ATWT Update Wednesday 4/9/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 4/9/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

In her Lakeview suite, Katie has just hung up the phone after speaking with Margo; she tells Brad that she wants to throw them an engagement party. Brad wonders what the rush is? Is he having cold feet, she teases? No, as they fall into each other’s arms. Katie stops them however, telling him that they have to invite people to their party. They go over the list of people to invite and Brad asks Katie if she wants to talk with Jack herself?

At home, Carly finds a note from Jack saying he is at the station. Carly thinks this isn’t good news; is he trying to keep something to her she wonders?

At the station, Jack shows up to help out, but Margo isn’t going to put him on duty until he gets medical clearance. What is up, she asks? He is tired of sitting at home. Margo doesn’t believe him; he came to get news on Katie, didn’t he? She explains that the engagement is back on.

At the courthouse, Paul and Meg are there for a meeting with the Rezoning Board about their plan for the Farm. Meg teases him about being nervous. He has a lot on his plate with this one, but really, he wants to know how much she enjoyed kissing him yesterday? Meg wants to keep him on point. Paul gives in but wonders where Mike is?

At WOAK, Mike is looking at a picture of Brad and Katie. He asks a woman when Katie is going to be in? She should be in now, but she and her co-host are probably busy cozying up to one another.

Katie wonders why would be the one to invite Jack; he is his brother. He thought she would want to break the news. No. Is he going to ask Jack to be best man? No, he didn’t ask him when he married her. She will let them work it out then. She is marrying him and yes, it will be weird being married to him with Jack around, but they can make it work – even Bob married sisters. They kiss, as she suggests that he go make nice with his brother. Brad refers to her as Mrs. Snyder happily, as she heads off to work.

Jack is surprised to hear they are going through it; that is great, he offers. Does he want to try it again sounding as if he means it, Margo asks? He is happy for her. Margo admits that she had her doubts, but Katie convinced her that Brad is whom she loves and wants to be with. Speaking of which, how is he and Carly?

Carly wonders to herself why Jack left without telling her in person? Is he trying to hide something? Was he worried she would go? Should she call him? No. He wants to be friends, so she needs to trust in that. Carly thinks for another minute. How can she kick it up another notch? She has an idea and then heads for the door.

At the farm, Katie walks in calling out to people to see if anyone is home. Lily comes downstairs and Katie invites her, Holden and everyone to she and Brad’s engagement party. She would love to be there, Lily replies. Katie admits that she and Holden are who she looks up to – as well as Margo and Tom. Lily is flattered. Katie jokes about being a serial bride; she falls in love, gets married, breaks up and does it all over again. She is catching up to Lisa. Lily teases her about she not being there yet either. Katie is heading for the door, as Lily wonders cautiously if she has talked to Mike recently. No, why, Katie asks after she has stopped in her tracks?

Mike asks the woman if she thinks that Katie will be long? They are due on set soon. Does he want to leave a message? He is an old friend of Katie’s and wanted to catch up. How is she, Mike wonders? She is doing well; Brad is keeping her very happy. Are they serious? If he calls getting engaged serious – then she guesses so. Mike tries to hide his shock.

Paul is leaving a message for Mike about how he should be at the meeting with the Zoning Board. Why is he not there? Paul is irritated and promises there will be a problem if this deal gets blown because of him. Meg grabs the phone away and hangs it up; he got the message. What happened to the new improved Paul? He is worried about if the doors open and he doesn’t know what to say to these people. Meg assures him that he will be fine.

Lily explains that they got a note from Mike explaining what he has been up to and she thought that meant he was reaching out to people in his past. Katie looks uncomfortable, as she tells Lily that she hasn’t heard from Mike. She slowly wonders how Mike is, but then she cuts herself off and tells her that she is ok not knowing and that she will see her later that night. She stops outside the door when she runs right into Carly. They both stare at one another before Carly asks what she is doing there - is Jack there? No, why would she be looking for him?

Jack explains that he and Carly are making progress. What is the hold up? There is a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. There is the one Carly, who swears she learned her lesson, but then there is the other Carly. The one that is always there. What did she do now, Margo wonders? Nothing, but when he thinks of all the stuff she did before, he knows that she didn’t mean to, but what is to stop her from doing it again? He is over analyzing it. What is the verdict, Margo cuts to the chase? She is the mother of his kids; she is beautiful; he can see himself falling in love with her again, but should he fall in love with her? Margo is about to say something when Brad interrupts them and calls Margo ‘sis’. Margo growls and walks away. Brad wants to personally invite Jack to the big bash at Tom and Margo’s for his and Katie’s engagement. Jack admits that he heard the engagement is back on, and he appreciates being included. Brad cuts him off; it was Katie’s idea since she is happy she wants to share the love. Jack tells Brad that he is going to have to take a pass, as Brad seems slightly disappointed.

Carly wonders what Katie is doing at the Snyder farm if she isn’t looking for Jack? Brad is a Snyder too. She was inviting his family to their engagement party. Carly is so thrilled for her; she wishes them the best. Katie believes her. She made the right choice, Carly answers. Katie smiles and adds that she would know since they have disturbingly similar taste in men. She thinks he and Brad are perfect for one another. Katie thanks her and then decides to invite her to the party that night – with Jack.

Paul is speaking before the Board about the Farm and what they intend to do with the land. The Board members asks Paul about using the Snyder Farm and water and other specifics. Paul explains that his partner would give them the answers they need, but he is running late. He promises that it will be fine. That is not enough for the Board to accept. They are going to have to see numbers before they decide anything. His partner is not there, but he can fax it to them later. Their appointment was for this morning, they remind Paul. Mike suddenly swoops into the room with a plan collated in a booklet looking very confident and professional (regardless that he showed up very late). Meg smiles, as she watches Mike go.

Brad doesn’t understand why Jack would pass, as Jack teases him about not understanding the terminology of passing on a party. They could Google the term, Jack teases. Brad is irate; he should Google sour loser. Jack snaps back that he is still on that? He is still hung up on Katie. He is happy that they are together and he will be honored to show up at his wedding. Brad doesn’t care if he will show up then; they may not even ask him. They will be so happy at their wedding they won’t even take notice as to who decides to show up. Brad is more agitated as he calls Jack the “heaviest wet blanket of the world’. He is glad that he isn’t coming today because they don’t need that tonight. Thanks for nothing. Brad stomps out, as Margo says ‘ouch’. That is nothing that he hasn’t heard before, Jack answers. This may be – his brother is right, as Jack looks stunned.

Carly tells Katie that she and Jack would love to come. Katie tries to be thrilled, as she heads off. Lily comes out. Did she fill her in? She is so happy because that means that she is moving on. Lily doesn’t want her to get her hopes up because there could be a crimp in her upcoming wedded bliss with Brad. Carly frowns; what is she talking about? Another man they have in common - Mike.

Mike tells the Board their plan; the Board likes it. Paul rolls his eyes, as Meg smiles. They will assume that this will pass with the other members no problem. Meg hugs Mike and congratulates him, and Paul is annoyed that he left him hanging. He said he was sorry that he was late. Paul doesn’t let him off the hook and threatens there will be hell to pay if it happens again. There won’t be another time. Meg and Paul look confused. Meg apologizes on Paul’s behalf saying he always acts like that. Paul tries to backpedal with jokes, but Mike explains that it is he and not Paul. He is not going to supervise the project anymore; he is leaving town today. Meg doesn’t want him to leave; they are counting on him. Paul wants to know why he is not acting professionally? He is and that is why he already has a fill in. What is his hurry to leave? Oakdale is not home anymore. Meg realizes it is about Katie. Mike says nothing.

The Oakdale employee tells Katie that she is late, but a friend of hers stopped by. Who was it? He didn’t leave a message or name. Katie wonders who it was?

Lily explains that she tried to pump Katie for information and she didn’t give up much, but what if she sees Mike around town? Carly thinks she may dump Brad to go with Mike again, but she doesn’t care as long as it isn’t Jack. Lily reminds her that with Katie there is nothing that is set in stone. Does she think she is over Mike? He left her so she probably has unresolved feelings. That is why she bounces from man to man because of this. Carly promises that she will make up her mind for her when it comes to Jack; she will not let her anywhere near her husband again. Lily reminds her that Jack is not her husband right now. Carly looks confident that he will be again soon.

Jack explains to Margo that he ended things with Katie and he hurt her – he is hurt too. They are still raw; what is the point of pouring salt in the wound? Did he consider that by showing up at the party that would put the confusion to rest about their relationship – it would mean that it is over and it is time to move on. Jack counters with his own question; did it occur to her that it would send a mixed signal to Katie that he is still interested? He could bring Carly and that would set things straight, Margo offers.

Carly is adamant that Katie will not go near Jack. Lily doesn’t want them to get ahead of themselves because Katie will have her hands full with marrying Brad and now with her ex being back in town. Carly wishes Mike didn’t come back – he complicates the equation – he should leave. That wouldn’t help her either would it, Lily answers?

Any hope he had for him and Katie is no longer there, Mike answers. He is not sticking around to watch her and her fiancée plan their wedding. Paul understands and wishes him the best. There are no hard feelings. Mike explains that he has to go pack. Meg is surprised that he is leaving this fast, but wishes him well. After he leaves, Meg tells Paul that he can’t believe he let that happen. He saw how Mike handled the Board; they never would have gotten approval without Mike. He thought she has confidence in him? Mike is good at what he does; he already found a replacement for him. Does he think the guy will be good enough for Emma? If this guy isn’t Mike, then he is not good for her either. Paul didn’t know Mike meant that much to her. He is friend of the family who has always been on their side. She trusts that he has the Farm’s best interests at heart. He poured his heart and soul into this project and she doesn’t think anyone could compare. Paul doesn’t know what she wants to do because he seemed very determined to leave? Meg wants him to unmake the decision for Mike to leave for him, Paul agrees easily

Lily tells Carly that Mike and Katie have nothing to do with her and Jack ultimately. The only people that are in the way, as Carly finishes the thought, are the two of them, as Lily agrees. How is it with Jack living in her house? It is ok; he wants to be friends after all they have been through – she thinks it is funny. She just wants Katie out of the equation. Lily thinks that all Carly has to do is to love Jack and hope he finds his way back to loving her.

Margo explains that she has to look out for Katie. She and Brad need to make this gesture with him and Carly. The past is in the past and they need to move on. Jack agrees; he has to apologize to Brad. She wants him to want the best for Katie – he is the good guy after all. What a closing argument – Tom would be proud, Jack teases. She taught him everything that he knows.

Katie is trying to figure out whom the person is that came by to see her. The woman describes a man who is handsome, tall and with dark hair. Katie teases her about her describing Brad. The woman offers to draw a picture of him. Katie is curious so she takes the woman up on the offer. The woman offers to go get some paper.

At Worldwide, Brad pops his head into the conference room where Mike is packing his stuff up. He is looking for Meg. Without even looking up, Mike tells him that he just left her at the courthouse. Brad goes to leave and bumps into Meg with Paul. Margo is throwing an engagement party for him and Katie tonight and he wants her to come. Meg hugs him; she is happy for him. She will be there of course. She asks Brad if is can be ‘Meg Snyder plus one?’ Paul’s face changes and he tries to be subtle, as he hides his happiness. Brad looks back at Paul and happily agrees. He will see them later. That was unexpected; did she invite him so they could kiss again, Paul teases? She does have an ulterior motive. They are perfect for one another then, Paul jokes again. She invited him to put him in a good mood so she could reiterate her desire for Paul to make sure Mike stays in town. Whatever she wants. He will give it his best shot. Mike comes out and says goodbye, but Paul stops him. It would be a huge mistake of he left town now. They really need him to see this project through.

The woman starts to sketch Mike, as she reminisces about working for the police part time as a sketch artist. When she is done, she will see who her mystery man is. Jack walking in interrupts them, as Katie and Jack lock eyes. The woman excuses herself. What brings him by? He is there to see Brad, as they continue to look at one another for a moment until Brad walks in; what is he doing there? He is there to see Brad. He has changed his mind and he would love to come to the engagement party, as Katie and Brad look at one another,

Sitting in the Board Room with Meg and Mike, Paul pleads their case. His replacement would probably be good, but they don’t want that. They want someone who knows the family and who cares about the project. He has a history with the family and he has vision for the land that they all share. Can’t he stick around? Mike agrees finally and jokes that he is afraid to disappoint Emma. Meg chimes in that he is the man for the job. Paul doesn’t want Mike to be seen as a quitter. Mike tells them that he isn't and he agrees to stay, as they shake on it. Meg asks to have a word with Mike alone. Paul reluctantly gives them a moment. Meg tells Mike that he must have found out about Katie being engaged to Brad. She has some advice – even though he didn’t ask for it. She has been through a lot, but she feels it is important that when you have problems with someone and you think the best thing is to ignore it… she wants him to take it from her; you need to figure out what went wrong to begin with because it is not good to ignore your problems. It didn’t go well for her and she would hate to see him go through the same. Mike thanks her and heads out.

Brad tells Jack that he thanks him for being a big man, but he doesn’t know if he wants him there sulking. Katie tells Brad that they are brothers and she doesn’t want hard feelings. Brad relents – for her. Jack asks if they mind if he brings Carly? Brad holds Katie from behind when Katie answers that they would love that. She hears that they have been doing practically everything together these days.

Meg walks into Paul’s office and thanks him for convincing Mike to stay. Anything to make her smile. He will do that for the next 50 years if she wants. She doesn’t want him to get ahead of himself – it is just a party. He would love to see her dressed up and spend time with her, but he is not going to go with her to the party. Meg’s face drops. The engagement party is for family members and he is not a Hughes or Snyder – he would only be a disruption. They agreed not to push it so he won’t. Meg is impressed; he is making all the right moves these days. He is trying to be open and honest lately. If he is open and honest about his being underhanded, then that is not really underhanded. Meg smiles.

Carly watches for Jack to come home and rushes back to the couch when she sees him coming. They make small talk about the station. Does she have any plans for the night? No. He has been invited to Katie and Brad’s engagement party. It was gracious of them to invite him, Carly answers calmly. Would she like to go with him? Katie said it was ok. She would love to, as she continues to casually fold clothes. Good. He might want to ask Parker – she knows how much Parker loves Katie, as he walks away. Carly tries to hide the fact that she is annoyed, as she says through clenched teeth that she will talk to Parker.

At the station, Margo is heading home to get ready for her party. It is being catered, but she jokes that she is going to tell people that she made it herself. Mike walks in just after she leaves. He is looking for Margo. A police officer tells him that she just left to go home. Mike tells the officer that he will catch up with her later.

At WOAK, Brad and Katie prepare to leave after their show. Brad tells Katie that he can’t wait for tonight to starts so he can show her and everyone how happy he intends to make her for the rest of her life. They share a tender kiss. After they leave, the woman walks out of the back room quickly calling to Katie that she finished the sketch. Katie and Brad have just left so she leaves the sketched picture clearly of Mike on the counter for Katie to see tomorrow.

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