ATWT Update Monday 4/21/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 4/21/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At a field near the farm, Mike and Meg talk happily with each other about their hot air balloon adventure when an anguished Paul walks over asking if they enjoyed themselves? Meg is unsure why he looks so annoyed and wants to know what he is doing there? Paul grabs Mike and tells him that he that he hijacked his ride, his idea and…as Meg interrupts him trying to stop him and wondering what else he thinks belongs to him?

At the Lakeview, Chris, Alison, Aaron and Sofie meet up for dinner. Chris mentions that he ordered them a white wine. Aaron thinks the name of it sounds too rich for him. Chris explains that it isn’t and the first time he drank it at a run down bistro, which made Yo’s look like the Lakeview. Aaron snips back that may be the case in Paris, but at the Lakeview they charge and arm and a leg so they might want to rethink that. Chris explains that he already ordered it and since he invited them, he has it; Aaron can get the next time, as everyone looks uncomfortable.

Mike is telling Paul that he and Meg didn’t know he ordered the balloon. Why didn’t he tell her, Meg asks? Paul explains he was trying to be romantic. Meg explains that it was a mix up; there was no cell phone signal out there to find out who ordered it, so they decided to enjoy it. Mike tells him to go enjoy the balloon; it was worth it. Paul snidely tells him that he is not going to take his word for anything – as matter of fact he will not let him take anything of his again, as everyone stands around looking awkward.

In the kitchen at the farm, Lily is making dinner while she and Holden talk about the night to come with Jack and Carly. She knows she is getting her hopes up, but she can’t help it. Holden tentatively wonders how dinner will bring Jack and Carly together if living together didn’t? Lily hopes it will be a fresh start for everyone. Holden hopes she is right, as he heads outside and Lily continues her meal preparations. She goes to the cupboard for some ingredients and sees Dusty’s bag hidden behind a canister where she put it. She takes the bag out, looks in it and then hides it back away behind the canister.

At home, Jack and Carly prepare to head out. Sage comments how pretty she looks. Jack can’t help notice how beautiful she looks too. Jack can’t stop staring, as Carly is thrilled. The babysitter comes and seems to be coughing a lot, but she claims she is ok. Jack wonders if they should cancel, but Sage doesn’t want them to because her mom got all dressed up. Jack decides he doesn’t want to either. They decide to leave, and when they are on the porch Jack wonders out loud if leaving to go to this dinner is a mistake? Carly doesn’t think it has to be; it can be anything they want it to be.

Mike apologizes again to Paul. What is he apologizing for - stealing his thunder or getting caught? He knows he probably jumped at the chance to go with Meg. What would have happened if he hadn’t come here? Nothing. He should dial down the accusations… Meg doesn’t deserve this. Paul snaps that he should not tell him what Meg deserves; he doesn’t know her. Meg intercedes that apparently he doesn’t either if he thinks she minds being humiliated. Paul looks at her exasperated; is it so hard to understand why he might have a problem with this? Meg says nothing so Paul walks off, as Meg watches him.

Carly and Jack arrive at the farm, which Jack notices and comments about how the room is adorned with candles and flowers. Carly comments on how good everything smells. Lily says they will eat as soon as they say good night to the kids. Holden doesn’t understand but he soon does and follows Lily out. They leave and Carly remarks to Jack about how he had to make a comment on the flowers and candles. He just didn’t realize when he was invited that this was what was going on; it is clear that Lily has an agenda. Carly explains that it doesn’t matter what Lily is thinking; it matters what they make of it. Jack explains that he has to go check in at the station and will be back. Carly looks depressed by this. She goes for a beer, but she can’t find one so she helps herself to some wine on the table. She drinks a glass down quickly.

Chris wants to propose a toast – to Alison. She has done a great job and is a big asset at the hospital, and he thinks she might consider a career in this field, as he appeals to Aaron for help convincing Alison. Doesn’t he agree? Aaron thinks Alison should do what she loves and if that is nursing then that is great. Chris doesn’t understand and then Aaron wonders if he singled him out for help because he is simply a bartender and it isn’t a career? Chris backpedals and says that there is an art in that. He sounds condescending, Aaron snaps. Alison wants to stop Aaron, but Chris wants them to air out their issues – that is why they are there.

Meg tells Mike that he shouldn’t feel badly for Paul because he reacted poorly and owes them an apology. Mike wants to make things better for her, but she tells him that she is fine. The man from the hot air balloon company gives Mike and Meg the basket that went along with the ride. Mike looks inside, sees a champagne lunch, and realizes why Paul wanted to deck him now.

Chris explains he wasn’t trying to be condescending. Why start things off like that then; he is acting like he is in the driver’s seat and everyone else is in the back. Chris tells him that he has a chip on his shoulder. Alison interrupts to explain that Chris is just trying to get rid of the strange vibe they are all giving off. He is trying to see if they can all be friends. Each of them sitting at the table has had an issue with someone else – like she and Sofie. Sofie is listening, but then she looks to the side and sees Paul enter into the bar and her attention is shifted. Alison addresses Sofie, who is staring elsewhere and everyone notices so she pretends that it isn’t anything.

Carly is drinking wine and appears to be on glass number two or three when Holden and Lily come back down. Dinner will be ready soon; where is Jack? On the porch, Carly answers flatly. Holden goes to get Jack and Lily asked what happened? Nothing, Carly answers again with no enthusiasm. Jack is finishing up his call. That call was important, Holden teases. Just like them checking on the kids, Jack smiles back. Holden tells him that it wasn’t his idea. Jack just hopes Holden can get Lily to put on the brakes a little because it isn’t helping him or Carly. Holden agrees. Once back inside, Lily wants to make a toast to old friends and new beginnings. They all clink glasses, as Carly smiles at Jack looking hopeful. Everyone mentions how bad the wine is. Carly thinks it tastes good. That is because she finished off the top half and all that is left is the sediment. Holden offers to go get more wine and Lily wants to go, but he suggests that she stay with their guests.

Chris is about to make a suggestion to Alison as to what to eat, but he then tells Aaron that he might want to make a suggestion. Aaron flatly tells him that Alison can order what she wants since she is a big girl. Alison notices Sofie hasn’t even opened her menu. Aaron asks her if she is ok? She says she is fine, but she will be back. She heads out and goes after Paul. What is she doing there, Paul asks? She is with friends. What is wrong, she wonders? Nothing; he doesn’t have time to talk, as he races off.

Mike thinks Paul went all out. He usually does, Meg replies. Mike thinks they should eat something since it is here. She isn’t hungry, as Mike tries to champagne. He comments on how good it is. Her ‘boyfriend’ went top notch. She corrects him; he isn’t her boyfriend. They were engaged once and were going to have a baby, but he just saw how he is; things never seem to work out. Mike thinks there was a lot of sparks between them. That was never there problems, but the after effect is the issue when everything and everyone is left in ashes. At least someone feels that passionately about her. He had that once with Katie and now it is gone; he would do anything in his power to get that back if he thought he had a chance.

Sofie comes back to the table. Aaron worries that if she doesn’t feel well then he can take her home. She is ok. Alison tells her that she doesn’t look right. Sofie tells them that she is worried about Barbara because she didn’t do well with the radiation today. She is just going to check in with her at the hospital, as she excuses herself again from the table. Chris comments about Sofie being a really nice person, as Alison raises her glass sarcastically to ‘Saint Sofie’. Aaron is too busy watching after Sofie to pay attention to this exchange.

Mike wants to know why Meg keeps coming back? She apparently cares, but how many times can you keep thinking someone will change when they don’t, she wonders. Mike thinks she should stop second guessing herself; if she thinks there is the slightest chance they can work it out, then she owes it to herself to not walk away too soon like he did.

At Fairwinds, Paul is drinking and pacing around the room when Sofie walks in. Paul tells her that she shouldn’t be there. He was there for her during the most difficult time in her life. She probably wouldn’t have made it through without him. If he is in pain, then she will not let him go through this alone.

Lily asks Jack about Parker. He is better – good and bad days. She is so happy that they were able to get Parker off – they make a good team. Jack wants to get a beer, but Carly stops him – there aren’t any. She tells Lily, in a slightly buzzed sounding voice, that they know what she is doing and it isn’t working. Lily is disappointed. She should have known; she made a mistake; they don’t handle subtlety. Then she turns to Jack and tells him plainly that he is an idiot. Jack is surprised. Carly is beautiful, talented, smart and perfect for him – everyone knows it. What is wrong with him? Jack looks over at Carly, who can’t help but smile. Carly tells him not to look at her – it is all Lily. Jack tells her that he is sorry, but it isn’t her business. They can talk about kids, weather, and politics and anything else but him and Carly. Lily continues about how silly they are acting, as Carly tells her with an amused look on her face that this isn’t helping. They aren’t letting her help. Do they realize how ridiculous they are being? They should look around and see how they have worked things out for proof. Holden comes in and thinks she should stop, as Lily sighs and rolls her eyes.

Sofie asks Paul if the balloon person came? He did, but he was at the hospital. Sofie explains that he should just redo it. Meg took the ride already though – with another man. How could she do that? Paul explains that Meg said she didn’t know. That is ridiculous. Meg knows how he feels about her. If she got something amazing like that, she would know who sent it, Sofie answers. He has every right to be upset. He tells her that Meg said he was overreacting. Sofie is more irate; how could she turn that around and make it into his fault? He deserves better.

Aaron goes to the front desk and asks the Lakeview employee if has he seen Sofie? She was supposed to be making a call. He saw her headed outside and not on the phone. Aaron heads that way looks around and wonders out loud where she is?

Holden thinks they should get to the dinner Lily worked so hard on. Holden is pouring more wine, as Carly holds out her glass. Jack thinks she has had enough, but Carly snips back at him about why he cares because he has no interest in her needs. She looks at Holden and tells him to fill her up.

Paul tells Sofie that he loves Meg and she loves him, but there is always someone in the way – first there was Craig and now apparently it is Mike. Sofie tells Paul that she can’t imagine Meg picking anyone over him, as Sofie leans in taking his hand. Meg walks in interrupting this, which bothers Sofie, especially when Paul gets up quickly to tell Meg that he is glad she is there.

They are about to eat dinner when Lily thinks that everyone should hold hands and said Grace. Everyone reluctantly agrees, as Lily says Grace. Lily is done and Jack takes his hand away quickly from Carly. Is he afraid she is going to contaminate her? He is hungry. Carly laughs; she is sure that is why he did that. He thinks she should have something to eat instead of all that wine. Is she embarrassing him, Carly snarls? She is embarrassing herself and Lily and Holden. They deserve more. Carly is gearing up for a brawl when she raises her voice about what she deserves; doesn’t she deserve in the slightest bit courtesy or respect or is that too much, as she walks out of the room and Jack smirks over at Lily and Holden. Lily worries if she is ok? What if she tries to leave? Jack tells them that he has the keys; he thinks that she just needs time to cool off. Holden offers to go see how she is. On the porch, Carly comments if he is out there to make sure that she doesn’t make more of a fool of herself then she already did. He is there to make sure she is ok. She is sorry that she ruined dinner and now Jack hates her even more. Holden assures her that he doesn’t. She reminds him how he can’t bear to hold her hand; it is hopeless. Is she that repulsive? No, it is just a sticky situation. He blames the Elderberry wine, which is potent. She never thought she would see the day Emma was blamed for her screw-ups. He thinks she should come back in because if she didn’t to sample Lily’s dinner then it would be her fault.

Meg asks if she is interrupting? Paul tells her that Sofie was just leaving, which Sofie heads for the door uncomfortably after bidding everyone goodbye. She stays nearby the door for a moment though watching them, as Meg and Paul talk. He apologizes for being a jerk; he was, but she understands. He made a romantic gesture and it got all screwed up. The next one will be a Caribbean Cruise – what can he do to make it up? He shouldn’t try so hard; he is doing fine taking things slowly. He worries that if he is taking things slow then she will slowly be moving away. The only way he would lose her is if he keeps losing control like he did with Mike. Paul smiles – then maybe she can help him because every time he turns around she is there with him, who seems to be his new best friend. Is something going on? Meg looks at him funny.

Sofie comes back to the table apologizing. They sent her dinner back to the kitchen to keep it warm. How is Barbara? She was sleeping, but she asked the nurses how she was and they wanted to check the charts, but they were misplaced and that is what took so long. All the while, that she is weaving this tale, Aaron is listening with a confused and slightly irate look. Chris makes a comment about Barbara appreciating her going the extra mile for someone who has no right to expect anything from her just so she won’t go it alone. She has Paul. That is his point. Sofie immediately defends Paul; he is wonderful to Barbara. Again, she is seeing the best in someone, Chris recognizes. Aaron decides he needs some air and leaves the table quickly.

Is this how it is going to be – him thinking something is going on with everyone, Meg wonders? Mike is her shadow. Mike is his partner at the farm. He highly doubts that is all Mike has in mind. Meg tells him that if he wants to talk about shadows – they should talk about Sofie, who always seems to be hanging around. She is helping care for Barbara. When she came in, it looked like they were practically holding hands and Barbara was nowhere in sight – should she be jealous? Paul starts to laugh, as he asks her if she is really jealous of Sofie? Meg comments about how he looks like about Mike. He gets it. They both smile, as he pulls her in closer and they kiss.

Alison comes out to the lobby where Aaron is. First, Sofie leaves and now him – what is going on? Was it something Chris said? He is a little full of himself. He is just trying for them all to get along. He can’t leave without saying anything. Aaron goes back in and tells Sofie that he is ready to call it a night, and he was wondering if she wants a ride home? Sofie looks at him, Alison and then Chris.

Carly waltzes back into the kitchen. Can they pretend that she just got there? Lily smiles and play-acts that she just got there. Carly asks Jack if they can start over? Jack doesn’t say anything and then Carly’s phone rings; it is Parker and he has a question, which he hopes doesn’t upset her. What is wrong? Is a 103degree temperature a bad fever? Carly can hear the babysitter coughing. Jack and Carly tell him that they will be home soon, as Jack comments about it being the perfect ending to a perfect evening. As they are leaving, Jack sarcastically tells them that they should do this again soon, as everyone kind of make some amused sounds.

Chris tells Aaron that Sofie hasn’t touched her food. Sofie tells him that she isn’t much hungry anyway with everything that happened at the hospital and all, as Aaron cuts her off. He thanks them sarcastically for a wonderful evening. They head out and Chris looks at Alison and makes a face at her face. What, he asks? Does he honestly think he had nothing to do with that, she asks?

Downtown, Aaron and Sofie are walking as she apologizes again for being so long on the phone. Aaron asks her to stop talking so she doesn’t have to continue to lie. What does he mean? She wasn’t making a phone call; she left. Was he spying? The desk clerk saw her leave. Where did her go? Was she at Paul’s? She thought he would be the best person to get information on Barbara. She had to go get the information in person – why?

Aaron would get an attitude if he said the sky was blue, Chris tells Alison. She thought they were going to try to get along. He tried, but that doesn’t mean he has to censor everything he says to him and she doesn’t have to do it either. She doesn’t need his approval on what she does. She knows that. He admits that the evening was a bust; they can try it again, but it doesn’t always have to be on Aaron’s terms. He teases that at least she and Sofie didn’t get in a fight. That was because she was too busy playing nursemaid to Barbara. She missed out on getting to know her, Chris answers. He hopes they made a start though.

Sofie explains that she didn’t tell him about Fairwinds because she didn’t want to upset him. Well, she failed because he is even madder now because she lied. Sofie tries to explain that Paul has been a friend to her. If she is his friend, doesn’t she owe it to him to be honest; he likes her, but he can’t be with someone who isn’t straight with him. Are they not friends anymore, Sofie asks? Whether they are friends or more is up to her, Aaron answers.

Meg has to go, but she is glad this is one of the few times they talked through their problems and ended up in a better place. Paul kisses her goodnight. After she leaves, his phone rings and goes to get it. It is the ‘Up, Up and Away Company’; they wanted to check to see how his ride was? He didn’t go on it. The man was told a couple went up. It was not he. They returned the basket with the champagne empty as well. Paul snarls and tells the man that he didn’t get any champagne, as he hangs up and mumbles to himself that he knows who did and it is going to stop it now.

Meg arrives home at the farm to find Mike packing up in the dark. Is he still there? He was just picking up some tools he left. He sees she looks in better spirits; are things better between her and Paul? They are and she owes it all to him; she is thankful he encouraged her not to give up. He is glad because he would hate to be responsible for screwing up someone else’s love life since he already ruined his.

Jack pays the babysitter and Sage is upset that they are home early. Weren’t they having a good time? It was just dinner at the farm. Jack tells them to head upstairs for bed, as Parker tells Sage that he told her nothing happened and Sage tells him they only came home because he called. Carly tries to smile and joke about how it will be a long time before Holden and Lily invite them back to dinner. Jack comments about how it will be longer before they accept. Carly tries to hide her disappointment in his comment. He tells her to head up since she has had a long night; she thinks they should talk about what happened tonight. He thinks she has done enough talking. She won’t be dismissed like the kids. Does she want to talk about dismissing? How about how she dismissed him when he told her she had had enough to drink? She should listen more then talk especially when someone who cares about her is just trying to help. She can say whatever she needs in the morning. Yes sir; she lives to obey him, she says sarcastically, as he walks into the kitchen without a word.

Meg notices that Lily and Holden’s dinner is over early with a lot of leftovers. Lily and Holden half explain. Meg smiles and heads upstairs. Lily wants to clean up, but Holden offers to do it. She is upset that no one ate and it didn’t work. She wouldn’t be her if she didn’t try to help those she cares about. He is at the top of that list, Lily tells him. She better make sure he stays there. She kisses him and heads upstairs while Holden cleans up. He goes to put the canister away and notices the bag in the cabinet. He takes it out and opens it; he sees inside some of Dusty’s stuff, which Lily couldn’t part with. Holden looks saddened, as he looks towards the stairs where Lily just went up.

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