ATWT Update Friday 5/2/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 5/2/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Brad welcomes “Beautiful” with a kiss and asks Katie why she didn’t wake him before she went to the gym? She asks where is Liberty? He says dressing for school which she does not want to go to anyway and it’s taking her forever. Katie almost calls him father, and he ssh’s her not to say the "F" word. She says she has total faith in him as he’s been very good so far. He complains that Liberty was hell waking up this morning, not wanting to open her eyes. He is so glad he is married to Katie and she says likewise. He can’t keep his hands off of her and showers her with kisses. He claims that every cell in his body wants to…….he is suffering from severe deprivation. The Surgeon General would warn against this. She chuckles that she knows, it’s like living with a chaperone. She puts the brakes on though as Liberty might walk in. Brad doesn’t care, he doesn’t think they can keep living like this.

Carly drops in on Jack at the Snyder farm. The kids are fine, she is not always the bearer of bad news. Actually she is there on business of sorts. She’d like to pay her half of the household expenses since he’s been doing it for so long and that isn’t fair. He argues that it isn’t necessary, but she insists they are not a couple any more, she has brought her checkbook so she’d like to pay him right now. She gets a rude awakening when she realizes her half will be $2000. Jack says money is not a problem for him right now, so it’s okay. She assures him she is not a charity case, but he is a little short right now but she will have it next month. She tells him she is opening Metro again so when it’s up and running she will have regular income again.

Holden has a tough time explaining to the girls that their mother changed her mind and won’t be coming home today after all. Faith snipes that her mother lied. If she really cared for them, she wouldn’t want to be on her own. She tells Holden to stop telling them she cares. And doesn’t Lily still love him too? He skirts that by saying she has been through a lot this last year and has been overwhelmed. When she does return they will know what Lily has decided and work all of this out, and he is sure it will be good.

Liberty walks in on Katie and Brad and chides that she is outta there, they can have all the sex they want. Brad puts a fast halt to that; he can’t believe what she is wearing. He good-naturedly demands that she let the shirt down that will now cover her bare midriff. She thinks the word he is looking for is “harajuku girl”. They have much to teach each other. Brad offers that she is a lucky kid. She could be stuck with some old fogies, but he and Katie are cool. She agrees, and he says he will take that, but now they are going to be late for school. She’s hesitant as there must be better ways to learn… the lesson of life….or Katie to teach her TV biz….or even home schooling. Brad reminds her that he went to a great deal of trouble to get her in this school, so she is going despite she doesn’t think it will work out.

Jack tells Carly that she doesn’t have to prove herself to him. He has concerns about her, but not about running Metro and he is willing to help her anyway he can. She thanks him, but assures him she will be fine, she will learn to delegate. Holden tells Jack that Carly has done a nice job of fixing Metro up and being independent. Jack isn’t quite as sure since she tends to bite off more than she can chew and is trying to prove she doesn’t need him anymore. Emma muses that she loves her boys back living with her again, just not the way it happened. Later she tells Holden he should not get involved in the middle of anything with Carly and Jack.

Brad takes Liberty to Al’s for breakfast and she wants Carb City – the works with bacon, eggs, pancakes. They run into Parker and Brad asks him if he can look out for Liberty at school since she knows no one. Parker scoffs, he doesn’t think she will have any problems, she’s a very resourceful girl and can take care of herself.

Jack runs into Katie and offers to join her in the walk to the studio. He confides he is trying to be more patient with Carly, even letting her send the kids to camp. She thinks that is good for them and it will take some pressure off of Jack too. He is concerned for Carly though as she is going to re-open Metro and do it all by herself without his help. That is a problem since she has no experience and three kids at home to take care of. He thinks it’s a mistake, but hers to make and he is going to back off, thanks to Katie. Graciously she thanks him, but says from now on she doesn’t think she wants to hear about his problems with his ex-wife. He’s sorry he dumped on her. She promises she is not upset, but she has a lot of other stuff on her plate right now and his martial or ex-marital problems don’t really make the cut. She has teenage girl problems, but she will deal with hers and he will deal with his. She thinks her marriage is private and he needs to respect that. Okay cool, he can. They are friends with boundaries, strict boundaries. The past is confusing enough without bringing it up all the time. Katie replies, “okay, well good. From now on, if you have problems with Carly, talk to her about it, not me. And don’t ask me about Brad.”

Carly is upstairs getting the toolbox when Holden drops in at Metro and ends up flat on his butt….great time for a leaky pipe. Carly chuckles that she can’t get a plumber as she needs every penny to get this place up and running. He offers to lend her the money, but she doesn’t want to be indebted. It’s a pride thing, she wants to do this on her own. She even brags she thinks this might be simple enough for her to fix on her own. Probably just needs a little tightening, but as impressed as he is, he can help her tighten it. When he does, it slips and they both end up with water spraying all over them.

Henry questions Brad about who this beautiful teenage girl is he was hanging around with. Brad assures him that he is in love with Katie and he’s not doing anything wrong. Henry is beyond shocked to find that Brad may have a teenage offspring… Brad knew her mother in the Biblical sense? Brad replies, “that would be an Amen.” And Brad says if the DNA proves out, then he’s expected to take care of Liberty. Henry grins that is the way it usually goes. Brad is clueless, but knows Henry has helped raise a teenage sister. What is it like? Henry tells him to be afraid, be very, very afraid. Living with a teenage girl is like uncharted territory. There is no way of figuring out what they are thinking at any given moment. And if you do figure it out, they will change their minds. Brad offers that is not just teenagers, but all women. Henry advises it is worse with the young ones because you are responsible for them, and they love to mess with your mind. They pretend like they know everything when they are really just kids themselves. They are innocent until they are guilty. They need a strong hand. Brad answers that is exactly what he has been doing, giving tough love, but Katie says he is being too hard on Liberty. Henry says, “my advise is, and from my experience, if you want that one to grow up to be an adult reasonably unscathed, you lock her away until she’s about forty.” But hey look on the bright side maybe she isn’t Brad’s daughter.

Outside the school, Liberty has been followed by a bunch of boys who taunt her that she is all talk and no action. She dares them to test her. Are they ready to put their money where their mouth is? Parker joins in and squashes that idea. She can’t cut class on he first day, but she says what she can’t do is walk away from a dare. Parker tells her that she does not want to mess with these guys. She confides they followed her, she did nothing. Now they want her to take money for jumping in the reservoir. She eggs them on to come up with $20 each. Parker urges her again not to do this and get kicked out of school on the first day. She stands to get $100, so don’t bore her now. She takes the money they amass and hands it for Parker to hold and she jumps in the water. One boy offers to take her home and dry her off. She teases that she is out of their league, so be off. Then she offers Parker half the money. He is cynical that she would do that just so he wouldn’t rat her out to Brad and Katie.

Henry confronts Vienna that all this early morning slaving has got to go. If she is going to get up at the crack of dawn, it needs to be to take a balloon ride through the Alps or some sun-bleached Grecian isle….it should not be elbow-deep in pancake batter. Those elbows are works of art, he will not have them besmirched. He wants her to have what she deserves. He wants to get that for her. He doesn’t know how, but by God he will. She confesses that all of that does not make her as happy as he does. He agrees it may not be 24/7 diamonds and caviar and that sort of stuff, but a measly two week vacation so he could take her to Chicago. She suggests maybe they could get Brad and Katie to take over and do Tune In Tomorrow with them trying to run a diner. He fills her in on the teenage Liberty.

Parker questions Liberty why the payoff? She answers that Parker upped the ante with the guys, and if he hadn’t been there, they never would have paid up. She would just be wet and broke as before. So take it, he deserves it. It’s hazard pay for the skateboarding incident. And she can get more. He finally says okay since she did waste his time by sending him to the hospital. “Time is money.” She suggests they go spend the money. They turn and spot Brad and Katie. Liberty flies into her little act by pretending to be happy to see them. They wonder why she is all wet and not in school? She quickly makes up this story about mean girls in the gym. They ganged up on her and shoved her into the shower and turned it on. She fought back and ran out the door, and Parker found her. He gave her his jacket so she wasn’t flashing everyone. Brad thanks him and Katie gives him a big hug for being a perfect little gentleman.

Carly apologizes to Holden for getting him into all of this. But thank God, any more water and she would have to replace the carpet. He warns her that the fitting is stripped and only held by duct tape and it won’t last forever. She will have to get a professional plumber. She asks how did he even know she was there at Metro? Oh Jack, so now Holden can go back and report to him that it is true, she can’t run the place by herself. He says it is not always about her. She’s grateful that he isn’t there to spy on her. Actually he says he needs advice. She says wow, that’s a first. Seriously, he says Lily called and was going to be home, now she isn’t. The girls are pretty much devastated, that old “my mother doesn’t love me.” Carly is sorry that he has to go through this.

Brad says Henry is right about teenage girls, they are evil. Not Liberty but these other mean girls. He’s going to that school and talk to that principal. She can identify them and they will get detention. She blurts out that he can’t go over there and freak out. If she goes with him and they do get detention then it would only be worse next time. They’ll get all “Carrie” on her. She didn’t get hurt, so just let her deal with these little freaks in her own way. It’s the only way to make it stop. She pretends to be so traumatized, so don’t make her go back to school today. Brad tells her to go home and order room service. He wishes they could come with her, but they need to get to the studio. He asks Parker to make sure Liberty gets back to the hotel, and then him go on to school. He tells Liberty to chin up, he’ll teach her some fierce martial art moves. She calls him a geek when she realizes he does tae bo.

Carly tells Holden that he doesn’t want to rush this. He wants Lily to take her time so that when she comes back it will be with her whole heart. Just hang in there for a little bit longer. He says he is okay on his own, it’s the kids. She commiserates that it isn’t fair, the kids suffer for their mistakes. He quips, “a lot of things aren’t fair. That’s why God made duct tape.” Jack walks in and finds them laughing hysterically, he notices the coziness. They explain the situation, you had to be there. Holden says it’s a good thing Jack is there, he’s a better plumber and Holden has to go. Carly snarls that if he came to say “I told you so”……….He assures her no, it’s the opposite.

Brad is feeling sorry for Liberty, but Katie thinks she is a lot tougher than he thinks. It was her choice to come here and find them and be involved with new people and a new school. Katie doesn’t know why he’s so worried about being a father, his instincts seem to be right on the money. Parker sees Liberty to her door and she tries to get him to stay since Brad asked him to look out for her. He grunts that she doesn’t need him for that. She asks him not to be a wuss, and they haven’t spent their money yet. He’s astonished that she can lie so easily without even stopping to think about it. It doesn’t bother him, but just don’t try to pull it on him. They part with her thanking him for not ratting her out.

Jack confesses he was pretty negative when Carly told him her plans. And he really wishes her all the luck in the world and hopes her reopening is a huge success. She wants him to be there….even if just so she can prove him wrong. They may not always get along perfectly, but she does want him to be happy. He declares he wants the same for her. And he’d be honored to look at her pipe.

Emma wonders what happened to Holden? He tells her he met a wet pipe at Metro. But he took her advice and when Jack showed up, he hightailed it out of there. Whatever happens between Carly and Jack stays between Carly and Jack. She tells him he has a very big heart, but trust her, this is the better way. Jack tells Carly that she and Holden did a good job, until the real plumber can come. She thanks him for coming by and she will see him at the opening. Carly calls Holden and tells him he did a good job. Jack even gave his seal of approval and wished her luck on the opening. Holden is glad things are going well and she remarks that he had a lot to do with it. He’s been a good friend.

Katie and Brad come home early to check up on Liberty. She proclaims she does not feel like talking. She wants to take a long bubble bath; Katie offers her some lavender bubble bath. Brad gets a phone call from Susan who says the DNA tests results will be back tomorrow. Brad reveals he is scared. Katie asks is it because Liberty might be his daughter, or that she is not? He admits both.

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