ATWT Update Tuesday 4/15/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 4/15/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

(Carly’s house) Parker wonders why Jack is sleeping on the couch because he says he and Sage and J.J know that he slept in the same room with Carly the other night and they have even talked about it. Jack wonders why Parker isn’t at school yet and Parker explains he had a free period before his half day of school. Carly comes out of the kitchen and also wants to know an answer to Parker’s question but Jack says they shouldn’t discuss this in front of him because it is none of his business. Carly tells Parker that Jack will always be their father he just will never be her husband and what happened the other night doesn’t mean they were ever back together. Carly thinks Parker is old enough and he has been through most of their break ups so he has a right too know. Jack sends Parker to school and then tells Carly that he won’t discuss their relationship in front of the children. Carly tells Jack she isn’t going to lie to the children anymore or get their hopes up about something that may never happen.

(Lakeview) Brad wakes up Katie who would rather stay in bed he goes through a list of things they have to do before the wedding. Brad tells Katie he will take care of the wedding cake since she probably doesn’t want him to take care of the flowers. Katie suggests they use the same bakery that made the cake for her and Henry’s wedding but Brad says that he doesn’t want anything that had to do with any of her former weddings to be a part of their wedding and Katie admits he is right that they need to make a new beginning. Brad tells Katie that he will go by the TV station to drop some things off and she can take a long relaxing bath and meet him at Margo’s where they will talk to the minister. A few minutes after Brad leaves a package arrive for Katie from Mike with a note that says, “You will always be my angel be happy love Mike” Katie opens the package and finds an angel inside it.

(TV Station) Brad arrives and sees Kim sitting at the desk and gives her a few sloppy kisses on the cheek. Kim is glad he is happy but she is worried because the ratings for Oakdale now have gone down and the affiliate stations are telling her that she needs something big to give the ratings a boost. Brad thinks a live on air wedding between he and Katie would do the trick but Kim doesn’t think Katie will agree to it and she certainly wouldn’t want to put any more pressure on her. Kim suggests he talk to Katie first and then he should let her know what they both decide but Brad is sure Katie will go for the idea if it will help the show.

(Lakeview) Katie calls Mike who is at the farm and tells him she can’t accept his gift and she decides to go to the farm and return it to him.

(Hughes house) The Minister arrives and Margo welcomes him and tells him that Katie and Brad are arriving soon and are anxious to meet him. Margo offers the minister a doughnut which he declines and tells him that Brad and Katie are talk show The minister tells Margo that explains why Brad and Katie think they can just keep people waiting and not think that others are busy too.

(Farm) Mike and Katie talk by the pond and she makes it clear that she can’t accept his gift because she isn’t his angel anymore and also because she is marrying Brad and it wouldn’t be right to accept a gift from a former husband. Mike doesn’t see why Katie is making such a big deal about the present but she says that every time she sees it and Mike finishes the sentence for her it will remind you of me.

(Carly’s house) Jack thinks they should have talked to Dr. Seidman and broken the news to the kids gradually and he insists that he will always be there for the kids. Carly tells Jack the kids have to be ready for when he leaves and moves back to the farm that way it won’t be so hard on them.

(Farm) Katie tells Mike she doesn’t want the angel because it will remind her of how she messed up their marriage and Mike asks Katie to give them both a chance to fix it. Katie tells Mike its too late because she is in love with someone else and she is very happy with Brad. Mike doesn’t think Katie looks happy and she says its because she is wasting time arguing with him instead of concentrating on her wedding. Mike tells Katie he gave her the angel to remind her how much they meant to each other but Katie says it hurts to look at it because it reminds her that he left her and then sent her divorce papers in the mail. Mike apologizes for doing that and for leaving her but when she slept with Simon he was so angry he just had to leave town. Mike also tells Katie he should have stayed and fought for their marriage and now he has come back to fix things between them. Katie shoves the box with the angel at Mike and storms off but she is walking so fast she slips and falls in the pond Mike laughs and then he helps her out of the pond. Mike asks Katie to stay and listen to him but she doesn’t want to here anymore.

(Carly’s house) Carly wants to open Metro again but Jack thinks she should sell it Carly knows nobody will buy Metro in this market. Carly tells Jack that she will be at Metro until 1:30 so since the kids have a half day at school he will have to make them lunch. Jack says he has to go into the station when she returns because he promised Margo he would check in since it’s her day off.

(Hughes house) Margo does her best to keep the minister there and finally Brad arrives and Margo wonders why Katie isn’t with him. Brad explains that Katie was supposed to meet him here but she must be stuck at the station. Brad calls Katie on her cell phone but wonders why she doesn’t answer her phone. The minister can’t wait anymore and leaves telling Brad they will have to reschedule the meeting with him if they want him to perform the ceremony.

(Lakeview) Mike uses a key that Lisa gave him to get inside Katie’s room and he finds her half dressed with a robe covering her. Mike goes over and Kisses Katie then she hits him on the shoulder and tells him to let go of her. Katie explains to Mike that it took her a very long time to get over him but she did and she found a man who loves her very much and she loves him and they are happy. Katie tells Mike that when he left he hurt her very much and made her feel like a slut and Mike says he never thought of her in that way and apologizes once again for hurting her. Mike pleads with Katie to not make the same mistake again and postpone the wedding until they have sorted out their feelings for each other. Katie once again tells Mike she loves Brad and is going to marry him then she shoves Mike out the door and closes it.

(Metro) Carly calls a cleaning service because the place is a mess and they take a long time to arrive.

(Carly’s house) The kids get home from school and jack quickly makes sandwiches while telling J.J not to eat a cookie because it will spoil his lunch. Jack gets a call that he needs to get down to the station right away because a case he is working on is going to trial and they won’t have a case without his testimony. Jack doesn’t want to leave the kids alone but they all persuade him that he should leave because Carly will be back soon.

Brad paces the floor and calls every place he can think of to try and find Katie and then she finally arrives and apologizes for being late. Margo tells her the minister couldn’t wait anymore and then Katie asks Brad to go to Java and get her some coffee. Katie tells Margo that Mike called her his angel like he used to and gave her an angel as a gift and she went to return it. Katie tells Margo she told Mike she was going to marry Brad tomorrow despite the fact Mike thinks she should postpone the wedding until she can sort out her feelings. Margo thinks Mike gave Katie good advice and that Katie is just in denial that Mike has come back to Oakdale and wants her back. Katie insists that she isn’t in denial and that she loves Bad and wants to marry him and if she can’t accept that then she will find someone else to be her matron of honor. Katie storms out the door just as Brad arrives with the coffee and neither Katie or Margo want to talk about why they are angry.

(Carly’s house) Carly arrives home to find the house a mess and the kiss breaking the rules by playing video games in the living room. The kids explain that Jack had an emergency at the station and didn’t want to leave them alone but he had to go. Carly calls her next dor neighbor Mrs. Lebo to stay with the kids and then heads for the station to talk to Jack.

(Lakeview) Mike thanks Lisa for the key to get into Katie’s room but the plan didn’t work because she threw him out after they had a fight. Lisa tells Mike that she just wants Katie to be happy but she doesn’t think Brad can make Katie happy. Lisa advises Mike not to give up on Katie because he can make her happy.

(Police Station) Carly arrives angry at Jack because he left the kids alone and Jack tells her he tried to call her several times but she wouldn’t answer the phone. Jack also says that he stayed with the kids much past the time she said she would be home. Jack tells Carly he had important work to do and he just didn’t forget to check his phone like she did and let him know she was going to be late. Carly tells Jack Metro is important to her because she is trying to make a future for her and her children and this is the first time in a long time she has done something for herself. Jack tells Carly that she isn’t mad because he left the kids alone at home she is made because he won’t be a husband to her anymore. Carly slaps Jack for that comment and storms out of the station.

(Carly’s house) Parker and J.J talk outside and Parker tells J.J that Jack and Carly told him they wouldn’t be getting back together. Sage overhears and begins to cry because her parents promised her they would be a family again. Parker and J.J go inside and try to console Sage but she is still crying when Carly arrives home. Parker and J.J explain what happened and Carly explains to Sage that they will always be a family they just won’t live together anymore. Carly hugs Sage and tells her that she will always be there for her and will never leave her.

(Police Station) Margo arrives mad at Jack because if he had stayed married to her Katie wouldn’t be in all this trouble now.

(TV Station) Katie arrives and Kim tells her about Brad’s idea of an on air wedding and Brad begins to get ready for Katie to get mad but Katie thinks its a wonderful idea and wants to get married on tomorrow’s show. Kim asks Katie once more to make sure and Katie says she wants to marry Brad on the show and if it helps Oakdale now then all the better.

At home, Parker is leaving for school when he notices Jack slept on the couch. He thought he and his mom were getting back together; why did he sleep on the couch? Jack ignores his question and asks if he needs a ride to school? Carly comes into the room and tells Jack that Parker asked him a question and he deserves an answer.

In their room, Brad is listing all the things that he and Katie need to do today, as Katie lounges in bed. She wants to stay in bed today. He doesn’t want her to tempt him, but they have things to do. He will do the cake and she can do the flowers. Katie suggests a place where she and Henry got their cake. Brad thinks he will go somewhere else and leave ex husbands out of their wedding planning. Katie smiles. Brad decides she should take a long relaxing bath and he will take care of things and meet her at Margo’s later when they have to meet with the minister. Katie thanks him for being so good to her, as she stays in bed. There is a knock; it is from a delivery person. She opens the box and sees a note from Mike; she will always be his ‘Angel’, and he wants her happy. Katie is frustrated, as she pulls out the Angel ornament.

Parker knows that something happened; he just wants them to tell him the truth. Carly explains that she and Jack tried to work things out, but they have different ideas as to what that is. They are splitting up again? Apparently, they were never together, Carly corrects. Jack doesn’t want to get into it. Parker comments that it isn’t like he hasn’t been through this before. He, JJ and Sage know that Jack didn’t sleep on the couch the other night. They are all talking about it. Where is he going to be staying now when he gets home from school? Carly answers quickly that his home is with her. Jack will always be his father; he just doesn’t want to be her husband, as Jack stares at her.

At WOAK, Brad teases Kim, as she looks over papers. He can’t be happier since he is marrying Katie. He notices something is wrong in Kim’s face though. She admits that the ratings are down. She is under pressure to come up with something that is a big kick in the pants. Brad thinks for a moment and then says like a big on-air wedding?

Katie calls Mike and tells him that they need to talk. He is at the Farm, but he can meet her later for lunch. No, she wants to do this now so she will come to the farm, as she walks quickly out of her room with her boxed ornament in hand. Mike hangs up with a smile on his face.

Jack is adamant that they not discuss this in front of Parker. Carly answers that he doesn’t get a say because when she says she means she is going to be honest - that starts with her kids. She has made some bad choices and Jack wishes he could get past them, but he can’t, she explains to Parker. Parker is confused because they were together the whole time he was in trouble. They were supporting him as a family, Jack explains. The other night was not the only night they have stayed together in the same room though. Jack explains that he will always feel something for Carly. Parker thinks he just can’t forgive her? It is not that. Parker doesn’t understand, so Carly explains that you can’t force someone to feel something that they don’t; there is nothing she can do anymore. Parker is annoyed when he leaves. Jack thinks she gave him too much information. She is not going to lie to him or herself anymore.

At home, Margo welcomes the priest. He is anxious to meet the happy couple. He rearranged his schedule to do this since they are so anxious to get married. Where is the happy couple, he wonders? She is sure that they will be there soon, as Margo seems a bit uneasy.

She can’t accept his gift; it is inappropriate, Katie explains. Why is it inappropriate? She thinks that it is considering she is no longer his ‘Angel’ because she is marrying someone else. She can throw away the letter, but can keep the gift. It just reminds her of, as her voice trails off. Mike finishes her thought; it reminds her of him? It is because they have unfinished business that they need to deal with.

Jack doesn’t think that they need to drag the kids into this. They already know. Carly is upset with Jack and tells him that she isn’t doing anything wrong by being up front. They could have broken it easier to Parker considering. Jack thinks she expects too much of him. They might have wanted to consider talking to Parker’s therapist first. Carly snaps that he should have talked to Parker’s therapist before he slept with her. He is not doing this to hurt her or the kids. He can’t forgive her for what she has done so she is giving up on his family, Carly states. He will never give up on his kids. Carly sticks out her tongue and makes a noise of disdain; those are just words. She is sick of them. She has been hiding from reality for too long; she has gotten he message loud and clear.

Kim doesn’t think Brad really wants to get married on air. The sponsorship alone would be amazing, as Kim can’t help agree. She doesn’t want to pressure him. He already made a video of Katie and him falling in love. His wedding is special and he doesn’t want to exploit it. He owes it to her and the fans, Brad counters. Katie won’t go for it. She will when she hears that she needs her help. She won’t do anything until he talks to her. Brad is sure what Katie will say because she loves the show as much as he does.

Katie tells Mike that she is not returning a gift because they have unfinished business. She obviously doesn’t want any reminders of how she screwed everything up. This is their chance to fix it. It is over and she is in love with someone else. She doesn’t look happy. That is because she is sitting there arguing with him the day before her wedding over an ornament. It just proves that he left her once and that Brad would never do that to her. She could have mailed him the ornament; she was not thinking of Brad when she came there. She wants him to stop reading into things. She wants it clear that he can keep his gifts, advice and reminders to himself. As she is walking off, she trips over his bag and falls into the pond, as Mike can’t help laugh, as Katie growls. Mike helps her out of the pond. She hates him, as she can’t help chuckle now. He wants her to listen because she got to talk and he deserves his say now.

Jack wonders how they are going to make this work? Carly answers that she is going to get back to work. She is going to reopen Metro. Jack thinks that place has bad Karma. He thinks she should sell it. She can’t with the way the market it. She also doesn’t want his advice; she just wants his cooperation so they can get back to their own lives.

Kim thinks that he and Katie have had enough ups and downs for a lifetime. Does he remember how unhappy Katie was when he announced their engagement on air? Kim doesn’t think it will work. Brad wants to try.

Mike knows he hurt her; he was in shock and so he left. He sent the divorce papers through the mail. It was his way of getting back at her and he never should have done that. They both apologized so can they leave it at that, Katie asks? Maybe she can be his friend, but she can’t be his Angel, as she leaves. Mike looks at the ornament sadly.

Jack and Carly talk about schedules. She tells Jack that she will be back before he heads into the station for a little while. The kids have a half a day; can he manage to get them lunch? He can. Carly heads out without a backwards glance.

At Metro, Carly surveys the club and the mess left behind. She sits down overwhelmed.

Margo babbles about how committed Brad and Katie are even though they are rushing this. Why aren’t they there? They are stuck at work. They are on TV. He doesn’t have time to watch TV with worrying about his parishioners. However, he thinks that explains it when people in the public eye decide to keep people waiting and noone will complain. They seem to have a sense of entitlement. Margo tries to hold her tongue; she is sure there is an explanation. There is a knock; it is Brad. Where is Katie? He thought she would have been there by now.

Katie is back at her room quickly trying to change out of her wet clothes. Mike walks in and stuns her. She tries to cover up; how did he get in there? Lisa gave him the key. Lisa shouldn’t have; she wants him out of there! Mike makes a beeline for her, takes her into his arms, and kisses her. Katie pulls away and wants to know what he is doing? She didn’t want him to kiss her? She doesn’t want him near her. She doesn’t know what has gotten into him. Time didn’t stop when he left. She pulls on her robe. She finally got on with her life, believe in herself and found someone that loves her even though she isn’t perfect. He thinks he can just come back and she will give it all up, because he has decided there might be something left between them. Mike interrupts and pleads with her not to get married. He left her because she made one stupid mistake and he made her feel like a slut. He tells her directly that he never thought of her like that. She isn’t going to jump into his arms. If she married Brad on the rebound, then it will never work. She is so tired of people telling her that. If he thinks that he can come back to town and give her gifts she didn’t ask for and then come into her room and have the gall to put his hands on her and expect that she will leave the man she promised to marry for that, then he is still treating her like a slut, as she heads for the door and opens it.

Brad and Margo are uncomfortably sitting around waiting for Katie. He is sure that she will be there any second. Brad asks the minister if he has any suggestions for vows – super romantic? The minister thinks it is a little late to be composing them. However, lateness seems to be the order of the day, as he looks at them both disapprovingly. Margo mumbles about Katie not being a morning person. The minister thinks it isn’t going to work out today, as Brad promises to call Katie on her cell. Katie isn’t answering. Brad apologizes, but the minister tells him to call his bride and find a time when he can meet with him later when it is convenient. He adds that if he and his bride can’t get together for this the day before their wedding then he isn’t sure they should get together on anything. Margo teases that she couldn’t say it better if she tried.

Mike tells Katie that he never called her names even if he was hurt. She was his wife and best friend. Katie starts to tear up. When he saw her wearing that dress, she was so beautiful; she was his Angel. She asked him not to call her that. It was not easy for him to come to her. He is asking her to open his heart and give him a chance. It took a long time to get over him, but she did. He wants her back. Until she screws up again, Katie wonders? They have had no contact for a year except through lawyers; he has no right to come back and claim to have feelings now. He never stopped caring for her. They were supposed to have a family. Does he love her, Katei suddenly asks? Mike hesitates. Katie rolls her eyes; she is not giving up everything for someone who can’t answer that. There is still something between them and he pleads with her not to marry Brad until they deal with it. He gave that up a long time ago, as she tells him to get out. Mike leaves and she falls against the door crying.

Carly is sweeping up at the club. She is annoyed, goes for the phonebook, and makes a call to a cleaning crew.

At home, Jack is making lunch for the kids. Sage wonders where her mom is? She is at Metro to reopen it. Jack gets a call and tells the person that he will be at the station in a little bit. He sits his kids down to lunch and tries to call Carly to tell her that he needs to leave. The cleaning crew is there vacuuming and Carly doesn’t hear the phone. Parker tells Jack that they can stay by themselves until Carly gets home, but Jack doesn’t think it is wise. JJ assures him that they stayed at the farm alone and were fine. There is an emergency with a case. They promise they will be fine, as Jack reluctantly leaves.

Brad wonders why Katie isn’t answering her phone? Margo thinks maybe Katie wants to reflect on her wedding; it is happening fast. Brad assures Margo that Katie is not getting cold feet. Margo thinks that Brad should call Henry and Vienna. Is she trying to scare him? She is the one not being supportive. She gave Katie her blessing and is throwing the wedding; what more does he want? Can she call the station to make sure there have not been any accidents? Katie rushes in apologizing profusely. Brad tells her that he was worried; where was she? Where is the minister? He was tired of waiting. Why did she let him leave because they are getting married tomorrow? She was the one that was late, Margo answers. Katie asks Brad to go get her a coffee. After he leaves, Margo thinks it is not like her to keep a minister waiting. What happened? A flustered Katie explains that she was running errands and went to the gym when she lost track of time. Margo doesn’t believe her; she was with Mike. Katie tries to hide her reaction.

Carly comes home to find Jack gone. He had an emergency at the station and had to go, Parker explains. He said she was supposed to be home. Carly is furious they are there alone. They are fine. No they aren’t. The house is a mess, they aren’t doing their homework and they aren’t supposed to be playing videogames in the living room, as she races to the phone to call her next door neighbor because she needs to run out.

So, what if she was with Mike? He launched into a speech about something still being between them and that he didn’t think she should be getting married. What did she say? She told him to leave her room, as Margo wonders what he was doing in her room? What does it matter? Why is she acting so casual, as Katie nervously picks up a plate of donuts and shovels one in? She is eating a donut before her wedding; she is in denial, Margo thinks. She is just looking for an excuse to say she shouldn’t get married to Brad. She is frazzled, late for a meeting with the minister and lying about where she has been, but it is her problem, Margo wonders? Her problem is her ex husband shows up out of nowhere, is stalking her and she told him he is wrong. No, he is right, and she can’t marry Brad until she figures out what the problem is.

In the lobby of the Lakeview, Mike thanks Lisa for the key; how did it go? It didn’t go well. Katie was not at all happy to see him. Lisa thinks Katie needs a wake up call before she makes another bad decision. It turns out he was the one that got the wake up call.

Katie is irate; she promised that she would support this wedding and she is going to go back on her word now? Margo explains that Katie doesn’t even know what is going on. Mike comes back to town, throws his hat back into the ring and she is walking into walls. Most people are torn between two lovers and she has half a dozen. What does that mean, Katie snarls? She needs to step back and look at what is going on in her life. She hasn’t even gotten over Jack yet. She is over Jack and Mike; she wants to marry Brad. She can’t stand by and watch her make another huge mistake. Fine, if she doesn’t want her to be a part of her wedding, then they don’t need her and they will just go to Vegas. It is not about where she gets married; she needs to take a look at her life; it is about running toward something and not away from something, Margo answers. She is going to go find someone else to stand up for her, as Brad comes back as an angry Katie and Margo stalk off in opposite directions.

At the station, Jack is wrapping up his work on the case when Carly stomps in and demands to know if this is how he says they will share responsibilities and he leaves their kids alone at home, as Jack stares at her.

At home, JJ asks to speak with Parker outside. JJ wants to know why his parents were acting strange. They had a huge fight. JJ recalls that they slept in the same room, though. Parker said they told her that they aren’t getting back together. Sage comes outside and tells them that it is not true. JJ thinks she is old enough to hear it. They tell her that their parents aren’t getting back together. Is her dad going to leave again? Before they can answer, Sage starts to cry saying that they promised they were going to be a family again, as she runs back into the house.

Jack and Carly step into the interrogation room for privacy; Jack doesn’t want her to lecture him because he was with the kids way past the time they agreed on. He could have called or texted or dropped them off at Metro. He didn’t think he should take Parker to Metro and he did call her. She is irate; she has been taking care of him for days and she finally does something for herself and he is going to put it on her? He left because there was an emergency not because he didn’t have time to check his watch. He had no right to leave the kids unattended. If he can’t keep his word, then they will have to make other arrangements, Carly spits. This is not about him being a bad father; this is about her being mad that he won’t sleep with her, Jack snaps back. Carly slaps Jack across the face and marches off leaving Jack rubbing his cheek.

Katie arrives at WOAK preoccupied when Kim walks over to her; did she talk with Brad? About what? Kim stutters. She will wait until they talk. No, she would like to know. They were talking about the future of the show. Is the show in trouble? Nothing they can’t fix. She doesn’t want her pressured into anything. Katie wants to know what is going on? Kim takes a breath and tells her that she and Brad talked about them getting married on the show. Katie looks surprised; Brad told her they would get married on air? Brad walks in and races to her side trying to calm her down almost instinctively. She stops him; she thinks it is a great idea. She wants to get married on tomorrow’s show. Brad is stunned and happy.

Mike explains that Katie was half dressed when he barged in. Lisa smiles; it is nothing that he hasn’t seen. She didn’t want to hear anything that he had to say. She has nothing against Brad, but he isn’t right for her. If they get married, it won’t work. Katie is marrying Brad no matter what it seems. There is nothing he can do. Lisa is adamant that Mike not give up on Katie.

Sage is sobbing, as her brothers try to calm her down. They didn’t want to upset her. She wants her to stop crying. The babysitting neighbor comes in from the kitchen hearing the commotion wanting to know if everything is ok? Carly comes in and wonders what is wrong? Sandy heads home after apologizing. Parker said that they weren’t going to be together anymore. Parker explains that she overheard. She needed to know, but she promises that they will all be fine and she will always take care of them, as she hugs her.

Margo rushes into the station upset with Jack. Jack comments about first Carly and now her. He couldn’t stay married to Katie and now she is in trouble. Jack looks at her confused.

Kim is thrilled; Brad wants to make sure she is ok with this? It is the least they can do, Katie answers. Kim wants to make this happen as quickly as possible. Brad tells Kim that they wouldn’t be together if it hadn’t been for her. Brad laughs at Katie; she is full of surprises. She said she wanted a small private ceremony. What will Margo say? Katie hesitates for a moment before she explains that Margo won’t be at the wedding. Brad wonders what happened? She isn’t on their side. She was gung ho before; what happened? She doesn’t want people with negative energy as they are saying their vows. They blew off Vegas for her. What did she do, Brad continues to wonder? She has an agenda and she isn’t interested in what it is. Katie explains that it doesn’t matter how or when - the important part is that they end up husband and wife. She hugs him, but she doesn’t look like she is as happy as she is saying.

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