ATWT Update Tuesday 4/8/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 4/8/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At Java, Chris and Alison meet up for coffee talking about the hospital and how busy it has been. They need another adventure. He jokes about taking her bungee jumping. Emily walks in and sees them enjoying each other’s company. This noticeably frustrates her.

At home, Carly and Jack are straightening up. She doesn’t want him to do anything big. If he rests up, he will soon be back at the farm, which she admits that she is not happy about. A phone call interrupts them. It is Dallas; he just needs a minute to talk about a case. Carly doesn’t think it is a good time, as she subtly explains that to Dallas, who takes the hint and suggests that he will call back another time. Jack comes in and wonders if it was Sage? Carly hesitates before she answers.

At the Lakeview, Margo is upset about Brad announcing to the world about their engagement. Mike has just gotten off the elevator in the background, but he is reading a paper and doesn’t notice them before he walks away. Katie wants her to keep it down. Margo will not let her marry again. Brad doesn’t think it is her concern. It is; Katie is vulnerable and he is taking advantage of her. They love each other and that is all that matters, Brad answers back.

Chris thinks they should go to the batting cages, as Alison teases him about her doing better them him. Emily walks over; she sees she didn’t take her advice – he is going to hurt her again. They are just having coffee, Alison snaps. Chris doesn’t think she has a right to butt in. Alison is irritated; this is her life and she should not get involved.

Carly admits that it was Dallas wanting input on a case. Jack smiles, as he thanks her for telling him. He calls him back, as Dallas has a few questions for him. Jack agrees to go to the station, and Carly relents and offers to drive him.

Brad reiterates that she can’t run Katie’s life, as Margo thinks he should mind his own business. He is involved considering Katie is marrying him. Katie agrees to talk with Margo privately, but Brad doesn’t want Margo messing with her head. Katie explains it will be fine; she has to deal with this though. Brad agrees to wait at the bar. After he leaves, Katie orders Margo to back off. Margo is adamant that she loves her too much to let her make a mistake like this. She will not change her mind. She is going to ruin her life. She doesn’t know Brad, Katie shoots back. She is on the rebound. Katie reminds that she told her to go after what she wants. She told her to date Brad not marry him. Does she love him? How can she ask her that? She is Jack’s brother – her ex husband, whom she is not over. She is wrong about Brad – he makes her happy. She doesn’t look happy. That is because she is turning on her when she needs her support the most. If it were right, she wouldn’t need her. She is stubborn and rushing into this to prove a point. She is tired of being confused and miserable, Katie explains sadly. She knows she has made mistakes; she is trying to change this, and she is tired of being pulled in a million directions. She realizes that and that is why she is there. Then she wants her blessing. Margo makes an annoyed noise.

Jack doesn’t need a ride, but Carly offers again – as a friend. Sometimes friends need space. She didn’t realize she was crowding him. He didn’t mean that. She will be bored at the station. He needs to take it easy because that is how he will get better. When he gets better, he will leave. He won’t be long. Will he be coming back? Where else would he go? After Jack leaves, there is a knock and it is Mike.

Talking away from the table, Emily wants Alison to know Chris is a mistake. They are having coffee and not dating; she is way out of line. She wants to warn her one more time, so now she can’t say she didn’t warn her, as Emily leaves. Chris doesn’t want Alison to worry about her. She is making things hard for him not her really. Alison doesn’t know what she means. Chris tries to blow it off, but he finally admits that Emily tried to get him fired… so he wouldn’t put anything past her.

At the hospital, Emily comes to see Susan. She asks her is she talked to Alison about Chris? She did, but she is stubborn like her. That is because she never gave her the guidance she needed. Where is this coming from, Susan asks? Alison needs a firm hand, and she is not the mother that can do that. Susan knows Emily is not in a position to judge her how to raise her kids. She is her daughter so she can have input. Her phone rings and it is Alison wanting to talk with Emily. Emily hangs up and tells Susan that she thinks Alison may have come around on her own.

Chris doesn’t want Alison to start a family feud because of him. She needs to talk with Emily so she knows she can’t pull a stunt like that. He will stay if she needs. She has to do it alone.

Carly and Mike sit and have coffee. She wants to hear about the Company he is with. It is a Real Estate Company that constructs homes with renewable energy. He is proud of his work; he feels he is making a difference. Her kids are always telling her thinks to do that are better for the environment. He could look around and give her some ideas. He is sticking around? She thought Oakdale was a short stop on his world tour. He got a business opportunity, which is irresistible. He is working with Paul to develop the Snyder Farm. Carly is shocked. Emma sold the farm to Paul? She is keeping the house and some of the land, but he is going to develop the acreage. She is shocked because Paul is not her favorite person. She is overwhelmed with the farm and she didn’t want to burden the family. It never occurred to her that she would give it up. People change their minds all the time. Is he in town for a long time? He is not sure; it will take a while to set the project up and then it all depends – on what Carly asks? More like whom, Mike answers. Carly realizes he is talking about Katie.

Margo can’t give her blessing without feeling like a hypocrite because she feels she is failing her sister. She is wrong about Brad and she will still go through with this anyway. Brad has a huge ego and he won’t put her first. She is wrong – Brad is kind, thoughtful, funny and wonderful; he was there when Jack broke her heart. What is wrong with wanting what she has – settling down with the husband, house and kids? She is settling. Why can’t she be on her side? She is always on her side. She can only wish her luck because she is going to need it, as she walks away. Brad wonders if she is ok? She is fine; she wants to go get married now.

Emily meets Alison at Java; she knew she would come to her senses. She did. Emily tells her that she didn’t meant to hurt her, but Chris is bad news. She cut her some slack because she lost Dusty and Chris dumped her, and she thought that she had just had some bad luck and breaks, some because of her, but she feels she was totally wrong. Is this coming from Chris? She is so desperate that no one else can be happy. What did Chris tell her? She drugged his coffee; he could have killed someone. It was a mistake, which she regretted right after she did it. She is lucky he didn’t press charges. She has to know that she didn’t intend for anyone to get hurt. She is making excuses and that doesn’t justify anything. Does she ever think of anything else? She made a mistake. What a surprise. She can think whatever she wants, but she promises she will make her see that Chris is the wrong person for her.

At the hospital, Susan wants to talk about Alison with Chris. She should be proud of her. She is concerned because she has had a tough time, and she is just back on track and she doesn’t need him distracting her. They are friends. She wants him to leave her daughters alone. He has to go. Is he stacking up his conquests? Chris doesn’t understand. She has seen him with Sofie and then he dumps Emily and moves onto Alison. Does she know about her competition? He is sure that she will tell her. His reputation is hot around this hospital, but if he makes Alison one of his conquests there will be hell to pay, Susan promises.

Emily reminds Alison that she has a history of messed up relationships. She had Chris and they messed it up then there was Aaron, who wasn’t bad, but then she went back to Chris. Alison counters that Emily doesn’t keep any of the guys she cares about and then sabotages the relationships further after. Why Chris? He cheated on her. He was cheated on because he slept with her. Alison thinks she is mad because Chris dumped her and they are now friends. Why did he leave her, Emily asks? Then she answers her own question; he did it because she was a prostitute. What does she think will happen when he finds about her past? Is she going to tell him? No, of course not, but if she is so sure of her great friendship with Chris why doesn’t she tell him herself.

Jack is at the station when Margo wonders why he is there? Carly let him out of the house? Jack smiles. Dallas needs help with a case. He should come back when he can give the department 100%. Jack can see that she is upset. He drags her into the interrogation room. What is going on? She is just having a moment where she realizes her foot is so far in her mouth that she doesn’t know what to do. What happened? Katie and Brad happened.

At the airport, Brad and Katie try to catch their plane, but it has left. Katie apologizes. Brad is able to rebook on a later flight in 2 hours. Katie is sorry that Margo got her wish. She didn’t – they are there getting married – just slightly later, but they will be ok. Two hours is a long time to hear Margo’s words in her head making her doubt every decision she has made. Brad wants her to forget Margo; she has a big mouth, which is funny coming from him. They will be happy whether she approves or not. He makes it sound easy. He has waited a long time for her… 2 more hours is not a big deal. He shows her a list of places to get married in Las Vegas. Katie leans her head on his shoulder and starts to look upset.

Mike tells Carly that he hasn’t seen Katie; he has been too busy with business. Did Emma offer anything about her? She didn’t offer anything. Does he want to know? Yes. She is surprised he didn’t see Katie in the tabloids. Is she is trouble? She is always doing something that involves trouble, but actually, she is a celebrity of sorts. D-list, Carly adds with a smirk, but she makes the papers because she hosts the morning talk show with Brad Snyder. How about her personal life? Is she with anyone?

Brad is upset that Margo has done this to Katie. She made the right decision and she should let it go. How can she make her feel so badly about herself? That is typical of siblings, as if they always know better. Jack does that to him too. It feels wrong like they are starting off on the wrong foot. He knows where she is going with this… he needs to know if she wants to call off the wedding? They have missed too much time and she is not calling off this wedding, but with no witnesses or family feels strange. They can call Margo from Vegas. When she has time to calm down, she will change her mind when it is official. She doesn’t want to start their life with a curse. Margo has been to all her weddings. Maybe Margo is the curse, Brad teases. Doesn’t he want his family there? He only needs her there, but if she needs Margo’s blessing then it matters to him. Margo will never accept it. She will believe and approve of them when he is done with her.

Margo tells Jack that Katie is eloping with Brad. Jack smiles; he didn’t waste time. When she heard, she ran over there to stop her. Katie is an adult though, he reminds her. It is his fault; he let her go. He was the good guy – not Brad – never Brad. Doesn’t he care? He will always care, but he thinks she has out her life on hold for long enough and he doesn’t want her to put her life on hold again.

Mike is amazed that Katie married Jack. He never saw that coming. Must have gone over well with her? She didn’t look forward to sharing custody of her kids with Katie. Now she is with Brad though. She has a thing for her exes. Does she think it is serious with Brad? She doesn’t know, but Brad thinks he is in love – head over heels and wanting to settle down. If he is thinking of throwing his hat in the ring, then he should do it now.

Chris wants Susan to understand that he is a friend of Alison's. She should spend more time worrying about her other daughter. She wants him to stay away from Alison. She needs to stay out of his private life. From now on, their discussions will be professional are they clear? They are.

Emily knows Alison gets what she is saying. Alison thinks Chris really left Emily because of her feelings for Dusty. Chris is a Hughes and Stewart women are always second best… just ask mom, Emily answers. Her own son is Hughes, Alison reminds her. Tom is in charge of him though. Why is she trying to hurt her? She isn’t, but once he finds out about her past, he will dump her too. She would like that, wouldn’t she? Emily just wants to make sure she doesn’t end up like her. Alison glares – don’t worry she won’t. Emily stops her; she just wants her to think about what she said. Alison growls that she made her point.

Jack thinks it is up to Katie to find happiness and if it is with Brad then he has to accept that. Margo is upset; he is giving up on her? Jack says nothing, but Brad interrupts them. He is there to talk with Margo in private. What happened? She did. They were on their way to Vegas, but Katie was too upset that she didn’t get her blessing. So, she finally came to her senses? No, she is still going to marry him. She is with him for the wrong reasons. He is a good guy, who is loyal to Katie and loves her so much. He wants to make her happy He couldn’t make her go to Vegas though. He hates to see the woman he loves so unhappy so he won’t go do anything without her blessing.

Mike explains that he is not sharing Katie with anyone; it happened before with Simon and never again. Katie is confused and she is clearly on the rebound. Is it because of him? Him, Jack and Simon. If he wants Katie back, then he needs to take a shot.

Margo explains that she is not getting anywhere with him. Why is he being so judgmental? She claims to love Katie, but she is hurting her. She is keeping him from getting what he wants. He wants Katie and he is what Katie wants. What about his track record? Does she mean the fact that he spent a year pining after and waiting for Katie to see that he was the right one for her? She is wrong about him. Prove it. He never betrayed her like Jack did with Carly; he bought her a house and was willing to father her kids. He was there for her in rough times, and he will not give her up because she thinks that he is not good enough for her. He is not good enough for Katie and if not giving her blessing keeps Katie from marrying him, then she will stand by that. Katie loves him. Katie doesn’t know what she feels. He wants Margo to hear her out. To not boss her around or yell at her or tell her what to do– just listen and then she can decide about if her preconceived notions about what is right for Katie will still stand up. He has always put Katie first, so maybe he should do that too. Katie is at the Lakeview. He starts to leave and Margo yells to Jack that she is going out. Brad stops by Jack’s desk and asks him if he wants to know something? Jack walks away after he says that he doesn’t think he does.

Carly wonders what Mike is going to do? Think about things. He has hurt Katie enough and he doesn’t want to do that again. She cheated on him. They have all had their moments. Carly smiles. She doesn’t care whom Katie is with as long as it is not with Jack. Can she not mention he is in town until he figures out his next move? She agrees.

At the Lakeview, Katie is getting a tonic drink. Does she want Gin with that? No, she has to stay sober so she can figure out what to do next because her entire life depends on that, she mumbles to herself.

Back at the hospital, how did it go with Emily, Chris asks? Not great. She has something for him. She has a present? Not exactly - Emily mentioned that he dumped her because she was a prostitute. It was actually because she lied about it and then had sex with Dusty. Before they go further as friends, he needs to know all about her, as she hands him the paper bag. He opens it and sees one of Alison’s movies inside.

Downtown, Emily sees Susan. How did it go with Alison? It didn’t go well with Alison and she is more determined to do what she wants with Chris. Susan admits that she just had a talk with Chris and it didn’t go well either; he told her to mind her own business. Maybe they should both back off. Emily has a thought; she doesn’t think so. What has she done now, a nervous Susan asks? She hasn’t done anything, but she thinks things will resolve themselves.

She did porn, Chris asks? It was not a good time in her life. It was degrading and humiliating and caught on film forever. Why... it fed her Crystal Met habit. Dusty and Emily saved her and got her off drugs. Does he still want to be friends? Chris looks down and then up at her silently.

Katie is sitting looking sad as she drinks. Margo joins her saying Brad sent her. He said that she could convince her that Brad is the right person for her. Is that possible, Katie asks? She will shut her mouth and listen without lecturing.

Jack sits down at his desk with Brad flipping through his calendar next to him. What is he doing? He is giving Margo time with Katie for a heart to heart. He knows he doesn’t want to hear this, but he loves Katie and she is the most important thing to him, but if the rest of the family doesn’t go along, he doesn’t know if she will go through this. Maybe Margo was right and they shouldn’t rush into this. They should have a long engagement. He would like that wouldn’t he? He just wants Katie happy. Why can’t he be happy for him? He is his brother –is it that long of a shot? He didn’t hook up with Katie to make him unhappy. He didn’t say that he did. He is the best chance of having it all with Katie and he will make sure she is happy for the rest of her life, as he walks away and Jack stares after him looking moved by his words.

At the Lakeview, Mike asks the manager for Katie’s room number. She can’t give it to him, but she can dial it for him on the house phone. Mike waits on the phone, but no one answers. Would he like to leave a message? He doesn’t think so.

Katie explains to Margo that Brad is the one that makes her laugh or smile and the one that makes the sadness go away, like when Mike left and then Jack. Brad promised that he would never hurt her, and she believes him. Didn’t she feel like that with Jack? She realized recently that Brad was not the rebound guy – Jack was. Brad is wild and unreliable. He is also unexpected. So is she, Katie remarks with a smile. They are also strong and solid. He also wants a family so they can grow up and old together. Then they don’t need to rush things. Brad has been waiting for so long; he loves her and that means so much. Brad is what she needs. It took her a long time to realize it, but she loves Brad. Margo starts to tear up; she wants to be there to catch her because she is always leaping from man to man. Brad is it; the one and only. It feels so good to say it out loud. Is she determined to build a life with Brad? She is and it would mean so much for her to be happy for her. If he is whom she wants then she should go build a life. Does she mean it? Brad is not who she expected or wanted her with, but she has her blessing. Katie is thrilled, as they hug. After all the grief she has given her, she wants to throw them an engagement party. As they hug, Mike walks by not noticing them.

Chris tells Alison that he is on duty tonight, but can they hang out tomorrow. Is he serious? He doesn’t care. He likes her and wants to get to know her better. They almost got married in case she forgot. Alison is amazed because Emily said that he wouldn’t be able to get past her what she did. She told him the truth – Emily didn’t. He has done things in his past that he isn’t proud of, but he judged her because Emily lied to him – Emily is not honest – she is. Thanks, she doesn’t hear it often, Alison admits. What does she wants to do first – rock climbing or the batting cages?

Alison barges into Emily’s office – she told Chris. Emily walks over to her, ready to comfort her. She is sorry that she was so harsh, but she had to face reality. Alison cuts her off – Chris is fine with it. Emily is stunned. He said everyone has something in their past that they are not proud of. Emily doesn’t understand how she got a free pass and she got dumped. She doesn’t know and she doesn’t care, but they are going out tomorrow and she wants her to stay the hell out of her life.

Carly remarks to Jack that he was gone a long time. Is everything ok? He is a little more tired then he thought he would be. He thinks he is going to bed. He kisses her on the cheek. She knows he can do better then that. Jack turns back around and he kisses her again on the lips.

Downtown, Mike is looking in a store window; he wonders to his reflection if he should stay or go? He sees an image of Katie and he smiles.

Margo is hugging Katie and telling her how she will call her about the party. She will not regret this. Brad walks up; Margo threatens that she will hunt him down if he hurts Katie. He promises that he will not. After Margo leaves, Katie tells Brad that he didn’t have to do that. He did and he can’t wait for her to be his wife, as they kiss.

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