ATWT Update Monday 4/14/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 4/14/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At Fairwinds, Paul and Sofie are talking to the nurse about Barbara’s care. Sofie feels she will be a good nurse. He thanks her for helping Barbara. He comments about how a year ago he wouldn’t have been capable of this because he was full of rage and bitterness. What happened? Then she realizes that it was Meg.

At the Farm, Mike comes in and finds Meg. He is there with a crew to do some work. She notices he seems off. Is he ok? He is fine, but then admits he is dealing with some personal stuff, but he didn’t know it would show. It is Katie; he can’t believe she is getting married. Meg reminds him that he was away a long time. He is just surprised by how much it bothers him.

At home, Margo is talking on the phone with someone from the station about having some work sent over. Katie comes in; she knows she has issues with her marrying Brad even though she threw them a big party. She wants her to know she supports her. She is glad to hear that because things are happening much faster then she thought. They set a date? No, they are pretty much doing it as soon as they can and she would like all of her family and close friends there so she needs her help making that happen.

At his Lakeview room, Henry opens the door to a beaming Brad. Brad tells him that he and Katie set a date. Brad hugs him tightly and lifts him of the floor, as Henry teases him about getting a punctured lung. He wants him to be his best man. What about Jack? His brother is the recently annulled husband of his bride. He would be honored then. When is the big day? Katie is getting her dress and then they need someone to marry them. Henry agrees that he needs to get Katie to the altar as soon as he can now that Mike is back in town.

Margo has some ‘friendly’ advice for Katie – don’t rush into this marriage – especially now that Mike is in town. She and Mike need to talk. She did and they agreed it is time to move on. Mike comes back to town, she wants to marry Brad yesterday, and she wants everyone to think it is a coincidence. She only cares about her and Brad’s opinion and not others, Katie replies. She wants her to be Matron of honor, but if she can’t do that then she will make other plans. She hopes she will be there for her though.

Brad tells Henry that Mike has nothing to do with this. If Margo hadn’t stopped them from eloping then they would have been married already. Katie wants a wedding with all of her family and close friends there and he wants to make that happen. This has nothing to do with Mike, so does he want to be a part of making Katie’s dreams come true? Henry agrees. Henry calls his tailor for the tuxes.

Margo tells her that she won’t stand in the way of her happiness, but she worries. She and Brad are happy and it has taken a long time for her to get to this place; can she be happy? She is. Katie wants to go get a dress now – will she go with her? Yes, she will be happy for her and accompany her to find a dress, but she hopes she knows what she is doing, as they hug.

Meg apologizes for what Mike is going through; she has been where he is. He thinks letting go is a mistake. Paul is for her as Katie is for him. They may get abused, but you love them still. She sees a future with Paul, but then she thinks she is a masochist. She can’t seem to make a decision. His problem is he doesn’t have much time to make a decision because she is getting married. He needs to know if he should do something to try to stop this.

Sofie tells Paul that she envies Meg. Why? She made a real difference in his life; she helped make a better man out of him. She tried to do that with Cole and it got her nowhere. Maybe there wasn’t good in Cole to bring out. Maybe when she finds the right person then it will happen. Her phone rings; it is Aaron checking in on her because he heard she called into work sick. She is not sick; she was actually just helping Paul set up his mother at his house. Do they need help, Aaron wonders? She thinks they both have it covered, but she thanks him for calling, as she hangs up. Aaron looks down at the phone surprised at how quickly the conversation ended.

Meg thinks it doesn’t sound to her as he intends on giving up on Katie. No, he guesses not anytime soon. How will he change her mind, Meg asks? He has no idea he admits, as he heads out the door. Aaron comes in and seems down. What is wrong, Meg asks? He is ok, but then he admits that Sofie is at Paul’s. What are they doing, Meg asks suddenly very interested? She was there to help Barbara move in, but he got the impression that she was blowing him off for Paul. She knows Paul best; does she think there is something going on? Meg looks a bit worried and then tells Aaron that there is only one way to find out, as she grabs her phone.

Sofie and Paul are talking about how they hope Barbara will get better soon if she can recuperate at his home. Meg interrupts when she calls Paul and tells him that she heard he brought his mother home today. Paul tells her that he thinks she is all settled in. Was it hard to get everything lined up? He explains that Sofie helped. Meg asks him if he isn’t worn out if he wants to have lunch at the Farm. Paul is pleased and accepts, which makes Meg happy. She tells Paul to bring Sofie too. They will see her soon. Meg hangs up with a smirk and says to Aaron, “Guess who is coming to lunch?”

At Fashions, Margo and Katie are there looking for a wedding dress. Who is the lucky groom, Lisa wonders? Brad. Lisa looks surprised. Katie tells her that there is no time for alterations either. What is the rush? There is none, but they have wanted to do this for a while and they don’t want to wait anymore. Lisa offers her a dress to try on, but Katie is unsure. Lisa promises that it will be better looking on her then on the hanger. Lisa shows them into a dressing room quickly and races to the phone. She calls Mike. She needs a favor. She has termites at Fashions and she was hoping he could take a look? He could come later. Her customers can’t see them; can he come as soon as possible? Mike agrees. She hangs up telling Katie outloud that today is her lucky day.

The tailor is measuring Brad. They need the tuxes pronto. Brad is skittish about him measuring his inseam. Henry tells him to be a man and handle this because he is trying to get married.

Lisa brings in more dresses to Katie, who hasn’t liked any of them. She needs to get to the station and Margo wants to leave too, but Lisa tells Katie that she can’t rush this and needs to make time for this because she is getting married; she needs to make a decision, as Katie looks exasperated.

Mike comes into the kitchen where Meg is and tells her that he has to take off and go see Lisa because she has termites. Meg smiles; why wouldn’t she call an exterminator? He doesn’t know, but he will be back. He runs into Paul and Sofie as he is leaving. Paul is a little annoyed to see him there, but he hides it well. He can’t help make one comment about how he seems to be spending a lot of time at the farm. Mike tells him it is for the job. He introduces himself to Sofie and then leaves.

Lisa is standing outside the door of Fashions pacing and waiting impatiently for Mike to arrive. Where is he, she wonders to herself?

Back inside, Lisa is helping Katie with another dress, as she asks questions. Katie talks about how they don’t have much of the details of the wedding worked out yet. Lisa wonders why they don’t postpone it until they nail down details. Katie doesn’t want to; if they can run and host a talk show everyday then they can plan this wedding easily enough.

Meg is happy to see Sofie and tells her that a friend of Paul’s is always welcome there, as Sofie thanks her for that. Aaron comes into the kitchen and Sofie is a little confused; did he set this up? Aaron tells her that he didn’t plan anything. Meg admits it was she, but they are babysitting Ethan and she thought Sofie might enjoy being there as well. Aaron asks Sofie to come with him to get Ethan, but Sofie balks until Meg suggests she go too. Sofie looks at everyone and realizes it is for the best and agrees to go help him. Paul tells Meg that she isn’t fooling anyone; he knows what she is up to, as Meg looks coy.

Katie tries on another dress, which looks worse then the others. They tease her about how Lisa’s eyes are off. Lisa pretends to be having an off day today and then pretends to have a coughing fit. Through gasps, she asks Margo to go get her bottled water across the street. Katie stays with Lisa.

Meg pretends she doesn’t know what Paul means as she starts lunch. She engineered the lunch to push Aaron and Sofie together. What if she did? They are both young and unattached. He doesn’t think she should get involved. Meg looks a bit unnerved; he is helping Sofie. He is just helping her out during a rough time. She is just helping out her cousin. Aaron and Sofie come in with Ethan, who is crying. Aaron asks if Sofie wants to help by holding him to sooth him, but Sofie tells him that she can’t, as she rushes out. Aaron puts Ethan in Paul’s arms and rushes after her. Paul and Meg tend to Ethan while smiling with one another.

Katie looks in the mirror at the dress and seems to feel as if she finally found the one, as Lisa agrees. They hear the door chime when someone comes in and Lisa excuses herself.

At the diner, Brad thanks Henry for help with the tux. He really wants to look great for Katie. He has been a great friend. He wonders if Katie has picked out a dress yet? He has to go see. Henry doesn’t think that Brad should go there it is bad luck to see the bride before the big day. Brad tells him that it is the 21st century; this wedding is going to happen no matter what, as he heads out the door quickly.

Mike is asking about the termites and Lisa says they were in the dressing rooms. He asks if anyone is in there? Before Lisa can answer, Katie comes out talking to Lisa telling her that this is the dress. Mike sees her and his mouth drops open. He calls her ‘Angel’ and tells her that she looks beautiful. Katie stares at him uncomfortably.

Paul is worried about Sofie; he should go find her. She thinks Aaron can handle her. He should call her? What happened to not getting involved, Meg wonders? She thinks Aaron has it covered. She thinks they should take Ethan for a walk so Aaron can come back with Sofie to privacy.

Sofie is running outside; Aaron catches up with her. He is sorry. She apologizes as well. She didn’t mean to make a scene; she just can’t be around babies right now. He didn’t realize Ethan would upset her. What can he do? She just wants him to let her go back to Fairwinds so she can take care of someone else. He can’t do that for her however.

At the diner, Henry is filling the saltshaker when Vienna comes up from behind and tickles him. He spills it all over the place. He is upset, but she doesn’t know why he is so upset because it is just salt. She starts to take out a broom, but Henry stops her. He goes to toss it over his shoulder, but then he doesn’t know which shoulder so he stops to try to remember. He thinks this is a bad omen. There will be hell to pay if he doesn’t toss it. She didn’t realize he was this superstitious. Brad went to see Katie and it is a very good chance that he is going to see her in her wedding dress, which is the worse luck he could have… add spilled salt then they are about to have a major crisis. Vienna thinks that salt and a dress will have no power over Brad and Katie. They are meant for one another like they are. She wants him to stop worrying about them; they will be fine.

Mike tells Katie that she takes his breath away. Why is he there? Lisa called and she has termites. Mike and Katie realize that Lisa is gone and they were probably set up. Mike tells her seeing her in this dress makes him think of their wedding day, but Katie stops him; she doesn’t want him to go there.

Lisa stops Margo outside; she thanks her for the water. They sit down and Margo notices that she isn’t coughing. Lisa pretends to cough again. Margo wants to get back, but Lisa stops her by talking about how she has been having nightmares where she is trapped in a dollhouse with no doors. Margo is confused by her erratic behavior, as Lisa continues to babble. Margo sees Mike through the Fashions window. How could she do that she asks Lisa, as she rushes into the store? She asks Mike what he is doing there? He thinks she should ask Lisa, as Lisa starts to stutter out an explanation about termites. What did she think would happen, Katie asks Lisa? Margo thinks she is the only ‘critter’ getting out of hand. Brad walks in and Katie hides and rushes back into the dressing room telling him that he can’t see her before the wedding. Lisa orders Brad to leave because it is bad luck, but Brad calls out that bad luck for the wedding has nothing to do with him seeing the dress, as he glares at Mike. Katie is looking at herself in the mirror with her dress on, as she starts to tear up. She falls to the floor wondering outloud what is wrong with her? What is she is doing?

At the Lakeview, Meg and Paul are at a table with Ethan. She promised him lunch and this is the next best place he could think of since she took away her promise when she didn’t give him lunch at the farm. They let Ethan walk around as they look at one another.

Aaron doesn’t think Sofie should use Barbara to hide from her life. Why not? The pain will be waiting when she is done taking care of her. She needs to live through it. He wants her to come home with him. She can’t face Paul and Meg. They won’t judge her; will she let him help? She will try, as he takes her hand and they start walking.

Meg and Paul are talking about each other when Meg realizes that Ethan isn’t around anymore. She calls out to him, as they both race around looking for him. They frantically call out to Ethan and race up to the front desk and ask the manager if he has seen a blond haired toddler. The manager apologizes; he hasn’t seen any kids. Paul and Meg are beside themselves. Meg tells him to call the police. The manager interrupts to say that he has found their son. He shows them the video of Ethan on the elevator. He has pushed the button and is stuck in the elevator. Meg pleads for Paul to do something.

Mike explains that he didn’t know that Katie was there, as Lisa admits that she is to blame because she called Mike. Brad tells them that he doesn’t care who is to blame; he just hates seeing his fiancée upset. Mike agrees; he will leave now. Brad goes to talk with Katie, but Margo stops him. He shouldn’t see Katie in her wedding dress; they don’t want anymore bad luck. Margo goes into the dressing room and sees Katie crying. She surmises that she isn’t crying because Brad saw her in her wedding dress. Katie shakes her head no. Mike called her, as she stops and then finally continues… he used to call her Angel and he just said it to her now. It just pushed a button, as Katie doesn’t want Margo to start. Margo thinks she should take it as a sign. That is not what she is going to do because of course she is going to be sad when Mike called her Angel because it reminded her of a terrible time when she failed in yet another marriage; it was her fault, but she has a chance to make it up with Brad. She is going to wipe away her tears and marry Mike and be happy. Is she sure? Yes. Then they should start with this marriage and they will have it at her house. Katie is thrilled. She tells Margo to go out and tell Lisa that she will be taking the dress, as they hug.

Meg is yelling at the manager wondering when the Fire Department is going to get there? Paul tries to calm her down. He will be right back; he won’t let anything happen to Ethan. Right after Paul leaves, the Fire Department shows up. They try to calm Meg down and ask where Ethan is stuck? Meg tells them he is between floors, as the manager shows them the live feed on his computer. Just then, they see Paul jump down from the ceiling entrance and comfort Ethan. Meg is elated and in disbelief.

Sofie and Aaron arrive back at the farm only to find a note from Meg and Paul saying that they took Ethan for a walk. He is going to make her lunch. He takes out the Fried Chicken promising it is the best thing she tasted. She is hungry. He would like to make a picnic for her. She thinks it sounds like fun.

Paul brings Ethan out of the elevator, as Meg rushes to him telling him how worried he had them. The Fire Department wonders how Paul got to him? Paul explains that he went to the floor above, pried open the door and jumped down to the elevator. They comment about how dangerous it was, but Meg thinks he was saving Ethan because they didn’t know how long they would be. She tells Paul how grateful she is. She doesn’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t been there, as she plants a big kiss on him.

Sofie and Aaron are enjoying the chicken and the picnic. She thinks it is so peaceful there that she could get used to this. He can arrange that, as they smile at each other.

Brad is patiently waiting for Margo when she comes out. How is she doing? Margo tells Lisa they will take the dress. Is Katie mad at him for seeing her? She is just emotional about getting married. Margo wants Lisa to come with her so they can talk and Brad can wait for Katie to come out. After they leave, Margo was upset with Lisa for the situation she put Katie in. Mike is back and now Katie has gone from zero to I do in 10 seconds – something is wrong with that. Margo agrees, but Katie has made it clear that she doesn’t care what people think so she is going to give her sister a wedding.

Mike is eating at the diner; Henry sees him upset; what is wrong? He just saw Katie in her wedding dress and it brought back a lot of memories. Memories are all that he and Katie have now; they are in the past, Henry emphasizes. She is marrying someone else now. He is all too aware of that.

Katie comes out of the dressing room. Brad promises that he didn’t see her in her dress. She is fine; everything is fine. She found her dress and Margo agreed to be her matron of honor. He is happy for her. He explains that he got his tux, and Henry agreed to be his best man, as Katie is thrilled for him too. They have all they need to get married now. They do. Is she as happy as he is? She nods, as they kiss. He holds her tightly as Katie doesn’t look as convinced.

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