ATWT Update Tuesday 5/6/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 5/6/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Hospital) Alison surprises Chris in a very sexy red dress and all he can say when he looks at her is wow.

(Hughes House) Casey tries to explain to Margo that someone planted the stolen manuscript in his backpack, but she canít believe Casey is stealing again. Casey yells at his mother to listen to him that he didnít steal the manuscript. Since the last time she believed his story he lied to her, Margo isnít going to fall for his lies again. Tom arrives and wonders why Casey and Margo are fighting, so she shows him the stolen manuscript that she found in Caseyís backpack.

(Worldwide) Emily meets with her informant from Oakdale University and pays him money to give her any information he may discover about the stolen manuscript.

(Noahís place) Noah shows Ameera how to make pancakes by using a little bit of batter and making small circles in the pan. Ameera wonders if Noah learned how to cook from his father, but he says that he had to learn how to take care of himself because he and his father moved so much since his father was in the army. Ameera sees some flour on Noahís face and gently removes it. Their conversation is then interrupted by the doorbell. Noah is happy to see Luke who tells him that he is sorry for the words he said before and realizes that he canít live without seeing him. Ameera gets a call on her cell phone and goes outside to take it, so she wonít interrupt Luke and Noah. Luke and Noah hold each other as they sit on the couch and express their love for each other.

(Hospital) Chris is surprised that Alison changed her mind about having dinner with him. Alison explains to Chris that the reason she was hesitating was because she was worried that people around the hospital would talk about her, but she has decided it doesnít matter anymore.

(Hughes house) Margo tells Tom that she didnít call Casey a thief or a liar. She only wanted to know how the stolen manuscript ended up inside his backpack. Casey is hurt that Margo refuses to believe that he didnít steal the manuscript and feels that, even though she didnít say it, she thinks he is a thief and a liar. Tom wants Casey and Margo to calm down so they can talk about things rationally and try to resolve the problem. Casey swears to Tom that he didnít even know about the manuscript until Emily told him about the robbery. Casey explains to his parents that Emily was going to ask her informant at the University to help her with the story, but he persuaded her that he could get his friends to tell him who had stolen the manuscript. Casey tells Tom and Margo that the only explanation he can think of is that someone is trying to set him up, but he has no idea who that person could be.

(Noahís house) Back in the house after finishing her phone call, Ameera sees Noah and Luke hugging each other on the couch and walks to her room to leave them alone. Noah sees Ameera is upset and asks her to come back into the living room to talk. Ameera tells Luke and Noah that she got a call from the warden of Statesville Prison telling her that Colonel Mayer wants to talk to her. She admits to Noah that she is nervous and has no idea why the Colonel wants to see her. Noah tells Ameera he doesnít want her to go see his father, because he is very dangerous, and he doesnít want her to get hurt by him. Noah decides to go to the prison alone to find out why his father wants to see Ameera. Luke doesnít like the idea of Noah facing his father alone so he offers to go to the prison with him. Noah refuses the offer and promises Luke he wonít allow his father to make him angry.

(Hospital) Alison tells Chris that she wants a very romantic dating relationship full of flowers, candy, and pet names. Chris smiles and agrees to give her a lot of romantic surprises.

(Outside the Lakeview) When Alison gives Chris a strange look, he wonders what that's about, so she explains that she likes the way she feels when she is with him. Alison tells Chris that she enjoys that he doesnít judge her for her past mistakes. Chris thinks Alison is a fantastic woman with whom he likes spending time. Chris tells Alison they can take their relationship as slowly as she wants to because he doesnít want to rush things with her. Alison is happy about that because she doesnít want to mess up yet another relationship. Chris promises Alison that her studies come first because he understands how important the nursing program is to her.

(Hughes House) Margo canít believe Casey's story because ever since he came back home, she doesnít know what the truth is since he lied to her about Matt. Margo thinks that Casey set up the robbery of the manuscript to score points with Emily at work. Tom thinks Margoís accusation is a bit out of line because he doesnít think Casey would ever do such a thing. Casey challenges Margo to go ahead and arrest him, since she thinks he is guilty anyway, then holds his hands out for her to handcuff him. As Casey screams at his parents that they have been waiting for him to mess up ever since he got home, Tom says it isnít true. Casey yells at his parents that he didnít steal the manuscript and is determined to prove it.

(Java) Casey screams at Elwood that he knows he set him up, and he will prove it to everyone. Elwood smiles as if to say I dare you to prove it then calmly take a sip of his coffee.

(Outside the Lakeview) Alison smiles and tells Chris that it has been a long time since they went on a real date. Laughing, Chris promises Alison he will tell her if she makes any mistakes. Alison says that any time she needs confidence, she will remember the best $487 she ever spent for anything. Recalling the night of the bachelor auction, Chris and Alison talk about the first time they nervously made love.

(Statesville Prison) Colonel Mayer is surprised to see his son visiting him instead of Ameera. Noah screams at his father to leave Ameera alone, because she wants nothing to do with him. Colonel Mayer tells Noah that nobody tells him what to do not even his own son.

(Worldwide) When Emily guesses that things didnít go well for Casey at home, he doesnít want to talk about it, because she wonít believe him either. Assuring Casey she believes him, Emily asks what he plans to do now. Casey responds that he suspects Elwood wants to get revenge on him, because he got him in trouble for gambling.

(Lakeview) While the waiter is trying to take their order, Alison distracts Chris by playing footsie with him under the table, and the last thing he is thinking about is food. After Alison apologizes for distracting him, Chris finally gives the waiter his order but she starts playing footsie again. Alison tells the waiter she doesnít feel like eating dinner, but will just take dessert upstairs. Alison cancels Chrisís order and the two head to the elevator and begin passionately kissing.

(Worldwide) Emily tells Casey that it makes sense Elwood would plant the evidence on him if he wanted to get rid of it. She then says she called in a favor, and hopefully one of her informants will find something that will clear Casey's name.

(Lakeview) A half-naked Chris and Alison continue to make love when she suddenly stops and says she canít make love to him. Even though Alison doesnít say why she changed her mind, he is very understanding and reassures her that he wants her very much but will wait until she is ready to be with him. Chris and Alison lie in bed holding each other for a while. When morning comes, Alison tries to leave without saying good-bye to Chris, but he wakes up and wonders why she was going to sneak out without telling him good-bye. Alison explains that she couldnít face him because she thought he would be mad about last night. Chris assures Alison he isnít mad at her and he had a great time on their date. Alison once again apologizes to Chris for what happened last night. Once she goes out in the hallway, she cries a little bit.

(Worldwide) Emily gets a call from her informant telling her that someone wanted to unload Civil War material at a bookstore. She writes down the address of the store, then she and Casey rush out the door.

(Statesville prison) When Colonel Mayer wonders why Noah is so concerned about Ameera, he screams that she is his wife and holds up his hand to show his ring to his father. As Colonel Mayer smiles and congratulates him, Noah yells he doesnít need his congratulations. Colonel Mayer asks him for a second chance to rebuild their relationship, but Noah screams they never had a real relationship because he never saw how sad and lonely he was being somebody he could never be. Colonel Mayer wonders if Noah and Ameera have a real marriage or if they are just playing house. Noah refuses to answer the question because he doesnít want to allow his father to push his buttons. Noah yells that he just came to find out why he wants to see Ameera and to tell him that he wonít allow him to hurt her. Colonel Mayer refuses to tell Noah the reason he needs to talk to Ameera, because it's only between them. Noah tells his father that Ameera is loyal to him and if he tells her to, she will never see him again. Screaming that he wonít let a little punk mess this up for him, Colonel Mayer almost punches Noah, but the guard holds him back. Noah once again asks his father what he wants with Ameera but the Colonel doesnít say a word about the subject and tells the guard to take him back to his cell.

(Alís Diner) Luke and Ameera both worry about Noah and agree that his good heart and stubborn streak always get him in trouble. Noah arrives and tells Luke and Ameera that his father hasnít changed at all and things didnít go well with the visit. Noah says that his father told him the reason he wants to see Ameera is private, and he should mind his own business. Noah admits he lost his temper and told his dad he and Ameera are married, but he doesnít think his father will report him to the ICE. Noah advices Ameera to keep away from his father, because he is dangerous. Luke worries about what Colonel Mayer wants with Ameera and thinks that since he knows the truth about their marriage, he has some big ammunition to use against him. Ameera runs out hurt, knowing she is the reason Noah is in this mess. Although Luke encourages him to find out why Colonel Mayer wants to see Ameera, Noah just wants to forget the whole thing.

(Outside Alís Diner) When Ameera calls Colonel Mayer to ask why he wanted to see her, he claims he just misses her very much and wants to see her again. Colonel Mayer asks Ameera if she misses him, and she hesitates a little before saying, "Of course, I miss you. Colonel Mayer wonders if Ameera is still his girl and she says she will always be his girl. Colonel Mayer smiles while talking on the phone and says good before he hangs up because his time on the phone is up.

(Bookstore) Casey and Emily arrive and he goes inside alone to talk to the shop owner. Just as he is about to approach him, his parents arrive and Margo thinks she has caught Casey in the act of selling the stolen manuscript. Casey sees Elwood about to come in the store and chases him into the alley in the back of the store. Casey starts punching Elwood until Tom holds him back. Emily sees the manuscript fall out of Elwoodís backpack. Margo and Tom are shocked then Margo has Elwood arrested. Elwood tells Margo that Casey deserves this because of what he did to him. Margo wonders how Casey and Emily knew about the bookstore. Casey tells Margo that Emily believed his story and helped him clear his name. Although Margo apologizes to Casey, he just walks away without saying a word to her. Realizing that Casey is hurt that she didnít believe him, Margo cries.

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