ATWT Update Friday 4/25/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 4/25/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Carly’s house) Jack uses his key to get in the house and bring the kids a skateboard. Carly is so startled when he comes in the kitchen that she drops the bowl of oatmeal she was making for Sage. Carly turns to face Jack and angrily shouts at him that he shouldn’t come to the house without calling her and he should also knock the door because it isn’t his house anymore. Jack is taken aback by Carly's strong reaction and tells her that he was trying to do something good and came over to ask if he could take the kids to the park since they have a day off from school today. Jack thinks Carly is mad at him so she is trying to cut him out of their lives. Carly is offended and hurt by Jack’s words because she would never keep the children away from their father. Carly starts to clean up the mess on the floor but tells Jack to do it since he caused it. Jack tells Carly he is going to leave now because he doesn’t want the kids to see them fight.

(Lakeview) While having breakfast, Brad tells Katie that he has decided not to worry about her past relationships and of course she shouldn’t worry about his past either. Mike arrives and interrupts them to say that he is sorry about what happened at the station and he intends to stay out of his way. Brad tells Mike that what happened wasn’t his fault, so both men shake hands and agree to forget about the incident. A young teenaged girl asks Brad if he has a few minutes to talk to her then Katie gets a call from Kim telling her she has an emergency at the station and she and Brad must come right away. Brad thanks the young girl for watching the show and tells her he hopes they can talk later.

(Carly’s house) The kids wonder why Jack came by and why he is leaving. Carly tells them he came by to give them a skateboard but he had to go to the station. Carly tells the kids her day started badly and asks them if she can start the day over so she takes the kids into the kitchen to make them breakfast. Parker and J.J tell Carly that they are out of cereal, and Sage wonders why her mother put cinnamon on her cereal instead of blueberries. Carly apologizes for her mistake and starts to make her a new breakfast. Carly quickly changes her mind and tells the kids they are going to have a fast food breakfast and head to the park.

(Farm) Faith talks to Lily on the phone and tells her that she misses her and asks her if she will be home soon. Faith hands the phone to Holden and he tells Lily the kids have a day off from school and he and the girls are trying to decide what they should do today. Holden tells Lily he loves and misses her and hangs up the phone. Faith wonders when Lily is coming home but Holden doesn’t answer the question. Holden and the girls decide to go to the Park because Faith wants to swing on the swings. Aaron tells Meg that he is worried about Sofie because she hasn’t answered her cell phone al night. Meg advises Aaron that he shouldn’t be in a relationship with someone who isn’t capable of being in a relationship. Meg tells Aaron she wishes she could find a normal guy who doesn’t have much baggage that comes along with him. Mike arrives to ask Meg to go for a walk with him and she is very happy to accept his invitation.

(Fairwinds) Sofie awakens on Paul’s couch and sees Paul drinking again and Paul asks her to leave again and again she tells him she isn’t leaving him. Barbara tells Sofie to leave for a little while and she will handle Paul. Paul tells his mom that he went to see Meg and she told him she never wants to see him again. Barbara advises Paul to go apologize to Meg and then become the man that she once loved. Barbara thinks that Paul should give Meg time and go slowly with her so they can build a strong relationship. Barbara tells she should start designing her jewelry because she plans to be her financial backer in the business. Sofie checks her phone and notices that she got a text message from Aaron.

(TV Station) Kim informs Brad and Katie that the nanny Judge Burke slept with decided not to do the interview for Oakdale now and now they must come up with a show topic fast. Brand and Katie assume that the teenaged girl was scared or didn’t want to ruin Judge Burke’s reputation. Katie decides to meet with the young girl to see if she can persuade the young girl to do the show.

(Park) Holden arrives with the girls and is happy to see Carly arrive with her kids. Carly tell Holden about her fight with Jack and that the kids are mad at her for fighting with Jack. Holden and Carly have fun playing a game of softball with the kids.

(Farm) Mike talks to the contractor and saves Meg’s favorite trees from being cut. Meg takes Mike to see thee view from the valley but on the way there Mike falls in a gopher hole and twists his ankle. Meg helps Mike walk back to the house.

(Al’s Diner) Katie talks to Judge Burke’s nanny and points out that the judge is defending himself and she should tell her side of the story. Brad arrives just as the young girl tells Katie that she wasn’t a victim she slept with the judge because she love him. Brad tells the girl that what she just said is what she should tell the public and persuades the girl to go on the show.

(Farm) Paul sees Meg helping Mike to the house and gets jealous of him. Paul’s reaction proves to Meg he hasn’t changed at all. Paul tells Meg that he loves her and will become the man she loved. Meg tells Paul that he is still selfish and controlling and if he intends to change he should do it but he should also stay away from her.

(TV Station) Brad and Katie arrive with the nanny and go into make up to take the show. The young girl following Brad tells Kim she needs to talk to him for a few minutes and Kim tells the girl to leave Brad a note at the front desk.

(Police Station) Jack gets upset because Margo gave his case to another cop and one of his men jokes that since Jack is in a bad mood he must have spoken to Carly today.

(Park) The girl following Brad takes her backpack down out of a tree and takes out a picture of Brad. The girl then puts her things back inside her backpack and runs across the street causing Parker to fall from his skateboard to avoid her. Holden and Carly ask Parker what happened and he says he was trying to avoid a girl but when he turns to look for her she is gone. Holden and Carly head to the hospital to make sure Parker hasn’t broken anything.

(TV Station) Brad and Katie feel sorry for the young girl and promise to keep track of her and see how she is doing. Brad and Katie are glad the young girl has the support of her family. The young girl tells Brad she must talk to him now.

(Al’s Diner) Sofie apologizes to Aaron for forgetting about their date but she had to help Paul because he needed her. Sofie says that Paul was still in bad shape this morning and she is worried about him. Aaron is upset that Sofie spent the night with Paul but she explains they slept on the couch. Aaron tells Sofie she should stay away from Paul because he is crazy. Sofie tells Aaron he has no right to tell her who her friends should be. Aaron tells Sofie he wants nothing more to do with her and she is on her own now.

(Lakeview) Barbara tells Kim she has her good and bad days but she wants to come home because she is tired of being pampered. Barbara tells Kim she is also excited to help Sofie with her jewelry business.

(Hospital) Carly asks parker to be more careful and less impulsive and parker smiles and tells her that he is like her. Jack is walking by and sees Sage going to the vending machine she tells him about Parker’s accident. The doctor tells Carly Parker is fine he just has a sprain and he should be fine. Jack yells at Carly that she should have called him and told him about Parker’s injury. Carly explains that it wasn’t that serious and she intended to call him after she talked to the doctor. Jack tells Carly that he won’t allow her to keep him away from his children. Holden tells Jack not to speak to Carly that way.

(Fairwinds) Paul tells Sofie she is a sweet young girl who should be having fun with her boyfriend not worrying about him. Sofie tells Paul that she and Aaron broke up because she never could forgive him for testifying for Will and Gwen at the custody hearing.

(Hospital) The doctor tells Mike he just has a sprained ankle and it should be okay in a few days. Mike thinks he is lucky that Meg took such good care of him.

(TV Station) The young teenaged girl asks if she can talk to Brad alone but he says that anything she needs to say she can say in front of Katie. The girl tells Brand and Katie that she is his daughter.

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