ATWT Update Thursday 5/1/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 5/1/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Carlyís house) Carly tells Sage she is going with Holden to check out a sleep away camp for her this summer. Sage yells at Carly that she doesnít want to go to camp this summer and Carly is puzzled by Sageís reaction to the news. Carly reminds Sage that she has been begging her for months to go to sleep away camp and wonders why she changed her mind about going to camp. Sage explains that her friends told her that sleep away camp is scary and she doesnít like to be scared so she wonít go to camp. Jack arrives in the middle of the argument Sage runs to him and begs him to make her mommy understand she doesnít want to go to camp. Carly tells Sage she is just going to take pictures off the camp and get some brochures and then they can decide if she wants to go to camp for the summer. Jack tells Sage that he and Mom need to talk so Carly sends Sage upstairs to get ready for school. Sage yells that Carly is mean for forcing her to go to camp then she runs upstairs to get ready for school. Carly asks Jack not to disagree with her in front of the children because they need to present a united front when it comes to decisions for them. Jack tells Carly that Sage was upset so he told her that to try and calm her but it didnít work. Jack wonders how she is going to the camp since her car is in the shop and Carly explains that Holden is driving her since he also wants to look at the camp for Faith and Natalie. Jack tells Carly that she should cancel this camp thing because Sage doesnít want to go and neither of them is going to force her to go to camp.

(Farm) A nervous Holden searches for a list of questions he printed out to ask the camp director Emma gives him the list and wonders why he is so nervous because after all it isnít the first time he has sent a child away to camp. Holden explains that Lily always handled the camp details in the past and he doesnít want to make a mistake. Holden looks at the list and reads it aloud so that he wonít forget it and Emma reminds him that Faith wants to take archery this summer. Holden asks Emma how he looks and she tells him he looks the same as always very handsome and wonders why he would ask that question of her. Holden explains that they have a waiting list and he doesnít want to ruin things for the girls by making a bad first impression when he arrives at the camp. Holden tells Emma that he wishes Lily were here because she is very good at selecting a camp that the kids would enjoy.

(Alís Diner) Lucinda talks to Lily on the phone and wonders if she isnít coming home too soon and encourages her to take more time to herself if she needs to do it. Lucinda tells Lily that she will be glad to see her because she has missed her and hangs up the phone before Faith arrives at the table. Lucinda asks Faith if she paid the bill and left a tip and Faith nods her head and Lucinda tells her to keep the change. Faith tells her Grandma that she enjoys spending the night at her house and then having breakfast because it makes her feel like a grown up. Lucinda tells Faith that they must have sleepovers more often and Faith wonders if Lucinda only invited her because Lily is away. Lucinda tells Faith she wanted to spend time with her favorite girl because she enjoys spending time with her it had nothing to do with her mom being out of town. Faith tells Lucinda that sometimes she feels like her mom is never coming home and Lucinda tells her that her mother will be home soon. Faith doesnít think so and Lucinda canít bear to see Faith so sad so she tells Faith that she spoke to her mom and Lily told her she is coming home today. The news puts a big smile on Faithís face and she decides to plan a surprise party for her mom and dad so she asks Lucinda not to tell Holden the news.

(Farm) Emma wonders if Holden spoke to Lily this morning and Holden tells her he spoke to Lily last night and he is happy that she sounds a lot better. Holden also tells Emma that Lily told him she was going to call again tonight after dinner. Emma advises Holden to call Lily and tell her about the camp he may send the girls to this summer but Holden doesnít want to put any pressure on Lily. Emma worries that Holden and Lily are spending too much time apart and that isnít good for their marriage.

(Carlyís house) Carly tells Jack that Sage is nervous about going to camp and she has changed her mind about ten times but once she is there with Faith and Natalie she will adjust and have fun. Jack doesnít think Carly can know that for sure and Carly is hurt that Jack is implying that she doesnít know her own daughter. Jack tells Carly that ever since she went away with Simon the kids have become insecure because they didnít know if she would ever come home. Carly wonders if Jack will always throw Simon in her face every time they have a fight. Carly thinks it would be good for Sage to get away from the tension in the house and maybe the time away will help Sage get over the fantasy that her parents will ever get back together again. Jack is upset that Carly thinks sending Sage away will cure all her problems. Carly points out that she isnít sending Sage away she just thinks it would be good for her to be a kid and have some fun. Jack tells Carly he is having second thoughts about sending Sage to camp and Carly tells Jack he has been having a lot of second thoughts lately. Parker arrives and is amazed that his parents went five minutes without having a fight he thinks five minutes is a new record.

(Lakeview) Brad wonders where Liberty is and if it is safe to talk Katie tells Brad they can talk because Liberty is in the shower. Katie wonders if Brad talked to Libertyís mom Janet and Brad tells Katie Janet swears that he is Libertyís father. Brad also tells Katie that Janet told him that her relationship with Liberty has been rough and she needs him to help her now. Brad tells Katie that Janet told him it would be fine for Liberty to stay with him until the DNA test results arrive. Katie thinks they should start acting like parents and Brad tells Katie that this is his mess not hers and he has to deal with it. Katie doesnít think Liberty is a mess she is Bradís daughter and she is a teenager who requires work. Katie is sure she can handle Liberty because she was once a teenaged girl. Brad tells Katie this isnít what he promised her when they got married and if she wants out of the marriage he will let her go. Katie feels insulted by Bradís comments and tells him she loves him for better or worse and they are in this together. Brad tells Katie that he knew there was a reason he married her and then they kiss. Brad wonders what they are going to do with a sixteen year old girl and Katie says the first thing they need to do is send her to school. Liberty walks in the middle of the conversation and tells Brad and Katie they canít make her go to school.

(Carlyís house) Jack tells Parker he and Carly are having a discussion and asks Parker to wait for him in the car for five minutes. Carly tells Jack that they need to find a new way to communicate and until they find a more healthy form of communication they must protect the kids. Jack thinks sending the kids away is teaching them to run away from their problems. Carly points out that the kids donít have any problems the problems are between them and the kids shouldnít be involved in all the drama. Cary asks Jack just to think about the camp but Jack tells Carly that he will leave the decision up to her he just hopes she is making the right decision.

(Farm) Holden tells Emma he and Carly should be back later tonight and Emma tells him to drive carefully. Holden also tells Emma if the time apart helps Lily be herself again they will have a better marriage.

(Lakeview) Brad makes it clear to Liberty that if she wants to stay in Oakdale and get to know him she must go to school. Liberty doesnít want to go to Oakdale Latin because she doesnít want to go to a preppy snobby school that makes her wear a uniform. Katie tells Liberty that Oakdale Latin doesnít make its students wear uniforms. Katie tells Liberty that if she doesnít want to go to private school then they will send her to a public school. Liberty tells Brad he is rich so they can home school her but Brad tells her she canít go to school at home. Katie tells Liberty that the best part of going to school is getting a new wardrobe so Liberty says that she canít wait to go to school.

(Carlyís House) Carly tells Holden that she doesnít feel well and canít go to visit the camp with him today. Holden doesnít want to face the camp counselors by himself but Carly thinks he can handle it because he is a tough guy. Holden tells Carly to feel better and turns to leave when Carly asks him if he thinks she is a good mother. Holden tells Carly he doesnít know because she is the only person who can know if she is a good mother. Holden wonders if the kids think she is really lame she says yes and Holden tells Carly that she is teaching them to think for themselves and that is good. Holden wonders if the kids throw up on her when they are sick she says yes and Holden tells her that proves that she is there when they need her. Holden wonders if the kids are happy and Carly says they used to be so she thinks two out of three isnít bad. Holden wonders if the kids said something to make her think she wasnít a good mother. Carly tells Holden Jack told her that she is abandoning the kids again because she wants to send them to camp. Holden tells Carly that Camp isnít a life sentence and Sage can come home anytime. Holden thinks Jack should lighten up and Carly should tide with him to camp so he can have some company. Carly agrees to go with Holden and he agrees to let her control the radio.

(Farm) Lucinda and Faith arrive home and Emma wonders why Faith isnít in school. Faith explains that Lily is coming home today and she wants to throw a surprise party for both her parents so Faith asks Emma not to tell Holden the news.

(Holdenís Car) Holden asks Carly to leave the country station on and Carly says that Jack likes country music too. Holden laughs and tells Carly that Parker and J.J. will also like country music. Carly wonders what kind of music Lily likes and Holden tells her that Lily likes a lot of different styles of music. Holden tells Carly that they often go to the arts center every summer and listen to the live music but he doesnít know if Lily will be back in time for the concerts this summer. Carly tells Holden that at least he knows Lily wants to come back to him. Carly is sad because she knows that her relationship with Jack is over. Holden advises Carly to cut her loses with Jack and stop trying to fix what canít be fixed.

(Farm) Emma and Lucinda advise Faith that she should have patience with Lily because it could take a little while for her to adjust to being back home. Faith doesnít think itís too much to ask for her parents to get back together so they can all be a family again.

(Old Town) Brad and Katie walk with Liberty until they get to Fashions and Katie sends Liberty inside the store while she says good-bye to Brad. Brad offers to come shopping with Katie but Katie tells Brad she can handle things. Katie gives Brad a kiss good-bye and goes inside the store. Brad calls Jack to ask his advice about schools for Liberty.

(Fashions) Liberty looks for clothes while Katie tells Lisa Liberty could be Bradís daughter.

(Old Town) Jack arrives and tells Brad the school registration could get complicates so he thought that since he had the time he would go to the school make introductions and then watch Parkerís baseball game. Brad thinks that Jack is trying to score some points with Katie. Jack tells Brad he is just trying to help him and he would never do anything to come between him and Katie. Jack also reminds Brad that his relationship with Katie is over and all he wants is for her to be happy.

(Fashions) Katie tells Liberty they have spent the money they had budgeted for her clothes. Liberty sees a pretty bracelet but Katie tells her they canít spend any more money so Liberty steals the bracelet. The security guard asks Liberty to empty her pockets once she and Katie are outside the store. Jack and Brad arrive and the security guard tells them that he saw Liberty steal the bracelet. Lisa arrives and tells Brad and Katie that since she has had so much shoplifting she has instituted a no tolerance policy. Lisa tells Brad and Katie since she knows them she will just take the bracelet back inside the store and forget this ever happened. Brad tells Jack he canít just forget Liberty stole the bracelet and asks him to arrest her.

(Police Station) Katie tells Brad that Jack has something to say to him so Brad turns around to talk to Jack. Jack tells Brad that he has proven his point and he should take Liberty home now. Brad doesnít want to take Liberty home yet because he doesnít feel she has learned her lesson. Jack tells Brad that Liberty has been in there for hours and its time that he takes her home. Parker arrives and wonders why Jack didnít go to his baseball game. Jack explains the situation to Parker while Katie talks to Brad. Katie thinks Brad is being too hard on Liberty but Brad canít understand how Liberty could steal a bracelet after Katie almost bought out an entire store for her. Brad doesnít want his possible daughter to be a criminal so he thinks she needs to be taught a lesson. Brad is determined to give Liberty rules and boundaries so that she can grow up to be a responsible young woman. Katie tells Brad that Liberty only wants to be loved and understood much in the same way he only wants love and understanding. Parker wonders why Liberty decided to shoplift in a store full of people and cameras. Parker tells Liberty she will be out soon and he is glad because Jail isnít a good place. Parker tells Liberty he almost went to jail for a crime he didnít commit.

(Holdenís Car) Carly and Holden talk about the camp and how nice it is Carly tells Holden she hopes she can persuade Sage to go because she needs to be a kid and get away from all of her and Jackís drama. Holden calls Emma and tells her he should be home soon and Emma almost tells him Lily is coming home but then she remembers the promise she made to Faith.

(Police Station) Katie persuades Brad that they should take Liberty home so Brad goes inside the interrogation room to talk to Liberty. Brad tells Liberty that he thinks its time that they go home because she has learned her lesson. Liberty tells Brad that she isnít going anywhere with him.

(Farm) Lucinda and Emma both think itís too soon for Lily to return home but at the same time they know that the girls need their mother. Emma promises Lucinda that she will make sure Lily takes things slowly.

(Holdenís car) Holdenís car stops so he and Carly talk on the road while they wait for the tow truck to arrive. Carly tells Holden that she is anxious to show Sage pictures of the camp but she isnít looking forward to another fight with Jack. Holden is surprised that Carly and Jack spend all their time fighting and once again points out to Carly that he relationship with Jack isnít working. Carly wonders if Holden misses Lily and Holden says he misses Lily but is scared about the person Lily will be when she returns home. Holden wonders if Lily will one again be the woman he fell in love with or the woman he couldnít trust or someone else entirely.

(Police Station) Brad demands that Liberty come home with him now but she yells that he has no right to boss her around since he doesnít even believe he is her father. Liberty tells Brad that she would rather go home with her mom but quickly admits that she doesnít want to go back home with her mother. Brad tells Liberty that all he wants to do is make sure she is okay and happy until the test results arrive and then they can decide what they should do next.

(Holdenís car) Carly wonders how many times he has changed and he tells her of the four different careers he has had in the past. Carly asks Holden how many times he and Lily have taken a break and he says a few times. Carly points out that he and Lily have always gotten back together and he has always been more in love with Lily each time. Carly tells Holden to hold on to his love for Lily and his marriage will be fine.

(Police Station) Brad grabs Libertyís arm and she screams for him to let her go Katie and Jack arrives and Liberty tells Katie and Jack that she doesnít want to go anywhere with him. Liberty says Brad is too bossy and demanding Katie agrees and adds stubborn, egotistical, stubborn and chauvinistic to the list of Bradís qualities. Katie tells Liberty the reason she married him is because he would give his life for the people that he loves. Liberty points out that Brad doesnít like her much less love her. Katie tells Liberty that Brad gets things wrong most of the time before he gets them right so she should cut him some slack. Liberty asks from an apology from Brad for grabbing her arm. Brad apologizes and then Liberty apologizes to Brad and Katie for stealing the necklace. Brad, Katie, and Liberty, head out the door and Liberty tells Parker she will see him at school.

(Lakeview) Liberty gives Brad and Katie a fashion show to show them all the new clothes she bought for school.

(Farm) Holden arrives home and Faith smiles as she tells him that Lily is coming home today because she called Lucinda today and told her that she would be home. Faith gets worried when Lily hasnít arrived home by dinnertime. Lucinda calls Holden to tell him that Lily isnít ready to come home yet. Holden tells Natalie and Faith that Lily needs more time to rest so she can be a better mom to them when she returns home. The girls are very sad and head upstairs to do their homework.

(Carlyís house)) Carly arrives home and Sage wonders if she is going to camp. Jack needs to talk to Carly so he sends Parker and Sage upstairs to do their homework. Jack tells Carly they will send Sage to camp this summer and Carly wonders why he changed his mind. Jack wonít give her a reason except to say that she is Sageís mom and he understands her better then anyone else. Carly is shocked that Jack agreed with her and Jack refuses to tell her why he changed his mind so they say good-bye and she watches Jack get into the car. The last shot the audience sees is one of Carly outside watching Jack leave and Holden at the farm looking out the window at the stars.

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