ATWT Update Wednesday 4/16/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 4/16/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At WOAK, Brad and Katie see everyone working to set up their wedding. They thank everyone for their help. Once inside their office, Katie thanks Brad for her flowers. They also talk about how she doesn’t have a matron of honor. Kim walks in and they bring her up to speed. Kim thinks they need to find someone to stand up with Katie soon since they are going to be broadcasting this on air; it has to be perfect.

At the diner, Mike commiserates to Henry about how Katie doesn’t want him or his gift. He also mentions barging into her room and kissing her, as Henry is nervous, but he calms down when he hears Katie kicked him out. Henry gently reminds him that she has moved on. Mike is kicking himself about the fact that he should have stayed after Simon. Mike wonders if Brad is the right guy for Katie? She is smiling and laughing again, Henry answers. Mike doesn’t think that means everything. He didn’t think it would happen again, Henry counters. Mike thinks she is not in love with Brad because she still has feelings for him. If she kicked him out of her room, then it might not be the feelings he was hoping for, Henry answers. Mike is convinced that Katie isn’t over him.

At home, Carly is on the phone talking to someone about Metro’s alarm and it isn’t good news because she can’t renew her contract until it is fixed and she can’t open until she has a working alarm. She hangs up angrily. Jack overhears and tells her that he isn’t due at the station for a while – he could look at it for her. He is being nice; is this his way of apologizing?

At the farm, Lily is getting her kid’s lunch ready, as Lucinda is anxious to get going. They head for the door and run into Holden. Where are they going, he wonders? Lily nervously explains that they are setting Dusty’s headstone today and they thought someone should be there. Holden smirks; she wasn’t going to tell him, was she?

Brad wonders whom she is going to get to stand up for her at such a late date? Katie has a revelation – why she didn’t think of this before - Vienna. She was integral in getting them together. Brad agrees. He also wonders if it is possible for her to patch things up with Margo before the wedding? It makes her sad since she is the only one in her family that could stand up for them, but she isn’t supportive. Brad simply responds by kissing her. Katie quickly heads out the door. Kim pops her head in and wonders if Katie has a matron of honor yet? They are on it. Brad suggests Snickers for the ring bearer. Kim laughs. Does he have any idea who Katie is going to choose? Brad tells her that he can do her one better.

Henry thinks Mike needs to get used to the idea that Katie is getting married today and he is not the groom. Where is the wedding anyway, Mike asks? It was going to be at Tom and Margo’s, but Margo and Katie had a falling out and now it is going to be on TV. Mike can’t imagine Katie is going to take her private and sacred ceremony and flaunt it on TV. Henry thinks it is to show the world about she and Brad. Mike thinks he she truly loves Brad then she wouldn’t want to make this into a three-ring circus; he thinks she is over-compensating.

Jack tells Carly that he doesn’t think he has anything to apologize for; he was just trying to help by trying to keep the peace. Doesn’t he ever tire of being the hero, Carly asks? He is trying to help. She thanks him, but she will leave the fixing to the experts. She doesn’t need him saving her. She heads for the door when Jack tells her that he meant what he said about being friends. Carly smiles and tells him that she thinks that ship has sailed.

Lily explains to Holden that she knew how upset he was over the box of Dusty’s belongings. She didn’t want to upset him further. Lucinda explains that Barbara is the closet relative to Dusty and would have been there but she can’t, so they thought someone should be there. Holden thinks this is between he and Lily. Lily doesn’t want to fight, but she didn’t think he would get this upset because she is going to pay her respects. Holden seems defeated as he tells her that he is not going to stop her. Lily looks at him upset but walks by to leave unhappily.

At the station, Brad confronts Margo; what happened between she and Katie. It is her wedding day and he wants to know why she ‘took her marbles and went home.’ She just doesn’t want to see her sister hurt. He pushes; he wants to know what went on between she and Katie? Margo pauses and then tells him it is because of Mike.

Henry tells Mike that he is delusional if he thinks he is going to stop her wedding. Can’t he let her be happy? He can’t do that; there is too much at stake. Mike gets up from the table and bumps into Katie walking in. They stare at one another for a moment before she walks by. Mike leaves reluctantly and Henry walks over to ask Katie what she needs. What was Mike doing there? He was having breakfast. What is going on, Henry asks? She is looking for Vienna. Henry tells her that she is banned from the diner. She thought they were fine? They are, but she has the Chicken Pox and is quarantined because she is contagious. Katie is beside herself; what is she going to do now?

At Metro, Carly is angrily hanging up the phone after some person tells her that they can’t get to the alarm till next week. Jack walks in with his tools and starts to fix the alarm. What is he doing? She doesn’t need his help. She can handle her own business. He must think that she is only competent in bed. Jack makes a noise of disbelief, as he continues to work. Is he feeling guilty because he treated her like dirt? She absolves him from that; so, she wants him to leave her the hell alone! Jack ignores her and keeps fixing the alarm.

In Lucinda’s limo, Lucinda wonders why Holden is upset? Is there something going on? She thought they were making progress. Is their marriage in trouble? Lily doesn’t answer.

Brad tells Margo that Mike made Katie feel badly and he is not worried about him. She doesn’t want that back; she knows what she wants now. Margo tells Brad that she has known Katie a lot longer and she has a history of making wrong choices. She is worried about all the strikes their relationship has against them. Brad discounts this. Margo tells him she is being honest with him, which is more then Katie is being.

Katie worries that Kim is going to kill her since she doesn’t have anyone to stand up for her. Henry thinks Kim is a good choice. She is her boss, and she will look like a loser. How many women does he know that can’t find a girlfriend to stand up at their wedding? What about Nancy Hughes? She loves her, but she is not going to put her in the middle of this. He is coming up empty. Katie tries to get him to think by pumping him up; he is her go-to guy and best friend – she needs him. Then she realizes it. Henry realizes what she is thinking. He is not putting on another dress for her. She pleads with him; he stood up for her before. She was just kidding about the dress. He could be her ‘Male of Honor’ – the fans would love it. There is one problem with that…Brad asked him to be his best man and he said yes. What about Brad? His family has plenty of guys; he will be fine. She begs him to stand by her.

Brad doesn’t understand how Katie’s ex showing up and acting like a jerk should stop this wedding. Margo just doesn’t want to see Katie hurt. The only one that can hurt Katie is him, and he isn’t going to do that. He was a player before, but he met Katie and he has loved only her; he has changed. Margo thinks the jury is still out on that. She is being unbelievably hard. She knows.

Katie pleads, as Henry tells her no. Katie continues to plead. Henry finally gives in. There is only one condition; he will not carry a bouquet. She agrees. She has to tell Brad that he lost a best man and it is not his fault, Henry adds. Katie doesn’t think he will mind considering he just wants her happy. Henry agrees. He does love her. When they are up there, all the people that were against them, like Margo, will see that they are meant to be together. Henry has an idea. He thinks Brad should ask Jack because then people will see that everyone is putting the past behind them. Katie doesn’t think it is a good idea to ask the man who was previously annulled from the bride. Brad won’t go for it. He guesses it is up to her then.

Did he hear her, Carly snarls? He is working. They made love, it was wonderful and now he tells her it is a mistake. He won’t even try to build something new between them. He will be there for the kids while she is cook and maid. Well, she can’t be around him day and night and not want to be with him. She is all or nothing type of woman; he is asking the impossible. If she means that she wants to be there for the kids, then she will find a way to handle it. Carly looks exasperated.

Margo agrees that she is hard to deal with; can she give him some words of wisdom? Katie thinks she is in love with him; she has been married 5 times before however. They were usually impulsive choices. Her latest impulse is him. Why does he think that is, Margo asks? Because Katie loves him. Margo thinks he might be the safe and easy choice. Brad laughs; noone has ever said that about him. She gave this advice to Katie and she hopes he will hear her more then Katie did; do not marry Katie until he is sure they can go the distance. She doesn’t want Brad to let Katie fool him. She needs to prove it to him. How can he do that? That is his problem.

Lily tells Lucinda that she loves Holden more today then ever. Lucinda is happy to hear that. She doesn’t think Holden trusts that though. She doesn’t know how to make him believe that. Lucinda thinks that at some point Holden has to let go of these insecure feelings about Dusty. Her affair with Dusty really hurt him; he can’t shake it. What they are doing today has nothing to do with an affair. They are simply visiting an old childhood friend. There was a box that arrived from Dusty the other day, and there were so many wonderful memories inside and she got emotional. He must think it is going to be more of the same today. Lucinda doesn’t think that Holden can begrudge her fond memories of an old friend. She lets out a big sigh; she will talk to him. Lily orders her not to say a word.

Carly sits down next to Jack. She can’t go from wanting to be his wife to his pal. That is all he can give right now and she knows why. Carly rolls her eyes; hear he goes again with the moral conduct lecture for the 1,200th time. She has heard it all before. They have to go over again how morally challenged she is and then they can move to how she lies and how she always hurts those she loves. It is always by his book and to his lofty standards. Jack doesn’t want to talk anymore; he has fixed her alarm so she can get her business going. He always does the right thing. They are parents and they are going to be in each other’s lives. The trick is dealing with it and not giving in to the anger. Jack walks away, as Carly flies towards him and tells him that it is too bad because she is angry, as she tosses his tools down on the bar; she is livid actually, she screams, just as Katie is walking in the door.

Brad is at the diner; Henry tells him that Katie asked him to stand up for her. Who is going to stand up for him now, Brad asks? He is sorry; she pleaded with him and he is her friend first, but she also assured him that he wouldn’t have trouble with all the Snyder men around. Brad wonders whom – JJ or Parker? Henry nods no. Brad realizes what he is talking about. Forget it; he has an idea; he didn’t know why he didn’t think of this before. Henry worries as Brad takes off.

Carly sees Katie trying to leave without being noticed; look, who is there, Carly yells! Brad and Mike are not enough for her; she must still want Jack – well he is all hers – she can be her guest, as Carly stomps out of there leaving Katie staring at Jack speechless. She is sorry to interrupt or upset Carly. She was upset before she got there, Jack explains. What is going on? They are trying to coexist and help the kids. She wants more then he can deliver now. How are the kids? Parker is doing better. She is glad. What is she doing there – isn’t this her wedding day? She has an important favor to ask him.

At the Lakeview, Brad approaches Mike. He doesn’t want to fight. He wants to be friends. He has something to ask him from one friend to another. Mike looks suspicious.

Lily doesn’t want her to interfere. Lucinda agrees. She doesn’t think she should interfere anyway after Evan. She didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Lucinda tells her that she loves her. Lily thinks Holden and she need time and will work things out. Lucinda doesn’t want her to let it escalate before it is too late to work things out. She won’t. They slowly get out of the car at the cemetery.

At the farm, Carly races in wanting to talk with Lily. Holden explains that she is out. Will she be back soon? He doesn’t know. Carly looks as if she is on the edge so Holden asks if something is wrong? Carly starts to cry when she tells him that everything is wrong! Holden walks over to her quickly and hugs her, as she sobs.

Jack thinks Brad had her ask him to be his best man. He doesn’t know she is there. Given everything that happened and the fact that they were married… Katie realizes how awkward this is and that Jack might have not been his first choice, but Margo bailed on her, she stole Henry and that leaves Brad with noone. Usually the groom does the asking, Jack reminds her. If he stands up for them then it will show he is behind them. Brad will see she is behind that and he loves me so it will make him happy. She knows that they don’t see eye to eye, but she doesn’t have anyone in her family standing up for her and he knows how important family is to her. It would mean the world to her. She is hard to say no to. Is that a yes? If this is what Brad wants. It is. She thanks him and they hug, but then they feel uncomfortable so they pull back.

Mike doesn’t buy the buddy line from Brad. Is this offense is the best defense line? He wonders if Brad is trying to be nice because he thinks that he came back to town to win back Katie. It didn’t even enter his mind and even if that is the case, Katie is happy and in love with him. So she says. He sees the ornament; is it a lucky charm, Brad asks? It was a gift for Katie, but she gave it back? Why would she do that? She must not be as sentimental as he. If he cares for Katie as much as he thinks… he knows of a gift he can give her that would mean so much more. Mike can’t help but laugh at this idea. He is stunned. He is kidding? He is serious. They have to move fast. Why him and why now? Her Matron of Honor pulled out, his best man defected to the other side, and he has noone to stand up for him. He is Katie’s ex husband. So is Katie’s Male of Honor. Henry, a shocked Mike asks? It is a long story. This is his way of giving Katie his blessing to have her go on with her life and to be happy and he would be doing his new friend a huge favor. What does he say?

Katie thanks Jack for saying yes. He just wants her happy. Where and when? He has to be at WOAK at 4PM. She is getting married on TV, Jack asks unsure? No, they are doing it for Kim; the ratings are off. They are getting married for ratings, Jack asks confused? No, absolutely not; they love each other; they just want to get married. The important part is the happily ever after. He hopes Brad delivers because she deserves happiness. She thanks him for understanding how important it is to them that he be there. She will see him there. Jack mumbles to himself about how this day is getting better and better.

Carly is sitting at the table in the kitchen at the Farm, as Holden brings her a beer. She is very upset; does she want to talk? No, it is thoughtful, but she doesn’t think she can bear more advice from another Snyder man. She thanks him, and then heads out quickly, as Holden follows behind.

Back in the limo, Lily is crying. She is glad she saw the headstone; she can accept that Dusty is really gone now. Lucinda is upset too; she wishes she had listened to him; she was wrong about everything. She isn’t always wrong; she decided to take her advice about her marriage. She hurt Holden so badly. She loves him and he needs to know that. Their problems can’t go away on their own. She needs to show him that she will do anything and everything to make their marriage work and that is what she is going to do.

Carly is striding quickly away from the farm down to the Pond with Holden hot on her tail. She wants to be left alone. He can’t when she is that upset. What is it with all the Snyder’s? Are they all on a mission to save everyone – they are so good, noble, patient and understanding. It just makes the rest of them feel worse.

Back at WOAK, Katie comes running in calling out to Brad telling him that she needs to tell him what she just did. She realizes he is nowhere to be found though.

Mike wonders to Brad about if this is really what is best for Katie – that he be his best man? Katie is on board with this. He must be insane to be thinking of this. Brad wants him to go for it. Mike finally agrees to be his best man, as they shake on it.

Brad comes back to WOAK, as Katie is smelling Brad’s flowers and looking pleased with herself. She was worried he would be late for their wedding. She rushes to give him a kiss. Where was he? He was taking care of something. Is it a surprise? Something like that. She was out doing something too; she hopes he will be ok with it. She stole his best man because Vienna has the Chicken Pox and Henry is her best man now. He understands; he is ok with that. She took care of it. She did? She asked Jack to stand up for him and he agreed, but he has to be on board as well though. Brad looks confused before he tells her that it isn’t going to work, as Katie looks deflated. She thought he would do it for her. Normally, he would, but he asked someone else. Who? He asked Mike. Katie looks stunned.

Mike is at the diner telling Henry that Brad asked him to be his best man. Henry thinks it is crazy. He said yes? He had to do it out of curiosity. Henry explains that he just convinced Katie to ask Jack and he will say yes, so Katie will have two of her ex husbands involved in her present wedding to another soon-to-be husband; does that sound like a recipe for success or fast track to disaster? They will find out won’t they, Mike answers? When the minister asks everyone to speak now or forever hold their peace, can he put a sock in it, Henry asks?

Back at the farm, Lily is looking for Holden. She can’t find him and wonders where he might be?

Holden explains that he has been where she is more often then he would like to remember. He knows how hard rejection can be. Carly thinks that he is trying to be nice. He knows that Jack is trying to be fair and that doesn’t always count. He is right. She can be as angry as she wants and she can vent all she wants, but the emptiness is still there. Carly realizes he does understand. Sometimes he wishes he didn’t. They both look at the pond, as Carly comments about how peaceful and calming the pond makes her feel. He is lucky this is in his family. No matter what happens between she and Jack, she is always welcome there because she is a Snyder.

At the station, Jack comes in and asks Margo for the afternoon off. He just agreed to be Brad’s best man as a favor to Katie. She is trying to get families together. He is sorry to hear she won’t be there. She just couldn’t stand up and watch her sister make another mistake. Then Margo has a thought; maybe it will be ok with him there. Jack doesn’t understand? She thinks if Katie has both Brad and he standing up in front of her, she will realize that she is being impulsive and she will change her mind. Jack hopes the opposite; he doesn’t want that to happen; he wants Katie happy and it won’t be with him. Can he say the same about Mike, Margo asks?

Henry wonders what Mike has up his sleeve? Nothing. Won’t it be hard to watch Katie marry Brad? He is not saying it won’t be painful, but if Katie can do it so can he. What if she can’t do it? Is that what he is hoping? He will see him at the wedding, Mike answers with a smile. Lights, camera, actions, Henry says to himself.

Jack doesn’t think that Mike is an issue for Katie anymore. He is if they still have feelings for each other, Margo replies. It is impossible not to still harbor feelings for someone you once loved – look at he and Carly. He knows Brad has a funny way of showing it, but he thinks Brad really loves Katie. She doesn’t think it is enough. He has to get going because the wedding is on TV. After Jack leaves, Margo is surprised to hear it is on wedding.

Katie is stunned; he has to call Mike up and tell him that he was out of his mind. He can’t do that; besides, he will have two best men and she will have a Male of Honor; that is must-see TV. Katie is shocked at what is happening; she is going to have three of her ex husbands at her wedding. Maybe they can call Simon to be the ring bearer. They can all give her away to him. Katie can’t help but laugh. Brad teases her about Kim being worried about the ratings. Kim comes in and wonders how they are doing? Brad asks her what she thinks about three of Katie’s exes being in the wedding. They will have their own soap opera, Kim smiles. Kim leaves, as Katie wonders if it is a test, as he kisses her. Brad goes to join Kim outside for last minute details. Kim laughs as she tells him that WOAK is throwing the wedding of the year, as they high five each other. Katie watches them smiling, but then she turns around and looks overwhelmed and overwrought. She seems to take a breath to try to steady herself for what is to come.

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