ATWT Update Thursday 4/17/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 4/17/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(TV Station) Katie is nervous about her wedding starting in 15 minutes and as she is getting ready her dress rips and she wonders if someone can put her out of her misery now.

(Farm) Holden and Carly walk around the Snyder pond and Holden assures Carly he knows what she is going through with Jack because he is going through the same struggles with Lily and it has been hard working things out. Carly tells Holden his struggles with Lily don’t compare to hers with Jack because she has finally realized that she will never live up to Jack’s high standards and he will never forgive the mistakes she has made in her life. Lily cries as she looks at the box of memories Dusty left her and she still can’t believe he first love Dusty is dead.

(TV Station) Mile and Jack arrive and both tell Henry who is standing up for Katie that they are the best man because Katie asked Jack to be Brad’s best man and Brad asked Mike to be the best man. Brad arrives and Henry explains the awkward situation and Brad asks both Mike and Jack to be his best men. Jack doesn’t want to stay and Brad tells him to stop acting like a sore loser and act like his brother so he also decides to stay for the wedding.

(Hughes house) Margo arrives home and she tells Tom she wants to make up for the romantic afternoon she missed the other day. Tom tells Margo she should stop trying to pretend like her sister is getting married on live TV in three minutes. Tom tries to persuade Margo to call a truce today even though she thinks Katie is making a mistake because Katie needs some family with her today. Margo decides to stay home and watch the wedding on television.

(Farm) Carly tells Holden his situation with Lily is different because the entire town knows they will eventually find their way back to each other because they belong together. Holden points out that the town also says the same thing about her and Jack and encourages Carly not to give up on Jack. Holden explains that most of the problem between he and Lily was that they stopped working at their marriage every day and took it for granted that they should just be together. Holden admits that the Snyder men do have high standards and are very stubborn but they fight for the things they believe in and eventually they realize that we are all-human and make mistakes. Carly tells Holden she has been trying very hard to make Jack realize that but she thinks he will never forgive her mistakes and she can’t change them.

(TV Station) Katie takes off her dress and puts on her robe and then Mike enters the room and once again pleads with her not to marry Brad until she is sure that he is the man she truly loves. Katie tells Mike it is too late Brad makes her happy and she wants to marry him today then she throws Mike out of her dressing room.

(Farm) Lily takes the box of her and Dusty’s memories to the trash, but before she puts the box on top of the trash can, she takes out the tape of her favorite 1980’s songs.  She goes to the kitchen and hides it inside a container on the kitchen shelf. Holden isn’t there, but she tells him she is sorry - she just can’t seem to let Dusty go yet.

(TV Station) The wedding begins and the minister who tells Henry he wants to be an actor gets a case of stage fright and can’t speak at all. Brad decides to take a commercial break and Katie persuades Henry to be the minister just like he was for her wedding to Mike.

(Hughes House) Margo sees that Katie no longer has a man of honor and Tom tells Margo that she will regret not being there for her sister’s wedding so she and Tom rush to the TV Station.

(TV Station) Brad tells the audience to imagine that they are Katie’s matron or man of honor and the ceremony begins again. Henry starts the vows using television terminology as only Henry can do a ceremony. Brad says I Do but when its Katie’s turn she gets the hiccups and can’t stop they take another commercial break and everyone gives their remedies but nothing works until Margo and Tom arrive and explains to everyone that whenever Katie gets nervous she starts to hiccup so they called them the nerve up ins her family. Margo goes behind Katie and yells Cellulite and Katie says what where and her hiccups are cured. Henry and everyone else is puzzled why Margo said that to scare Katie and she says it’s every woman’s worst fear.

(Farm) Holden and Carly arrive back at the house from their walk, and he sends Carly inside to talk to Lily while he stays outside and is hopeful when he sees the box on top of the garbage can. Carly goes inside and can’t help but start crying when she tells Lily its over between her and Jack for good this time. Lily holds her as she cries and tells Carly she can’t give up on Jack because he still loves her. Holden comes back inside the house and Carly goes outside to dry her tears. Holden tells Lily that he saw the box outside and she says she is ready to let go of her past. Lily tells Holden they must do something to get Jack and Carly back together. Lily thinks that a dinner party with just the four of them might help bring Jack and Carly closer to each other. Carly comes back inside and Lily tells her about the party and she doesn’t think it’s a good idea but Lily persuades her to give it one last try with Jack.

TV Station) Brad puts the ring on Katie’s finger and before she puts the ring on Brad’s finger Margo whispers that this is her last chance and wonders again if she is doing the right thing. Katie faints before she puts the ring on Brad’s finger and they go to commercial again. Brad tells everyone to leave them alone and he once again tells Katie he loves her and wants to have a family with her but he is willing to call off the wedding now and take the blame for the TV idea he just wants her to be happy with whomever she chooses to marry even if it isn’t him. Katie is touched that Brad would be willing to do such a wonderful thing for her and Brad once again tells her he loves her very much. Katie decides to finish the wedding and when they return from commercial she puts the ruing on Brad’s finer and Henry tells the audience they are husband and wife before they kiss. Oakdale Now closes with Brad and Katie feeding each other cake and kissing one more time. Mike refuses to give up on Katie even though she is now married to Brad. Once the guests leave Brad decides to carry Katie back to the Lakeview.

(Carly’s house) Jack arrives and tells Carly he was the best man at Brad and Katie’s wedding which was televised live Carly plays it cool and hides her happiness because Jack looks very sad. Carly tells Jack about Lily’s dinner party and he accepts the invitation.

(Lakeview) Mike gets drunk at the bar as he looks at the doll he took from the wedding cake, which reminds him of Katie. Brad finally puts Katie down when they get to their room and as they dance to tiny bubbles Katie tells Brad she never thought she could be this happy with anyone. Brad promises that he will do whatever it takes to make sure she is always happy and the newlyweds share a kiss.

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