ATWT Update Wednesday 4/23/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 4/23/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At Emily’s office at Worldwide, Emily is talking with an employee about a photo of a judge cheating with his nanny being shown on the front page of their newspaper. He says Legal doesn’t want it run anymore. Emily doesn’t care; she reminds him that the guy's up for re-election. He's running on a pro-family platform, hanging out on a Caribbean beach with the nanny, no kids in sight. They have witnesses. The employee tries to gently remind her there are no photos to back this up. The lawyers on retainer think it's a libel case. Emily wants him to go get her photos then. Paul shows up and wants help with his love life.

At the farm, Sofie comes to see Aaron and gets Meg instead. Meg tries to put away Ethan’s toys, so not to upset her. She doesn’t want Meg to worry about it because she held Ethan the other day and she is doing better; Aaron is helping her through this. Meg notes that Aaron seems to be a good friend. He is, but they kind of got in a fight. Meg isn’t trying to meddle, but if she wants to be with Aaron then she needs to tell him, but if not then she should leave him alone.

At WOAK, Brad and Katie talk about spending the morning in bed. They compliment each other on stuff that used to annoy each other, which Kim can’t help be worried about once they go on camera.

Paul wants Emily to drop off a note to the Lakeview anonymously. What is it about? She just needs to know it is in the name of romance. Mike is starting to get in the way with Meg. Emily isn’t interested. He is not leaving until she agrees. Emily relents.

At home, Casey is leaving quickly heading off to work, as Margo tries to get details. Casey teases her. Margo doesn’t like him working as Emily’s personal assistant. What is he doing for her? He rattles off answering phones, computer work, organizing her schedule… what else? Casey is annoyed that his mother would be implying he would be doing anything else for Emily.

At home, Ameera talks to Noah about Casey bailing. It helped have someone around to throw off the ICE, Noah laments. He thinks Luke feels he needs to keep his distance now. Does he miss him, Ameera asks? Of course, Noah answers. Ameera heads out of the room. Noah follows; what is wrong? It is her birthday and it is hard having no real home. She leaves upset and Noah calls Luke to tell him that Ameera is crying because it is her birthday, as Luke teases him about being a bad husband. He will meet him and they will find something to buy her.

Katie and Brad are doing their garden piece about weeds, but Brad goes on about how he loves flowers and even weeds. Brad is acting all lovey and has hand picked a bouquet for her, as Katie is enthralled by his act. They go on and on about how much they love each other. Kim is not pleased.

At the Lakeview, Mike gets his mail and finds the letter that Emily dropped off. All Mike knows from the Lakeview employee is that a blonde-haired woman dropped it off, as Mike looks hopeful. He reads it; it says that she made the biggest mistake of her life and she wants them to meet at the Snyder Farm at 9:30AM if he feels the same? Mike smiles broadly and rushes out. Emily is hiding behind a newspaper when he goes by. Afterwards, she calls Paul. Did he take the bait? Apparently.

Margo wants Casey to sit; she wasn’t implying that. Does she think he isn’t strong enough to fight back if Emily comes on to him? It isn’t a long shot. Her assistant quit and she needs help. Does she ask about prison? No. Does she ask about her or Tom? No. She has a history of using people, Margo reminds. She has never mentioned her. Why would she hire him when he has no qualifications? Prison gave him the ability to do this stuff. Emily at least gave him a chance, which is more then she is doing.

What did Aaron say, Sofie asks? He didn’t say much, but she got the idea she wasn’t being totally honest with him. She was having dinner and she left the table; she lost track of time, Sofie explains. Meg is amazed that she could do that. She couldn’t blame Aaron for what she did. Where did she go? Sofie doesn’t seem to want to tell. Meg tells her then that she needs to be honest. Even if it will hurt him, Sofie wonders? Even then, because she will hurt him more down the line. If she is not honest in a relationship, it will end badly. If two people aren’t and the relationship ends two people that still love each other can get back together right, Sofie offers. Meg smiles when Paul interrupts. He is there to see Meg, but he asks why Sofie is there? She is there to see Aaron. Why is he there, Meg asks? He is there to celebrate. What? It is spring, beautiful weather and he will be so happy when she agrees to go to lunch. Meg smiles, as Sofie stands in the background looking disappointed. Shouldn’t he be working? He delegated – Mike is taking care of everything.

Mike shows up at the Snyder pond; he mumbles that Katie is late as usual. He sees some flowers and picks some.

Katie is arranging Brad’s flowers, as they are lost in each other, as they try to do their show. They go to commercial and Kim walks over; she is happy they are in love, but this is the most boring show ever. Katie and Brad are surprised. They want arguments and zingers. They can’t find anything to argue about. They need to do something – they should try following the script. Katie thinks that the audience watched them get married so doesn’t she think they want to see some romance? Kim thinks that they are over that now and want to see a show with life. If they don’t do something then they will lose viewers, the show will be canceled, and everyone will be without a job – including them. Brad and Katie can’t help but continue to make googly eyes at one another.

Mike continues to wait and then calls Katie, who is going back on the air so she ignores her phone. So, an agitated Mike hangs up without leaving a message.

Downtown, Luke meets with Noah and sees Ameera there as well, which surprises him. Ameera thought she would come along to keep him company. Do they want her to leave? No, but they do have an errand to run by themselves before class. What if the ICE sees them? They will be quick, as they head off. A downcast Ameera sits down on the bench to wait. Luke wonders if she is suspicious? No. She is just down because they left her. Casey sees Ameera. How is he? He is good. She comments how he looks happier. He is sorry, but working on the film became too much – it was too confusing with him not pretending to have a thing for her and Luke pretending to have a thing for him. She agrees she hates the lying too. She doesn’t know how to do that and stay. He thinks she should be honest. She agrees.

In a nearby store, Noah worries about what to get Ameera. He doesn’t know her size. Should he get jewelry? Luke laughs; he pictures them doing a lot together, but buying women’s jewelry was not one of the things, as they secretly touch hands.

Emily walks into her office to find Margo waiting for her. What is she doing there? Margo tells Emily to stay away from her Casey. It might be tough since he is working for her. It is inappropriate. Does she think she is going to make a move on him – he is a kid? So was Chris compared to her. She learned her lesson. They are strictly professional. What is she after? Nothing. Her son is an ex con and she would think that this job is a step up from the bar, Emily reminds. She is sure though that this isn’t about that; it is about another slap at her. She wants her to fire Casey, as Emily realizes that Margo tried to get him to quit but was unsuccessful. She knew she liked him. She explains to Margo that she hired Casey because he is Daniel’s older brother and it killed him when he went to jail. She was trying to do something nice. She has never done a selfless thing in her life Margo shoots back. What gives her the right to judge her? She is surprised she has to ask. She hasn’t figured out why Casey is doing this – he wants to make her proud, Emily offers.

Noah holds up a piece of jewelry; does he like it? He doesn’t think this is going to solve the fake marriage issue. He just felt bad because it was her birthday and noone said anything. Luke recognizes that Ameera is a lucky girl to have him in her corner.

Margo tells Emily that she is very proud of Casey, but given her past record as a working girl…. Emily has had enough and wants her to leave. Emily reminds her that they have both made mistakes and what she is doing is not right. Margo tells her that she has never been a working girl. Emily wants her to keep her voice down; did she say anything to Casey? She did not and would not tell Casey since Daniel is Casey’s brother and Daniel is her son, and she would not hurt her son like that. She hopes she would in turn not hurt her son. So, she can consider this Casey’s resignation; he won’t be working with her anymore, as Casey walks in the office and tells her that she doesn’t get to decide that.

Mike paces around the field collecting more flowers to make his bouquet. Finally, frustrated he drops the bouquet to the ground.

Brad and Katie continue with their on air PDA. When they go to a commercial, they ask if it was better? Kim tells him that it was not. Brad and Katie explain that they just got married and as a couple and hosts they wants to find a new groove. Kim agrees to let them do that before she reserves judgment but wants that they are taking too long to find it.

Sofie is waiting for Aaron; she wants to apologize. He accepts it. He is the nicest guy she knows. She doesn’t want to loose him; she wants to see him more. As friends? She was hoping they could be more.

At the Lakeview, Meg and Paul have lunch. She is impressed that he is no longer mad about the balloon ride. It was an honest mistake, as they had no idea he was the one that ordered it. Who did they think did that? Mike was depressed and she was trying to cheer him up, so when the balloon showed up with no passengers, they decided to go for a ride. No harm, no foul, Paul pretends. Meg is happy with him being so understanding. He had a bad reaction, but he learned his lesson; he is not going to try to get someone back; he is there to enjoy his life.

Brad and Katie are forming their flowers into a heart on air when Mike rushes into the studio. Kim tries to stop him, but he pushes through and walks over to Brad and Katie demanding to know what is she trying to pull? Katie smiles uncomfortably. Brad and Katie remind him that they are live. The audience should know what kind of person she is. He recites the contents of the letter. Katie is adamant that she never wrote that. Does she expect him to believe that? Brad grabs the note and tells him that it is typed and not even signed, as Mike realizes this and takes off without another word. Katie calls after him, but he keeps going as she smiles looking very uncomfortable.

Casey tells his mom that she shouldn’t be there. Margo tries to protest, but Casey is agitated that she is there trying to speak for him. He tells Emily that he is going to walk his mother out. She realizes she can’t talk for him, but she is worried for him –as his mother - that this could be dangerous for him. Can’t he quit? Casey tells her that he is where he wants to be doing what he wants to do. He can handle Emily, as Emily watches from the door.

The employee wraps up the gift for Noah promising that his wife will love it. Back with Ameera, Ameera wants to know what he bought? It is a surprise. She explains that she forgot something she had to do and heads off. Luke and Noah leave and Ameera heads back to the shop Noah came from. The employee asks if she can help her? She hopes so.

Margo tells Casey that if this is what he wants then she can’t stop him. If there is any hint of something shady, as Emily interrupts that nothing will happen. Margo whispers that she should tread lightly because there is a limit to how long she will keep her secrets, as she leaves. What did she mean, Casey asks? There are a few things in her past that she is not proud about that Margo knows about. Casey simply tells her to join the club.

Aaron tries to play it cool, as he asks Sofie about her wanting to be more then friends. She smiles, as he teases her. They make plans to meet up later after her shift at the Lakeview. She wants to be completely honest with him though. She can’t take things fast yet. He promises they will get through the first official date before he ‘jumps her bones’, as she laughs and heads out.

Paul is thrilled to hear Meg talk about the next time they go out, but his bliss is short-lived as Mike walks over and throws his letter down on Paul’s plate demanding he explain it! Paul picks it up pretending not to know what he is talking about. He wrote this Mike snarls, as Meg wants to read this. Someone sent him on a wild goose chase and after he realized it wasn’t Katie, he figured out who would do this to him. Paul jokes about not being kept in suspense. He is looking at the person he set him up, Mike glowers.

During a commercial break, Kim tells Brad and Katie that the phone lines are lighting up with people thrilled about what just happened – who Mike is? How Brad fits in? Katie is irritated that it isn’t their business, but Kim thinks otherwise. Brad and Katie try to pull themselves together as they go back on air. Brad surprises Katie when he mentions Mike and asks her to explain who he is. He is an ex husband, Katie answers quietly, as Brad doesn’t think Mike feels like he is completely an ex; he thinks Katie should explain it to him. She will once they are off the air, Katie answers annoyed. Then Katie tells Brad that they could get some of his ex girlfriends on the show – perhaps the entire Chicago Bulls Cheerleading squad? They both glue on a smile. Now, they are both irritated, as Kim is glad they are back.

Does he have any proof that he sent the letter, Paul asks? Mike knows that he got his nose out of joint over an innocent balloon ride and decided it was payback time. Paul pretends to play innocent, as he doesn’t want to respond to his baseless claims. Meg looks annoyed, as she gets up and asks Paul if he did this?

Emily thanks Casey for defending her to his mother. He was actually defending himself and if he did defend her in the process, it was just collateral good stuff. Emily thanks him anyway. His mom is tough, but her heart is in a good place. She knows it is when it comes to him. If this job does become too much of a problem, will he let her know? He is cool, as he leaves to go back to his desk and Emily smiles. Casey is back at his desk when a man walks up wanting to speak with the publisher. Casey asks if he has an appointment? He doesn’t need an appointment, as he slams down the paper with his face plastered across the front declaring his extra curricular activities.

Noah and Luke are happy they got to hang out just the two of them. They wonder what Ameera had to do? They hope she is ok. She didn’t seem upset. He doesn’t know why, but he feels responsible for her. Luke thinks it is because of who he is. That is one of the reasons he loves him so much. Noah recognizes that it isn’t easy on him. They will be fine Luke is definite. He wants Noah to wish Ameera happy birthday for him, as he starts to leave, but Noah grabs his arm and tells him how every day he thinks about how lucky he is to have him, as they get closer and closer. Luke wonders about the ICE? What about them, as Noah pulls him in for a kiss or two?

Ameera is at home getting dressed in a slinky black dress. Her hair is down at her side without any head-dress, as she applies lipstick and looks in the mirror at herself with a pleased smile.

Paul turns away, as Meg takes his arm and wants to know if he did this? Yes. It was a joke. They said taking the balloon ride was no big deal, so why make something out of this. Meg thinks it was cruel and he owes Mike an apology. Mike doesn’t want to hear it and leaves. Paul tries to explain that it is a guy thing because he stole his balloon ride and girl; she can’t understand that? She doesn’t believe this; he will never change. She doesn’t understand why he does the stuff he does and she doesn’t think she ever will get him, as Sofie, who has just walked in, listens nearby. Meg wants to go, but Paul stops her; why is she making a big deal of this? What did he have to gain by making Mike stand in a field where noone was going to show up? He was trying to jerk his chain. He didn’t do anything wrong. Does she really expect him to believe that? She doesn’t expect anything from him, as Meg takes off. Paul calls after her that an apology, as Sofie continues to watch.

Noah comes home, as Ameera prances out dressed to the nines in her little black dress, as she tells him that she is ready for her surprise. Noah stands there with his mouth open.

Casey tells the judge that Emily isn’t there, but Emily calls out to Casey from inside her office so the furious judge pushes by and orders Emily to retract the her lies, as he points his finger threateningly, as Emily wants him to take a seat. She isn’t going to get away with this! Did she think she was going to get away with ruining his career? They have witnesses, Emily explains, as the man picks up a statue from her desk and jams it into her keyboard smashing it into pieces. Casey tries to stop him and he pushes him to the floor where he hits his head. Emily tries to help Casey, but the judge stops her telling her that she won’t get away with this, as he manhandles her. Casey races out and calls Margo. They have a situation with Emily. What took him so long, Margo says with a smirk? He is serious; Judge Burke is there and he is threatening Emily and he thinks someone is going to get hurt. Margo orders Casey out of the building; she will be right there. The judge is holding Emily at bay with the statue over his head. Emily is begging him not to hurt her, as Casey comes back into the room and pleads with the man not to do anything stupid. The man orders him out. The judge has Emily up against the window promises them that they are going to finish this!

In the Lakeview lobby, Sofie asks Paul what happened? Paul doesn’t answer and walks away, as Sofie races after him as the waiter calls after Sofie about how she has tables left.

Ameera asks Noah if he likes her dress? She looks beautiful, but it isn’t what he wants. How does he know? He has been with a woman before and it hasn’t worked out. He hasn’t been with her, as she pulls him into a kiss, and Noah doesn’t seem to know what to do.

The judge yells to Emily about what she has done; his wife left him and is taking the kids, he could lose his job too! What gives her the right? Emily starts to tear up, as Casey tells the judge that Emily will print a retraction and Emily readily agrees. He told him to leave. Casey is not leaving, as the man heads for the door and closes it; now both of them are going to pay.

Katie tells Brad not to say stuff like that on TV – throwing Mike in her face. He did it for the show. What about their agreement not to fight for ratings? He wants them to keep their jobs. He didn’t mean it about Mike, as she didn’t mean the cheerleader crack, as he sees her face and realizes she might have meant it. He doesn’t want to fight with her; he loves her. She loves him too, but she is too mad to stay so she is going to make sure Mike is ok. Brad looks surprised.

Meg catches up with Mike at the farm. She is sorry for Paul. It is not her fault. Is her mom around? Why? He wants to get Paul thrown off the project, but he needs his mother’s approval for that. Is he sure, he wants to do that? He will be damned if he is going to work another day with the likes of Paul.

Paul is back at Fairwinds again with a drink in hand – pacing when Sofie comes in. What is she doing there? He is upset and she doesn’t want him to be alone. So, he shouldn’t tell her to leave because she is staying.

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