ATWT Update Wednesday 4/30/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 4/30/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

Meg walks in on Paul and Sofie, half-naked and making out on his couch.  Paul looks up and sees Meg.  Meg runs out, upset, and Paul calls after her.

At the hospital, Chris and Alison talk about their day; Alison thanks him for taking care of her the other day when she was sick.  She wants to go to dinner, which Chris readily agrees to.  After Alison leaves, Kim walks over to him and asks him if he is ready for dinner with her and Bob?  He is sorry; he made other plans Ė with Alison, as Kim is distressed over this one.  She wonders what Emily will have to say about this?

At the office, Emily teases Casey about getting through the day without a mad man threatening him.  Margo calls; Matt is at the station and he wants to see him before he gets sent to Statesville.

Chris doesnít think it is Emilyís business.  Didnít he learn his lesson?  He was engaged to Alison and it ended because of Emily.  He left town and came back with Emily and now he is back with Alison; it is like a merry go round. She thinks he should fasten his seatbelt because it is going to be a bumpy ride.  He knows what he is doing.  Kim suggests Chris invite Alison to dinner with them.

Casey doesnít want to have anything to do with Matt.  Margo understands why he is angry because he put them in danger, but in the end, he did warn them.  Margo comments about how Matt didnít think he would see him.  Casey still passes.  Margo understands.  After he hangs up, Emily asks what it is all about?  Casey explains about Matt, who he is and how he wants to make nice now after almost getting his family and friends killed.  Emily thinks that he should definitely go see him.

At the Lakeview, a distraught Meg knocks frantically on Mikeís door calling out to him.  Mike answers it, sees she is crying and asks what is wrong?  It is Paul; he was with Sofie.  Why did she go there?  She doesnít know; she doesnít get Paul Ė he tells her that he wants her and will do anything to be with her, but then she walks in on this - what kind of fool is she?  Mike comforts her.  Suddenly, an incited Paul is knocking on the door telling Meg that he knows she is inside; he loves her; please forgive him, he pleads.  Mike tells him through the door to leave her alone.  Meg tells him, through the door also, that she doesnít want to see him.  He has to make her understand; Sofie means nothing; he doesnít know what he was doing.  He went crazy when she left.  Mike is calling security.  He knows he hurt her, but that means she must still care.  Paul is going crazy screaming about breaking down the door.  Security shows up and drags him off, as Meg listens.

Emily knows that Casey probably blames himself.  It isnít his fault and he needs closure.  He should listen to what Matt has to say and put it to rest for peace of mind; she will go with him.  His mom will love that, he teases; he will go himself.  Emily asks him to do one more thing before he leaves and when he leaves the room, she puts a recording device in his jacket.

At the hospital, Chris and Alison meet up at the end of their shift; is she up for a slight alteration in plans?  She is Ė does he want Italian instead of Steak?   He would like to have dinner with his parents at the Lakeview.  Alisonís mouth drops open Ė no way, she answers.

At the station, Casey shows up and he explains that Emily convinced him to come.  Casey recalls being shipped off to jail, as he walks into the interrogation room where Matt is.  He didnít think he would come, Matt admits.  He wasnít sure he would at first.  Matt explains that he messed up; they were friends and he should have warned him sooner; he is so sorry.  He thought Nevins would come after him and kill him.  He did anyway, Casey reminds him.  He knows that he learned his lesson too late.  He wants Casey to know that he is a good guy who probably is too trusting.  Casey comments that he took advantage of that, but he assures him that he will know better next time.  He wonít make that mistake with him again.  Matt tells him that his parents talked to the judge and got his sentence reduced, which he didnít deserve Ė he reminds Casey how cool Caseyís parents are.  If there is anything, he could ever do to make it up to him?  He wants him to take care of himself.  Margo comes in and tells them it is time.  Matt is taken away, as Casey quietly watches.  Margo asks if he is ok?  He is, as he jams his hands in his pocket and finds the recorder. 

Chris is sorry to throw her off with dinner with his parents.  She suddenly feels like she is going to throw up again.  Alison tries to convince herself that since they are just friends, it wonít be as rough.  Can he cancel?  He is trying to regain their trust.  It would help him out.  She thinks she will give his mom someone to shoot insults at.  It was his motherís idea.  She is surprised to hear that.  He would have a much better time if she were there.  He isnít playing fair.  She agrees to go.  She has to go buy a dress his mom will like.  Chris doesnít want her to dress like his mom, as they laugh. 

Mike tells Meg that Paul is gone.  It sounded as it got rough out there, a concerned Meg answers.  Mike suggests a restraining order.  Holden mentioned it before, Meg admits.  Maybe it is time to reconsider.  He thinks that is the only way to keep Paul away.  He will take her to the station.

Casey wonders how the recorder got in his pocket?  Margo sarcastically throws out a name -  Emily.  Why would she do this?  She is a dirt-digging reporter.  She wouldnít.  She can ask her himself, as Emily walks in.  Casey walks over to Emily and asks what she is doing there Ė a story?  She is there to meet Paul for some reason.  Paul is then brought in and the officer tells Margo that he was arrested for disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, and assaulting a security guard.  Paul wants to get this over quickly because Emily is there to bail him out, as Emily looks at him with disbelief.  She is not his guardian angel.  He is paid to watch his back.  He is on his own.  Margo takes Paul away.  Emily asks Casey how it went with Matt?  She can tell him, as he holds out the recorder.  He was in the middle of a great story and instead of taking notes, she streamlined it. He doesnít believe her.  He is in the news business by default so she was helping him get the scoop.  Casey angrily yells that she was using him and he isnít going to let her get away with it again, as he stomps off.  Margo laughs at Emily; she is biting her tongue on this one.  She wonít blame Casey if he quits; she canít say she didnít warn him.

At the Lakeview, Kim tells Alison she looks great.  Chris pipes in that she always looks great.  Bob comments about how great she is doing at the hospital.  Chris comments that is why the nursing program scooped her up.  Bob thinks Susan must be very proud.  Kim remarks about how Alison should follow in Susanís steps professionally but not with men.  When she realizes what she says, she stops and puts her hand to her mouth.  Alisonís mouth drops open and Chris and Bob look embarrassed.

Downtown, Emily chases after Casey.  She pulled such a low move. If she had asked him to wear a wire, what would he have said?  No.  What is he upset about Ė Matt is a convicted felon.  Matt at least treated him better then his boss has Ė has she even apologized?  Emily doesnít know what to say.

Margo walks into the interrogation room; it looks like he is staying the night, she tells Paul.  Paulís head is on the table, as he looks up blankly.  He wants the phone so he can post bail.  No.  Paul comments snidely that he sees how it works at the Oakdale PD Ė one can commit crimes and he chief will walk her own brother out of the trouble he put himself into.  Margo is annoyed, as she puts the phone down in front of him; he has one more call.  Paul calls Sofie Ė he needs a big favor.

Emily apologizes; she hopes this doesnít affect them professionally?  He isnít quitting, but he doesnít want her to do it again.  She wonít.  She wants to buy him dinner.  Is it a bribe?  NoÖ ok, yes.

Chris doesnít think insulting Alisonís mom is the way to get things off on the right foot.  She didnít mean to say it; it popped out.  Alison accepts her apology.  Kim wonders what the dynamic is with the Stewart women and Hughes men?  Bob wants to change the subject, but Kim wants to know why the men get the heart broken, but they come back for more.  Alison tells her that she and Chris are friends.  She commends them on being able to do that after everything.  Bob wants to order, as Alison needs to freshen up, as she excuses herself.  In the lobby, Emily sees Alison Ė what is she doing there?  She could ask her the same thing when she sees Emily with Casey.

Mike and Meg come into the station; Mike explains that Meg is there to get a restraining order, as Paul walks out of the room and sees them there together.  Margo tells them that Meg has to go before a judge in the morning, but Paul will be in jail for the night at least.  Sofie walks through the door and answers that he wonít be in jail anymore; she is there to post bail.  Meg looks visibly upset to see Sofie there.  Mike talks for Meg about how she needs the order now.  Paul asks her to listen to him, as Meg says nothing.

Emily explains that Casey works with her.  Alison smiles and jokes about how that probably isnít going over well with Tom and Margo.  They are dealing, Casey smiles.  Chris comes over to Alison and tells her that his mom and dad are waiting.  Emily comments about how she didnít know she was interrupting a family dinner.  She has lost her appetite, as she heads out and Casey says his goodbyes.  Chris doesnít want Alison to take what his mom said personally.  Alison wants them to be real.  Kim and Emily have points; they are wrong for each other.

Mike talks for Meg when he tells Paul that she has nothing to say to her.  Meg adds especially not after what she saw.  Paul explains that it was a mistake and self destructive, as Sofie walks back over and overhears that.  That is what happens when she isnít around Ė he becomes unglued and he needs her, as Paul approaches her and Mike wants him to back off.  They both start fighting, as the officers try to break them up.

At Yoís, Emily wants to be left alone, as Casey teases her about owing him dinner.  Emily puts a bowl of peanuts beside him and tells him to knock himself out. 

Back at the table, Bob asks Kim what was in the Seltzer?  There wasnít a thing Ė she is going to keep her mouth shut though from, now on.  He was hoping to have one relaxing dinner with Chris.  He thinks to make that happen, certain subjects need to be off limits.  Bob explains how Tom was going on to him earlier about Casey working for Emily now.  That is a recipe for destruction, Kim remarks.

Casey tells Emily peanuts wonít cut it; he needs real food.  Noone wants to see them hanging out Ė her sister, Chris or his parents.  His parents are cool.  That didnít mean they want him hanging out in bars.  She asked him to dinner.  Emily tells him to go home and have Margo make him Mac and Cheese.  Casey challenges Emily to a game of pool; if he wins then she owes him dinner and if she does then he will leave.

Alison tells Chris that she doesnít agree with Emily a lot, but they shouldnít be a couple.  They did that and it ended badly.  Why canít they give themselves another chance?  This dinner is dťjŗ vu; his parents didnít like her before and they still donít.  They are totally different people now, Chris counters.  He is a discredited ex chief of staff and she is an ex porn star with a past drug addiction; they are perfect, she answers sarcastically.  They have both been beaten up by life; it gives them something in common, Chris counters.  He doesnít think they should let other people decide their life.  He wants to give them a chance Ė does she?  Alison looks swayed.

Margo agrees to get a judge to issue an immediate restraining order and she will talk to Meg in the morning.  Mike thanks her, as Meg apologizes to Paul that it has come to this, as she leaves.  Sofie posts bail and looks awkward and upset as she stands a bit away.  Margo reminds Paul not to break the restraining order.  Paul thanks Sofie for bringing his papers so he could make bail, as Sofie turns and leaves quickly.  Paul calls after her, but she is gone. 

Emily and Casey have fun playing pool, as he runs the table.  He has worked up an appetite, as Emily smiles. 

Alison and Chris come back to the table.  Bob jokes about them getting lost.  Alison comments about her almost not finding her way back.  Kim tells Alison that she does not want to say anything hurtful to her; she is sorry.  Alison accepts her apology.  She is just overprotective.  Her mom and sister are the same way.  Bob proposes a toast to new beginnings.  They all clink glasses when a man chokes at the table behind them.  Alison springs into action, as she heads over to the manís side and starts giving him the Heimlich.

Paul is back home about to prepare himself a drink when Sofie walks in the door and stares at him.

Alison is able to help the man, as Chris and Bob also rush to his side.  The man thanks Alison, as people clap for her including Kim.  Bob teases her about beating two doctors to the patient; it was impressive, as Kim agrees. 

At Worldwide, Emily and Casey come in with food.  Does she really have to do last minute work or is she afraid to be seen with him?  He is full of himself.  She wanted to come there for peace and quiet.  He hides out a lot recently too, but it is a mistake.

Bob and Kim decide to head home after dinner.  Kim tells Alison that the night has been interesting, but she wants to do it again soon.  Bob tells Alison that he will expect great things from her at the hospital.  Chris wants to celebrate with a nightcap; he suggests going up to his room.  Alison looks unsure.

At the farm, Meg thanks Mike for escorting her back home.  He wants to.  Paul deserved what he got.  He did, she sadly agrees.  Is she ok?  Yes.  Donít count on staying that way Ė you think you are better, but when you are alone, it hits you hard, Mike explains.  Any tips?  Trying to tough it out only hurts more.  She was afraid he would say that, as they hug.

Paul tells Sofie that he didnít expect to see her there.  She wants to know if what he said was true Ė was it a mistake?  Paul says nothing, but just looks away.  It was a mistake; she was being a friend and he took advantage.  She didnít feel taken advantage of.  She is very sweet.  Why is the fact that she wanted to take it further wrong?  He is hurt because he lost Meg and she wonít be back.  She got that part right.  She thinks there isnít any reason why something good canít come out of this; if he is honest, the answer to his problems is standing right in front of him. 

Meg tells Mike that she is sorry for crying on his shoulder.  She thinks that all the other times she said goodbye to Paul, she didnít mean it deep down.  She was only fooling herself.  The trick is not to get fooled again, Mike answers.

Up in his room, Chris is pouring a drink for them, as Alison uncomfortably looks at the bed.  Is she ok?  This is where he and Alison lived, isnít it?

Casey wants to make a pact Ė no more hiding out; they need to face the world head on.  He wants to try an experiment Ė can they both agree to be honest with one another?  That means no more setting him up with tape recording devises.  Deal, as Emily agrees shaking his hand.  That is progress, Casey tells her, as they hold onto one anotherís hands looking at each other.   

Chris explains that he did live in the hotel with Emily, but it was not in this exact room.  Is that going to be a problem?  She doesnít know; she is afraid.  Are they sure, they arenít repeating past mistakes?  He promises it will be ok, but if she is not sure then he can be sure enough for the both of them.  Chris goes to kiss her, but she gives him her cheek and tells him that she has to go.  She heads out of the door quickly and then leans back up against it.

Mike tells Meg that he will deal with all things that involve Paul and the project.  She hates feeling like a helpless female.  That is not who she is, but everyone needs help.  It wonít last forever; she will move on and so will Paul.  He already has, Meg sadly answers. 

Paul tells Sofie that he doesnít love her.  She knows he loves Meg Ė or he thinks he does.  He will get over her and in the meantime, she can love him enough for both of them.  She accepts who he is; she loves who he is; she would do anything for him, as Paul watches her closely before he pulls her to him kissing her.  He pulls her down to the couch, as they take off each otherís clothes.

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