ATWT Update Thursday 4/24/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 4/24/08


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(Noah’s House) Noah gently pulls away from Ameera’s kiss and reminds her that he loves Luke and this won’t work because he doesn’t like girls. Ameera runs into her room and closes the door.

(Farm) Luke tells Holden he had to help Noah pick out a birthday present for Ameera Holden tells Luke that he knows that must have been hard for him but someday he and Noah will laugh about the situation. Luke tells Holden the only way he has made it through the situation is by laughing about it. Luke asks where Lily is and Holden is about to tell him when Noah calls Luke to tell him he needs his help again. Holden tells Luke they will talk later and Luke rushes to help Noah once again.

(Fairwinds) Sofie wonders why Meg left in such a hurry and Paul tells her women always do that when they don’t want to se someone anymore. Paul tells Sofie to leave because he wants to be alone and she says she won’t leave him so Paul leaves the house because he wants to be alone.

(Farm) Mike tells Meg that he is leaving Oakdale because he can’t work with Paul anymore because he can’t stand the guy. Meg tries to persuade Mike not to give up a project he loves because of Paul because he isn’t worth it. Meg tells Mike that she told Paul she never wants to see him again. Mike is skeptical about Meg’s words and compares her relationship with Paul to his relationship with Katie because no matter how hard they try Paul and Katie will always be a part of their lives.

(TV Station) Brad tells Katie he is her husband and he doesn’t want her to go see Mike. Brad quickly explains to Katie that he didn’t mean to sound bossy he just doesn’t want her to start worrying about Mike because she is too empathetic towards people. Brad almost persuades Katie but then he sounds insincere when he asks Katie if she wants to have ribs for dinner. Katie tells Brad that he almost persuaded her but then he kept talking he should have quit while he was ahead.

(Worldwide) Casey tries to persuade Judge Burke not to hurt Emily because if he does he will ruin his career. Judge Burke tells Casey that Emily already ruined his career with the story she wrote about him. Casey tells the judge that nobody believes the stories in the intruder are true the only way they will believe what Emily wrote about him is true is if he tries to hurt Emily. Casey tells the judge that his father Tom Hughes always told him he was a smart and fair judge when he went before him in court. Judge Burke wonders if Casey was the one who spent time in jail and Casey tells him yes and because of that he doesn’t want him to go to jail. Casey asks the Judge if he has children and he responds that he has two daughters 4 and 7 years of age and Casey thinks the judge wouldn’t want his daughters to suffer the pain of watching their father go to jail. Casey tells the judge that if he wants to go home to his daughters tonight he has to put the gun down now. Casey promises the judge Emily will print a retraction and he and Emily will both say the judge just had a fight with them. The Judge agrees to the deal and Casey goes to talk to Margo but Margo arrests the judge and Casey feels like a liar. Margo explains to Casey that he didn’t lie he just said what he had to say and she has to do her job.

(Fairwinds) Sofie doesn’t think Paul should stay in a relationship that keeps hurting both him and Meg. Sofie compares Paul to Coal but he isn’t as bad a person as Cole. Paul is a little hurt at the comparison with Cole until Sofie explains that Cole was a controlling person and people kept telling her that Cole was bad for her and she never listened to them until she discovered they were right when she gave up her baby to please Cole. Paul tells Sofie to leave because he wants to be alone in his misery. Sofie tells Paul she won’t leave him to drink alone because she will always be there for him. Paul decides if Sofie won’t leave the house he will because he wants to be alone.

(Farm) Mike tells Meg he will think about finishing the project but he still hasn’t decided what to do yet. Meg thinks that Katie was a fool to let Mike go.

(Noah’s house) Noah tells Luke that Ameera kissed him and he feels badly that he hurt her by saying that he doesn’t have the same feelings for her. Luke tells Noah none of this is his fault he is only trying to help Ameera. Ameera comes out of her room and wants to go back home to Iraq but Luke insists that she stay in Oakdale. Luke tells Ameera that everything is okay nobody got hurt by the kiss but she has to know it can’t happen again. Luke has an idea to improve the situation and he suggests that he move in the house to live with them.

(Lakeview) Katie has a drink with Mike who is embarrassed because he wanted Katie to have written that note and now she knows the depth of his feelings for her. Mike wants Katie to forget this ever happened and goes home to her husband. Katie smiles and they toast to denial and then Mike gently pushes Katie out of the bar to head back to Brad.

(Al’s Diner) Brad tells Henry what happened with Katie and that he had almost persuaded Katie not to go see Brad until he mention getting ribs for dinner and then he came off as insincere so Katie went to see Mike. Henry agrees that Brad was insincere and Brad tells Henry he is lousy at giving advice to a friend whose wife is visiting her ex-husband. Brad tells Henry he trusts Katie but he doesn’t trusts Mike because he will do anything to get what he wants which is Katie.

(Farm) Holden tells Meg that Lily went to visit Iva in order to think so when she returns he has no idea if he will still have a marriage. Holden feels badly that he can’t stop Lily from being in pain right now.

(Worldwide) Margo and Emily both think Casey did a wonderful job and Emily thanks him for saving her life. Margo thinks Emily was an idiot for once again putting herself in danger so that a man would have to rescue her. Margo tells Casey he is quitting his job and coming home now because working for Emily is too dangerous. Margo insists that Casey will always be rescuing Emily because she is very needy and dependent on any man. Casey tells Margo he wants to stay and she should respect his decision. Emily doesn’t want to watch Casey and Margo fight so she tells Casey he is fired. Casey throws up his hands in frustration and tells Margo she has won again.

(Farm) Paul arrives to talk to Meg and Holden tells him to leave or he will shoot him then Holden closes the door. Paul shouts Meg’s name several times and says that he needs to talk to her. Holden goes to get the gun and Meg tells Paul that she has to tell Paul their relationship is over so he will go away. Paul apologizes for what he did to Mike but Meg tells him he hasn’t changed at all he is still as selfish and controlling as ever so their relationship is over.

(Al’s Diner) Katie arrives to pick up Brad who is really relived to see her and she gives him a kiss and they go home.

(Noah’s house) Ameera agrees to let Luke move in with them and then Noah and Luke give Ameera a birthday cake and she wishes for her friends to be happy.

(Farm) Mike tells Meg about his conversation with Katie and Meg tells Mike about her conversation with Paul. Mike and Meg both smile and say that former spouses or boyfriends are wonderful. Mike tells Meg that she was right and he decided to stay and finish the project. Meg tells Mike she is very happy he is staying because it’s nice to do business with a friend.

(Lakeview) Katie makes Brad jealous by telling him Mike is wonderful understanding and sensitive any woman would want to be with him. Brad knows that Katie is just trying to pay him back for the way he acted earlier so he apologizes for being bossy to her. Katie wants Brad to trust her and Brad says he does trust her he just doesn’t trust Mike. Katie comes out in a sexy nightgown and the two newlyweds kiss and make up.

(Hughes House) Casey is angry that his mom doesn’t trust him to make his own decisions so he goes upstairs to his room and slams the door.

(Worldwide) Emily sits in her office alone and all she can do is cry.

(Al’s Diner) A teenaged girl asks Henry if he can recommend a hotel or motel to stay in while she waits to meet her friend Brad Snyder.

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