ATWT Update Friday 4/18/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 4/18/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Fairwinds) Sofie arrives to take Barbara to her radiation treatment and Paul apologizes for losing track of time but he is trying to plan a surprise to make Meg fall in love with him. Paul asks Sofie what he could do to make Meg fall in love with him again and she suggests a hot air balloon ride with Champagne. Paul gives Sofie a kiss on the cheek for the wonderful idea and searches for the number of a hot air balloon company. Barbara arrives and tells them its time to go but if they are busy she can go by herself. Sofie and Paul both say that want to take her they just lost track of time so they all head to the hospital.

(Farm) Mike arrives and Meg offers him coffee but he refuses because he has to do some work on the backfield but he asks if he can leave his stuff there and pick it up later. Meg says she knows about Brad and Katie’s wedding and she knows it must hurt that he won’t get a second chance with Katie. Mike says it’s just hard to let go of someone you love even though she is happy with someone else. Meg tells Mike she understands how he feels although she is happy that she seems to be getting a second chance with Paul.

(Noah’s house) Casey, Luke, Noah and Ameera work on the movie project for school. Noah carries Ameera over the threshold of the house and says welcome home and Ameera says she is happy to be home. Luke tells them to cut because they are not delivering the lines naturally so they do another take with everything the same except when Noah is carrying Ameera over the threshold Ameera gives him a kiss. Luke is hurt and nervous watching this and quickly says cut. Ameera wonders f that was more natural and Luke says yes but it wasn’t in the script Luke thinks they are all tired and should go have some lunch before they film again. Casey thinks it’s a good idea because he pushed the wrong button and didn’t film the last take of the scene.

(Hospital) Alison takes Barbara to her radiation treatment and Paul call the hot air balloon company and gives them directions to the farm and tells them to put a romantic picnic inside and money is no object. Sofie thinks Meg is very lucky to have Paul love her so much. Emily arrives to talk to Alison but she is very busy and totally ignores her, which makes Emily very mad. Emily tells Chris that it is his fault Alison is mad at her but Chris tells her Alison is very smart and can make her own decisions. Chris stops talking to Emily when he sees Sofie and asks her how she is doing. Sofie says she is doing better since she is concentrating on helping other people like Barbara and not thinking so much about herself. Chris suggests that he, Alison, Aaron and Sofie all have dinner tonight so they cam all try and be friends. Sofie doesn’t want to go at first but then tells Chris if he can persuade Alison to go then she and Aaron will also go to dinner. Emily sees Chris talking to Sofie and is determined to persuade Alison that Chris is a jerk and not good enough for her. Paul advises Emily to stay out of other people’s lives and let her sister make her own decisions.

(Farm) Meg plays with Ethan and Mike tells her it’s hard to look at kids now because he remembers he wanted to have kids with Katie. Meg tells Mike that he could still have kids someday but Mike says they both know that having kids doesn’t always happen. Mike leaves to go work and Meg is about to feed Ethan when someone calls for Mike and she takes a message. Aaron arrives and Meg asks him to feed Ethan while she goes to the backfield to give Mike a message.

(Al’s Diner) Casey wonders if Ameera is in love with Noah when he sees how she looks at Noah who is placing an order at the counter. Ameera tells Casey not to talk so loud because ICE may be watching them. Ameera tells Casey that she knows that Noah loves Luke but Casey advises her that she won’t be able to make Noah straight it doesn’t work that way and he doesn’t want her to get hurt.

(Farm) Meg arrives to give Mike the message and a few minutes later the hot air balloon arrives and the man doesn’t know who ordered the ride. The man from the company tells Mike and Meg that the ride is already paid for and if someone doesn’t use it it will just go to waste. Mike persuades Meg to take the balloon ride with him since its such a pretty day and they get inside the balloon together.

(Hospital) Chris tells Alison about the dinner with Aaron and Sofie. Alison doesn't want to go at first but quickly changes her mind when Chris offers to buy
her a sexy dress to make Aaron see what he is missing because they broke up.   Sofie leaves to get ready for her dinner with Chris and Alison. A few minutes later Alison arrives and tells Chris Barbara had a reaction to the treatment. Chris tells Barbara she is dehydrated and he wants her to stay overnight for observation. Barbara tells Paul he doesn’t need to stay that she will be fine Paul gives Barbara a kiss on the cheek and leaves to go give Meg a surprise.

(Emily’s office) Emily’s assistant quits because he can’t stand her bad mood anymore.

(Farm) Aaron accepts Sofie’s invitation to dinner and they will leave as soon as Meg returns from the back field. Sofie tells Aaron about Paul’s romantic surprise and that Meg might take a while to return. Sofie offers to help Aaron baby-sit for Ethan and they both smile at each other.

(Al’s Diner) Casey refuses to continue to pretend to be Luke’s boyfriend because he has learned the hard way that when you live a lie the truth eventually comes out. Noah and Luke both ask Casey to reconsider but when Casey asks Ameera she says that if he wants too leaves its okay. Luke asks follows Casey outside and asks him to reconsider but Casey tells Luke he likes Ameera but she is in love with Noah and thinks she can make him straight. Luke doesn’t believes Casey at first but then he remembers the events of the day and starts to believe Casey is right about Ameera.

(Old Town) Emily sees Chris buying Alison a dress and asks Alison to think about what Chris might want in return for the dress. Alison doesn’t want to accept the dress and cries a little after Emily’s words but Chris tells her that she is a good friend and deserves a nice dress to go out and have fun after a hard week of work.

(Lakeview) Casey gets fired because he has been late to work three times.  When Emily arrives, Casey tells her he has had a bad day because the girl he likes is in love with a gay guy. Casey also tells Emily he got fired because he was late for work again and Emily says the entire town hates her and he stupid assistant quit.

(Noah’s house) Luke tells Noah what Casey said; Noah refuses to believe that Ameera is in love with him and assures Luke that he loves him despite what Ameera might think or feel about him.

(Farm) Paul arrives late and is told by Sofie that Meg went to the back field.  When Paul gets to the field, he calls Meg’s name several times, but she doesn’t hear him because the hot air balloon is already taking off towards the sky.

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