ATWT Update Tuesday 4/29/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 4/29/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Carly’s house) Carly wonders if Parker I doing okay with the fact that Jack moved out of the house. Parker tells his mom he is fine but Carly knows her son better then that and asks him to tell her the truth. Parker tells Carly that he, J.J and Sage would feel a lot better if she and Jack weren’t constantly fighting every time they saw each other. Jack stops by and asks Carly if Parker would like a ride to school. Carly tells Jack that would be fine with her even though he should have called before coming to the house. Jack admits that he is confused by Carly’s change of heart so she explains that she is tired of fighting with him.

(Farm) Holden talks to Iva on the phone since Lily isn’t home and wonders if Lily talked to her about when she was coming home. Holden asks Iva to tell Lily to call him when she gets home. Holden hangs up the phone and sees Luke leaving and Luke explains to Holden he has decided to move in with Noah and Ameera. Holden thinks Luke is going to make an already tense situation worse and he is going to get hurt. Luke explains that he loves Noah and he would rather be with him in a tense situation then live without him. Holden gives Luke a hug and reminds him that he can always come back home if something doesn’t work out at Noah’s house.

(Lakeview) Brad and Katie start to make love but then Katie reminds Brad that Liberty is sleeping on the couch so they shouldn’t do anything because she might wake up. Brad and Katie go into the next room to talk and Brad isn’t happy that they have to stop their honeymoon but Katie has an idea that could help the situation. Katie suggests that they send Liberty back to her mother until the DNA results come in and if she is his daughter then they can think of a way for him to spend time with his daughter. Liberty comes out of thee bedroom and wonders what Brad and Katie’s plans are for the day.

(Hospital) Meg wants to stay with Mike until the doctor returns because she feels responsible for his injury because she persuaded him to stay and finish the project. Mike thinks the personal partially responsible is Paul for having such a bad temper that he felt the need to leave the project in the first place. Mike tells Meg that Paul is unstable and dangerous he also advises Meg to stay away from him. Meg sees Paul in the hallway and wonders if he is following her but he assures her he is here for an appointment with a psychiatrist so that he can get better and be worthy of her love. Meg tells Paul that she is proud of him for seeking help but getting therapy doesn’t mean they will get back together.

(Al’s Diner) Liberty and Parker finally meet and Parker explains to Jack, Katie, and Brad that he was trying to avoid hitting Liberty when he fell off his skateboard. Brad tells Parker and Jack that it is possible that Liberty could be his daughter. Liberty tells them she has to run to the bathroom so while she is gone Parker tells his uncle Brad that he must have been twelve when he conceived Liberty and Brad takes Parker’s comment as a compliment. Parker’s friend from school arrives and they decide to walk to school together. Katie is worried that Liberty is taking too long in the bathroom so she goes to check on her and discovers that Liberty has run away. Brad and Jack go to search for Liberty while Katie stays at the diner in case Liberty comes back there.

(Noah’s house) Luke arrives and Noah isn’t home so he tells Ameera he will put his things away and sleep on the couch. Ameera tells Luke that he should sleep with Noah because he belongs there and she is the guest. Noah returns home with two grocery bags full of Luke’s favorite foods and he welcomes him to his new home with a big smile on his face.

((Grocery store) Carly drops all her groceries on her way to the door and Holden sees her and brings her a shopping cart. Holden helps Carly pick up her thins and points out that she shouldn’t buy laundry detergent full of dyes and chemicals because her kids may be allergic to it. Holden tells Carly that Ethan and Natalie are both allergic to that detergent and Carly jokes that he is a Mr. Mom. Holden tells Carly not to tell anyone because he doesn’t want to be invited to PTA meetings and book clubs. Carly tells Holden she has had a hard day and that is the first time she has smiled the entire day. Holden helps Carly carry her groceries to her car and when Carly tries to start the car t won’t work. Holden tries to use the jumper cables to start the battery but the car still won’t work so Holden tells Carly that he will drive her home and call the garage to pick up her car.

(Al’s Diner) Jack returns because he couldn’t find Liberty and he and Katie talk about how she feels about Liberty possibly being Brad’s daughter. Katie tells Jack that if Liberty is Brad’s daughter they will handle it together because she loves Brad and wants their marriage to work.

(Noah’s house) Luke tells Noah his father thought he was making a mistake by moving in the house. Noah is so happy to have Luke with him he doesn’t care that Holden and Ameera both think this is a bad idea. Noah and Luke go in the bedroom to spend time alone but Luke just can’t be close to Noah when Ameera is in the living room. Luke tells Noah Ameera’s presence hadn’t bothered him much until today. Luke tells Noah he has to leave because he wants to be alone with him without Ameera in the way. Noah explains to Luke that isn’t possible until Ameera gets her papers. Luke tells Ameera she can have her bed back because he is leaving the house. Luke tells Noah that he is tired of waiting for Colonel Mayer to accept their relationship, waiting for Ameera to get her papers so until they can be together as a couple its better they not be together at all.

Brad finds Liberty in the park and she explains that she ran away because she thought Jack would arrest her for hit and run since she caused Parker to fall off his skateboard. Brad explains to Liberty that she didn’t mean to make Parker run into a tree so there is no reason to arrest her. Brad tells Liberty he was very worried when she ran away and she tells him he is acting like a dad. Brad tells Liberty they should go back to the diner and eat something because he is starving.

(Lakeview) Meg tells Mike that she thinks Paul is trying to change because he is going to start seeing a therapist and she is proud of him. Paul doesn’t think Paul is ever going to change because he has a problem with anger and he is out of control. Meg admits to Mike she can’t help but worry about Paul because she wants him to be well and happy.

(Fairwinds) Paul pours himself a drink and when Sofie arrives he tells her to go take care of Barbara who has moved back into the Lakeview. Sofie refuses to leave because she thinks Paul needs her to stay. Paul tells Sofie that no matter how much he tries to do everything that Meg wants she won’t get back together with him. Paul tells Sofie he is nothing without Meg and he has no idea how he will live his life without her.

(Carly’s house) Carly thanks Holden for helping her and Holden tells Carly he isn’t sure when Lily is coming back and he isn’t sure what to do with the girls for the summer. Carly tells Holden she is thinking of sending her kids to camp so they can just be kids and have fun. Holden thinks that might be a good idea for his kids so Carly offers to pick up brochure for him when she goes to look at the camp tomorrow. Carly gets a call from the garage to tell her it will take a week to fix her car. Carly tells Holden she won’t be able to go to the camp tomorrow because her car will be in the shop. Holden offers to drive her and Carly tells him that she will leave the kids with Jack so they can go visit the camp tomorrow.

(Al’s Diner) Jack tells Brad that Katie went to the station to work, so Brad tells Liberty to pick up some food to go so then they can go to the station. Jack advises Brad to talk to Katie because she might not be as okay with Liberty as she seems to be. Brad resents Jack advising him about his wife and tells him to butt out because he and his wife will solve their problems together. Brad asks Jack to bring Parker by the station so that Liberty can apologize to him in person.

(Lakeview) Meg calls a receptionist friend at the hospital that tells her Paul cancelled his appointment with Dr. Michaels and Meg immediately feels guilty. Meg tells Mike if she hadn’t been so hard on Paul he would have gone to therapy. Meg tells Mike she can’t give up hope that Paul can change and he can be happy. Meg leaves to talk to Paul and Mike hopes for Meg’s sake she isn’t making a mistake.

(TV Station) Brad wonders if Katie is okay about Liberty possibly being his daughter and she admits it isn’t easy having an instant family but she loves him and they will work this out together. Brad tells Katie he doesn’t want to send Liberty back to her mother if they don’t get along too well. Brad also tells Katie that he wants Liberty here when they get the test results back so they can begin to build a relationship with each other from the beginning. Katie agrees to let Liberty stay and she and Brad kiss. Liberty apologizes to Parker for causing his fall from the skateboard. Liberty is excited that she and Parker could be cousins when the tests prove that Brad is her father. Parker explains that he is Jack’s adopted son so they are not really cousins.

(Fairwinds) Paul thinks he is damaged goods and its better that he goes back to living in a cabin alone far away from people. Sofie can’t stand to hear Paul talk that way and insists that he is a good man who loves with his whole heart and doesn’t let go. Sofie tells Paul Meg is a fool for not appreciating his love but there are plenty of women who do like her. Sofie gives Paul a passionate kiss, which he returns and they kiss for a few minutes on the couch.

(Noah’s House) Noah is sad that Luke left and frustrated at the whole situation with Ameera. Ameera wants to leave but Noah says no and explains that he wishes the situation were over. Noah must get out of the house in order to think so he goes for a walk.

(Farm) Luke tells Holden that he has decided if he and Noah can’t be together as a couple they won’t be together at all.

 (Fairwinds) Meg is shocked to see a half naked Sofie and Paul kissing on the couch.

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