ATWT Update Monday 4/28/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 4/28/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At home, Tom and Margo come home for lunch.  Casey is sitting on the couch watching TV eating Goldfish.  He can’t lay around all day, as Casey replies sarcastically to their comment.  Tom agrees with Margo about how he shouldn’t be working for Emily because there are many other potential employees out there.

At WOAK, Liberty tells Brad that he is her father.  Brad is stunned, but then he is sure that Katie is playing a joke.  Katie has never seen her before though.  Brad thinks it is Jack then.  Liberty explains that she doesn’t know him.  Katie thinks that she may have seen him on TV and felt a connection.  Liberty assures them that is not it; she is not a crazy stalker.  Her mother is Janet Jaconi; she shows Brad her picture.  Brad realizes who she is.  He hasn’t thought about her since junior prom, as Katie now looks concerned.

At the hospital, Holden doesn’t think that Jack needs to be yelling at Carly since Parker is nearby.  Jack tells Holden that the conversation doesn’t involve him – only he and Carly.   Holden explains that he helped Carly bring Parker to the hospital.  He would have been there too if she would have called, Jack snaps.  Holden explains that there was a lot going on.  Carly intercedes that she actually thought about calling him, but she decided against it.  Why?  She didn’t want him there. 

Casey wants to know why he can’t work for Emily?  Is it because she and Tom ‘got it on?’  Tom thinks he is out of line.  Margo thinks Emily always attracts trouble; does he enjoy being held hostage?  Casey thanks her sarcastically for saving him.  Margo wants Casey down at the station to make his statement and she asks Tom to make sure he gets there, as she gets on her coat and leaves.

Jack tells Carly that if she doesn’t want to see him – fine, but she won’t be kept from his kids.  She is not doing that.  Holden tells Carly that he will get JJ over at his friend’s house and the other kids to the farm.  Carly thanks him; she doesn’t know what she would have done without him.  Jack is amazed; she called JJ and not him.  Once upon a time, he claimed she would use any excuse to see him; he can’t have it both ways.  He has custody of the kids and if she doesn’t want to end up in court, she will respect that.  Every time they argue, he threatens to taker her kids away, when is he going to drop that? 

Liberty tells Brad he knows it is true then.  He just said he remembered her mom.  Did her mom send you?  She saw him on TV and told her who she was.  She wanted to come see for herself.  Katie excuses them in order to talk.  She smiles and tells Brad that he has arrived at celebrity-dome.  An old girlfriend sees him on TV and sends in her daughter to try to cash in.  Brad relishes for a moment that she called him a celebrity.  He needs to go back in and tell the girl there is no way he is her father.  Brad balks and Katie asks him nervously if there is a possibility?  Brad stalls for a moment before he admits that there is a slight possibility.  Katie sighs, as Liberty watches.  What are the odds – they didn’t have a long-term thing.  It was one night.  He was 17.  He asks how old she is?.  She is 16 almost 17.  If he doesn’t believe her, then she could ask her mom.  She is the most honest person she knows.  Katie tells her that she needs to take a DNA test for proof.  She agrees easily.

Jack heads inside the exam room to meet with the doctor; he asks Parker how he is doing?  Parker tells them that he is fine, but he could hear them fighting outside.  They are worried about him so they want to focus on him. The doctor tells them that Parker has a slight concussion; he shouldn’t fall asleep for 6 hours, but other then that, he is fine.  After the doctor leaves, Carly wants to take him home.  Jack tells her that they will take him home.

At the station, Emily sees Margo.  Did she see Judge Burke’s nanny on Oakdale Now, a snide Emily asks?  She missed it, Margo answers flatly.  Emily smugly explains that it backs up everything that they wrote about him in their paper.  Margo acts thrilled.  Emily wonders if she would let Casey work for her if she worked for the City Times?  Margo answers that she wouldn’t let Casey work for her if she had a room full of Pulitzer’s.  Emily thinks she never got over what happened between her and Tom so long ago and she is making Casey pay for it now.

At the hospital, Chris sees Alison sitting on a chair looking down.  She explains it is because she is there when she should be at her first day of class for Nursing School.  Chris asks what is wrong?  She started feeling light headed and nauseous earlier that morning.  Chris starts to smile, which Alison informs him is not a recipe for the best bedside manner when someone tells another they don’t feel well.  She is not sick; she is suffering from nerves, Chris deduces.  Alison thinks he is wrong, as she rushes off with her hand over her mouth. 

Margo tells Emily that she is amazed that she thinks she could forget what she did to her family; she is poison and she hopes she stays far away from her son.  She is such a bad influence…is she the reason Casey landed in jail or the reason Adam ran far away?  Margo orders her to stop talking about her sons.  She will talk about her son then – her great kid; there are no marks on his record and she raised him.  If she wants to talk about someone hurting their sons then she should look in the mirror.  Casey walks up behind and tells Emily to leave his mother alone and not talk to her like that. 

At the hospital, Brad walks over to Susan and asks for discretion with a favor; he needs a paternity test.  Already with him and Katie and he doesn’t think he is the father?  No.  He means that girl with Katie.  How old is she, Susan is upset?  No, it is because she claims that she is his daughter.  She must be pretty desperate, Susan teases.  What is her name?  Liberty. Why did she name you that, Brad asks?  He can ask her.  Susan takes Brad to get the blood work done.  Liberty and Katie make small talk, as she assures Katie Brad is her dad.  Liberty sees Parker come out of the exam room across the hall and ducks out of the way.  Katie asks Parker what is wrong?  A dumb girl got in his way while he was skateboarding, he fell, and she left him there unconscious.  She hopes he is ok.  He is.  Why is she there?  She is with Brad and, as she looks around and sees Liberty not there.  They hope Brad is ok.  She is sure he will be fine.  They say goodbye and leave, as Liberty comes back over.  Where did she go?  She had to get something.  Brad comes back and now Liberty goes to get her blood work done.  Brad doesn’t think there is any way she could be his; Katie agrees hopefully.  

Alison runs into the on call room and bathroom with Chris hot on her tail.  He is sorry he made fun of her; she asks him through the door to go away.

Emily tells Casey that she would love to never talk to Margo again, but she had to come give her statement.  Margo comments about her being such a model citizen.  He came to give his statement too.  How is she?  He doesn’t want to know, as Emily leaves.  Margo appreciates that he stuck up for her.  He did it not because she is right, but because she is his mom.

At home, Jack sits with Parker suggesting they should watch a baseball game.  Carly thinks 9 innings seem like that will put Parker to sleep.  Parker assures her that he will be fine, but then he sits back and looks ready to fall asleep.  Carly is irate because he is trying to fall asleep.  Jack shuts the game off.  They can play catch.  Parker looks at his mitt.  Jack asks what is wrong?  Parker talks about when he scraped his mitt catching that foul ball at the Cubs game and then getting it autographed.  That wasn’t the only thing he scratched, Carly wags her finger.  Parker thinks all of that was worth it – back when they were a real family.  Jack agrees that it was an awesome day and Carly chimes in smiling that it was the best.  Carly and Jack look at each other for a moment, as Carly breaks the look and tells them that Holden shouldn’t be watching JJ and Sage all day; she will go get them.  Jack sadly watches her go. 

Liberty tells them that she is done giving her blood.  What now- can they wait there?  Katie tells her that it will take a couple of weeks.  Can they call her?  She lost her cell phone coming to meet her dad.  Can they give her a ride somewhere – maybe home?  She is not going anywhere until they get the results straightened out.  She can’t miss that much school, Katie answers.  Just because she married her dad doesn’t make her mom.  She will call them in a few days.  She heads out, as Katie wonders to Brad where she will be staying?  Brad thinks she will be fine, but Katie goes to stop her.

At Java, Tom sees Emily.  She wants him to keep Margo away from her; she blames her for everything including Global Warming these days.  She is acting like their affair was only her fault.  Tom explains that he was blamed much more.  She stopped blaming him though, but it never stops for her.  She refuses to apologize for a relationship that gave her Daniel.  It is more about Casey, Tom answers.  Emily thinks that the more Margo smothers Casey the worse it may get for Casey.

Brad wants Janet’s phone number to let her know her daughter’s fine; if she doesn’t give him it, then he will go through the phone book and find it himself.  He holds out his phone, which Liberty takes and leaves a very succinct message for her mom.  Katie thinks that it doesn’t solve where she will stay until they get the results.  Brad thinks the same place as last night.  She admits that she slept in the park.  Brad and Katie ask in unison if she is crazy; it is not safe.  Katie takes Brad aside and tells him that they have to let her come home with them. 

Carly arrives at the farm and finds her kids playing a board game with Holden and his kids.  Is Parker ok, they all ask?  He is.  Carly thinks they should leave, but the kids don’t want to.  Holden asks her to stay, as Carly agrees to sit and play a game with all of them.

Jack tells Parker that if he doesn’t feel well they have to go back to the hospital.  Parker replies sarcastically so he and Carly can yell in the hall again?  He didn’t meant to do that, but he was upset that he wasn’t called.  It is not like it is new.  Has it gotten that bad, Jack asks?  JJ, Sage and he have gotten used to it, but it isn’t like they enjoy it.  He wonders if he should come around so much?  Jack looks hurt.

At the station, Tom sees Casey; he wants to talk to him.  Casey tells him that there is a Happy Days Marathon on TV, so he can catch him during commercials later, as he leaves.  Margo hopes he saved the Chinese Food because it is going to be a long night.  Tom thinks that it will be long because they should talk; hr thinks they made a mistake with Casey.

Alison comes out of the bathroom and Chris takes her temperature.  It is elevated, but it isn’t bad.  She probably has the stomach flu going around.  Now, he is going to admit that it isn’t all in her head.  He will make her feel better, as he wraps her in a blanket and hugs her.  A nurse interrupts and then excuses herself quickly, as Chris and Alison look at one another. 

Margo wonders what is going on?  Casey is headed back to the couch again, Tom explains.  Margo doesn’t think it is that awful considering what he has been through.  Tom explains that Emily doesn’t have crazed judges breaking down her door every day and she said that he handled himself well.  He did.  Tom thinks that if Casey can handle the worse that Emily can throw at him, then they should trust him to handle the rest.  Margo takes a deep breath and rolls her eyes. 

Carly is playing the game enjoying herself.   Holden teases her and gloats when he wins.  Carly heads out to get some air, as Holden follows soon after.  Holden recognizes that it is exhausting keeping up a front.  Was it that obvious?  He sees it only because he is going through it too.  He asks about Parker?  He is fine and happy to be spending time with Jack.  What is wrong?  She sees how Parker is with Jack and she feels envious of her son.

At the Lakeview, Liberty is thrilled that they live in a hotel; are they rich?  Brad quickly explains that they aren’t.  They ask at the front desk for a room, but the manager explains that there is a convention in town and they are booked.  Could they call around to another hotel?  He did earlier for someone else and everywhere is booked.  Liberty offers to stay in the park.  No.  What are they going to do now?  She could stay at the farm, Katie offers.  He doesn’t want his family knowing this.  Then their only other option is she stays with them for the night.  Is she kidding, Brad asks?  Does she look like she is – as she stares at him annoyed?

Tom and Margo come home to find Casey vegging out on the couch; Tom turns off the TV.  He was watching that.  They have to talk.  Margo admits that she is wrong about getting involved about him working for Emily.  She is ok with it?  No.  It is a recipe for disaster, but she is wrong about it not being his choice, but they will always have an opinion.  Casey is glad they have told him this, but he thinks she may have a new assistant by now.  Margo doesn’t think she is dumb enough to do that.  Casey takes off to go talk with Emily, as Margo has her doubts, but Tom reassures her. 

Carly wonders how she and Jack got to where they are?  There isn’t a shred of friendship even left… just anger.  Holden thinks they will get through it.  He has rejected her in everyway.  Now, he is accusing her of keeping his kids away.  Holden thinks she has no choice but to get through it since they are trying to raise kids together.  Carly wonders how Holden does it – he is separated from the woman he loves and he is raising all of his kids – including a baby?  He has a lot of his family helping.  Carly knows it is still hard.  Have they both reached pathetic stage yet, as they both smile?

Alison comes out of the bathroom again.  Chris advises her to sit down.  She notices that she has gotten some on her shirt, as Chris tells her to take it off and he will clean it.  Alison is unsure, but Chris realizes she is nervous based on her past; she has nothing to be ashamed of.  Alison smiles and they start to unbutton her shirt, as the same nurse comes in again and tells them quickly that she saw nothing, as she rushes back out the door.  Chris and Alison both crack up giggling. 

Holden tells Carly that sometimes just trying to smile makes him feel better.  Carly teases him about faking it until they make it.  Holden and Carly overhear arguing and come in to find the kids snipping at one another now; Carly thinks they should head home.

Parker doesn’t think they shouldn’t see him; he just doesn’t think Jack and Carly should be around each other right now.  It hasn’t gotten that bad?  Sage is upset easily. Jack thinks it bothers him too whether he wants to admit it or not; he is sorry.  Will they still see him?  He can’t get rid of him that easily.  He promises things will be different.

At their Lakeview suite, Liberty is tickled to see such a nice room.  She actually jumps on the bed, as Katie tells her not to break anything.  Brad calls down for a cot, but there aren’t any left so Brad tells Liberty that she is going to have to stay on the couch.  Before they turn in, Liberty wants to watch this movie on TV, as she points out the movie.  Is she old enough to watch a slasher movie?  Katie interrupts to say that she is going to Margo’s.  Brad wants to know what is wrong – as if he needs to ask?  Margo left her a message earlier and she is just going to stop by.  Katie pretends she is fine.  It will be over by tomorrow.  They will find a place for her to stay.  They will get the results back and prove he is not the father.  What if he is, Katie wonders?  They will get through it together, as they smile at one another. 

Casey comes to see Emily at her office; since there was no one outside does that mean she doesn’t have a replacement?  He explains that his parents are ok with him working with her; he won’t let them hassle them.  Is there one reason he can think of for her to hire him back?  Casey stalls and then tells her that he can think of one reason actually, so he heads for the door.  Emily quickly gets up and stops him.  She is impressed that even when his job is on the line, he won’t lie; she needs an assistant that she can trust.  She wants him to head back to his assistant’s desk and get back to work.  Casey hugs her to thank her and then heads out.  Emily looks after him looking a bit taken aback by the hug, but smiles in spite of it. 

Chris and Alison can’t help but laugh at the poor nurse who keeps barging in.  Alison thinks they won’t be laughing when she tells the whole hospital that the infamous doctor Chris is ripping off the clothes of an up and coming nurse in the on call room.  Chris isn’t concerned.  Alison doesn’t think they should give people the wrong idea, as Chris wants to know why it is the wrong idea?  Chris heads in for a kiss, but his pager goes off and he has to leave to take the call.   Will she be ok?  She is now.

All the kids and Carly arrive home, as Carly is going to get dinner. Jack offers to make dinner for her and the kids.  She doesn’t want to fight; she has had a hard day.  Does he expect her to clean up after?  Absolutely, he answers with a smile.  The kids are excited to have his special dish, as Carly doesn’t know how to respond to this, as she simply smiles in return. 

Katie waltzes into Margo’s house quickly.  Is something wrong with her and Brad?  They are fine, but does she remember when they talked about her and Brad starting a family?  Is she pregnant because they don’t need the extra stress right now?  No, but Brad may already be one.  Margo is confused.  A teen-age girl game by the station announcing that she is Brad’s daughter.  They both got a DNA test done to find out if she is right, but in the meantime she is staying with her and Brad at their room.  Margo is waiting for the punch line.  If there is a joke, it is definitely on her.

Brad comes out of the bathroom to find Liberty getting comfortable in his bed.  He told her she could have the couch.  She reluctantly gets out of bed and gets onto the couch.  She thanks him for renting the movie.  Brad answers sarcastically that he wanted to see the movie since it was supposed to be such an uplifting slasher flick.  As she is getting ready for bed, Liberty mentions about him saying that he did remember her mom and she was wondering if he liked her?  He did; she has a nice smile.  People say she looks like her.  She is going to be a knock out like her mom, Brad answers.  She hopes one day she meets someone as nice as him.  She lies down and goes to bed, as Brad turns off the light all the while watching her.  He walks over to her soon after, pulls the blanket up to her chin and tucks her in.  He stares down at her and wonders out loud if she could be his? 

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