ATWT Update Friday 4/4/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 4/4/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At home, Carly is hanging up the phone looking upset. Jack asks what is wrong? It is Gwen inviting her to a party; it is a going away party. She and Will are leaving town.

At home, Gwen looks upset, as she holds the phone in her hand. Will wonders what is wrong? She was just talking to Carly. Will reminds her that it will be hard, but it is for the best. What if it is a mistake, Gwen asks?

At the Lakeview, Aaron tells Sofie about the going away party. Why doesn’t she go with him? She doesn’t think they want her there; they are leaving to get away from her. He was thinking of her because he thinks she should say goodbye before Hallie leaves town for good.

At the hospital, Alison still wants to go to the party, but Chris is unsure. He has work to do there, but Alison thinks it is an excuse.

At the farm, Luke and Noah talk about going to Will and Gwen’s party. Noah thinks that Ameera and he should appear to be going to the party together. Luke agrees, but he has a plan, as there is a knock. Casey is there; he got his message. He has to get to Will and Gwen’s…. perfect Luke answers because he tells him that he wants to hitch a ride with him, as his date while Noah goes with Ameera. He playfully grabs Casey around his waist.

Will wonders why Gwen is having second thoughts? She just is thinking about inviting all the people they care about to their party and it is hard to leave them all behind. He sees this as an adventure, but if it is too hard then they will stay. Gwen talks about how she had no one until him; he became her family, but now she has friends and family because of him; she can’t see leaving them all.

Barbara is walking up to the door at Will and Gwen’s, as she starts to faint. Paul catches her. Is she ok? She thinks so, as she steadies herself.

Carly is visibly shaken, as she talks about Gwen leaving. She doesn’t even have a picture of Gwen with the baby. She needs a gift. Jack tells her that she needs her sister and not a gift. It was hard enough to say goodbye to Rosanna. She feels like her whole family is deserting her. She looks at Jack and then tells him that she will be fine. Jack tells her that he would like to say goodbye too, so does she mind if he tags along? Carly smiles. Parker comes home; he got a call from Will; since they are leaving town, he would like to go say goodbye. Carly puts her arm around him. Jack tells Parker and Carly that they will all go together.

Barbara assures Paul that she is just emotional. She knows it is for the best, but it will be hard to say goodbye. She isn’t overdoing it, is she? He worries too much. Inside, Will stays in the living room, with Paul while Barbara goes to see Hallie with Gwen. Will asks Paul if Barbara is ok? She just likes to have her kids around. They have to make this move. He is worried because she is sick. He will take good care of her.

Gwen talks about Hallie and how she didn’t have a good role model growing up. Barbara tells her that she won’t defend Iris, but it is hard on moms; they don’t always do the right thing; they try really hard though. Some have more limitations then others. She has been more of a mom then Iris, Gwen answers. She couldn’t have gotten through the past couple of years without her – after Jen and Hal, Barbara replies with tears welling up in her eyes. She was the glue that held the family together. Gwen doesn’t know if she can do this. Barbara wants her to be strong or she won’t be – it is for the best.

Sofie talks about how much she will miss Hallie. Aaron doesn’t want her to regret not holding her again. Sofie is irritated; he should just let her make her own mistakes instead of trying to make her do the things he thinks is right.

Chris tells Alison that he has responsibilities that can’t take him away from the hospital. Alison thinks that is just an excuse because he doesn’t want to face his cousin. She should tell that to his dad who has him working extra shift to prove himself. He can tell him himself because she knows Bob would never say no if he told him that he wanted to go to Will and Gwen’s party. He realizes she is right. She will wait for him. He won’t be long.

Barbara tells Gwen that she is going to go. Why won’t she be there for the party? She doesn’t think their friends will appreciate her weeping into the food. Barbara tells Will and Paul how she will miss seeing them together in the same room. She hugs Will and tells him that she loves the man and father he has become. Paul jokes about it being a hug or the Heimlich. She doesn’t want him being smart. Paul smiles because he is the good son now, as they all laugh.

If she needs anything, he wants her to call. She will be fine. Wherever they land, she wants a nice guest room for her to decorate. She tearfully heads out the door after a long hug with Gwen. Outside the door, she steadies herself again.

Casey tells Luke that he isn’t pretending to be gay again. Why not, he is already on file as his boyfriend. That is not helping. Noah thinks he could go to the party with them and then do what he wants. Ameera comes out and hopes Casey is going with them to the party. Casey changes his mind. Luke drags him out acting all cutesy with him to irritate Casey.

Carly, Jack and Parker show up at the party, as they tease her about going through tissue box in the car. She is a pillar of strength, Carly replies. Parker jokes about how he hopes they have a guest wing for Carly to stay. Carly thinks he will want to be there too. Gwen comes out of Hallie’s room and hugs Carly. Carly tells her that she needs a picture of her and Hallie together, so they head into Hallie’s room. Once inside, Gwen asks about what is going on with her and Jack because they are there together - are getting back together? They aren’t yet, but she is working on it. Gwen smiles; she knows that means that they now have a chance then. Carly takes the picture and demands a new picture every week. She wants updates on her and Jack every week too, Gwen answers. He doesn’t trust her, but she thinks the only way to do it is the old fashion way…. That means earning it, which takes time, but they all know she isn’t too patient, but it is worth it.

Jack tells Will that his father was his best friend and he would be so proud of him. He is there for him always. Paul tells Parker that he is always there for him even though he is losing his brother – he can step in anytime to fill the void. Will takes a picture of Gwen, Carly, Jack and Parker.

Barbara is in the lobby of the Lakeview when she almost collapses. Sofie is there to see this and rushes over. Barbara thinks she is just tired, but when she almost collapses again and a hotel employee has to help her and Sofie. Sofie tells her that she is taking her to the hospital.

Alison and Chris bump into Aaron just arriving at the party. Alison is surprised to see Aaron. He got back early because his mom is ok. He wonders if Chris were invited, as Alison thinks he doesn’t need to worry about that? The door opens and it is Will and Gwen. They all say hi and Chris tells them that he knows he wasn’t invited. Gwen tells him that he is family and always welcome, as Will mumbles that he isn’t always. Alison doesn’t want them mad at Chris because it was her idea. Chris thinks it is no longer a good idea since they don’t want to see him.

Back at home, Carly thanks Parker and Jack for accompanying her. She is going to go sit on the porch and get some air. Once she leaves, Parker remarks that she is really upset. Jack thinks there is not much more they can do for her besides go with her and tell her bad jokes all afternoon. Parker thinks there is – if he wants to. Jack stares at Parker.

Chris is inside Will and Gwen’s talking with them now. Alison told him that he owed them an apology and he does. He is sorry that he testified for Sofie. Will thinks he ambushed them; he could have come to them and talked with them since they are cousins. Gwen tries to smooth things over. Will admits that it was stressful. Chris explains he was just trying to do the right thing. Will accepts his apology.

Alison is standing with Aaron, who is wondering if she is back with Chris? She doesn’t think it is his business. He is just looking out for her; he was right about Matt. He just likes being right. She and Chris are colleagues and friends. Aaron thinks Chris is full of himself. He should talk, Alison smirks. Chris is heading for the door, as Alison asks how it went while Aaron listens and watches close by? They accepted his apology, but he doesn’t want to push it so he is going to leave. She is glad for him. Is he heading back to the hospital? No, he took the afternoon off. Does she want to hang out with him? Alison looks like she might consider it, but then thinks she should stay at the party for Will and Gwen. Chris understands, but when she turns around and sees Aaron, she changes her mind. She is going to say goodbye and she will be right back. Aaron and Chris glare at one another.

The doctor comes in the exam room to talk with Barbara. He doesn’t have good news; her tumor has become resistant to the radiation treatment. They need to operate immediately to remove it. She trusts them; can they make the arrangements now? Sofie thinks she should call Will and Gwen, but Barbara is adamant that she doesn’t want them disturbed. Sofie is unsure, but Barbara is determined that they not know. The nurse comes in and asks Sofie to step out so they can prep Barbara. Sofie promises to be right outside waiting for her. Barbara thanks her.

Parker tells Jack that when someone cares for another, they can always make that person feel better. You have to want to though. It makes him nervous when he gives relationship advice, Jack says with a smile. It makes him nervous when he doesn’t take it, Parker answers. Jack smiles and heads outside, but Carly is gone.

Luke, Casey, Noah and Ameera arrive at Will and Gwen’s, while Luke continues to tease Casey, who is clearly uncomfortable. Noah introduces Ameera as his wife. Will wants to make sure they are still together. They are; it is arranged so Ameera can stay in the country. They are all happy about that. Casey jokes about being the ‘beard’. Luke pinches his cheek, which prompts Casey to want to go get drinks, as Ameera offers to go with him.

Paul is going to leave, but he has a question; he hopes Will is not leaving because of him. Will shakes his head no. He knows he hasn’t been a great brother, but he can be better if her lets him try, as Will shakes his head yes, and they hug. There is a knock and it is Sofie. She looks uncomfortable, as Aaron also takes notice of her arrival. Gwen invites her in. She doesn’t want to crash their party. Aaron offered that he invited her there. Sofie wants to speak for herself, as Gwen thinks she should say goodbye to Hallie. Paul watches her walk away with Gwen as Will watches suspiciously.

Downtown, Alison and Chris are getting ice cream. Susan walks up and wonders what they are doing there – not at work or at the party. They were there, then they left and are now they are having fun. Susan assumes that she will see Alison later for dinner as she shoots her a disapproving look. After she leaves, Alison is annoyed. Chris can empathize because he is a doctor who makes life and death decisions, but when his dad is around he always feels like a kid who has just screwed up. Alison thinks she earned her mom’s disapproval because she did a lot to deserve it. Chris takes her hand and tells her that he is taking her somewhere so they can forget how they think their parents feel about them.

At the pond, Carly sits looking out sadly when Jack shows up and sits beside her without a word.

Sofie says goodbye to Hallie; she tells her that she is going to have a happy home with her mom and dad. She did this because she loves her more then anything and she wants the very best for her. She hands Hallie back and thanks Gwen for letting her say goodbye. She is going to leave, as she bumps into Aaron. He is happy that she came. She needs to go, as he offers to go with her. She wants to be alone, as she leaves with a look towards Paul, who watches her go.

Carly tells Jack that he didn’t have to come out there because she isn’t going to do anything rash. He knows. She isn’t trying to manipulate him. He knows that. She didn’t come out there so he would follow her. He knows and he didn’t say that she did. He is not her husband or lover anymore and she has to learn to deal with these emotional traumas on her own. He realizes that they aren’t that anymore, but she could let him be her friend. Is that what they are? No, not really yet…. but he would like them to be.

Sofie is outside talking with Paul; she didn’t want another emotional goodbye with Hallie; it is almost more then she can take. Why did she come? She tried to call him, but his phone was off. He was at Will and Gwen’s so he turned it off. She wanted to tell him that his mom was in the hospital. Why didn’t she tell them right away? Barbara made her promise not to disrupt the party. Sofie explains that she is in emergency surgery to remove the tumor. Paul tells her that he has to get to the hospital, as Sofie offers to go with him.

Carly doesn’t know if platonic friendship is possible for them. They should try something new. If they had started out as friends then maybe they would have had something to fall back on. They have been on an emotional roller coaster. It hasn’t all been bad, Carly reminds him. He didn’t say it had, but it has been highs and lows and it didn’t work in the end. Does she want to try something new?

At the hospital, Paul talks with a nurse about Barbara. Does she have news? They are still operating; he should take a seat to wait. Sofie assures Paul that she will be fine. He should have seen there was something wrong. Sofie reminds him that she is strong. With all she survived, he can’t believe cancer is giving her a run for its money. What did she survive? His father for one. She would do anything for her kids. She drives him crazy and they fight a lot, but she really wants the best for him, Will and Jen when she was alive.

Will wants to know how Gwen handled Sofie saying goodbye to Hallie? It wasn’t easy, but it was for the best. It also reminded her that they aren’t leaving to keep Sofie away from Hallie, but also so Sofie will stay away from her. Every time she sees them, she feels horribly guilty that Sofie isn’t with Hallie. It is ruining their relationship with Hallie for her to harbor this. It is for the best. Aaron is heading out, as Will thought he left with Sofie. He offered, but he didn’t want company or she just didn’t want to be with him. Gwen doesn’t think so. Luke takes a picture of them before Aaron leaves.

Paul wants to talk about something else so he asks Sofie how she is? It must have been hard for her to say goodbye to Hallie? It was, but she is glad she can focus on someone else. He is doing that too, as Sofie is about to ask what he means, but the doctor interrupts. The surgery seemed to go well, but she is going to need some time to recuperate. Paul and Sofie hug.

Chris and Alison are outside in a field flying a kite enjoying their time together.

Noah explains how they came up with this arrangement. Casey jokes about being the fake boyfriend. Gwen teases them about being a catch, but is it necessary? They checked on their living arrangements at the farm and Emma is freaked out. Ameera wonders how long they can keep this up living in separate bedrooms in someone else’s house? Gwen has an idea; this place is Luke’s grandmothers, so maybe Noah and Ameera should move in here, as Luke looks unsure.

Aaron comes to the front desk at the Lakeview and tells the front desk manager to ring Sofie to tell her that he is on his way up, but he is told that she took Barbara to the hospital, as Aaron races out.

Alison and Chris continue to enjoy their time at the park flying the kite. They both decide to let go of the kite and let it fly off. Should they, they were always taught not to do that, but they look at one another and smile and let it go.

Will thinks it is a good idea to make them all look legitimate. Luke worries that he and Noah won’t have time together, but Gwen and Will think that it will give them more alone time. They think that Casey and Luke could come over to visit all the time. Casey teases Luke about not being in it for the long term of being his boyfriend, but Ameera thinks it may work, which makes Casey happy to hear this.

Carly teases Jack; it is not like she has something against being his friend. They agreed to take things slowly. Does that mean they will never be anything more? He can’t make promises, but they have to start somewhere. They don’t have trust, and that is the start of a friendship. Will she be his friend? He knows her; she will try anything once, as they smile at one another and shake hands.

Back at home, Carly thanks Jack for coming after her. Parker suggested he should. It was all Parker’s idea? He just gave him a push, but the rest was all him. She is getting a little upset again so she is going to sit out on the porch and watch the sunset; she will see him inside. Jack suggests that he will get them some beers and join her. Carly smiles; she would like that.

Alison and Chris are lying on the grass looking up at the sky. She wonders if their kite will make it across the ocean? They should have written a message on it. Alison hopes it lands somewhere exotic. Chris talks about all the places he has gone. Alison is bothered that the farthest place she has gone is LA. It is always great to get away, but coming home isn’t bad either.

Ameera thinks it might make it easier, but Noah wants to know what Luke thinks? He thinks it might be better since Emma is stressed about lying even though she believes in the cause. Casey is unsure he wants to commit to this, but Ameera asks him to do this because it will be helping her and doing a good thing. They take one last picture together.

Paul thanks Sofie for sitting with him, as he prepares to head off to go see Barbara. She reminds him that they are friends and she wants to be there for him. She also promised Will, Gwen, and Hallie since Barbara is her grandmother. Aaron walks up and asks Paul how his mom is? She is recovering and he is going to see her now. Aaron wants to send his best. He will, as he suggests that Aaron take Sofie to go get something to eat. Paul heads out. Is she still hungry? She is.

Jack brings more beers outside. He is on to something with this beer thing. That is the beer talking. This is how she always imagined them in their old age, Carly remarks. The kids have left home and while they sit on the porch with beers watching the sunset – all wrinkled. She will always be beautiful to him, Jack answers. That is the beer talking. It is the truth. Parker watches his parents through the window.

Everyone has gone home at Will and Gwen’s. She was right; it was harder to say goodbye then he thought. She is glad they are going on this adventure; everything will be ok. They toast to one another and the rest of their lives, as they kiss.

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