks unsure about this tactic.

Sofie knows that Paul is hung up on Meg, but she shouldn’t have taken out the restraining order, as she caresses the rose Paul gave her. Meg doesn’t understand him. He has been hurt repeatedly; they are in the same boat. Barbara doesn’t think it is the same. She just wants to make him happy if he lets her. She thinks she may have done the same thing with Cole when she tried to save him. Paul is nothing like Cole. She didn’t say that. She has been involved with many men she thought she could change, Barbara offers. She can’t save Paul because he has to save himself. She is asking her to give up on Paul? Barbara doesn’t say anything. She can’t do that, as she rushes out of the room.

What is he Meg’s pit bull, Paul asks? Meg is off limits. He is still on the project, Paul answers. He will handle the farm details, Mike answers. If he goes anywhere near Meg, he will have to answer to him. Mike leaves, as Paul glares after him. Sofie shows up as Paul is signing some papers to get released. Is he ok; they can’t let them put him in jail. He is free; he is going to be just fine, but he needs fresh air… and maybe a drink. Sofie stops her; what does she want? Did they drop all the charges? Yes. A desperate sounding Sofie wants to go out and celebrate. He has said all he has to say; he wants her to go away.

Meg thinks it is funny how Paul and she were getting close and now they need a judge to keep him away. Jack thinks he needs to try to move on, Meg thinks that is the tricky part. He wants her to tell him how to do that. Mike interrupts and Jack heads out. How did it go with Paul? She won’t have to worry about him anymore.

He is not trying to hurt her, but his life is terrible now, Paul explains. He thinks she should just go take care of herself. She would rather take care of him. She is so young. She doesn’t want to be talked to like she is a little girl. She is an attractive woman. Why doesn’t he want to be with her? Paul stares at her; the best thing she can do for herself is stay far away from him, as Barbara listens nearby.

Meg thanks Mike for his help with Paul. It is a beautiful day and he wants to get out of there. Getting out in the fresh air will help. She laughs; her mother always says that.

Jack and Parker talk about his science project; Parker doesn’t have a lot of faith in it, but Jack thinks he will do well. Jack hopes that after today, this will make Liberty do things right, as Parker reminds him that she is Brad’s daughter. They both smile.

At the Lakeview, Lisa bumps into Barbara and wants to know how she is feeling? She is ok. Lisa worries about how she looks. She is worried about her son. Paul is doing reckless things when it comes to the women in his life. She knows about Meg, but who is behind door number 2, Lisa asks? Sofie Durant. Lisa is surprised; Sofie quit and never gave her a reason. Barbara thinks that Sofie has a knack for making herself available to unavailable men. Lisa thinks she wouldn’t be the first. She has tried to tell her that Paul is hung up on Meg, but she won’t listen to her. She doesn’t want her hurt again. Life is too short and she doesn’t think she should be involved in her son’s love life. She is in the fight for her life; she can’t let this deplete her energy. If Tom and Margo were having trouble, she wouldn’t turn her back, Barbara defends. They are talking about her. She knows she loves her son, but she wants her to take better care of herself. She wants to have lunch tomorrow and then after they will do something even more fun – they will get their nails done. Barbara hugs her.

At WOAK, Brad worries about if Liberty is really in class? Katie thinks since he walked her to the principal’s office then she is there. Brad thinks they should do a segment about high school fashion because Liberty would like that. Katie looks exasperated; she needs to say something – she doesn’t agree with him giving Liberty her own room; he is rewarding her for her bad behavior; they just caught her in a million lies and she didn’t bat an eye. Brad knows she is right. He thinks they can make this work. They will have the room right next to theirs. They will be right next to her and hear everything she does. She is practically living in a spa, Katie thinks. Liberty showing up on their honeymoon put a cramp in their style and he wants to make up for it. She appreciates that, but she needs more discipline and not the mixed signals he is sending her. She thinks they are going to have to sleep with their eyes open; if she is lying about skipping school, what else is she lying to them about?

Liberty is listening to her music outside the school when Parker and Jack show up at school. Jack wishes him luck with his project and a good day at school. Parker wonders if he is going to warn him to stay away from Liberty, as she hides behind the tree listening nearby? He is not going to tell him that; she is his cousin and she probably needs someone who plays by the rules. If he can clean up his act, then maybe she can too. He is a good kid.

Brad thinks Liberty is going to straighten out now that he is on to her. Katie thinks he should tell her mother what is going on. Brad thinks he should let her know it is official. He calls and gets her voice mail and tells her that he is happy that Liberty is his child, but she is having trouble in school; they need to meet and talk. Katie thinks it is strange that every time he calls, he has to leave a message. She doesn’t seem very hands on. Brad thinks Janet is a flake. That is where they come in - so Liberty can see them as parents she can be proud of. Katie looks unsure.

Liberty walks over to Parker; he apologizes for his dad making him tell the truth. She is fine. What is she doing out of school – he hopes she is not skipping again? What he doesn’t know can’t hurt her, as she prances off.

Meg and Mike are walking in the field by the farm enjoying their time when Meg stops and looks amazed. She sees Paul sitting Indian style in the middle of the field looking back at them.

At the Lakeview, Barbara is trying to take Sofie to lunch, but she isn’t hungry. She has to get her strength up because she plans to keep her busy. Does she mean keeping her away from Paul?

Mike walks over to Paul and reminds him that he warned him about staying away from Meg; he doesn’t want to have to call the police. He didn’t know they would be there; he hasn’t gone near the farm. They came over to him, but since Meg is there… he has something that he has to say to her, as she smiles knowing this is going to be another one of Paul’s manipulations.

She just wants to help her get started in the jewelry business. She is going to be successful. She is the first person who thought that. That is because she has an eye for that. It is going to start tomorrow night at Metro in a dress provided by her wearing all of her own jewelry. She will get all the coverage she needs. This is her new beginning of a brand new life. All Sofie can worry about is will Paul be there? Barbara looks exasperated.

Mike tells Meg that she doesn’t have to do this. Meg stares at him. Paul tells them that he will stay away from Meg if that is what she wants; she will no longer have a problem with him anymore. He tells her goodbye, as an emotional looking Meg watches him walk away before she turns away.

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