ATWT Update Tuesday 4/22/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 4/22/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Hughes house) Margo arrives home to pick up some files she left and Casey tells her he lost his job at the Lakeview because he was late. Margo tells Casey she isn’t surprised and tells him once again that he should go back to school. Emily arrives to talk to Tom about a summer camp for Daniel but Margo tells her to come back later and talk to Tom. Emily tells Margo she can’t come back later because she is busy so Margo tells her to e-mail Tom and heads out the door. Emily tells Casey that he should have told Margo he lost his job after he told her he had a new job. Emily offers Casey a job as her assistant and tells him to go to Worldwide this afternoon and wear a tie.

(Hospital) Alison gets a letter informing her that she got into nursing school but she’s sad when she tells Chris the news because she can’t get a signature from her mother because Susan is away on a medical aid trip and she can’t get in touch with her. Alison tells Chris that Emily is the only other person that can authorize her using the money and since they are not speaking Emily probably won’t sign the papers. Chris takes Alison’s hand and tells her they are going to talk to Emily right now.

(Farm) Lily tells Holden that he was right she shouldn’t have tried to get Carly and Jack to make up if they are meant to be they will get back together on their own. Lily notices the music tape and the picture on the table and apologizes to Holden for keeping them. Holden isn’t angry that Lily kept the things he is angry that she didn’t tell him about them and felt the need to hide them in the kitchen on a shelf behind some dishes.

(Lakeview) Brad wakes up and Katie wants to make love again so they begin to make love but Brad stops because they don’t have any condoms. Katie says its okay they are married they can do it anyway it doesn’t matter but Brad says it does matter because she could get pregnant. Katie gets out of bed because she isn’t in the mood anymore and wonders why Brad doesn’t want to have children with her. Brad explains he does want to have children but right now he thinks they should get to know each other as a couple and start from the beginning. Brad and Katie introduce themselves to each other again and Katie says they can’t have sex because she doesn’t sleep with guys she just met and runs into the bathroom and shuts the door.

(Carly’s house) Carly waits for Jack to wake up to tell him that she wants him to move out of the house. Carly explains that they can’t continue to fight and have the kids watch him be disrespectful to her. Jack tells Carly he is sorry for being so hard on her and he will try and make adjustments in his behavior. Carly tells Jack she is tired of trying so hard to please him and never living up to his standard so its best he moves out of the house. Jack knows he has no other choice so he agrees to move out of the house. Jack packs his bags and tells Carly he is leaving she pretends to ignore him and then tells him to call tonight before he comes over to tell the kids.

(Farm) Holden wonders why Lily can’t trust him enough to tell him the truth and she says she is always scared that if she tells him the truth she will lose him so she hides things and keeps secrets from him. Lily wonders if Holden wants a divorce and he says no because he loves her and couldn’t live his life without her Holden also warns Lily that if she doesn’t change they could lose everything Lily tells Holden she wants to change but she doesn’t know how to do it.

(Worldwide) Emily explains the job to Casey but he isn’t paying much attention then he tells her he used to answer phones and work for the warden sometimes in the office. Emily tells Casey she doesn’t want to be disturbed so just take messages and tell people she is very busy. Chris and Alison arrive and Alison tells Casey she needs to see Emily about something that is very important. Casey goes into the office to tell Emily that Alison needs to see her and Emily asks if she is alone or with Chris and when Casey tells Emily Chris is with Alison she refuses to see her. Casey goes outside and tells Alison what Emily said and Alison gives him the papers for Emily to sign. Casey tells Emily she should act human to her sister and at least read the papers. Emily reads the papers and after she reads them she tells Casey to tell Alison she will see her only if Chris leaves so they can talk alone. Chris bursts into the office and tells Emily not to take out her anger at him on Alison. Casey gets Chris to leave the office so that Alison and Emily can talk alone. Alison goes into the office and Emily signs the papers for her and tells her sister she is very proud of her.

(Police Station) Katie tells Margo about the fight she had with Brad and then Brad arrives and demands that Katie come home with him now. Katie refuses so Brad carries her over his shoulder out of the station. Jack arrives and asks Margo if he can change shifts because he needs to talk to the kids tonight. Jack explains that Carly through him out of the house and made it clear she doesn’t want him to be a part of her life anymore except if it concerns the kids. Jack tells Margo it hurt more then he thought it would and he doesn’t know how he will live without Carly in his life.

(Farm) Lucinda arrives and Lily admits that she doesn’t trust Holden to love and stay with her anymore and that makes her keep secrets from him, which in turn hurts him but she doesn’t know what do about it. Lucinda suggests that she go away for a while and visit Iva so that she can think and get some prospective on the situation. Holden arrives and Lily tells him she has decided to go spend some time with Iva and she hopes to come back a stronger person. Holden doesn’t want Lily to leave but he wants what is best for her and he assures her they will be okay until she comes home. Lily tells Holden she wrote him a note that tells the truth about her feelings. Lily goes out the door and Holden reads the note and says come back soon I love you too. Carly arrives to talk to Lily and Holden tells her she has gone away to think for a while. Carly tells Holden Lily loves him and she is doing this for his sake and things will be better in the long run. Carly tells Holden she told Jack to leave the house and their relationship is over so Holden offers to help. Carly says that since everyone in her life is leaving lately maybe he could stay and be a friend. Holden smiles and they hold hands to show each other support.

(Lakeview) Brad puts Katie down and tells he won’t let her run away every time they have a fight they are going to stay and solve the problem. Katie tells Brad she is scared to tell him her feelings because she doesn’t want to lose him. Brad tells her to go ahead and tell him everything so they can solve the problem.

(Limo) Lily tells Lucinda that she doesn’t like leaving Holden with the kids and all their problems again. Lucinda tells Lily to concentrate on her and getting stronger so she can come back and face her problems and fight for her family.

(Lakeview) Katie explains to Brad that she has been married several times but never had everything she needed in a marriage. Katie says that with Simon she had adventure with Henry she had support and friendship with Mike she had stability, with Jack she spent all her time trying to get him to stop loving Carly but all her marriages never gave her all those things at the same time. Brad explains that he also wants all those things for their marriage and that is why he wants to wait to have kids. Once they both agree to wait to have kids the newlyweds kiss and make up.

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