ATWT Update Monday 4/7/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 4/7/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Farm) Mike arrives to talk to Emma because he has some questions about the farm. Meg tells him that Emma went to Iva's to visit her for a few days. Meg asks Mike if he wants some coffee he says he would love some and since Meg tells him she can't cook he offers to make breakfast for her.

(Hospital) Barbara awakens and is told by Paul that she should have told him she was having surgery he shouldn't have had to here it from Sofie. Sofie arrives and asks for Barbara's room number so she can visit her and she bumps into Aaron who reminds her of their date for breakfast. Sofie tells Aaron she wants to visit Barbara first and then she will go to breakfast with him.

(TV Station) Katie arrives and a cameraman congratulates her for her engagement to Brad and she is annoyed at Brad because the entire crew at the station knows about the engagement.

(Hughes House) Tom and Margo enjoy some much needed time alone and Tom gives Margo a massage and wonders what is bothering her. Margo tells Tom Katie is thinking of marrying Brad and she thinks it would be a big mistake for her sister to make because Brad is a rebound relationship. Tom tells Margo to let Katie make her own decisions and mistakes after all Katie is an adult.

(TV Station) Katie tells Brad that she thinks things are moving too fast and they should slow things down and make a more formal engagement announcement. Brad tells her that he understands how she feels but he is sure she will get used to being the future Mrs. Brad Snyder. Katie thinks he is probably right she will get used to it and she gives Brad a kiss. The makeup artist asks Katie why she decided to marry Brad and Katie tells her Brad was very persistent and he finally wore her down until she said yes.

(Hughes house) Margo comes downstairs to get Tom some food and drinks to take upstairs and hears on the TV that Brad announced his engagement to Katie on the air. Margo freaks out and begins to head out the door but Tom catches her. Margo gives Tom all the details and tells him she is leaving and he tells her to let this go and they go back upstairs. A few minutes later Margo writes Tom a note apologizing for ruining their romantic afternoon and then heads out the door to talk to Katie.

(TV Station) Brad and Katie finish the show and she yells at him for telling the entire world about their engagement and he points out they are on TV and can't hide the engagement from the public. Brad thinks Katie hasn't really made a decision about whether to marry him or not and when he asks her if she wants to marry him she walks out of the room.

(Farm) Mike tells Meg about Europe and thinks that she should go soon since she has never been to Europe. Mike asks Meg the questions he came to ask Emma but she doesn't know the answer to any of the questions. Mike leaves Meg the papers for Paul to sign because he thinks they are an item but she tells him they are not together. Meg tells Mike the reason why they are not together is a long story and Mike decides he has time to listen to the story. Once Meg is finished telling Mike everything she says she thinks Paul is trying to change and they are becoming friends. Mike tells Meg that he came back to Oakdale to explain to Katie why he left town and why he was so angry with her. Mike is scared to be honest with Katie but Meg tells him that he is doing the right thing. Mike tells Meg she really understands him and she is a great listener. Mike takes Meg's hand and Paul walks in and sees them together. Mike thanks Meg for the talk and gives Paul the papers to sign before he leaves them alone to talk. Paul tells Meg that he isn't jealous of Mike he is just worried about Barbara who just had the operations to remove the tumor. Meg gives Paul a hug and he feels better so he asks Meg out to lunch when Meg asks him if he is using Barbara's illness to get her to go to lunch with him Paul says yes so she agrees to meet him later at the Lakeview.

(Lakeview) Brad knocks on Katie's door and shouts I love Katie Peretti until she opens the door for him and lets him in so they can talk. Brad is upset that Katie led him on all this time after he patiently waited for her to get past everything crazy that was going on in her life hoping that one day she would love him back. Brad tells Katie he changed for her and even threw away his little black book because he loved her and if she wasn't capable of loving him back then she shouldn't have accepted his marriage proposal. Brad leaves and Katie chases after him but he has gone down to have a drink at the bar. Brad sees a young couple having champagne and celebrating and decides that seeing Katie smile gives him a wonderful feeling and she shouldn't give up on that feeling so easily. Brad goes back up to Katie's room with Champagne and Katie is just headed out the door to talk to Brad when she sees him at her door. Katie tells Brad she is scared and Brad says he is scared of marriage too but he is willing to take the leap of faith with her. Katie tells Brad she doesn't want to go through the hassle of planning a big wedding so they decide to elope tonight.

(Hospital) Sofie and Aaron arrive to visit Barbara and Sofie apologizes for telling Paul about her operation but Barbara isn't mad. Sofie and Aaron talk to Barbara until she falls asleep and then they try to leave but Barbara wakes up and asks Sofie not to go so she stays with Barbara and tells Aaron she will meet him later. Barbara notices Sofie's pretty bracelets and when she says she makes them Barbara offers to help her get started in business so she can sell her bracelets.

(Al's Diner) Sofie has lunch with Aaron who asks her about her relationship with Paul and she says they are just good friends.

(Lakeview) Paul and Meg have lunch and Mike arrives to ask him if he has looked over the papers yet. Paul says he hasn't looked at the papers but he can stay and have lunch with them. Mike stays to have a drink and he and Paul both agree Meg should go to Europe soon. Mike leaves Meg and Paul alone saying he has a lot of work to do in his room. Meg thanks Paul for being so nice to Mike and tells him she likes the way he has changed and gives him a kiss. Brad packs a bag and then goes to pick up Katie who still hasn't decided what to take with her so Brad takes the sexy nightgown from the bed and then they head downstairs. Katie tells the desk clerk to hold all her messages and mail for a few days. Margo arrives just in time to stop Katie from leaving and says they must talk. Mike orders diner from room service but cancels the order a few minutes later and goes downstairs. Katie tells Brad not to worry because Margo isn't changing her mind and gives him a kiss just as Mike comes off the elevator and sees Katie kissing Brad.

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