ATWT Update Monday 5/5/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 5/5/08


Written by Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At WOAK, Brad and Katie are doing their show about cooking, as Brad is miles away in thought. Katie asks the crew to stop so they can talk. They step into their office. Is he thinking about the DNA test? She answers her own question; how could he think of anything else? He was actually thinking about losing her.

Outside of school, Liberty catches up with Parker. The money she won in the bet is burning a hole in her pocket. She wants to go spend it. She convinces him to leave with her against Parker’s better judgment.

At the hospital, Alison is talking with another nursing student about class that day. They are both a bit overwhelmed. Alison asks if she can call her for help sometime? Why would she call her when she has her own private tutor, as the woman eyes Chris standing there with a bouquet of flowers? Alison looks upset, as she tells Chris not to do this.

At Worldwide offices, Casey gives Emily an 'I heart my boss' mug. She smiles, but then rags on him about trying to suck up to her by buying her a $3 mug from the lobby. She comments that he makes good coffee though, as she sips the comments. She tells that she has to make a call to a source from Oakdale University about some priceless manuscripts that have gone missing. Casey knows all about it; he will be her contact and this will be his story, as he hangs her phone up.

Alison apologizes to Chris about snapping. She is a nursing student and he is the chief of staff’s son; it is hard enough for her to fit in without him giving her flowers in front of everyone. He just wanted to apologize for the rotten dinner the other night. He wants to take her to dinner tonight to make up for it. She doesn’t think so. Is this payback because he tried to kiss her? No. She just doesn’t think they can. Is it something his mom said? No, it is because of she.

If he is Liberty’s father then she is fine with it, Katie answers. What if becoming a father changes him and she doesn’t like whom he changes into? That won’t happen. He wants her to be with him, but he wants it to be her choice. If she wants out – today, tomorrow or next year – it will kill him, but she has to do it. He isn’t making sense so she can’t argue with him; why would she leave him? She was going to marry Jack and he has three kids. Jack and Mike were better husband material then he. Katie thinks he is being ridiculous. He agrees he is more fun then both of them, but that is the only additional thing he has to offer. If he becomes serious and always worries about being a good father, then he will become another Jack and Mike. If he is Liberty’s father, then he has to do what is best for her and to make up for lost time. Katie teases him about what a drag he is being. He had to say it. If liberty is his daughter, she is going to be very lucky, as they kiss.

Downtown, Liberty and Parker are sitting around, as Parker thinks he is going to be grounded if he gets caught. She taunts him about going back, as he starts to go, but he changes his mind. Can they go somewhere else? They just need to camouflage themselves, as she grabs sunglasses.

Katie is impressed with how Brad is handling this, but she doesn’t think he is attacking this right. He has spent quality time with Liberty recently, but they haven’t spent a lot of time alone. He hasn’t paid enough attention to her, Brad concurs. She hasn’t showed him enough attention, as she kisses him and whispers in his ear. They race out of the station claiming there is a news story across town. They can barely get in the door of their hotel room as they kiss and are undressing. Brad takes Katie into his arms and tosses her on the bed only to hear a noise underneath them. They stop what they are doing and pull the covers back to find a smashed full bag of potato chips all over the sheets. Brad remarks annoyed about how he needs to talk to Liberty about nutrition. Katie answers him by commenting about so much for getting their minds off of Liberty.

Alison walks out of the room with Chris right behind her. She wants him to hear her; nursing school is hard, but she doesn’t want people thinking that she has it easy because of her relationship with him. He doesn’t care what they say. She wants to get what she does on her own. Chris gets paged and he has to take it; he hopes she will think about dinner, as he rushes off.

Casey explains that he knows the campus inside and out. He can get the facts quickly. He knows the kind of kids desperate for money. What about his mom? She didn’t agree to him being an investigative reporter. They won’t tell her until she reads his byline and gets his Pulitzer. Emily teases him about his huge confidence. She finally agrees and Casey takes off running. Emily goes to the police station to try to get a favor from an officer. Can he tell her about the stolen manuscripts at Oakdale University? The officer starts to talk with Emily, but Margo interrupts. She tells Emily to leave, but Emily tells her that, as a reporter, she has a right to be there and get information. It is confidential. What happens to free press? If the Intruder is press then she is more delusional then she thought. When is she going to stop punishing her because her family doesn’t hate her as much as she does? She knows this is personal; it must drive her crazy that Tom and Casey give her slack because she is jealous, Emily tells her. She makes an assumption of jealous; she is just tired of her lies and manipulations. She uses good men as a mean to an end. The prostitutes they bring into the station have made sorry choices and she feels sorry for them because of the situation they are in, but they didn’t do it for kicks. Yet, she lets her son work with her… isn’t she afraid she will corrupt him? No, she underestimated him but overestimated her, but she should have known to expect the listening device on Casey; it was classic. Now she knows that Casey will feel the same way she does about her. Margo walks away, as Emily mumbles to herself about her not being too sure.

At Java, Casey sits down at Elwood’s table and remarks about all the letters and cards he didn’t send him. He knew he was back, but his family said he shouldn’t have contact with him. Elwood tries to go to class, but Casey stops him and tells that his family must be upset about him associating with him – a known convict. They would be upset to hear he has been working overtime to help a hooker settle her score. He wouldn’t – does he want more money? He wants information about the manuscripts theft. He wants to know about anyone with a drug or gambling debt who needs quick money. Elwood tells him that he will get back to him soon, as Casey wonders where he is off to so quickly? Alison walks in and comments to Casey about his old roommate slithering out. They say goodbye, as a man on his cell, who walks away without helping her, knocks into Alison. She is picking up her books when Aaron walks over. He comments about her really interesting sounding textbooks. She laughs; she understood only two words – Chapter 1. Can he help? It would be like the blind helping the blind. He knows someone who can help.

At the hospital, Kim looks at Chris through his office window. She finally walks in and jokes about waving a white flag. He teases her about just missing Alison. She did apologize and she did mean it. She doesn’t think she is wrong about him taking his time before he finds himself in the middle of another serious relationship. It just so happens that Alison agrees with her.

Alison is hanging up the phone with Meg. She thanks Aaron for the help by suggesting Meg; she really helped answer her questions. She didn’t want to be a third wheel. Is he missing something? She assumed he was meeting Sofie. No, they broke up. Alison apologizes. He teases her about being broken up. She thinks Sofie was way more work then she was worth. He was more a social worker then boyfriend. Aaron laughs at her. She has a way with words. He thinks she will be a great nurse. Chris was just telling her the same thing. Aaron’s face changes especially when Alison mentions him for a second time in two sentences. Aaron asks sarcastically if Chris is her new Guidance Counselor? Alison wants him to be nice. Why can she voice her opinions on Sofie, but he isn’t allowed to say anything about the fact that she is hooking up with the ‘most self-centered jerk’ in Oakdale. Alison is irate; her relationship with Chris is none of his business.

Kim wants to know what happened? Chris explains that Alison wants to get her feet on the ground and it isn’t the best time to start a relationship especially with him being there and Bob being Chief of Staff. Kim is impressed. He shouldn’t just jump into the middle of a relationship without getting his own bearings. He should give Alison space and use that time to work on himself. It sounds like a good idea, but he isn’t going to take her advice.

Liberty remarks that Parker has missed his last period. She doesn’t know why he didn’t buy anything when she was shopping. He was eyeing that game. He doesn’t know. Liberty drags him off the bench telling him that they are going to shop till they drop.

Katie and Brad are cleaning the bed when Katie asks him to get Seltzer water. He comments about bringing water from work because it is highway robbery for what they charge for water. He opens the refrigerator only to find it empty. Brad is annoyed with Liberty doing that. The phone rings interrupting them, as they both look nervous. Does she think it is Susan? There is only one way to find out. Brad answers the phone; it is Susan – the DNA results are in. She can’t tell him over the phone – he needs to sign a release form. He will be down right away. She tells him to have Katie drive. He is ok; he can drive because he isn’t that nervous, he lies. Katie suggests Brad put on a shirt, as he is heading for the door. He hands her the keys.

Back at the office, Emily throws her purse and it knocks over her coffee cup. Casey walks in teasing her about how he thought she liked his coffee. She didn’t mean to do that. Did he find out anything yet? He has some leads. Emily rolls her eyes. What about her? No because his mother rescinded the first amendment right – just because. She has an idea – Casey knows she wants him to get the information from his nom. He is one step ahead of her; that is why he agreed to have lunch with his parents. Her mother hates her so he should be careful. What is really going on between the two of them – it is more then him?

She can talk about Sofie, but he can’t say a thing about Chris. She didn’t say a word about her until he said that they were through. She was agreeing with him about it being in the past. Chris is still in the picture. Is he jealous? He is worried about her. She is getting it together; she doesn’t need to be side tracked. Chris is on her side. He is with her 100%; he wants what makes her happy. Where has he heard that before? Alison warns him to stop. She gave that speech to him right before she called off her wedding to Chris.

Chris explains that he is not giving up on Alison. Kim answers that she didn’t say he should. It is about what Alison asked for – doesn’t it matter? She is just overwhelmed. He should respect what she wants. He respects her being a nurse, but he thinks she wants more.

He loves to throw that in her face, Alison glares. No, but Chris let her down, and she is acting like he didn’t. What is different now? She is not the same little girl and Chris has grown up and changed a lot. He is sure; they should ask Emily, Aaron responds sarcastically. He apologizes quickly though. She wants him to leave. She is wrong about one thing; he wants her happy, as he walks away.

At home, Casey comes in, leaves his bag on the counter and goes in the other room calling out for him mom. Elwood lets himself in his house and looks at Casey’s bag.

At the diner, Liberty is stuffing her face, as Parker is amazed. He thinks she is eating because she is nervous. When does she find out about if Brad is her dad? He can change the subject now or she will call his scary dad and tell him how he spent the afternoon.

At the hospital, Brad signs the release form and takes the envelope with Katie standing next to him. He opens it and tells her slowly that he is a dad – it is a girl, as they hug looking unsure but happy. Susan congratulates him. He tells Susan proudly that he is a dad; did he see how beautiful his daughter is? She has his smile, Susan agrees. He knew it. There was something about her; she is like him. Katie wants to give him time to adjust. He has to go tell her. He has to go change, Brad answers. He looks fine. No, he has to go change to become an adult.

Liberty tells Parker that it is his homework assignment to figure out something fun to do for tomorrow; Bonnie and Clyde didn’t rob one bank. Parker smiles; he tells her that he hopes things go her way. They always do.

Brad sits down; Katie doesn’t want him to feel he has to change for Liberty’s sake. He has to be a father, Brad tells her. He needs to be himself, Katie counters. Liberty has guts and risked a lot to do come find him. She ended up with a fun, easy-going, non-judgmental man with a huge heart. He shouldn’t try to mold himself into someone else he thinks Liberty deserves. Brad smiles; she is lucky to have her too. Brad tells Katie that she has to drive again.

Alison is studying at Java when Chris walks in. He tells her that remembers cramming. He just wanted her to know if she doesn’t have time to go out to dinner, he understands. However, if she wants to go out sometime in the future, he would be all for it. Aaron is standing in the background, when Alison decides to take Chris up on his offer, as Aaron looks annoyed.

Margo comes home and is frustrated to find Casey’s backpack on the counter. She calls out to him about how many times she has asked him to not leave his stuff on the counter. She picks it up and sees the manuscript inside. Casey walks out and sees her holding something; he asks her what it is? Margo asks him to tell her.

Katie and Parker are walking outside of school talking about how much fun they had. Brad and Katie walk up surprising them. Why are they there, slightly nervous Liberty wonders? They need to talk with her, but they are also interested in what they are doing out of school in the middle of the day? She needed to get some air, as she puts the sunglasses away. Brad thinks it is because of those girls that were bothering her; he wants to do something about it. She just had a hard math test. Brad tells her that they need to talk, as she is anxious to leave. Doesn’t she need to tell anyone she is leaving? No, she just has study hall and they can just write her a note tomorrow. She adds, for affect, to Parker that she will call him that night to help him with his math homework.

Emily is at her office talking on the phone about the value of the manuscript. She isn’t getting anywhere. She mumbles out loud about how she hopes Casey is having more luck then she is.

Casey tells him mom that he doesn’t know what it is. It is one of the manuscripts that got stolen last night. Casey is frustrated; does she really think he would agree to have lunch with his parents and casually leave the manuscript in his backpack on their counter? She doesn’t think now is the time for him to be sarcastic. She really thinks he stole this manuscript – doesn’t she, he screams?

Alison explains that she had time to think; she took her frustrations out on him after a long day. He will call her later to set up a time. She thanks him for the flowers before he heads out. Aaron walks back over; he knows what she is doing, as Alison stands her ground telling him that he doesn’t know her at all.

Liberty is back at Java with Brad and Katie, as the waitress asks her if she is back so soon? Liberty tries to pretend it is because this is the only place they take her. Liberty wants to know what the big talk is about? Brad wants to give her something; he hands her a medal for the 200meter backstroke. She doesn’t understand because she didn’t win this. He did, but the Snyder’s don’t have a family crest and he wanted to give her something of his. Liberty realizes that they have the results. It is official; he is her father. She told him so. When he got the results, he was happy, Brad tells her. He wants to be a good dad, as he babbles. He is just nervous. He doesn’t have to be, as Liberty gets up and hugs him as a happy Katie watches them.

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